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being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep
Need blogs to follow

My dash is very dead lately so I’m looking for some new blogs to follow! Reblog this and I’ll check out your blog ^o^ looking for blogs related to some of the following:

- League of Legends
- Magic the Gathering
- Elder Scrolls
- Fallout
- Life is Strange
- Indie games
- Dragon Age
- Harvest Moon
- Zelda
- Pokémon

Nerdy stuff generally:
- Comics (mainly a Marvel girl myself)
- Cosplay
- Literature (love me some Jane Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare etc)
- Fantasy movies
- Fanart

I don’t normally follow blogs that post 100 times a day or do shitposts soooorry! Hope we can end up being mutuals!