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Over the last couple of days Sam has more stuff on his twitter than C. Hers is all her charity. Everyone is so quick to pounce and judge them both. I don't get it at all.

Anon, I don’t follow Sam on social media so I don’t see what he post or doesn’t post. I only see/hear about things on here and if I deem anything important I check it out for myself. But for the sake of answering this I did go look. His OL content is basically the same as Cait’s. Rt’s of articles and a few gifs the show’s account put out. The only difference is that there is also a ton of Barbour and MPC stuff on there and no other sign of OL on the page itself, but that’s also just this week. Where was he during promo week?  I’m not even going to get into his IG. My criticism is based on what I’ve seen in interviews and events over the last year. And before I get hate about this I don’t begrudge anyone any success. They should take whatever opportunities come their way, but they shouldn’t forget  what made those opportunities possible. 

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Been following these accounts for almost two weeks now and I swear to god I loved watching the relationship grow and I’m so happy for them. 

I made a thing and I’m really tired I hope ya’ll like it. I can’t draw today. 

Cup x Satanic Ink Demon 

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