fond du lac


Advertisements from Wisconsin city directories, 1857-1921.

  1. Brigham and Co’s Fond du Lac Directory for 1857-58, Fond du Lac Public Library
  2. Madison City Directory and Business Advertiser for 1871-2, Madison Public Library
  3. Wright’s Directory of Appleton for 1887-88, Appleton Public Library
  4. Eau Claire City Directory 1899-1900L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire
  5. Wisconsin Rapids Directory, 1921, McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids

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RUINS STILL BURNING YET” - An eyewitness picture showing the still smoldering ruins of the worst fire to ever occur in the town of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin on September 26th, 1908. The fire originated at the garage of the Crescent Automobile Company and is believed to have been started by an explosion of gasoline from Lieutenant Governor W. D. Connor’s automobile. The garage, three of Fond Du Lac’s main churches, seven automobiles and the home of the Ex Mayor Mayham were all destroyed. The burning embers from the blaze rained down upon the rooftops within the 10 sq. blocks of the conflagration.

“View of the blow up. Ruins are burning yet. Sam.”, reads the message written on the back.

Update: Randy Hopper

A complaint has been filed with the attorney general’s office, alleging that State Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) no longer lives in the district he represents.  Hopper admits he no longer resides at the address he officially lists with the state legislature, saying he now rents an apartment in Fond du Lac.  However, when the Capital Times tried to verify that address, they learned that it was actually not an apartment; instead, it was a $600,000 home belonging to one of Hopper’s employees.  I have yet to see anything that reports on whether he has been collecting the $88 per diem for Senators who reside outside of Dane County; anyone know if this is being explored?

Hopper has also hired a national GOP veteran campaign manager, Jeff Harvey, to help protect him from recall efforts and allegations that he no longer even resides in the district he is supposed to be representing.  Harvey previously managed Republican Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey.

Also: the most hilarious photoshop job of the week involves Mr. Hopper and his recent scandals.  The original picture, here (the July 1st, “Brownsville” one.)  Wonkette’s awesome photoshop version, here.