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- All Time Low
- Black Veil Brides
- sleeping with sirens
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Fall Out Boy
-Panic! At The Disco
-Twenty Øne Pilots
-My Chemical Romance

i dunno if anyone’s interested in this sorta thing, but i made an OC twitter (wow … SHOCKER i know) where i sorta dump all of my ideas for my OCs! if we’re mutuals and you want to follow let me know :’)

anonymous asked:

Thank you for following me back, sir. Your ask responses have helped improve self confidence that has been lowered due to events of the past few months, and that I do appreciate greatly. Your presence is as comforting as it is threatening. If I may ask a question: When someone is spreading lies, trying to make you doubt things that happened, doubt yourself and your self worth, what is it you think one should do? -- L

“Before you can ever hope to confront the outside forces that are causing those lies and doubts, you have to search into yourself to discover what uncertainties and esteem issues are lying beneath.”

Dark murmured and sternly adjusted his tie, causing it to rip up closer to his neck, almost appearing like it was choking him, but he made no sign of any discomfort as it squeezed against his jugular.

“No sugar sprinkled words or layers of kindness will ever makes it way through if you have built a brick wall of your own self pity. If you have a strong foundation of your self worth, nothing said or done would be capable of shaking your confidence about it. Although it’s not something many want to hear, you cannot demand others fix their attitudes until you fix your own. Once you have evaluated the cause of your lowered self esteem and the pain in your heart, then it is your duty to begin changing other people’s views.”

     okay, hope this doesn’t sound rude or weird. i just feel i need to say it. i don’t know if is because my way of expressing, my writting, or something else. but guys, if you followed me and i followed you back, it means i totally want to interact with you. so, please, don’t ever be afraid of approach, send asks, or hit me on im. really. i might look intimidating but i’m actually quite a nerd once you get to know me. don’t leave me hanging as just another number on your followers list and let’s be friends.


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

I think we could call this a forced a collab’….

So around a month ago i asked @blackwolfartz if i could color this sketch so i could train myself with coloring.And she kindly accepted. (And it has been sitting in my draft ever since.) So thanks again to Wolf for being so awesome and letting me butcher her work and post, it was really interesting and fun and i’d redo it anytime! 


Then & Now // redbubble

(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )


Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.

Your Spouse goes into the bathroom only to come running out 15 seconds later. Clutching you close they tell you they fell into another dimension and what felt like seconds to you was a 1,000 years to them. They now want you to follow them back because they have built a life for you there.