fond memories of doing things wrong


I have to write this somewhere and I don’t really know where. My two best friends, sisters S and T, are fighting and I don’t know if they’ll ever reconcile. I don’t think that we can ever all three be friends because they have hurt each other so much. I’m caught in the middle and I want to help and I don’t know how. I remember all three of us just hanging out and having fun and talking about whatever little things come to mind and it kills me to know that we can’t do that anymore. It feels like my world is shattering and my heart hurts so much. They’ve been my best friends for 15 years and I don’t know how to come to terms with the fact that they may never be able to be friends with each other again.I don’t know how to reconcile myself to the fact that all the precious memories we’ve made with each other, all the fun we’ve had, that we may never make those kind of memories with each other again. I know that life changes people and I shouldn’t have expected us to always be happy, but it still hurts more than I can say. I want us all to be happy and to play games, nerd out over movies and TV shows and kdramas, and talk about kpop groups, but we can’t anymore. I want to laugh with both of them, but they can’t laugh with each other. For the whole 15 years that I’ve known them, it’s always been us three hanging out and having fun. I love them both and I’m not sure how to be friends with both of them in the midst of all this. They’re my best friends and it hurts me so much to see them in pain. I wish we could turn back time to when we would hang out in the barn and play all the little kpop games that I could find on my phone, when we were all still together and happy. I’m still not really sure what happened. I’ve heard bits and pieces, but I still can’t figure out why it all went wrong and blew up. I guess I just hope that time will fix this, because I don’t know how to deal with this and it hurts my heart so much. I need time to come to terms with this and to realize that my fond memories of the three of us will always be fond, but that there may not be any more.

How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep.. that have taken hold.

-Frodo Baggins


Your YouTube idols are people! Honest to god humans with feelings and flaws! Yeah I know right shocking! Real humans! Not robots only made for your entertainment so they can vomit up a video once or twice a week for you!

So people, as we know, sometimes make mistakes. They might accidentally say the wrong thing, or do something considered dumb to many. And many of you may forget that you too are made of the same stuff they are. Flesh and blood and holy shit a lot of flaws.

So when they say something that you may find particularly offensive, don’t make a giant callout post trying to ruin their career, maybe think about how that was probably not their intent. And also maybe think about that one time you said something rather stupid on accident while with friends. Kinda the same thing huh. Not exactly a fond memory. Pretty humbling?

So maybe civilly point out what they said in a comment. Correct them. KINDLY! And I’m sure they will take your words to heart. Most of these people really care about their audience, and they don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.