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Such a milestone for me, I didn’t even think I would get to 50~
So thank you to all my followers ☺️🎀

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hi! i’m kind of a new book blog and i need some awesome blogs to follow, so reblog if you post about any of the things below and i will follow you! (it would be nice if you followed me back, but it’s not necessary).

  • the darkest minds 
  • passenger
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  • the selection series
  • throne of glass series
  • the winner’s trilogy
  • the raven cycle
  • the mara dyer trilogy
  • the hunger games trilogy
  • penryn and the end of days trilogy
  • trylle trilogy 
  • the 5th wave trilogy
  • basically any contemporary romance book (colleen hoover, morgan matson, etc)

or just basically if you post about (young adult) books, because i probably forgot to mention a lot of books on this list

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  • guys I truely appreciate you all so much. your allowing me to do something that I not only love but am good at and share the results with you all. You all are my Sims family!!! Our family is pretty large being almost at 800 members and I feel that this family super strong and we could even push for 1000 members if we all work together!!!! PLEASE SHARE THE PAGE WITH YOUR FELLOW SIMMERS AND SPREAD THE WORD. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!
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dead dash

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my dash is beyond dead

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I am too awkward for this so imma just end this here—

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When I met you,
that moment was irreplaceable.
Your smile lit up when you saw mine and it’s like we’d been lovers for years.

And that moment was so amazing, that everything else had to go down from there.

And holy shit. It did.

—  I didn’t know what to write about, so I wrote about you