Border of Agony

Y/N joins the BAU to work with her uncle Rossi and distant friend Garcia. But what happens when Y/N gets feelings towards one of her co-workers and she is met with an old acquaintance.

Sometimes it freaks me out that everyone around me has a life as complex and as real as my own, but today’s a big day. My first day at the BAU. It’s strange really, I remember being 2-foot-tall asking my Uncle Rossi when I could be ‘cool’ and catch bad guys like him. Now here I am at 7 am making sure I look pristine for my first day. I eventually chose to wear a white, flowy vest and a figure hugging pale pink skirt, that stopped just above my knee. My long brown hair curled. Make up applied. It was time to go, shit. As the elevator opened, Uncle Rossi was patiently waiting for my arrival.

“Hey!” He bellowed at me as he wrapped me in a warm hug.

“I can guarantee that out of the 35,146 people going-” I began.

“No! I love you Y/N but I have already had my ear chewed off from Spencer’s statistical facts this morning. I can’t handle anymore!” Giggling, I walked alongside him towards an office that overlooked the whole bullpen. Suddenly, a tall man with dark hair emerged from the large office door.

“Y/N, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I’m agent Hotchner but please, call me Hotch,” I smiled politely and hesitantly took his hand in a firm handshake. Hotch requested that Rossi introduced me to the others, so off we went.

My hands began shaking lightly as thoughts raced through my mind. What if they don’t like me? What if I completely freak out? Uncle Rossi tried to encourage me to believe they would like me just as much as he did. But in all honesty, as cheesy as it sounds, that is near enough impossible with him.

“Hey, everyone!” All eyes were on me as David’s voice filled the room.

“This is my wonderful niece, Y/N, who is joining us in the BAU.” Bam. Everyone surrounded me as I became encaptured in a sea of strangers. First there was Derek Morgan, a tall, muscular, confident man with warm eyes. But, thanks to Penelope Garcia, I knew much more about him that I needed to! Then JJ, a gorgeous woman who had straight blonde hair and daring eyes. Emily Prentiss, a pale skinned, dark haired woman with a soothing voice. I could already tell she was bad-ass as hell. And Spencer Reid. Woah. He had brown hair which curled off in different directions. Gorgeous brown eyes and a shy, innocent smile. Although, after the short amount of time I had been introducing myself, Garcia bounded excitedly out of her office, running towards me with open arms.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N! Oh my gosh, you’re finally here. We have so much to catch up on and-“ Derek interrupted her.

“Babygirl, you already know her?”

“Did that whole thing not inform you enough? Damn, I thought you guys were the best profilers, or at least and some sort of functional hearing…” I exclaimed sarcastically. Spencer giggled along with a couple of others who were still stood watching us.

“Haha, Morgan, you have some serious competition with the sarcasm,” JJ laughed as she made her way back to her desk.

“Come on Y/N, I shall welcome you to my lair.” Garcia giggled at her Dracula impression and dragged me towards her office.

After what seemed forever, looking at Garcia’s cool gadgets and catching up for the 2 years we missed together, Derek and Spencer entered.

“How dare you interrupt us?!” Garcia practically shouted at them.

“Hey, nice to see you too Babygirl,” Derek laughed, “We have a break and wanted to come check out our fresh meat.” He explained, Spencer’s eyebrows scrunched together as Derek said the phrase.

“Well excuse you handsome, but Y/N is not just some ‘fresh meat’, she is perfectly experienced in the field and has a larger number of qualifications than you have brain cells and- “I managed to cut her off.

“Pen, it’s fine.” Garcia looked hurt at my polite response, she had known me long enough to know I am spectacular with witty sarcasm. I continued,

“I can handle little miss ‘hard man’ myself,” all of us chuckled, even Derek, which I was slightly happy over the fact he could take a joke because there were so much more coming after the things Garcia had told me! Garcia looked confused all of a sudden and gave a sympathetic nod towards Spencer Reid.

“You okay boy genius?” Spencer smiled weakly and nodded.

“You haven’t spat out a random fact or even mentioned statistics tod- “Derek began, but I cut him off.

“actually, that’s incorrect, Uncle Rossi told me about your little fact splurge to him this morning.” I giggled as the man himself pranced into Garcia’s office.

“Yeah, and you’re no better yourself miss Brainiac, 2 eidetic memories and statistical minds are going to be hell around here.” Rossi claimed as I stuck my tongue out at him before Derek spoke up,

“Wait! We have a girl Reid?!” Spencer began,

“Huh? The BAU must be lucky because the actual chance of getting an IQ above 180 is- “

“Only 3 people out of 100,000.” I finished, “and even lower if your IQ is 190,” Spencer stared open mouthed whilst the others chuckled.

“What about a BAU family dinner?” Rossi suggested. Everyone smiled excitedly and basically ran out of the office but Spencer walked slower with me.

“H-Have you actually got eidetic memory and an IQ o-of almost 190?” Spencer muttered quietly.

“Yeah, my memory drives David around the bend though,” I giggled, “but, between me any you, it’s actually 191,” I laughed nervously.

“Well be prepared because it drives all of our team insane, haha, they are lucky we don’t have another germaphobe, that gets them going mental!”

“Yikes, I’m not doing too well then so far,” I almost whisper.

“To be honest, I figured that out fairly early on. The way you smiled and nodded instead of shaking everyone’s hand, touching things lightly. Even after you shook Hotch’s hand, you had washed your hands 4 times as soon as Penelope took you into the kitchen to get coffee,” Spencer rushed his observations.

“Damn, it’s going to take me some time to get used to working with highly trained profilers watching my every move.” I explained half-heartedly.

“Oh, s-s-sorry, I- “

“No don’t worry, it’s fine,” I smiled politely, “Did you know your hands come into contact with germs suspended in the air particles called fomites, which aid transfer to other’s hands. It’s in fact much safer to…”

“kiss.” We said in unison and laughed. Spencer continued,

“Because our hands lack antibacterial substances that we have in our saliva.” I laughed,

“antibacterial substances, come on doc, you can do better than that…or at least I hope. Secretory lgA, lactoferrin,” Spencer continued,

“Lysozyme and peroxides.” I giggled.

“I could get used to having a genius around more often.” As soon as we looked up: Hotch, Rossi, Morgan and JJ was staring at us.

“Sorry to interrupt your highly intellectual conversation but we have a case, Y/N, do you have a to-go bag packed?” Hotch questioned.

“Of course, where abouts is the case?”

“Follow me my sweet gum drops and I will explain,” Garcia almost sang as she bopped my nose and lead us to a conference room.

“Okay, small jelly beans, Los Vegas has been experiencing some major power cuts this past week. Our unsub has been stalking the streets during these blackouts which has resulted in the deaths of one couple: Robert,37 and Molly,34 and 2 single mothers: Julia, 29 and Sarah, 31. All victims have shown signs of strangulation and multiple stab wounds. However, the single mothers have also shown signs of sexual abuse and possible rope burns on their wrists. All deaths occurred within a 10 mile radios and a teenage girl, Ellie Nickle 15, was last seen 3 days ago near to same restaurant Sarah was murdered by shortly after.” What a first case, eh?!

“How old were the children of the single parents?” Rossi asked.

“I’m so glad you asked. Both children were under the age of 1 and the police took them to the nearest long term care centre until the family if informed.” Spencer spoke up,

“The strangulation marks all appear to be the same or similar widths.” I continued,

“Yeah, the unsub would have possibly used a belt to be so consistent, it would also have a certain buckle incision as all strangulation marks appear to have similar coloured bruises which shows they were at the same tightness. Also, observe where the stab wounds are. They are not randomly slashed into the victims, they’re more like cuts a butcher would make in cows and pigs to obtain the best quality meat. It wouldn’t surprise me if areas of flesh were taken- “

“As a trophy?” Derek interrupts.

“More like food. The precision at which the cuts are made is extraordinary, it would be almost impossible to make these cuts without a butcher’s experience.” Rossi proudly smiled at me.

“Good call sugarplum, Robert and Julia both had flesh taken from their backs.” Informed Garcia.

“But why would our unsub also take Ellie?” Prentiss questioned aloud. I replied,

“Our unsub has left children unharmed right? Perhaps Ellie had witnessed something at Sarah’s murder, the unsub clearly has no interest in harming children but if they left her, she could have easily sussed them out to the police. Therefore, they believed taking her was their only option.”

“So our unsub is clearly a male,” JJ stated.

“How do you even know that?” Garcia questioned without thought.

“He must have a bigger build than a woman to do this sort of damage with 2 people at once in Robert and Molly’s case, in addition to that, there were no marks to show they could have easily fought back. Also, the sexual assault plays a big part. Between 60 and 99% of sexual assault crimes are performed by men.” Spencer replied. I continued,

“Moreover, 50% of males who have sexually assaulted are over 30 and 57% of these males are white. So we are probably looking for a white male between the ages of 30 and 40 who have previously had a divorce and lost custody over their children. He may even want to protect the children if his previous wife was controlling.”

“Woah, okay. We are not yet to leave the office and we almost have half a profile. Good job guys, let’s go to the jet.”

I was the last one on the jet as my to-go bag was at home. When I stepped on the jet, everyone was entranced in conversation so I settled towards the back of the plane. Despite the flickering light beside the table, I much rather prefer sitting alone while reading over files. But this was my first case in the BAU and I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t get the cute dorky kid out of my head, this was so unprofessional. The conversation died down a little, everyone was still sat across from each other. I looked up, my face filled with lack of concentration, but I accidentally locked eyes with Mr. Nerd himself. Ugh. He scrunched his eyebrows slightly, trying to figure out what was on my mind, I immediately looked down hoping he wouldn’t suspect anything and would pass it off as my first case. Uncle Rossi noticed and cursed Spencer straight away muttering,

“No profiling your own team members doctor.” Reid looked away instantly, which was rather hilarious. Although, now David got involved, I wasn’t getting out of it that easily. Rossi and I had been close since I was 6 when my father passed away. There was no way getting it past him. As I suspected, moments later I got a text.

ROSSI: “Flower, come sit with us, why are you being so distant?”

I giggled to myself at the nickname, he had always called me flower after my mother left as I used to call her ‘the tallest flower in the garden’. I replied.

“Hey, I work better alone! I’d rather not get caught up in Morgan’s and Reid’s bickering or the girl talks thanks. Plus, I’m actually working…unlike some haha”

ROSSI: “Flo, I’m not silly, something’s going on. We can talk after this case.”
How about let’s not.

Part 2

yourordinarysciencegirl  asked:

How do you keep yourself from getting sick, as someone who works closely with patients? I keep my hygiene on supreme (washing hands, cover with sleeve when sneezing, etc.,) and still managed to get cold. Is there a secret method for doctors to not get sick?

I am one of those lucky people who rarely gets sick. I was one of those kids whose moms didn’t take them to the doctor for every cough or sniffle, so my immune system learned to fend for itself, I guess. I never get traveller’s diarrhea (even though I LURVE street food) and my MRSA carrier screen was, by some work of God, still negative before my surgery this year. I’ve gotten viral AGE and strep pharyngitis at work on my peds rotations, but both were caught at times when we were inundated with patients with those diagnoses and both were thankfully short illnesses. So here’s the best advice I’ve got.

  • Wash your hands and clean your fomites. Especially at work. For me, this is more for my patients’ protection than mine, but there is some gross stuff at work, for sure. I wipe down my cell phone and stethoscope with alcohol swabs frequently too.
  • Don’t be a germophobe. You gotta be exposed to bugs (or to dead versions in vaccines) to build up immunity against them, you know. Don’t use antibacterial soaps and cleaners at home. They’re pretty useless anyway.
  • Expose yourself to some germs. Don’t wipe your grocery buggy down with clorox wipes. Eat fair food and the nasty gas station hot dogs that @aspiringdoctors so loves. Bite your pens and fingernails. Swim in lakes and dig in the garden bare-handed.  Push the limits of the 5-second rule. Don’t be afraid to touch a patient’s feet without gloves.
  • Don’t be stupid with germs. Cook your food properly, drink clean water, and don’t let people sneeze or cough in your face. Wear gloves when things are visibly gross.
  • Don’t take antibiotics for things that clearly don’t need antibiotics. 
  • Avoid sick people. Kinda hard when you work in medicine, I know. 
  • Get all the shots. All of them. Vaccinate against everything. 

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a secret to it. I think that eventually you reach a point where you’ve been exposed to or have caught all the common strains of viruses in your area, and you quit getting sick so much. This is my theory for why I don’t get sick, at least.