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Hey! Can i get a bts reaction to their girfirend being younger than them but having more experience in relatioships?

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“(Y/N), I’m the most handsome, right? I mean, obviously, that’s one of the reasons why fell in love with me.” 


“It doesn’t matter, (Y/N). You’re with me, now.” 


“(Y/N), boys are dangerous. Just because they promise they’ll buy you dinner, you can’t say ‘yes’ and follow all of them! They could kidnap you or something! It’s a good thing you finally met me so you don’t have to meet anyone else!”


“That number is quite impressive, (Y/N). Were any of them as special as us?” 


“W-What did you say? How many?!” 


“It’s okay to have a lot of boyfriends, (Y/N)! I have a lot of boyfriends, too! We hang out late at night and go out to eat and stuff. Come join us, sometime.”


“I guess I never noticed how fast people grow outside of the industry. Is that an average number, (Y/N)?”

I’ve been getting a lot of new followers lately, so I figured I’ll do a new introduction for those just joining this party.

Hello, I’m Jasmine, 24, Canadian mama to Liam and pregnant with a baby girl due early September. I’m a high risk pregnancy due to a constant stream of complications (I’ve seen so many specialist, so if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask). I love coffee, and cooking, and cleaning (weirdly enough). I’m pretty vulgar and swear a lot once you get to know me. I love making new friends☺️
I’m a stay at home mom, for the first time in years and honestly it’s pretty rewarding for me. I’m really into home decor. And I never shy away from talking about pooping, haha.
Thanks for following me! I hope to not disappoint you guys, as soon as I figure out how I want to write it, I will be doing a post (probably a series of posts) detailing what I’ve been through during my pregnancy so others can see that they’re not alone (cause I feel like that constantly)
Never be afraid to message me, I love getting to know new people ❤

Hey people! I wanted to wait to get the 2k but I colored this pic of my new babies <3 So Happy New Year late. Thanks so much for follow me and talk with me sometimes I really love you /// and thank to these people who made my dash a funny place. I have many problems following blogs but I’m really happy with the people in this list.

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I’m a little late with this but it’s been a year since I’ve created this blog (July 28, 2014) and wOOooOW this means that it’s been a year since I’ve joined this fandom and I literally couldn’t be any happier!! I’m glad to have met so many people in this fandom that I can call my friends and I want to thank you guys! I also want to thank all of you who have been following me whether it was since the beginning, halfway, or just recently, thanks for always putting up with me ily! Thanks also to you guys who always talked to me when I was bored or feeling kind of crappy ily guys too! So this isn’t just a follow forever but also a thank you to all of you who follow me ♡ To all the people mentioned below thank you for making my dash brighter everyday and I hope you know that I really appreciate you all ♡ (so many thanks but I really mean it guys!!!)

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