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2017 was officially my first year as a content creator in the svt fandom and what a year it has been !! we only have a month left and feels like the year started not too long ago. i’ve reached many personal goals, made lots of friends, improved on my art thank god, and already remade once lmao. so, thanks to all my mutuals who made this year fun, i enjoyed seeing all ur creations, getting to kno u, and overall just being around yall ٩(^‿^)۶ i hope you all have happy holidays and a lovely new year. so heres my first follow forever as some?? kind of small thank u ♡♡ - deedee

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Whelp, here I am, guys. Little old me. Yes, I love Pokemon and yes I wear a lot of different things on top of my head lmfao ;) Thank you for helping me reach 500 followers (510 by the time I noticed it today lol) and for the continued love and support! You guys are truly awesome. Lots of love, and Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are what makes me thankful xoxo


500 follower Giveaway Celebration

I really do appreciate everybody still here. I’m kind of a smaller blog and I’m blown away that 500 people more or less have stuck around. This is a follower exclusive but if you don’t happen to like me or my content feel free to reblog or help my D.A.I.N. project

I art and write. Trying to finish my comic. I’m offering 3 prizes 

End December 30, 2017 after my 25th birthday <3

1rst prize; One concept work/thigh up rendered/pick of other prizes

2nd prize; 1 bust/ 1black and white comic

3rd prize Chibi

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Siblings don’t always agree on things, Madam Director.

quick sketch comic that got way way out of hand but listen a lost decade would be a messy thing to sort out blame-wise i think

shadourin  asked:

How are you?

*bursts into tears*

((im doing 2% ok maybe – thank u for asking askjhd i dont get this a lot))

You must be able to make a commitment to yourself. Promise yourself that, no matter what, you will give it your very best. Day in, and day out. From one second to the next. What ever they may be, your dreams are absolutely beautiful. Don’t allow for them to whither inside of you; give them your love, work, and dedication.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

“Lance,” he said encouragingly, “just try and feel the connection.”

“I am!” He hadn’t been, but it was easier not to admit that. Keith didn’t seem to believe him however.

“Just-” he scooted over in the chair and patted it with his free hand. “Just come and sit with me at least. Maybe she can sense that you and I are connected.”

Lance scoffed but did as he was asked, squeezing into the space beside Keith with relative ease considering it wasn’t very large. Part of his leg draped over Keith’s lap, and he averted his eyes to try and focus on something, anything, other than the feeling of the red paladin beneath him.

“I don’t think the lions know that we’re holding hands Keith,” he replied with a sigh, knowing that this was hopeless, and that they were probably going to be stuck in a strange plant goo storm and get stranded on this awful planet forever.

Because he couldn’t form a proper bond with the black lion and help save them.

Because he didn’t have what it took to pilot her.


Keith gave their hands a squeeze, and Lance’s mind went momentarily blank.

“Then maybe she can sense another connection,” he whispered. “A deeper one.”

Lance felt his cheeks flush anew, and let the grin show on his face as he stared at Keith.

“You and your bonds,” he chuckled, and Keith beamed. As if in reply, the inside of the black lion lit up suddenly, and from behind them Shiro cheered boredly.

I commissioned @sleepy-moans to draw something for my fic Stick with Me and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made in a while. Go give them so love for creating such a wonderful piece of art!! It’s perfect!!

Modern AU: Sanji being a stylist and Nami being a nursery school teacher.