following back heaps


Unfollowed heaps of inactive blogs, didnt realise there was a shit tone (aussie sorry) And now looking for new active blogs to follow. 
Must be following me (vitalised) then like and reblog this when done.

I’ll check out everyones blogs and follow heaps 

First 100 Promo

Promo time kiddies. First 100 reblogs, and I will promote 25 people in lists of five to 8.8k.

Pbf me (my-fresh-beginning)
No unhealthy blogs
Likes don’t count
I will follow back heaps of people as well :)

Reblog this if you want me to follow you.

I recently went on an unfollowing spree, therefore I need to find a lot of new blogs to follow and I’m getting so many messages to check blogs out, so please reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog and follow you. I will follow back heaps, I need to find about 200 new blogs to follow:-)

Blogstyle doesn’t really matter, I need variety on my dash. Also, the most important factor for me is one’s posts rather than the theme / url / icon etc. Of course, an organized and overally beautiful blog would be to your advantage.

Thank you.

help me reach my goal!

im 101 away from my goal, it would be so awesome if i got there soon

i’ll promo everyone who helps by reblogging 

i will also follow back heaps! :)