14. Follow spotlight: Masha

URL: imaslytherinbitch 

Harry Potter OTP: Dramione 

Why I follow Masha: I’ve followed Masha’s blog for nearly a year. And if you’re part of the Dramione fandom–yes, I do consider that ship a fandom–or Harry Potter in general, then I can only assume you’ve heard of her blog. Her graphics and gifs are beautiful, and I love every theme she creates for herself. I’ve role played with her for months now, and I consider it a pleasure to call her one of my close friends on this site. Sarcasm’s like a source of nutrition for her, so maybe that’s why I get along with her so well! 

What you’ll find on this blog most of the time: Harry Potter, Tom Felton, Dramione, your daily dose of sarcasm and opinions, the Harry Potter cast, Photoshop porn.

15. Follow spotlight: Maire

URL: thequeenofslytherin

Harry Potter OTP: Dramione

Why I follow Maire: Let us first discuss her flawless edits, graphics, and gifs. The things she makes in Photoshop are lovely, and I’m sure you could spend a good hour just browsing through her blog; finding different things to reblog. And on top of that, Maire’s a sweetheart. I try not to follow people who act like elitist assholes, and I can honestly say that Maire’s one of the nicest, most down-to-Earth girls on this site. And let’s not get started on her creativity–the Dramione awards alone are proof enough that her ideas are innovative.

What you’ll find on this blog most of the time: Harry Potter, Dramione, wonderful Photoshop creations, the Harry Potter cast, ships she sails on.