It’s midnight and you can hear rocks being thrown at your window.
You hesitantly get up and stumble over to your balcony.

You peer down into the darkness and instantly recognize who it is.
“What are you doing here it’s so late, if my dad wakes up you know what will happen to me"you hissed, your hands trembling at the thought of your drunken parent in a fit of anger.

"Y/n I’m leaving and I couldn’t possibly leave you behind, I love you too much"Derek hale confessed his love for you as he held up his loaded bag.

"Are you asking me to leave town with you?"you smirked.

He nods up at you, a look of hope on his face.
You smile to yourself as you decide on what your going to do.

"Give me a second, I need to do some serious packing"you squeal quietly.

“Why is he here?"Stiles asked?

"I’m here because I want help y/n"Isaac replied.

"Your not doing a very good job of it, she’s at home with a massive cut on her head"Stiles shot back protectively.

"Being helpful is kind of a new thing for me how was I supposed to know that the shelf in the kitchen was broken?!"Isaac rambled on defensively.

"Y/n isn’t angry Isaac she just wanted to know why you were playing with it whilst she was cooking"Lydia laughed.


Smoke filled the air along with the smell of sweaty bodies and alcohol. That’s how strong the alcohol was, you could practically get drunk by sniffing the air.

You forcefully pushed past the hormonal teens that crowded every part of the house. Who’s party was this? Nate Maloley’s.

When you’d first got invited your answer was a straight no.

“Oh c'mon y/n you didn’t even think about it for a millisecond"Sammy Wilkinson groaned.

“Okay I’ll think about it for a minute"you nodded agreeing that you should think about it before judging.

You took a minute to review the pros and cons.

"So? What’s the answer?"Sammy looked at you hopefully.

"No"you said bluntly.
He groaned even louder.
"Trust me I will convince you to come, you will go to that party y/n"Sammy said determined.

"Yeah, have fun with that"you rolled your eyes.

So you did end up going to the party and you did finally make it to the kitchen where you found a very smug looking Sammy Wilkinson.

"You look nice"he said in your ear as his hand rested on your hip.

"Thankyou"you smiled up at him.
Sammy had been your best friend forever, like literally forever. But you had to share your best friend with Nate Maloley.

"Stay by my side"Sammy said as he grabbed your hand and lead you into the garden.

Hardly anyone was in the garden because it was the middle of December and it was beyond freezing.

"I really need the toilet, wait here and I’ll be back in a minute"Sammy jumped up and down as he wrapped his scarf around your neck.
5 minutes after Sammy had left you heard the doors open and close again.

You were about to congratulate Sammy on having the world record for the worlds fastest pee but it wasn’t Sammy.
In fact you didn’t recognize this guy at all.

"Hey darling"the boy slurred.
Your heart sank immediately, this guy was clearly drunk and you really didn’t want his company.

"Hello, it’s getting cold I’m just going to head inside"you mumbled quickly as you turnt towards the door.
You felt his strong arm grab your wrist tightly.

You drew back a sharp breath as the pain surged up your arm.
"I just wanted to talk"he smirked

"This is a funny way of talking"you shot back as you tried to pull your arm out of his grip.

"Let go your hurting me"you got louder as he twisted your arm upwards.
Suddenly your hand dropped to your side because the boy was pulled away from you and pushed onto the ground by none other than Sam-Nate Maloley?!

"Touch her with your dirty hands again and i swear to god I will beat the life out of you"he warned the guy on the ground before wrapping his jacket around your body and leading you back into the house.