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Is it possible that the airport sighting was BC picking up wife and kids upon their arrival in Atlanta? Was the sighting after SH's "show" back in the UK? Not trying to stir up trouble here, just trying to make sense of it all.

Trying to make sense of the NanFiction?  Sure, let’s play  :o)

CWeb reported on someone’s mom contacting her to say how lucky Benjamin was to meet her awesome son on the 6th of July.  Keep that in mind for a second, while we establish a timeline, OK?

June 21st - RDJ posts the set pic where we first see Ben in his Doctor Strange costume for Infinity Wars.  Many many many many many pictures of him in his costume will follow
June 21st - Ben is spotted at a bar with Mark Ruffalo.  Obviously no one’s waiting for him at home
June 23rd - Weirdo narrates an oboe playing performance at Suffolk (more on that later)
June 25th- Ben flies out to NYC to attend a concert with Tetrius and Delius Bune
June 26th - Ben is in Atlanta, filming Infinity Wars again
June 29th - We get a video of Ben leaving his hotel, accompanied by David (aka Droopy)
July 2nd - The Aquarium story surfaces about Ben, Weirdo, a stroller and the two Pilos taking a tour of the place.
July 4th - Ben spends the day with RDJ, enjoying the festivities, food and balloons that form trees of proofy proofiness in the background.  No mentions or Weirdo and the Pilos, and no pictures showing them in the background either.
July 5th - It’s Weirdo Wednesday and the (old) news drop that Weirdo narrated an oboe playing performance at a festival her uncle Drake is attached to.  Unfortunately, as her husband’s PR failed to market her performance to his fandom, Nan turnout is…. not great.  To top it all off, as none of the articles mention her husband, the fetchlessness is overpowering.
July 5th - The Aquarium posts a pic of Ben posing with an African pengling.  The cuteness is overpowering.  Alas!  No Weirdo, stroller, or Pilos in sight.
July 6th - The awesome son’s mother contacts CWeb on her private account to let her know how lucky Benjamin is to have met her awesome son.  The awesome son’s mother may not know Benjamin’s actual name, but she’s adamant that he was with his family (I’m sure she knew Sophie’s, Kit’s and Hal’s names and kept repeating them by the way).
July 9th - A woman tweets about having brunch next to Ben and being covered in croissant flakes for the duration, but Ben loving her anyway.  The tweet is followed up by a tweet from a Nan who claims a friend of hers had brunch at the same place Ben and his family were having brunch at.  She mentions Ben and Weirdo cycled there, that they had one of the Pilos with them (Skeptics wonder who the chosen one is this time around) and Ben left on his bike again.  The first woman who tweeted about having brunch next to Ben is asked where she was at the time, and she answers with the name of the restaurant, adding that he was with Weirdo and Pilo(s).  By the way, on July 9th, the heat in Atlanta was reportedly unbearable.  Not the finest idea for anyone with half a brain to take a bike ride on a hilly terrain, lugging one or two Pilos around with them.

Anyway, I’m sorry but, given the timeline, I have questions about the airport sighting that was reported through CWeb’s personal twitter account and received a collective MEH from the Nans, regardless of the retweets it got by other Ubers.

If the awesome son’s mother contacted CWeb on the 6th of June, logic tells us Benjamin met her awesome son at the earliest a couple of days earlier, right?  Or on the day of.

Since Weirdo was going to fly out to Atlanta with one or two Pilos (depending on whom you ask) in tow, why didn’t she fly in to Atlanta right after she returned from Suffolk and her narrative adventure?  Couldn’t Ben wait for her and the Pilo(s) to arrive before visiting the Aquarium?  Did he want to hog the spotlight and the penglings’ attention?  

If the awesome son’s mother held onto the information about Benjamin meeting her awesome son for longer than a couple of days, why didn’t she bother finding out his name first, perhaps even googling him to make sure she was talking about the same person her awesome son met, before going to the trouble of finding out what CWeb’s personal twitter account was, so she could share the news with the world?

The fact of the matter is that all of these sightings have one thing in common (something that is also a common thread with the Spain tweets by the way):  they are focused on proving Ben’s family is real and that he spends time with Weirdo and the Pilo(s).

Unfortunately for the Nans, Ben’s PR seems dead set on maintaining focus on his work and him personally; taking a very conscious turn from the image they were pushing for him during DS promo when he went on record talking about how his wife and kids are not PR stunts on a Vanity Fair interview.

By the way, that is a good thing, because Ben simply doesn’t have it in him to be convincing when talking about his non-PR-stunty family and the anecdotes he shares are… unfortunate.  Also, the non-PR-stunty family does nothing for his clickability (as discussed numerous times on this very blog)

Also unfortunately for the Nans, Ben seems to never spend time with Weirdo and the Pilo(s).  A behaviour we’ve been calling out since Hamlet.

Seeing as Ben is probably already in NYC, now is the time for the Nans to come up with new Cumberfiction.  Who knows?  Perhaps they’ll get lucky this time and he’ll cave in.  After all, he’s steadily taken several steps back when visiting NYC during the past 3 years.

Hopefully, that part of the showmance journey is over…