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IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]


No particular order just my 10 faves. I love you all and your blogs

1- @archearter : He is such an amazing guy and has been my best tumblr friend for quite a while now. He is always so sweet and fun to talk to! HE also has a kickass blog! 

2- @majesticfit : He is SOOO nice and always reblogs my selfies and couple pics and is so nice abut them! He’s so awesome! Again, GREAT blog too! 

3- @allaboutdane : We were close tumblr friends a while ago but don’t message really anymore! Still love his blog and he’s awesome. Also, his selfies are pretty easy on the eyes 😁

4- @hauntingheralds : I really love his blog and we usually have very similar tastes in posts and reblog and like each other’s stuff all the time!

5- @iwasacommunistforthefbi : we have been internet friends FOREVER! He is SOOOOOOO nice and cool plus his blog is awesome

6- @minityleroakley : Never spoken to him, I just fucking love his blog so much.

7- @andrewkneels : THE. DEFINITION. OF. MY. ASTHETIC. I LOVE his blog so much! The pictures he reblogs are just gorgeous

8- @zodiacmind : I like zodiac stuff and everything is always so accurate 😅♈

9- @darthroxas : Again just an amazing blog filled with posts I love

10- @frootparadise : Preeeeetttyyyy sure we have literally identical music taste. I love your blog

I’ve been meaning to post this once school settled down.

I commissioned @pommeplisa for Valencia and I was not disappointed. It’s so pretty the drawing style is so elegant and the way you color is just so beautiful. I just adore the textures used on the wings especially since it gives like a cool paint and soft effect. The hair is just so fluffy and the shading is just so pleasing. But honestly, my favorite thing is your style overall. I really love your art style so much it’s so gorgeous the way you draw the eyes, the eyelashes and just about all of the character features. Thank you again for this wonderful art!

best knock knock joke ever

me: knock knock!
person: who’s there?
me: the.
person: the who?
me: The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. Their classic line-up consisted of lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon. They are considered one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, selling over 100 million records worldwide and holding a reputation for their live shows and studio work.

The Who developed from an earlier group, the Detours, and established themselves as part of the pop art and mod movements, featuring auto-destructive art by destroying guitars and drums on stage. Their first single as the Who, “I Can’t Explain”, reached the UK top ten, followed by a string of singles including “My Generation”, “Substitute” and “Happy Jack”. In 1967, they performed at the Monterey Pop Festival and released the US top ten single “I Can See for Miles”, while touring extensively. The group’s fourth album, 1969’s rock opera Tommy, included the single “Pinball Wizard” and was a critical and commercial success. Live appearances at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight Festival, along with the live album Live at Leeds, cemented their reputation as a respected rock act. With their success came increased pressure on lead songwriter and visionary Townshend, and the follow-up to Tommy, Lifehouse, was abandoned. Songs from the project made up 1971’s Who’s Next, which included the hit “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. The group released the album Quadrophenia in 1973 as a celebration of their mod roots, and oversaw the film adaptation of Tommy in 1975. They continued to tour to large audiences before semi-retiring from live performances at the end of 1976. The release of Who Are You in 1978 was overshadowed by the death of Moon shortly after.

Kenney Jones replaced Moon and the group resumed activity, releasing a film adaptation of Quadrophenia and the retrospective documentary The Kids Are Alright. After Townshend became weary of touring, the group split in 1982. The Who occasionally re-formed for live appearances such as Live Aid in 1985, a 25th anniversary tour in 1989 and a tour of Quadrophenia in 1996. They resumed regular touring in 1999, with drummer Zak Starkey. After Entwistle’s death in 2002, plans for a new album were delayed. Townshend and Daltrey continued as the Who, releasing Endless Wire in 2006, and continued to play live regularly.

The Who’s major contributions to rock music include the development of the Marshall stack, large PA systems, use of the synthesizer, Entwistle and Moon’s lead playing styles, Townshend’s feedback and power chord guitar technique, and the development of the rock opera. They are cited as an influence by hard rock, punk rock and mod bands, and their songs still receive regular exposure.

Once you get this you have to post five things you love about your self (send it to your top ten followers)

1. My personality
2. My love for talking
3. My social dyslexia
4. My artistic ability
5. My rainbows and unicorns optimism

Battle of the Biases

tagged by the wonderful @youngjaesloudlaugh to do this tag. Thanks love!!!

rules: write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions.

  1. Yoongi
  2. Chanyeol
  3. Youngjae
  4. Woozi
  5. Wonho
  6. Jay Park
  7. Minhyuk (Monsta X)
  8. Mark Lee
  9. Taeil (Block B)
  10. Minho


1. between 1&4 who would you rather kiss?

Yoongi vs Woozi i mean do you even have to ask??? i’d 1000% kiss Yoongi, the love of my life. Like no offence Woozi, I adore you but Yoongi owns my heart, soul and body.

2. between 2&7 who would be your best friend?

Chanyeol vs Minhyuk hmmm difficult to answer cause i can see them both being great friends…. but i think i’m gonna go with Minhyuk, we’d be very cute besties.

3. between 5&10 who has the better voice?

Wonho vs Minho how could i ever choose between 2 angels??? I love both of their voices, they’re both great vocalists….. but if i had to choose, it would have to be Wonho…. i’d want him to serenade me to sleep every night. ahhh that would give me such great dreams. 

4. between 1&8 who is the funniest?

Yoongi vs Mark Lee Yoongi never fails to make me laugh, whether he’s trying to be funny or not. 

5. between 6&9 who would you date?

Jay Park vs Taeil ajsjkhAJKDGkuahdaf Having to choose between 2 beautifully tattooed men is cruel!!!! But i guess i’ll go with Taeil cause he’s too cute for words. We’d be 2 little cuties. 

6. between 9&10 who would you do a collaboration with?

Taeil vs Minho …….. can I just…. collab with both of them???? Think of the vocal power!!!!!!!

7. between 4&8 who is the best dancer?

Woozi vs Mark Lee jeez Louise they’re both great dancers!!! But i’m just gonna have to be biased here and go with my baby Woozi.

8. between 3&5 who would you most likely marry?

Youngjae vs Wonho well….. considering the fact that @kihosprincess would actually kill me if i married her man, I would probably marry my sunshine Youngjae. He’d make such an adorable husband though, always making me smile. 

9. between 1&7 who would you nurse when they are sick?

Yoongi vs Minhyuk gahhhhhhhh i’d want to nurse both of them back to health!!!!! BUT i feel like Yoongi would probably be able to take better care of himself than Minhyuk, so i’d take care of that little puppy. 

10. between 2&3 who has the better smile?


11. between 6&8 who would you vacation with?

Jay Park vs Mark Lee I feel like Mark would be a pretty fun guy to vacation with. 

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Do you have like a top 10 follow forever blogs?

Only top ten? Unlikely! But thank you for giving me the chance to let people know that I do really appreciate their blog and can thank them for making this place more informative and just a little bit better by contributing with their work 😊

True crime/lmagine blogs






Imagine blogs




True crime blogs









Top Ten Disney Locations:

#1: Corona (Tangled)
#2: Eric’s Palace (The Little Mermaid)
#3: Agrabah (Aladdin)
#4: Mount Olympus (Hercules)
#5: Dunbroch (Brave)
#6: Ice Palace (Frozen)
#7: Atlantis (Atlantis)
#8: Beast’s Castle (Beauty and the Beast)
#9: Sugar Rush (Wreck-it Ralph)
#10: The Prince’s Castle (Cinderella)


Aw thank you so much for following me! My top ten (eleven really) pynch (maybe a little of bluesey) fics are below! Again Thankyou!

it’s so easy in this blue

“Does Gansey…ever talk about me?” Blue whispered in a rush. She felt very silly, and very young.
Noah looked across at her with a small smile on his lips, in his eyes, like he was thinking the same thought but with fondness instead of self-consciousness.

Its A Finicky Muse  With Only Potential  

Ronan opened his mouth. He wasn’t sure what he planned on saying. He might have said something biting and cruel, easily identifiable as the reason Adam would leave. He might have said something soft, begging him to stay.


This is Parrish’s phone. He’s very busy right now, can I take a message?’

Fate, or Something Like That    

This is basically just me wondering what would have happened to our characters if Gansey hadn’t come to Henrietta when he did. Like, if he didn’t show up until a year or so later. What was destined to happen? How would everything turn out? It basically starts right around the beginning of the school year just after Ronan’s father died.

Violence in the Pouring Rain    

And this is how it started.

Killing me Softly with UST    

It starts with little things.

One day it’s Ronan doing Adam’s laundry for him because he was late for work. Then it’s coffee in a flask at school because Ronan made too much with breakfast. Then it’s offering to drive him to work.

They’re all little things. So little that Adam doesn’t even notice them at first. He’s so busy. There’s only twenty four hours in a day, but it’s never enough for all the things he has to cram in, never enough for studying, homework, socialising, sleeping. He’s so caught up in his little whirling bubble that he doesn’t get a chance to notice the small things.

That is, until they’re not little any more.

Just To Be Quiet   

an AU loosely based off the concept of the book Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. or, an excuse for Ronan and Adam to have a heart-wrenching psychic bond.

Roses on Parade  

Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it. Gansey is also briefly very Gansey about things.

Alternate summary: Adam has feelings and hyperventilates about it for 9,000 words.

Out for Re-henge   

blue has a favor to ask of Ronan while Gansey and Adam are away. She ends up receiving much more than she expected. (Or, that one where Ronan teaches Blue to drive stick and they have adventures.) Post-BLLB.

I Would Be Glad To Tell You and Walk Away   

The problem, when it came down to it, was that the longer he waited for Ronan to actually do something about how he felt, the more Adam wanted him to.

Roses in Between My Thighs

Four things that could have ruined them but didn’t.

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Fictional Characters.
  • 1: Really? You're going to fall for that?
  • 3: How are you so calm right now? Why am I the only one that has an issue with how people are treating you? You're. So. Calm.
  • 4: Oh yeah, your mortal enemy is totally going to keep his/her word (shakes head, while whispering, "Noooooooo.")
  • 5: Of course that person likes you, are you completely blind?
  • 6: I bet you're regretting that choice you made, huh?
  • 7: You know you're in trouble when your creator (the author) has given voice to another character as well as you. (Hey, Allegiant, this one's for you!)
  • 8: No, no, character, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. I swear.
  • 9: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?! Great, now you're making me cry. Thanks.
  • 10: See, you should have just said "I love you" when you had the chance, now you've given the author the chance to screw up your life and write a sequel.
  • What would you say to the characters from the books you've read?