Guys, i would like more blogs to follow as my dash is not as active as i would like it to be, so please reblog/like this if you post content of these fandoms:

- mp100
- sports anime (KnB, HQ, Free!, etc)
- Gintama
- My Hero Academia
- HxH
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Season anime

- Pastel
- Photography
- Graphics/Gifs

(btw it’d be great if you could tag the content you post lol)

thanks ~

following more blogs!!!

hi friends so i recently unfollowed some inactive blogs and i wanted to follow more! i’m mostly looking for groups i love that are not bts (i think 75% of the blogs i follow rn are bts LOL) so like/reblog this if you mainly post:

  • b1a4
  • beast
  • madtown
  • infinite
  • vixx
  • winner
  • day6
  • red velvet
  • mamamoo
  • block b

bonus points if you post original content too!! or if you could rec your fave blogs that’s cool too~ following back isn’t necessary, but i’d love to talk to new mutuals hehe (≖ᴗ≖✿)