I wanna be that girl that makes everyone around her happy. I wanna be that girl that makes pancakes at 3am and than brings them into her boyfriends room with a beer on the side while playing video games or watching netflix with him. Or even just a pancake mix fight which ends with us both laying on the kitchen floor. I wanna be that girl that you can call and be like babe lets go for a drive at 1am in the morning with the windows down and the music up making our own adventures around the town with hand holding while driving and random kisses when we have to stop. I wanna be that girl that you can joke around with but be serious when needed because let’s face it, life is just one big game so why don’t we have as much fun as we can and enjoy it with the ones we love and the ones that make us happy. Even if that means being with him at 11 o'clock at night or even 6 o'clock in the morning because we wanted to climb the highest hill in the town to watch the sunrise because it’s beautiful. But let’s face it you boy are even more handsome than any sunrise or sunset. I wanna be your world, your all. You will be all the happiness I will ever need.
—  Justice Launt