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Okay, I admit this is the first thing I’ve ever done like this before. Like, ever. But because I’ve had such a wonderful time in this fandom so far, and everyone has been so positive and willing to talk and plot with me, I want to thank people for this as best I can. Please note that this is in no way “I like these people better than all the rest,” because EVERYONE who I’ve talked to and interacted with has been absolutely amazing and I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

Now, for the notables!

@nijxma: Grey, you were one of my first followers and we’ve done quite a bit with our OTP for the sake of spreading the love. Thank you for helping me get the ball rolling with it all, and for tolerating my meme-trash butt. XD

@theholylight: Trixie, despite the timezone differences we have, you always find time to not only talk with me about plot and fluff, but always do your best to be positive and give me a kind word. You’re an amazing roleplayer and I’m glad I got the chance to meet some fellow ship trash. XD

@delphine-le-dauphin: Another piece of amazing ship trash full of kindness and brilliance, as well as a TON of sideblogs. As one who can barely keep up with one main blog, I give thee kudos and much respect. Also, thank you for messaging me when I first started - it was the highlight of my beginning days, and I’ll never forget it.

@jcstifixd: Pixel is another veritable font of OTP ideas. I admit most of our interactions have been OOC thus far, but she’s a total sweetheart and an absolute joy to talk to and plot with. You’re a true blessing and a sweetheart, and I can’t wait to start threading with you! (Whether it be cosplay or crossover~ Of what, you all ask? It’s a surprise!)

@the-decapitation-blues: I never, ever thought I would find a Twin Warden blog when I started RPing as Akira. And yet somehow, some way, I lucked out on a writer who captures their essence, charm, and approach with skillful characterization. I’m truly grateful for you including me in giving these sassy girls a chance for further development. I can only hope my own quality of writing remains up to your standards!

Others I’ve interacted with to whom I am grateful for their conversation, support, asks, and threads (in no particular order):

@frcidyne, @renaissancerebel, @kawaiikami, @skullheist, @okumuraempress, @alibcba, @kxyitem, @unwaveringjusticesiu, @kaitouanne, @pantherclawed, @panthertastic, @fantomefanboy, @oracleofphantoms, @milvdy, @leblancbarista, @catburglared, @phantomthiievery

and all the wonderful folks who I don’t follow but who have left positivity for me regarding my roleplay. Thank you all so very much, and I sincerely hope you quality memers stick with me to the 300 mark and beyond!

the one. the words you’re looking for are ‘the one’ yoongi.