Going on a following spree!

I need to find some more cool blogs.

If you post:

-Fall Out Boy

-All Time Low

-Twenty One Pilots

-My Chemical Romance

-Panic! At The Disco

-New Politics

-Any punk/pop punk/alternative bands in general

-Funny things, lol. idk.

Reblog this post, so I can follow you!!

[following spree closed]

I will re-open it in the future:)


in the spirit of Carmilla Season 2 and Hollistein kisses ( yes I’m dead) I think we should all do a following spree like first season. So if you reblog/like this I will try to follow as many as I can. Others should do the same.

Hey! I’m a new pagan/witchy blog, and I’m looking for some people to follow! (this is a side blog, so I would be following from my main blog)
So please reblog/like if you post:

🌙 pagan things

🌙 wiccan things

🌙 spells/potions/etc

🌙 herbs/plants

🌙 crystals

🌙 witchy things

🌙 if you are a green witch (or deal with nature)

🌙 nature/earth photography, etc.

Also, feel free to send me a message about anything, or if you’re looking for more witch/pagan friends! ❤️

alright so the follow spree hasnt gone as i had hoped, and im looking for a lot more blogs to follow so here goes

im asking you to LIKE this post if your blog is themed with any of these things, and REBLOG this post if your dash has some of this

its a short list no worries

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

Homestuck (not really looking for too many but i might catch up someday)

Source Games (TF2, CS, DotA, but NO LoL)

General Humor

My dash is dead so I’m going on a following spree!

If you post anything about any of these I’ll check you out and most likely follow you

Doctor who



Harry Potter




Youtube stuff





All time low

Fall out boy


Panic! at the Disco

Cute stuff!

Just reblog this and I’ll check you out!


~please reblog this post if you’re a fan of any of the following

  • sherlock
  • game of thrones
  • the walking dead
  • twin peaks
  • supernatural
  • rooster teeth/achievement hunter
  • marvel
  • hannibal
  • doctor who
  • torchwood
  • the hunger games
  • american horror story
  • harry potter
  • bastille
  • sebastian stan
  • michael fassbender
  • james mcavoy
  • benedict cumberbatch
  • tom hiddleston

Hey guys I just unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs so I’m looking to follow some new ones. Could you like and/or reblog if you post any of the following:

The Hunger Games

Harry Potter


The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

Percy Jackson

Heroes of Olympus

The Selection

John Green books (correction I like reading them but hate how I feel afterwards)

Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift

Little Mix


5 sos



Star Trek

The 100

Once Upon A Time

Anything Disney

Avengers/Marvel in general



Amusing text posts


hi everyone!

i’m pretty new to tumblr, so i’d really like to follow more blogs! i’d really appreciate it if you could like/reblog this if you post about: 

 -Panic! At The Disco

 -Twenty One Pilots

 -My Chemical Romance

 -Fall Out Boy

 -Melanie Martinez 


 -Music in general

 -Youtubers (dan and phil, markiplier, jacksepticeye, ect.) 


 -Disney stuff 

-Steven Universe 

-or even just funny stuff :-)

 thanks for reading, hope you all have a great day <3


I’ve recently joined a bunch of new fandoms and I need some blogs to follow. So if you post

  • Fall Out Boy
  • The 100
  • Clexa
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Sherlock
  • Johnlock
  • Marvel
  • Stony
  • Stucky
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dan and Phil
  • Teen Wolf
  • Stydia

like or reblog this and I’ll check you out

ACNL Following Spree!

Hello! I just created this acnl blog today and I would love to follow anyone/everyone who blogs acnl! ~~Also we can share friend codes and such soon! (I’m developing my town now!) TY hun-buns!

Reblog if you post:

- acnl

- paths

-QR: clothes, hair, patterns, etc.


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