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I’m sure my shitty banner is really giving you faith in my editing skills

hi guys 

so yesterday I hit 4k and uh, first things first, how? when I started this blog three-ish months ago I never could have imagined this. I’m honestly shocked that anyone enjoys my content and puts up with my whining. you guys are all amazing and I love you guys so much. this fandom has been so welcoming to me and I’m infinitely grateful for everyone who follows me, interacts with my posts, or has been a friend to me (wow there, sap, calm down) 💛

anyway, I figured that to celebrate, since I didn’t do anything for 3k (sdfghjkl sorry) I could do some url edits.

how to get one

  • you mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • have a phan-related url (sorry ily all)
  • send me an ask with your favourite colours

extra shit rubbish:

I’ll try to do them all/as many as possible but there’s a (relatively strong) chance that I only do those I’m inspired by, sorry. these make take a (long) while to finish because I have this, plus 100 days of London flat memories, plus real life stuff like school and yeah. blacklist “callie does url edits” if you don’t wanna see them. also I’m gonna be using these mostly as practice to improve my editing so don’t expect to be amazed.

and yeah. i love you guys 💛

After Care

Fresh idea after Backlash tonight
It’s a cute thing I decided to write before going to bed, it’s short as heck but worth it.

Warnings: no guys, this is fluff as hell

(Writing in my cellphone tho, because my laptop is damaged for now, so I can’t put read more) Notes: I decided to use a girl but not naming or something, and I’m still figuring how to write to the reader (my main language is Spanish and I’m still learning English…) so yeah ❤️ ———————————————— He was drained out, just thinking about taking a rest because SDLive is next tuesday and he has an aching leg, hissing the blue eyed man takes his things and gets in the rented car to go to the hotel he has to stay until next trip. In the middle of his road he gets an incoming call. “AJ are you ok? I saw your match and I’m worried about you and your leg…” the tone in the other line was full of worry and a bit of anxiety. “Calm down sweetheart, I’m fine, is just I think those tights are cursed or somethin’ because first TLC last year and now this?, it’s ridiculous” he laughs a little to calm her down, he knows she worries too much when he enters the ring, even tho he’s blessed to not being hurt so badly. “Ahahahaha, yeah you’re right, well you can come to my room if you want, you know I love to help” she said with a sheepish voice. He was about to say something but he remained silent for some seconds, at first sounded like a good idea but he preferred not to disturb her sleep, is gonna be very late after all. “Sorry darlin’ but you better go sleep, I need some rest because I need to get better for next tuesday” even if he likes to be with her, who had some experiences being a nurse he’s a guy who the last thing he wants to do is to be a bother for others. Once in the hotel, he enters his room, throws his bags and lies on his bed making pain noises and huffs from his hurting leg, he hears some knocks but he didn’t listen, maybe is some of the girls from the women’s division who wants some things with him but it was not the case. After 10 knocks it looked like the person left to his/her room, then there was silence until he heard a click and the door opens, with his close friend standing with sleepy eyes and a kit. “Whoa what an scare! What are you doing here?!” He asked “Well, you were hissing and grunting so I decided to take care of your leg” she smiled while coming more close to the brown haired one. “Wait are you in the neighbor room?” He asked in low voice. “Bingo, it was just a coincidence but yeah I could recognize your voice from the distance AJ” she kneels and opens her first aid kit and proceeds to help him feel better. “Sorry about this, I’ll promise you I’m gonna win what is mine you’ll see” looking at his now attended leg and his nurse friend sleeping on the floor because she got very tired from the long hours of taking care of him, he picks her up to her room and kiss her forehead “good night sweetheart, thanks for everything” and then he goes to his room and gets the rest he deserves, now better as the result of that after care.

I bought a fat pack of marker pens cos there’s nothing better than hands soggy with rainbows of ink!!

ft @therealjacksepticeye!

“Hey, Carl, I think I found something you’ll like.”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Ted the Animator: “Open up Photoshop, and load any random frame.”

Carl the Animator: “Gotcha.”

Ted the Animator: “…nice choice. Now, use the ‘quick selection’ tool to automatically grab most of the purple background.”

Carl the Animator: “Done.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, hit ‘delete’.”

Carl the Animator: “…it wants to use ‘Content-Aware’ fill. What’s that?”

Ted the Animator: “The funniest thing ever. Hit ‘ok’.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, I was just–”

Carl the Animator: “…oh my gosh.”

Ted the Animator: “Told’ja.”

Carl the Animator: “That is… a masterpiece. The heck did it do?”

Ted the Animator: “Photoshop looked at the rest of the image, and tried to clone in a nice, natural background.”

Carl the Animator: “…which, I take it, doesn’t always work.”

Ted the Animator: “Yes indeedy. Try another.”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s see how it handles all the shapes in this one.”

Carl the Animator: “…freeeaaaky.’

Ted the Animator: “It looks like something you’d see in an ancient manuscript prophesying the end times.”

Carl the Animator: “What if we reverse it, and select a character instead?”

Ted the Animator: “Hm, smart.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s like the creepiest invisibility cloak ever.”

Carl the Animator: “The selection tool likes to grab things weirdly, too… it just got Velma’s glasses while I dragged around her head.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, let’s see what happens.”

Carl the Animator: “…wow.”

Ted the Animator: “My favorite part is the elongated double face between Daphne and Fred.”

Carl the Animator: “Here, lemme grab one more from Aloha.”

Ted the Animator: “Should be a–… wait, Carl, you missed selecting one of the background guys’ fa–”


Ted the Animator: “Magnificent.”

Carl the Animator: “He looks so confused!”

Ted the Animator: “ ‘Um… hello? Anyone? How did I get inside this hair?’ “

Carl the Animator: “…can’t… breathe….”

Ted the Animator: “I’ll go put on another pot of coffee… it’s gonna be a looooong night of ‘shopping, I can feel it.”