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Man, I can’t *wait* for the reveal of how the bad guy made himself fly!

This is one of the show’s most-impressive feats, period. How does he do it?

In costume, he hovers a full foot off the ground, bobbing up and down as if he were genuinely levitating.

From a standing position, he can take off and quickly gain (and maintain) momentum.

He can fly steadily for hundreds of yards, not losing a single inch of height.


Getting a good look at his costume, there’s little to be seen. Nothing on his feet, and no indication of wires… though to be fair, he would have nothing to hang from, using said wires outside.

Here, he passes over the sled by mere inches, further discounting any sort of extra objects attached to his feet.

Oh! Oh! They caught him! Here we go!

Lemme try to guess… well, in order for him to:

  1. Hover, standing, a foot above the ground 
  2. Initiate horizontal flight instantly
  3. Fly for several hundred yards or more 
  4. Maintain height indefinitely without descending 

It would have to be… some form of zero-gravity invention, with hyper-precise movement, controlled by telepathy since he doesn’t move externally?

Maybe an invisible, silent, undetectable helicopter flown by an accomplice, suspending him via wires that are also somehow invisible? What is it?!

Velma: “It was simple! Transparent plastic skis!”



This is not ok.





Last stage: Stage Three! (+Info)

Now that we have the ships, the children, their appearance and their outfits, it’s time for the most important thing: their names!

Those are the winner outfits and pinpricks! For the RottenBerry child I had to combine Outfit 1 and 3 since they got the same votes!

So, now, we have to name them. I want this stage to be yours so, leave a reply/reblog this post (if you are on mobile) and add the names you think they fit them! Example:

“I like (random name) for the RottenBerry child and (Another random name) for the ErrorNight child!”

I’ll look all the names and choose the ones I like the most! Once I have the names, I’ll post their reference sheets, powers info (also adding Blueprint’s since I haven’t made it yet), basic story and some random facts so you can get to know them better! 

ALSO: I’ll tag and credit the person who gave me the winner name of each child!

Quick Info: I found a pretty lineless art tutorial and want to make a drawing of some fan children - u -) you may allready know who xD also, I will make a speedpaint but I still don’t know which character will have one. I’m thinking of making one for Blueprint, Dream or Ink. The picture will be my new wallpaper for my pc yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! 

Anyway, have fun thinking of a name!

Oh noes, Shag and Scoob got frozen into blocks of ice!

Y’know, like you do. It just happens sometimes.

Fortunately, the ice was kind enough to leave them arm holes.

Ok, Scooby, just reach up and steer the sled to safety! I know later on, you and Shag move your arms a ton while in the ice, so it’ll be eas–


Or, just let yourselves hurdle off the cliff. That works too.

They go flying down the incline, which turns out to be a ski jump, and–…


yeah, no, the ice completely disappeared. Prolly due to a conversation that went something like:

Carl the Animator: “Ted, uh… do we really need ice on them for ski jump scene?”

Ted the Animator: “Um… yeah? They’re still frozen inside it.”

Carl the Animator: “But then I’d have to re-draw part of it!”

Ted the Animator: “…and? It’s maybe 5 seconds long.”

Carl the Animator:Aaaaaaand I only have time to draw the ice or make another pot of coffee.”

Ted the Animator: “No ice it is, then.”

Carl the Animator: “Meh. No one’s gonna notice.”

Ted the Animator: “Won’t it seem a little odd, though, that the ice magically reappears two seconds later?”

Carl the Animator: “No one’ll notice that either.”

Ted the Animator: “…you think?”

Carl the Animator: “Positive. I mean, what, d’ya think someone’s gonna check it frame-by-frame and put it on the internet?”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, yeah, that does sound a little far-fetched.”

Carl the Animator: “See? Come on, nobody would want to seen that.

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You're always saying that people are too nice to you so I'm gonna do it, im gonna be the mean anon! uuhhhh ur bad at mario kart

shes been playing for 37 hours straight and still cant beat steven

Ted the Animator: “…what on earth….”

Carl the Animator: “Shh.”

Ted the Animator: “I don’t even… what’s going on, here?”

Carl the Animator: “The sled thing is dancing, clearly.”

Ted the Animator: “You certainly have a way with dancing, apart-falling sleds, and that was not a sentence I thought I’d ever have to say.”

Carl the Animator: “The treads are such wallflowers. They really should live a little and let loose, y’know?”

Ted the Animator: “…no, I don’t know, but that’s nothing new when it comes to the way you animate.”

it’s so funny when ur in a relationship w another tumblr user how u just randomly gain mutuals bc they’re friends w ur gf

like it’s hilarious whenever my gf makes a new friend they eventually become my mutual and probably my friend too

like gay power unite

So, I wanted to play around a little with my colored pencils, try out some stuff, see how coloring over a light sketch would work out. I also recently discovered that @askgasterfamily ‘s Dr. Bowers is really really really adorable – but also has a really simple body shape and color scheme. So here’s a happy monster with a bow tie and a doctorate! :D

(Shameless self-promotion of my own Gaster ask blog, Ask the Living CORE, goes here. Which I should really get back to drawing responses for. x3; )