Following 500 NEW blogs

I desperately need more traction on my dashboard, looking to follow quality and active blogs, either of the two are heavily preferred and it’s best if both are included with one blogger! Need blogs of these types to follow (and I’d love if people followed me too) 

  • Anime blogs
  • Glitch blogs
  • Rainbow blogs
  • Blue blogs
  • Purple blogs
  • Glow blogs
  • Animation blogs
  • Romance blogs
  • Quality picture blogs
  • Japanese blogs
  • Original (No specific set theme) blogs
  • Transparent Gif Blogs
  • Clean Themed Blog (blogs with easy to navigate themes)
  • Unique blogs (blogs that don’t fit in a specific category)
  • Heart/Love themed blogs
  • Childhood Memory blogs (blogs containing cartoons/songs from childhood)
  • Text blogs
  • Quote blogs
  • Tips/Advice blogs 

I will keep track of my favorite blogs I followed after I post this to my tumblr, any blogs I really love I will shout out to my 3k+ followers!