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A big thank you to the 900 of you who followed @ask-pink-pony​. Things have changed a lot since Feb 12th, 2014, and I hope they will continue to change for the better. It’s pretty pathetic that over three years have passed and the story has barely even begun. I don’t have an excuse for that. I will try to do better in the future, and with the upcoming remake of the comic’s beginning.


I was in complete denial for a bit when i saw this, it had to be a mistake some random error i could not explain, but after refreshing and checking my follower list, it is real @wingspiral is following me!

I cant even, but i really wanted to draw my mental reaction of this, i have been following wing spiral on my mod blog for some time now and absolulty love the characters and the story and i cant believe wingspiral is following me, I dont know how you came to find this blog but i thank you for finding such interest in this blog, you are one of the many that inspire me to draw and create the stories that i want to share with all my followers, im happy you are now one of the many that i can share my stories with ^^

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!

Edit: due to my over excitement i over looked a lot of important details on characters and had to correct it

The Outsiders- Musical

Ever try and imagine a musical version of The Outsiders? Whelp, here are my HCs, I guess.

~The first song is Pony singing.

   -He’s walking down the street after leaving the movie theater and he started bouncing the ball. The ball is bouncing and creates a rhythm. Some other random greasers pop up in the background and add on to Pony singing about why greasers are greasers.

   -Halfway through the song the Socs following Pony show up. They start singing about why Socs are Socs. They don’t compare the two or talk about their differences. The song ends with the Socs laughing and jumping Pony. The song is called ‘Socs and Greasers’

~The next song is when Dally, Johnny, and Pony are walking around the town. Dally sings, but it’s more of a talking with rhythm than anything.

   -Pony and Johnny are following him as he bullies those kids, watched the fight, and the other stuff as he sings something along the lines of Bad To The Bone by that one guy. The song stops when they see up with Cherry and Marcia. It’s called ‘Bad Boys Like Me’

~Johnny and Pony hum Dal’s song as they’re walking to the park after Pony gets hit by Darry.

   -The Socs show up and Johnny kills Bob. There’s no singing until they’re in Windrixville.

~Pony sings about the sunset and everything that it means to him. He sings about the beautiful things in the world. Johnny joins in towards the end and they watch the sun set and are smiling despite the whole situation. It is called ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’

   -Its a good amount of time until the next song.

   -Before the rumble the guys to a dance type thing in the movie anyway so…

~The Rumble is a huge dance number and its ‘Socs and Greasers Reprise’ with them singing against each other. You bet your ass Tim Shepard hits a low ass note that leads to a high note as Darry slugs someone in the face.

   -The next song is a bit iffy. Pony and Dally go to the hospital and see Johnny. The music to ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ is playing in the background as Johnny tells Pony to stay gold.

~Dally’s song ‘Boys Like Me’ turns into ‘Sad Boys Like Me’.

   -The singing pauses and the music plays as Dally calls to talk to Darry. It picks back up when he hangs up and the boys head out. It ends when Dallas dies.

~The last song is Soda singing about what happened with Sandy and that the brothers have to stick together because they’re all the got. It’s called ‘Ties That Bind’

   -The music to ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ plays in the background as Pony reads Johnny’s note.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! WE GOT TO 875+ FOLLOWERS! I’m so excited about it ^^ here’s that followers drawing I’ve been waiting to do for I think almost a year now
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Thank you everyone and let’s keep on going ^^

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the gang gets a dog

requested by: @dewdropsimsie !
requests are open!

• okay so ponyboy would probably be the first to see the dog

• like he’d be walking home from the movies or something and see it just sitting in front of him

• it’d probably be a golden retriever of some sort

• of course he’d spend a couple minutes petting it before eventually starting to walk off, only to have the dog follow him

• which was great cause he was gonna try to do that anyway

• once he got home, he brought the dog inside and went to look for food

• darry would probably be inside somewhere and see the dog and be kinda confused at first
• “where’d the dog come from pony?”

• “oh, he followed me home today.”

“bullshit it followed you. what’d you do?“

• pony pleading his case that the dog did in fact follow him home

• darry eventually somewhat believes him

• pony begging for hours to keep the dog

• and darry eventually saying yes to shut pony up, but pony had to promise to take care of it

• soda coming home from work and seeing the dog and getting super excited

• the guys coming over as well and petting the dog, loving it immediately

• the guys also being kinda like “darry’s gonna let us keep it what”

• pony and soda playing with the dog forever
• trying to figure out a name would literally be a living hell cause everyone would be saying something different

• in the end they’d just call it ‘dog’ or something like that
• soda helping pony with getting the dog food and a bed to sleep on

• soda loving this dog so much, that he cuddles with it a lot

• the first couple days they have it, someone always has to be at the curtis house to make sure it doesn’t destroy anything

• the guys fighting over this job
• one time when two-bit was watching dog, he thought he looked cold so he put his jacket on it
• and he thought it was the funniest thing ever and couldn’t stop laughing when he tried to tell the guys
• johnny just kinda chilling with the dog when it was his turn to babysit
• he took him for lots of walks
• steve almost feeds the dog a piece of chocolate cake when it was his turn
• dally just kinda let the dog do his own thing, sometimes he wouldn’t even show up to watch the dog, cause he trusted that the dog wouldn’t do anything
• the dog tearing the newspaper up on time on dally’s watch
• soda would not leave this dog alone when he was watching him, but the dog didn’t care because he loved the attention
• the dog laying on top of soda a lot
• ponyboy playing fetch with the dog a lot
• darry would lowkey probably just read when he was with the dog, sometimes aloud so dog could listen

• after the dog doesn’t destroy anything, the guys all go back to doing what they do all day

• the dog sometimes sleeping at the foot of pony and soda’s bed when they go to sleep

• and sometimes sleeping in darry’s bed as well

• darry was kinda worried about the dog at first, but he warms up to it after awhile

• darry just absolutely loving the dog eventually

• one time, the dog had gotten out when no one was home, but came back when it saw pony walking home from school

• the dog getting out again and following pony to school and when he got inside, the dog would go home, only to be back again to pick him up

• this would become a normal thing for them
• dog would just be everyone’s happiness and they’d always wanna be at the curtis house to see him

• all the guys just absolutely adoring this dog and not being afraid to show it
• like they would spoil the hell outta this lil baby
• sometimes they would feed it like a steak cause they thought he was the best boy and he deserved it
• overall, they just wanted the best for this dog and they tried (and succeed) to give the dog the best life ever


I finished eyy and lost followers :”D anyways ponies in random order:
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sorry it took a while, also sorry that I couldn’t tag everyone but hope you will still see it ;-; 


time to mention all the blogs in this picture, so let’s get going. keep in mind that these are only the blogs that have a pony/dragon OC in their discription. sorry if your OC isn’t in here :/

11-white-dragons was the first to follow me, thanks for sticking around :D
asksweetiestringsblog i still remember you but i’m rather sure you went
ask-jamesheart you good sir are an amazing musician! sorry for drawing you so bad but i had to include you just to say that
tennetgears a unique OC i must say, keep working on drawing ;)
ask-lumineeblue can’t say i’ve met you, but you decided to follow me for some reason so that’s cool 
kitty-kitty-azu you had a cute blog, to bad you stopped after you started :/
askbananapie YUS BANNANS
thebookofeclipse i can’t believe you went offline as well ;_;
kisarathefilly also offline, but perhaps you’ll find this some day regardless
ask-commander-shield-scales yes you, why are you still here! you should be drawing right now!
fingrprints2 holy shit you stuck with me for a long time, thanks for that!
ask-keystar perhaps the most hybrid pony i’ve seen in my life. also i drew you wings backwards… sorry ‘bout that
askwriterstarthings gosh that ponytail is cute :3
ask-thunder-cloud cute OC to bad you don’t draw him often
indigocards trust me you don’t want to know how long i took to draw that hat
shadowfoxsilver i’m pretty sure you and keystar are friends so i put ya together :D
hawaiipon watch out where all that alcohol goes
ask-rye-dimar-dragon phew you’re a hard dragon to draw O.o but you’ve been supporting me since the start so thanks! a lot!
askdarkstorm4522 not so on for alicorn OC’s but whatevs, at least we have the same music taste
askponyren cool blog you got going, will the story progress?
askmalithepony never met you, but you’re in a HELI! WOOP!
dungeonmasterbonbon i… i din’t know if you had an OC or no, so i just drew bonbon, sorry…
phoenixcrashbolt WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE? (your OC is litterally everywhere o.o)
asktheadventurousmare watch out for thos helicopter blades, they’re sharp
ask-arthenityandfriends your design is so cute!
adventuresofshortcircuit are… are you still alive?
ask-speer-and-axel i asked for a picture or discription of your OC but didn’t get one, so i just used your profile picture :/
askhoovesandfeathers you’re a good friend, i really wanna talk more :o
coaldust-the-strange TRAINS, TRAINS EVERYWHERE!
ask-widget are you a robot? can you bake me a cake?
ask-peachy-pop gosh i love me some peaches, NOT THAT WAY, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT
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nexus-art-stuff sorry! i was to tired to draw another dragon! i’ll make it up to you some day!
evil-laughter-rp thanks for sending me the ref ^^
askpenpointandfriends cute hairstyle!
ask-drak why u no draw anymore, your art was epic!
ask-private-applejack sorry rarity isn’t on that piece of paper, plz don’t shoot anyone…
askdivebomb i’m still laughing about the fact that it took me ages to figure out you had a pony blog xP
ask-duskandholy hope you get out of feeling stressed and such soon ;)
2horsedrawthings cute art from you, not sure what else to say since i don’t know you very well
acethepony thanks for visiting my livestream from time to time, i really appreciate it ^^
ask-silver-pallette what is your OC holding in that avatar??
Apocalyponies look at these scars!
the-evil-brony227 interesting OC design, with the hair and stuffs o.O
ask-arc-bolt-the-wise can i boop ur nose?
jedi515 the force is strong with this one
djm30wm1x what is up with your OC? is she having a nervous breakdown?
askfirejadedragony dragonponies, they’re cool but you’re a regular pone now! cus i said so!
pixthepixel GAME OVER DUDE!
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the-oc-hub Y SO MANY OC’S
askthunderblitzandtriabane hard name but a beautifull OC
ask-discorded-princess-luna i’m afraid i could only draw luna i gave her inversed eyes though
oceanspray-replies so are you a fish?
ask-the-awkward-fillies well… this is akward
ask-acepony kindof a strange talent for a pony but i won’t ask questions
l-m-wub that gorgous music though, i put you with the other amazing musician

and that’s it for the list filies and gentlecolts, the size didn’t fit perfectly so the last panel doesn’t connect xD i don’t care fuck it!
story updates will be coming out again, hopefully the story can finally improve from it’s current state (boring and really uneventfull)
thank you all for dropping by!