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Do you or Lily bake? What's your favorite baked good? ~ironing Anon

Hello Ironing Nony! How nice to see you again! How has your Friday been going? I’ve been doing laundry of all things! XD

Lily, aka @writegowrite, is the baker in our happy Jedi/Sith family. She always bakes me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday because she is a sweetheart and the cake is yellow like her Sith eyes. XD She can make biscuits from scratch and has been known to make a mean nutella waffle. She’s also pretty damn good at cooking too and is continually threatening to make me some kind of apple pie that is baked in bag? I’m not sure I’m remembering that correctly. She also makes a delicious San Francisco chicken. X9 

My single and solitary claim to baking fame is The Bread (an eggy, sweet challah bread), which I make for holidays and family get-togethers or when I feel the need to frantically call my mother at 8 o’clock in the morning and beg for the recipe for the tenth time and make sure that the dough is not too wet and that I added the ingredients in the right order and where in the world is the yeast?!? Oh god! Is the mixer supposed to be making that noise? HEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!

I am firmly convinced that there is some kind of unwritten spell in recipe of The Bread and that if I do not call my mom in a half panic, trying to microwave butter and boil water at the same time while Lily offers to help that The Bread will not rise and whatever meal it is being prepared for will be RUINED.

Happily, Mom always picks up, hooting with delight at being called up from the Long Distance Mothers League and proceeds to patiently walk me through my yearly Gluten Trial By Fire. 

Mom also deserves a special mention because one of my parents first dates was to go see Star Wars, which she thought was going to be silly and came out ADORING. The first thing she said to my Dad, who was rocking a truly epic seventies ginger fro, was “When can we see it again?” And if that doesn’t encapsulate me and my entire family’s approach to Star Wars, then I don’t know what does.

Thanks for swinging by and letting me take a walk down memory lane, Nony! Have a lovely weekend! ^___^/”)

Poseidon Is:

in every parent who takes their kids to the lake and throws them up and into the water

in the cracks in the pavement and foundations after an earthquake

in the fish that follow and watch me as I walk through the aisles of tanks at the aquarium

in every tiny shell I find in the sandy mud around my grandparents’ pond

in the laughter of children as they splash in the water of garden hoses and summer sprinklers

in the cry of the gulls that fly over the river

in the shushing and crashing of waves from noisemakers that calm me

in the excited faces of first time high board divers as they pop up from the water at the pool

in every life guard at the water park who carefully watches over the patrons

in the people who haggle at the local fish market and walk away satisfied with their prize

in the trainers at the Zoo who do tricks with the seals and play with the penguins

in the hearts of bronco riders, barrel racers, and trick riders at the rodeo

in the crawdads that pop out of the mud unexpectedly after a hard rain at the farm

in summertime water gun wars in the front yard

in the memories of fishing trips with my father as a child—picking out baits and feeding the ducks and the thrill of the catch!

in the strings of teenie tiny shells at the craft store where I get my beads

in the joy of diving into the deep side of a pool and imagining the ocean

in the wind that whips across the lake and beats it into waves

in the millions of fractions of light glittering on the surface of lakes and ponds in the summertime

in childhood memories of jumping in puddles knee deep and squishing soil and sand under my toes

in the fear and amazement I feel when I watch a documentary about deep sea marvels

in the dreams I have of stepping on the beach one day and seeing the ocean in person

in every child who hears the ocean through a conch held to their ear

in the minds and hearts of all His landlocked followers who love Him

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Louisiana seafood

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A pisces will love you with all their heart, but there will always be a part of them that belongs to no one.
—  Pisces Forever