followers seem to love them though

for the people with mixed feelings:

i gotta admit i’m mostly happy about zac’s return because he’s literally my fav drummer and has been all this time. i just like his style and techniques best. he also seems like a really nice guy.

look, he wasn’t the one to write that blog entry back in 2010, though he followed his brother because he saw his way lead somewhere else, which of course doesn’t let him off the hook, no matter how much we learnt to love him again through halfnoise.

your feelings are valid and i can understand them but i trust in taylor and hayley’s humanity and empathy. after all this time, there has got to be a reason they let him back in.

i don’t think we’ll be missing out on hay+tay duo action cause these guys (zac as well) know how to act accordingly to their individual histories and histories with each other.
zac has still got stuff to do with halfnoise and hayley and taylor are still the paramore writers and people at the front.

it’s gonna be okay. it’s gonna be amazing.

Bts reaction to girlfriend doing Aerial Acrobatics.

Anonymous said: yO HELLO!!! can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend does aerial acrobatics? thank you so much in advance and happy holidays!

Sorry this was late, but yeah….FOLLOW, LIKE, RE-BLOG. VISIT PAGE 4 MASTER LIST.

Rap Monster: You: “Did you like it??” Him: “Yeah, all that swirling around and shit, seem pretty cool.”

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Suga: “When you coming down? you not superman, there’s a higher chance of a accident happening up there, than down on the ground where I am.”

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Jhope: Demonstrates all your moves you did, well of course the way he demonstrates them….isn’t how you did them though.

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Jin: You wanted him to try it, but he wasn’t bout that life. “Honey, I love you I really do, but If you think I’m bout to get my ass that high, you can kiss that thought far fucking away.

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Jimin: You begged him to stay and watch you You: “OK, come on, now you try.” Him: “Um, you ain’t say all that.”

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Taehyung: Very dumbfounded at the moment. At first he found it dangerous and was going to wrap you up tight, but then when you took off spinning and swinging, he forgot all about safety first. 

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Jungkook: Kind of Nervous and a little frighten from the fact that your that high in the air. Starts making all sorts of noises that keeps distracting you.

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Sorry this was late, but yeah….FOLLOW, LIKE, RE-BLOG. VISIT PAGE 4 MASTER LIST.

Seems as though I hit 40,000 followers (!!) a couple of weeks ago and got featured as one of tumblr’s New and Notable blogs of 2015, I figured it was time for another colourable printable for the front of your books/binders/whatever you choose!

Remember to tag @reviseordie​ so I can see all your wonderful colourings- I loved looking at them all last time!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and splendidness. Enjoy! <3

THEY ANSWERED MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I reallllllly like this blog and this person seems really nice and they have a YouTube channel that I’m gonna go check out and THEY’RE JUST GREATTTTT You should go follow them because they’re great!!!! It’s a great blog!!! No one will see this though because ye'know… I have no followers😂 BUT STILL IF ANYONE SEES THIS YOU SHOULD AT LEAST LOOK AT THEIR BLOG BECAUSE yay. OK THATS IT BUT DON’T YOU WORRY… I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE SOON.

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I didn't want to start a war or anything. I love the Dream kids but I was just really afraid that they aren't as close as they seem and wanted to know your opinion. You obviously follow them a lot and know what they are up to. I'm sorry if I sounded like I had bad intentions.

omg no don’t worry we didn’t think you had bad intentions at all ;;; we’re flattered that you wanted to know our opinion and tbh we’re glad that you decided to ask around first before quickly coming to conclusions!!!

we can see where you’re coming from though, at times we wonder how much of what we’re seeing actually reflects how they act offscreen? companies can be pretty thorough with how they construct idols’ images so it’s not like your opinion is unjustified or anything like that!! we’d just rather be positive about it~

but basically all idol groups are pretty close (especially in the first few years of debut) since they spend all of their time with each other!! we’re sure that nct is no different ♡ 

Ratatouille MBTI

Remy – ISFP

“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

Remy follows his heart.  Though he loves his family and tries his best to oblige them, his clear omnipresent desire to explore what he really loves shows his strong Introverted Feeling.  He is fairly outgoing in some ways, but he seems most himself and happiest when he can go off on his own and satisfy his personal interests, showing detailed thoughts on the nuances of good foods in his highly imaginative mind.  Remy is also quite naturally able to tune into his physical environment, which is especially apparent with his talents around food and the physical senses.  Introverted Intuition is also used, which can be seen through his ceaselessly pursuing his dream in whatever we he can, as well as his desire to learn more deeply about his one main love–cooking.  He is always eager to look deeper, to sense and discover more in food.  Extraverted Thinking seems to be fairly well developed also–Remy can take command of his situations when he needs to.

Alfredo Linguini – ISFP

“Don’t look at me like that! You aren’t the only one who’s trapped, they expect me to cook it again! I mean, I’m not ambitious, I wasn’t trying to cook, I was just trying to stay out of trouble! You’re the one who was gettin’ fancy with the spices!”

Linguini may not have as strong a passion through most of the movie as does his little rat friend, but their personalities are not all that dissimilar.  Linguini is more on the reserved side.  He is kind hearted and perceptive, and a bit more open to a bit of a wild idea than many others might be.  Before he is going to throw Remy into the water, Linguini is moved by the rat’s pleading eyes and proceeds to project his own internal state on the animal, which indicates his Introverted Feeling.  He can get a bit caught up in his own world and sometimes has trouble controlling the outer world, but he finds a passion in the end and along with this, more strength in personality.

Collette Tatou – ISTJ

“Food doesn’t go, orders pile up, disaster! I’ll make this easier to remember: keep your station clear, or I WILL KILL YOU!”

Introverted Feeling is also a function of Collette’s.  Like Remy, her passion is cooking, and she works tirelessly to make her dreams in that world come true.  Collette is good at sticking to a plan and getting things done very well, down to the last important detail, and she doesn’t appreciate her hard work and great skill being interfered with.  Collette came to her cooking position by following the system, diligently and rigorously, and she strictly follows Gusteau’s original recipe’s–all indicators of strong Introverted Sensing.  As an introvert and a thinker, especially a Te user, she is good at presenting an organized and commanding exterior, but she is happiest when she can follow her true passions as well.

Anton Ego – INTJ

“We [critics] thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

Things had better go Anton Ego’s way–his word is powerful and can determine the future of any great restaurant.  Ego has the commanding presence of Te, and the classic deep concern for quality that comes with an Ni and Se combination (especially prominent in INxJ types).  He enjoys thoughtful reflections on the subjects of his critiques, and he thinks deeply to find the truth.  Through his honest and thorough thought into the matter, he comes to break not difficultly but drastically from tradition, praising the artistry of a rat and even becoming a most frequent diner.  

Skinner – ESTJ

“You are COOKING? How DARE you cook in MY kitchen! Where do you get the gall to even attempt something so monumentally idiotic?”

Nothing is more infuriating and bewildering to skinner than things getting out of his control–especially if he suspects someone is playing games.  This chef is an ESTJ of a particularly unforgiving and controlling sort, one could almost say an exaggerated caricature of dominant Te (not to mention the other functions in his stacking).    

Django – ISTJ

“Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die. Now shut up and eat your garbage.”

Django has been through a lot and feels great responsibility for his large rat family.  He’s learned from experience and lives accordingly to how the world has shown itself to be.  It is this and his caring nature towards his loved ones that has him holding his son from following what understandably seem like dangerous and unrealistic dreams.

Emile – ISTP

“I don’t like secrets. All this cooking and-and reading and TV-watching, while we…read, and…cook. It’s like you’re involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?”

Emile likes his food too, but unlike his brother, he’s not terribly picky.  Emile is happy to go along with things how they are, and he’s hesitant to do anything that might put him in unnecessary danger or upset his father, also skeptical of Remy’s unusual habits and interests.  

Auguste Gusteau – ENFJ

“If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead!”

Though for most of the movie Gusteau is only a figment of Remy’s imagination, we still can see his personality enough for a rough typing.  The chef is jovial and extraverted, and he is a great encourager of others, as a living man as well as for Remy, helping others follow their dreams.  The Ni/Se combination is also quite plausible in this case, considering Gusteau’s excellent taste and naturally strong appreciation for the finer things.

The desert air was chilly and Pascal almost regretted making that offer. He could’ve gotten a ride from Johnny too, and then he’d be home by now, in the warmth of his bedroom, singing Cherish to sleep. Ophelia didn’t say much. That suited him fine. The cold didn’t seem to bother her, but he had a pretty good feeling that she was used to it. The Specter home certainly never struck him as warm.

“There’s my aunt,” the girl said when they reached the gate, and Pascal saw her coming towards them. Not from the house though, from the cemetery, which caused a shiver to run down his spine. But he had a purpose here, he needed to speak to her, so he followed Ophelia through the gate.

“Hello Dr Curious, I hope you are having a lovely evening.”

Olive Specter was scary. He couldn’t think of anyone in Strangetown that didn’t think so. He didn’t think half of the rumours about her were true, but that didn’t erase an entire upbringing of stories about the woman.

Stand by me: Yes, I am a lady.

You dont know how the group had gotten you to join this little twisted adventure- Oh wait- You did. Teddy. Little Itty bitty teddy had dragged you along. You loved the boys since you had met them four years ago but you were not as close with them as they all were. You loved them all like brothers though. You had lost  a brother just like Gordie. You walked with chris and Gordie. Your heart ached for these two. just as you two were about to chime into another musical song the group stopped.

“Whats that?!” vern cried, pointing to a medium sized pool of water and dirt- A swamp.

“swamp.” Chris groaned.

“Shrek’s swamp!” cried teddy.

Followed by a few chuckles, Gordie tested the deepness with a stick and it seemed shallow enough. The boys stepped in but you hesitated. chris took you hand and slowly pulled you in, In a few steps you all fell into the swamp so it covered you all completely. All the boys swam out quickly while you struggled.

“CHRIS!! GORDIE!! HELP ME GUYS!!” the swamp was thick around you to the point where you struggled for movement. Chris, of course quickly pulled you out as a girlish scream erupted in the woods. 

‘Leach!!!!” Teddy cried, pointing to gordie who quickly stripped himself of his shirt.

low and behold, leaches covered him, which sent everyone in a panic. Clothing flew everywhere. You ended up in your bra and spandex. As you checked yourself vern cried loudly with a whimper.

“Y/N!!” vern pointed at your bra that was leach covered.

“Oh god…” Seeing all the blood and leaches made you dizzy, you stepped back and fell against chris as everything went black,

As you awoke, The boys surrounded you. You looked at your body that was leach free. 

“y..Y/n…” Vern swallowed hard.

“W-Wha…?” You weakly responded.

‘W-what is that..?” He slowly pointed at your chest.

you quickly rose, terrified something worse than a leach was on you when you looked at your chest though, all you seen was your black bra. You giggled a lot,causing the boys to chuckle.

“That my bra, Verny!” 

‘w-whats it for? why are you wearing it..?” 

“Verny, I’m a girl. Girls have boobs. okay..?”

“OH MY GOD!” vern cried. 

“y/n.. you broke him..” teddy began.

“well…uh…boys, learn first and foremost that i am a lady!” you stood up, throwing you clothes on.

“But….Your one of us…:” vern began.

You smiled and giggled again. “vern. That dosnt mean im a boy..” 

“But…. wait…’

“VERN!! dont you realize?! dont you get what this means boys?!” teddy grinned largely 

“what…?” gordie asked

“WE ALL SEEN A GIRL NAKED!!” teddy cried causing an eruption of laughter and high-fives to explode throughout the woods.

“Oh shut up!!’ and as if on que the boys began

“i don’t shut up! i grow up! and when i look at you i…” the boys didn’t even wanna finish that because, well… you all knew the next part was untrue.

“when i look at you i see a naked girl!!” teddy cried.

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The Tower: When has your character lost an ideal or relationship?

“Many times have I suffered this fate, resulting in my current idea that relationships always end badly. Whether they be family or loving, or friendly, I have learned to keep the ties I make to a very small number. The one that has stung the most would have to be my parents. I lost them when I was eighteen. I killed them. After of course they tried to kill me. I would have not wished their death, but they seemed all too eager to seek mine. Though many more followed, that was the first of a long line of regrets.” 

Thank you @tarot-dancer and @jadestormbrand

I finally hit 400 followers, but my latest follower is a porn blog, so that doesn’t seem like something to celebrate.  Why do they follow me?  Do they think they are going to get some juicy porn from all of my Doctor/River posts or do they want me to follow them back.  I don’t get it.

But, even if a healthy percentage of them are porn blogs, I can’t believe so many of you want to follow me.  It’s really cool!  So I say Thank you!  I’m happy you are here.

So, let’s watch our babies this morning and sigh happily together.  Thank you for following me. 

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hi. you probably don't know me, but I'm Paige. I follow you (I'm not sure if we're mutuals or not) and you seem super sweet. I love seeing your posts on my dash, and I am bisexual and I have to hide it from everyone that I'm close to (excepting about 2 or 3 people) and yes, it is scary. You're pushing though it and that's amazing. [I have social anxiety too and my parents are mad that I only have 3 friends] Just keep doing you, that anon doesn't know you, so don't let them tell you who to be <3

Ahhhh thanks frien! Right now I think I just need to try and figure out who I am. I guess I’m at that awkward phase XDD

Two things to note about the Furby Connect thus far:
Smaller than I expected. I’ve got horrible perception of things 2D vs 3D so i was worried it was gonna be bigger than I cared for, but it’s actually about the same size as the 2012. (Here’s to me thinking it was somewhere around an emotronics height haha)
And secondly, though I already noticed this, I’ve just gotta gush over the eyes. Not the color or the fact that they’re LED, but the fact that they seemingly “follow you”. Based on where you stand in the furby’s vision they always seem to train their eye contact on you which I think just makes them more lovable.
Bonus: PICKY LIL SHITS OVER BATTERIES. Shuts down IMMEDIATELY if batteries aren’t up to par, and atm that’s all I have. But I still love him with my heart and soul. The antenna is such a good twitch toy? Like with the noise and colors it’s fun to flick around and such when idling. Really loving this Furby ngl.

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I would love if Louis and el got back together she was my absolute favorite girlfriend she just always seemed so amazing and then following each other on Instagram has caused all these thoughts but then I remember when I followed my ex back on Instagram just because I was wasted and he of course followed me back but it never went anywhere further than that even though I really want them together I feel like I could just be nothing

Yeah no I totally agree. Following/liking things means essentially nothing. But still, my elounor heart is tingling

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There seems to be a lot of "in house fighting" within the XF fandom. (Or David/Gillian fans). I don't have time for a blog but follow about 20 blogs on anon. Always seems pple r using the word "sides" and a need to prove people wrong. I thought something was going on between G&D until PM emerged & I'm mentally stable enough to accept that. I'm confused as to why pple are still living in the delusion of G&D together.

I think it’s a nice idea…but it’s not gonna happen…. ;)

Honestly though, I think that people just love the two of them together, and over the last few years have become especially invested in the idea of them as a couple (because they’ve both been seemingly single). We had a string of blogs claiming to have inside sources who could 100% prove that David and Gillian were in a multi-year relationship, I think that people just grabbed at the opportunity to believe in it.

So when PM shows up on the scene, those same blogs (and some others) blamed Gillian, and the hatred towards Peter grew to new limits. Then entered the “other” side who now eat up all the Gillian and Peter news (🙋🏼🙋🏼) because they like the fact that they are together…

I don’t think the Gillovny “side” of the fandom is used to having to play defense in the absence of proof. Not even just in the absence of proof, but also the flat-out denial of what’s been said and done. For many years there were photos and interviews (all promotional…funny how “promotion” is the confirmation of one relationship but the denial for another….) which were ADORABLE and FUN and FLIRTY AS FUCK and the fandom ate. It. Up.

I did.

So it was very fun there for awhile…

But Gillovny is an idea. (At least to me) And a beautiful one. It just seems that some have taken it from a nice idea to believing it to be fact. Every party involved has children. Every party involved has former spouses. The shipping of David and Gillian can very easily turn to snoggery (and to be frankly honest, it has. It’s there. Shipping two people who deny they are together, when one or both is involved in another relationship is tin-hatting at best and snoggery at it’s worst. That’s just fandom definition. Not opinion)

The same happened way back when when David and Tea got married. The hate for Tea was very real and people hated her for no other reason than she was married to David and Gillian wasn’t. See a pattern?

So. There’s the drama.

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Ah, thank you!! You’re not the only one to have not realised that I am me straight away - it seems to be a fairly common occurrence! If you’ve left comments on ‘Is it Life or Art?’ I think I may be able to guess who you are though… but do come and introduce yourself anyway, I always love chatting to fellow kakuhida enthusiasts. :D

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Honestly, I think you're really nice and I'd love to know more about you, but I'm too shy to send you a private message. I love your art and you seem to be a cute little beanie who needs protection. I think that you're shy too, that you're really soft and funny. Don't know, that's what comes to my mind when I think about you.

Don’t be shy! I’d love speaking with you ;0; ((I get it, though- I am super shy to speak with a few of my followers u~u” I’m always worried that I’ll annoy them))

Heck,, if you really like my shizzy art, I’d be more than happy to draw you something!! Just drop by an OC/Character, and I’ll whip up some trash for you!!!

((And- everyone says that i’d be soft aaaaaaaaA-))

Thank you for the ask!! te amo ;;

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honestly your whole aesthetic is just 10/10 so good, and you just seem really nice even though we've never actually talked. I love reading your tags tho :) (also for the valentines ask thing 5+17!!) - Valentines Day mission - message 5 people you follow telling them something you like about them or their blog. Lets spread the love today. (make sure to send them the rules too so that this can keep spreading!)

Thank you so much, you’re very sweet!!! I am so happy you love my tags I’m always worried about those, you’ve made me so incredibly happy anon! Pleases feel free to message me whenever you want. 

For the Ask thing.

5) What is your most fluffy+happy ship? for this fandom it’d be Brotzly, although I do ship a number of other things as well. 

17) Is there a type of ship you always go for? I’m a sucker for enemy’s turning into lovers, but usually in a non-problematic sense, abuse isn’t something that should be romanticized. Or super obvious fluffy ships, like they’ve been friends since the dawn of time and they couldn’t live without one another, and even just ships that lift the other person or persons into bettering themselves because of their partner(s).  

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that saevitiia loser : - )))

i need to cheer up so i’ll be nice today

my opinion on;

character in general: i really love nidalee. i can’t play her because i suck ass at league and junglers. mostly league. i was always kinda just ehhh about her story. so she’s a cat lady, no big.
how they play them: beautifully! i really do enjoy how you’ve executed your portrayal of nidalee, making her seem more badass than the little blip that riot gave her.
the mun: angela! though we met through our questionable stalking choices, we hit it off right away, bonding over our shared love of syndra. i thought i was just craze before i started talking to you, with how much i adore a fictional character.

do i;

follow them: all of your blogs!
rp with them: rarely, nowadays.
want to rp with them: always.
ship their character with mine: not really?

what is my;

overall opinion: i would highly recommend your nidalee, syndra, ahri, riven, lux, cassiopia, or akali to anyone! C:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

loathedlineage  asked:

can i be a lame boob and send arrogantaristocrat? (im lazy af to switch over XD)

[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following; (Accepting)



CHARACTER IN GENERAL: Diana is adorable and even though I absolutely had no say in her personality at all I see times where people would definitely be like ‘Marls definitely raised her’ and it brings me such joy.
HOW THEY PLAY THEM: I adore the characterization. This shouldn’t be anything new and I don’t see how anyone can’t love how you play your characters because you put so much thought into at least the two I’ve seen. I’m ranting about both Diana and Amelia at this point.

THE MUN: The mun seems like a super sweetheart.


RP WITH THEM: Of course.
WANT TO RP WITH THEM: I always will.
SHIP THEIR CHARACTER WITH MINE: Marlene adores her daughter and wants to keep her from harms way at all times—their familial love gives me life.


OVERALL OPINION: I love her and I got super excited when I saw you were thinking about making her and love to see any and all development you put towards her. Diana is a cutie and deserves much love.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

//I swear I’m not neglecting my rp blogs! Let’s just say I haven’t been in the best place to do much around in either for different reasons that kind of blew off on my face right after I made an “official” comeback post in my SH blog a couple weeks ago, which is why I’ve been most of time in my personal and lurking some in the shadows whenever I logged in here cause yeeeah you guessed right, I follow a lot of quality blogs and I truly love seeing them and their interactions in my dash I’m too shy and not quality enough to even try to approach some of you so I just watch from the distance but one day I’ll muster up the courage to talk to those I haven’t yet.

Okay so, I’m going to try to do something in my rp blogs these upcoming days now that things seem to be getting a little better for me. Don’t keep any hopes too high though. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you probably know already that whenever I dare to make an announcement like that something happens irl that keeps me away or something so……

In other news, these past couple days I learned that tumblr made me unfollow a bunch of blogs I used to be following, which of course pisses me off cause I didn’t even know until now. Wtf tumblr?? If you notice I stopped following you, please let me know so I can follow you again! Otherwise, I have no means to know who I might be missing. Sorry for any and all inconveniences caused!!