A lovely photo shoot we did for the Sarah dress by Sarah Bibb. The Sarah Dress can be found at Folly. We don’t usually add the Sarah’s in the online shop, but if you follow us on Facebook you can see photos of what’s in the store…and if you like one send us a message. We ship everywhere!


Meet the Alice slip by Sarah Bibb now in black on black! This is a classic vintage style slip for absolutely any occasion or dress. Trust me, a good slip will change your life! Your dresses will fit so much better and look amazing on top of this beautiful Portland, OR made slip! It’s made of the sleekest nylon and a lovely lace trim with stretch for an easy comfy fit that will give your favorite dress a beautiful foundation. 

We made this beautiful nightgown for the Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exhibition fashion show here in Portland. It was a one of a kind garment, and we had it in our infamous window for a day before this lovely woman came in and swooped it up for herself to be worn as a maxi. LOVE! If you see it in the streets snap a photo and send it our way. We can’t wait to see this babe in action!

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