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The amazing story of us

Wow imagine how they could integrate the amazing story of us iN THE MOVIE? Okay so, after Chubs got shot and Liam and Ruby are taken in by the League, they do not say anything about Chubs (because let’s face it, not knowing might attract such interest to non-readers who see the movie). So they’re at the safe house and Ruby implicitly makes a deal with Cate to let Liam go. Then Ruby goes to the room with Liam and THEY ACTUALLY SHOW the amazing story of us instead of telling it. So, we see them on a beach, obviously Ruby is in this beautiful green dress and we see them as they meet and grow fond of each other and when they’re almost at the “kissing” point, Ruby just disappears like sand blown by the wind. ANd then we see her disappear the same way in every other memory Liam has of her. ANd then we’re back at the safe house and Liam doesn’t know RUby anymore. And then he leaves, calling her “darlin” one last time”



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Could you do an hc where the reader is overweight and tyler helps them get into shape and end up falling in love? ily btw

Of course!! So sorry this is late 😊😊💕💕


- Being a person trainer cause it’s no fun to work out alone

- Not necessarily overweight, but you know… not healthy for their height and gender

- He’d like you the minute you walked through the door

- Going in daily at the same time and eventually getting to know each other

- Growing fond of each other over time and it blossoms into a good friendship

- Him being proud of the progress you make and how far you get

- Getting the balls to ask you out on a date after your training together is over

- Gladly agreeing and going on dates

- Cute fluff always

Whoa first thing I’ve drawn unrelated to work in a long time. 

I like imagining that Maui visits Moana and her people now and again–the ocean’s big but you bump into each other now and again. Here he is regaling village children with tales of his adventures while Moana does weird crap to his hair because I like people doing each others hair out of fondness. Might do another one of Maui messing with Moana’s. 

I know Moana’s clothes are different at the end of the movie but the ref isn’t quite out there yet

Things to love about Dan and Phil:

The way Dan’s eyes crinkle when he smiles

The thing Phil does with his tongue when he’s genuinely smiling (usually at Dan)

The way they give each other nicknames and make fun of each other

The way Dan blatantly calls Phil out on his clumsiness

The little ‘I’m Innocent’ look Phil gets when he eats all of the ingredients for a baking video

The way Phil wears oversized hoodies when he’s sick

The way Dan gets so scared at the tiniest jump scares

The nicknames they give Dil

The way Phil is so sweet and caring towards everyone even if they’re mean or rude to him

The way Dan gets 78986875723654732% more offended than Phil when somebody doesn’t credit him

The way Dan will stand up for Phil even if he’s in the middle of a room full of people

Their bedhead when they wake up and Dan’s hobbit hair

Phil with his glasses on

The way they eat breakfast and watch anime together

The inside jokes they have made over the years with each other

The smiles they give each other that literally have fondness pouring out

The way they can both show every good emotion with just their eyes and I have no fucking idea how they do it

The way Dan wears all black and is loud and has a low self esteem and isn’t afraid to say how he feels and how Phil wears bright colors and is quiet and contained and how he is afraid he’s not good enough but somehow they found each other and it was the day that the sun found the moon.


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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Are we not gonna talk about Victor and Chris’s relationship though?

Like, Victor actually speaks of him really fondly and offers to take his pictures (and pose with him) and completely doesn’t mind him skinny dipping because he’s used to his antics. Not to mention that he’s cool with Chris coming to his room and having coffee.

Idk, I just find it pretty sweet how they’re competition but are also quite fond of each other and enjoy hanging out together.


A very important compilation.


Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.

Amy is the best person you could possibly work off of. She’s my favorite actress. We’re good friends [in real life], and then when we have scenes together, there’s just this thing that clicks. Honestly, when I see on the call sheet that we have a scene together, I still get really excited. It’s always something different. It’s not like we revert back to some holding pattern that we have. She always totally surprises me, and I always try to surprise her — although I’m a much less agile performer than she is in a lot of ways. [Laughs] We’re just genuinely having a lot of fun when we’re doing these scenes, no matter how short or long or serious or funny.

About the Kiss

Yes, we were really susprised by that and yes, its wasnt unexpected but it really take us to another level, BUT I something was bothering me after watching the episode so I rewatched it and looked closely to their expressions and movements.

Its not unexpected to see Viktor being the free touchy person he is, but rather Yuuri getting accostumed to his touches, its really not surprising seeing how much time these two spent together. However, this:

To the offering Yuuri’s response was NO, one would expect surprise, but thats not the case, adding that his response was immediate, giving the chance that this happened before or how accostumed Yuuri is with the playful gestures of Viktor
Also This:

The fond looks that they give to each other, it was- it is so intimate, so domestic, so natural between the two of them. They were only looking at each other it felt so natural. Plus, the way they hold each other, Viktor’s hand on Yuuri’s head, Yuuri’s hand on Viktor’s back, its so effortlessly, the eassiness and relax of their hold as if they had done that before or similar gestures for the matter. THE BLUSH: its not a deep blush or a tomatoe face, their blushes are slight, soft, candid, not for a teenager love, but a mature love, a knowed love.

In conclusion, I think that maybe these two adorable dorks did or tried to do that before. It passed almost a year so it isnt unexpected if they took their relationship this way. Im just saying That It Looks Natural, Normal, Easy for a very first kiss. Yuuri reacted like “Oh my god you did it in public, but Im not ashamed by that, Im pleased” not like “OH gosh we kissed oh oh my-”(and starts blushing profusely) SO they kissed AND thats the best thing ever.

"Whatever you do, don't forget about me"

Newt knew what you two had was only temporary. Ever since you, a muggle (because the word no-maj was a bit dull in his opinion) got swept up in this mess with them, he knew that there would be no other choice. You would have to be obliviated.

They had met you at the bank along with Jacob, while you were applying for a student loan to somehow pay for this mass that is med school, when you suddenly met this adorable boy, panicked and frantically looking for something. When, you caught him casting spells and aparating in and out of areas.
He was suppose to obliviate you then and there, but before he got the chance to, you two grew fond of each other. He showed you his creatures, and was amazed by how quickly you were able to gain their love. He was beginning to understand why. He knew you were the woman to spend the rest of his life with, but like everything like that that happens to him, it didn’t last.

So when the time eventually came to say goodbye, he could feel his heart breaking a little with ever step up the subway steps.
You held his hand the entire way, keeping your back to him so he wouldn’t see your expression. You had the feeling it would only make him feel worse.

You were about a step or two from the top, when Newt squeezes your hand and stops, grounding himself. You turn to look at that adorably awkward boy, who was now staring directly at his shoes, looking absolutely miserable.
“Newt…we both knew this-”
“I know” he interjected. You smiled a little bit, tilting your head to the side in sympathy.
“I-It’s just- I just…” he fought to get the words out, when he finally took a deep, shaky breath, and looked you directly in the eye.
“I-I’ve never met anyone, known anyone, who made me feel the way I feel about you. You’re gentle, you’re lovely, and you’re absolutely brilliant with the creatures” he let out a soft chuckle. You gather his hand with yours and kiss it lightly as he begins to tear up.

“I’ve never been able to truly be myself around someone since school, so this doesn’t happen a lot for me. I-I’m just terrified that when you leave…I’ll never feel that again. It kills me that we have to say goodbye, and it kills me even more that you w-won’t even remember” his voice cracks at the end of his little speech, and you pull him, a bit too forcefully, into a hug. You feel yourself start to topple over backwards, losing your footing, when Newt’s arms squeeze around your waist, and catch you in some kind of awkward dip.
Your breath hitched, as your eyes caught his.
“I-I love you…Newt” you fumble a little, but it doesn’t matter, because he brings his lips down to capture yours almost immediately, in one, big, magical kiss.

In that instant nothing mattered. Not the ominous downfall of the rain just outside, not the fact you would soon be obliviated and all your memories of the man you love, would soon vanish, just Newt. And kissing Newt. And loving Newt, up until the break of that kiss, and the absolutely heartbroken look he wore brought everything back into reality.

“I don’t want you to forget” he whispered.
“Then I guess it’s your job not to.” You feel a smirk tug at your lips.
“Whatever you do Newt, please, don’t forget about me.”
“Never” he says almost immediately, and holds your hands close to his chest, like if he lets go, even for a second, you’ll be gone. “I love you too”. And you two stand there, holding onto each other, until you try to pull away, but his grip just tightens.
“No don’t. How can I let you go now?”
“Oh don’t be like that.” You smile, wrapping him in a hug.
“We had an amazing time. But it’s time to wake up now” your voice broke, and you felt yourself stepping away, now letting the tears fall freely.
He was absolutely defeated, but he knew it was time.
He cupped your face in his hands, wiping away your tears with his thumb.
“Goodbye (F/N) (L/N)” he said without a stutter.
“Goodbye Mr. Scamander”
You stepped back to arms length with him, and turned, facing the rain, and with a deep, shaky, breath you stepped forward into the rain.
You were on your way to the restaurant, frantically tying your apron around your waist as you broke into a run. You were late, as usual, and would definitely be fired if you didn’t get there within the next minute, which was highly unlikely.
In a panic, you round the corner without looking, and full on smack into a man in a blue coat. You knew it was blue because it was the last thing you saw before going down.
“I am so so sorry, let me help you with-”
You began, but you trailed off as your eyes landed on his face. That face…why was it so familiar?
“-That…sorry, have we met before?” You ask, completely in a trance, but he just politely smiles at you. You could see a hint of sadness behind his expression.
“No. No I don’t recall. I’m terribly sorry for running into you…ma'am.” He brushes himself off and helps you up.
“No no it was completely my fault I was just on my way to-” your eyes widen as you check your watch. You swear under your breath.
“I am so sorry but I can talk I’m very very late for work, meeting you though!” You call to him as you run off, wondering why you suddenly feel so sad.
Newt smiles as he watches you go, finally letting the facade fade, and becoming overwhelmed with regret.
But he picked up his case, shrugged his free hand into the pocket of his jacket, and started walking away.