17 Things High School Taught Me That I Didn’t Learn in Class

1) Don’t change yourself for anyone. Not even the cute boy that shows just enough interest to make you want to. If you’re not enough for someone as you are then you will never be enough for them

2) You’re mom is almost always right. Trust her judgement, even if you don’t agree with it

3) Forgive people, but only once. If they hurt you twice they don’t really care about you

4) If you miss someone tell them. They probably miss you too

5) Sometimes it’s good to put on sad music and lay in bed and cry. It’s going to feel like you’re world is ending, but it isn’t and you’ll be okay eventually.

6) If you see someone do something embarrassing look away. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable about it.

7) You don’t have to justify not wanting to do something. “No” is an answer all on its own.

8) Don’t for one second think that you’re going to be the one to change a guy.

9) Dear God get out of your room and go outside. Go for a walk. Watch the clouds. Stargaze. It doesn’t matter what you do just get some fresh air into your lungs.

10) If you’re not comfortable doing something then don’t do it

11) When there’s something you really want, fight for it, and don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems.

12) Keep your room, locker, bathroom, and car clean and uncluttered, an uncluttered life leads to an uncluttered mind.

13) Take tons of pictures but don’t forget to actually live in the moment too

14) There is no amount of guilt that can change the past. Move on and learn from your mistakes

15) If someone compliments you say “Thank you”. Don’t deflect.

16) You can wear leggings as pants. You can wear crop tops. You can wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and stop caring what others think.

17) If someone hurts you don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing it. Paint your nails, wing your eyeliner and put on your favorite pair of jeans. You own this.