followers seem to love them though

for the people with mixed feelings:

i gotta admit i’m mostly happy about zac’s return because he’s literally my fav drummer and has been all this time. i just like his style and techniques best. he also seems like a really nice guy.

look, he wasn’t the one to write that blog entry back in 2010, though he followed his brother because he saw his way lead somewhere else, which of course doesn’t let him off the hook, no matter how much we learnt to love him again through halfnoise.

your feelings are valid and i can understand them but i trust in taylor and hayley’s humanity and empathy. after all this time, there has got to be a reason they let him back in.

i don’t think we’ll be missing out on hay+tay duo action cause these guys (zac as well) know how to act accordingly to their individual histories and histories with each other.
zac has still got stuff to do with halfnoise and hayley and taylor are still the paramore writers and people at the front.

it’s gonna be okay. it’s gonna be amazing.

Before properly starting a weekend of midterm studying, I baked these oil free cinnamon buns following @thevegancorner ’s recipe ✨ Even though I’m French and supposed to love croissants and pains au chocolat, I gotta admit that cinnamon rolls are my favorite danish. Making them from scratch always seemed so complicated but this recipe is super easy and what convinced me the most is the OIL FREE part 👌 I do plan on baking them again soon and avoid certain mistakes like not buying instant rise yeast or dusting the rolling surface too much (that’s why there a little bit too white). And I always drink Chai ☕️ with my baked goods. What are your plans for the weekend ?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Madi recently. 

There’s quite a few ideas floating around in my head, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the right words to express them (though I made some attempts), and then I read jaune-clair’s fantastic meta over here and it’s expressed perfectly. (Really, you should read it, it’s great.)

The thing is, anyone who’s followed me for a certain amount of time, or anyone who remembers me persistently posting in the Black Sails tag over the years (in very sporadic bursts), know I love Treasure Island. I’m that meme, basically. Long John Silver is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. And while his wife is only mentioned three times in the entire book, their relationship has always fascinated me to no end. So I’m always disappointed that she’s never included in any adaptions. Sure, I have a very specific set of headcanons for the two that no show would ever be able to fulfill, but still. She’s never in anything (except for that Eddie Izzard version which I have a liveblog of that continues once every century), which is such a shame.

When Black Sails’ first season came around, those who knew TI already went full out speculating. Max was the most popular one back then, because while Black Sails has a great deal of diveristy in many departments, there weren’t really that many options. Besides, she had a fitting relationship with Silver and it seemed like it could work. That theory has gone a bit up and down over the years though.

Enter season 3 and Madi. I think that those familiar with Treasure Island, me included, took one look at her and her budding relationship with Silver and said “Yep, it’s her”. And I’ve kind of remained in that position, and 4x01 didn’t really lessen my conviction. Their relationship is played out very beautifully, and I really felt for Madi when she hugged him in s3 as well as when she cried out for him after he fell in the water in the most recent episode. Their post-sex scene was beautifully filmed. 

And yet something keeps bugging me. 

I really want all the best for Madi. She’s a wonderful addition to the show and her relationship with Silver is really cool, as is her relationship with power and the other characters on the show. 

I think a lot of us have been too stuck in immediately going “Oh, obviously she’s the wife” to think of what that would mean. I’m not saying she won’t be, I’d still say I am about 75 % sure that she is. Maybe higher. But what exactly would it mean if she is, indeed, Mrs Silver?

I have a post in my draft waiting to be edited about how Black Sails deals with stories, both in the show and outside of it. I’m just going to briefly reference concepts I talk about that here. The core of it is, they see Treasure Island not as a definitive source, but as a tale created for children based on the actual events but far from factual (which I mean, it technically is). I think that’s a brilliant way of relating to a text. But even if they took liberties with it, there’s not much liberties to be taken with Silver’s wife. 

What we know of her, is that she and Silver run their inn together. They’re married, which is very unconventional. We know that Silver leaves the inn as well as all his savings in her safe-keeping while he goes off looking for the treasure. We know he has decided to meet up with her at a secret spot after they return and that he (and through him, Jim Hawkins) firmly believes that she’ll be there waiting for him. Jim even finishes by saying that he wishes Silver is indeed living happily with his wife somewhere. 

As I pondered this, I was trying to merge this image with that of Madi. 

Madi is a Queen. She’s a queen and a leader of her people, a co-leader of the entire rebellion against England. She’s fierce and knows that even if she cares for Silver, her people needs to come first. And I asked myself “What would make her leave them?”

And thus, as is also brilliantly described in the most I linked at first (but I also felt the need to ramble about it so here we are), we are faced with a number of options, and I honestly can’t say which one I prefer. 

1) Madi leaves her people after the failure of the war against England to go with Silver to England. While this would technically mean a happy outcome for her (she’s alive), I still can’t reconcile her willingly leaving her people behind, if they’re still standing. And then she’d just sit around and wait while Silver risks his life on some fool’s quest to maybe, maybe get some more of the treasure Flint left behind? Maybe as the season goes on I can see it. Is she dethroned? Does she think they’re better off with someone else? Is her love for Silver that strong? If any of you have any meta or thoughts about this outcome, I’d love to read it. 

2) The entire Maroon community gets killed. I really don’t want this. I mean, I know that most characters probably wont’ survive this season, and when you have a diverse yet small cast like Black Sails does, this will most likely end up in characters you’d rather see alive for representation getting killed. I know that happens, and that’s not necessarily always a fault as long as done right (and as long as they’re not the only ones dying). But for the majority of that community to be completely wiped out? I’d hate to see that happen, on just an emotional level. And it would devastating for Madi. 

3) Madi isn’t actually Silver’s TI wife. She either doesn’t go with him and chooses to stay with her people, or she dies. It would break my heart, and depending on how they do it it would tip closely to fridging. I mean, it really does depend on how she’d die. If she dies for her own cause, for her people, through her own decisions, it would be less so, true. It would work thematically. Silver is taking over Flint’s position and learning that when you’re essentially Flint everyone you love will die. The great love for Flint that put it all in motion was Thomas, and he lost him (and then Gates and Miranda too, of course), and it would be fitting if tragic if Silver’s great love Madi would suffer the same fate, and this would somehow cause the falling out between Flint and Silver.  In this case, I’d probably revert back to the Max theory, which would in some ways also be thematically fitting, given how Silver made plans for them to escape together already in episode 2.

I still think that overall, no.1 is the most likely. But the possibility that the creators are totally aware of that we (at least the people who know of TI) would assume Madi is safe was an idea that hit me. And I can’t shake it. It’s making me nervous, but I’m still completely open to all of these ideas (well, maybe less open to number 2 tbh.) if done in a way that stays true to the characters. 

I’ve mostly just rambled here, but if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear them. I know in the end we want all of our favorite characters to survive, even though in a show like Black Sails that is unlikely. And if they do, we still want them to stay true to who they are. 

So what do you make of my dilemma? Do you just not see it as I do, or do you have another solution to the whole conundrum? 


Happy International Day of Happiness!

I’ve noticed the differences between this year and last year. This year seems to bring much more positive vibes, love, friendship, hope, excitement and patience my way. I feel as though the things that I’ve been through last year to this day, whether good or bad, made me gain wisdom, strength, confidence, self assurance, self love and awareness. I feel like I’m at a much better place than I was last year & I’m so grateful for that and for the amount of happiness that I’ve been experiencing.

I want to dedicate this written piece to the boys. I want to thank them for following their dream and thank the universe for bringing them together & for leading me to discover them. In finding them, I’ve bonded with lots of amazing & lovely people from all over the world and whom I can call my mutuals – better yet my friends. I’ve also gotten to meet and speak to the loveliest people in this fandom. Everyone is so kind and caring which makes me very thankful to be a part of this fandom 😊💖

I’m still not over the good news (aka the long awaited answer Joe provided yesterday).
The thought of being able to see the boys this year & possibly meeting them has got me feeling ecstatic as well as the thought of meeting some of my mutuals for the first time ☺

Things are finally looking up 🙆

Much love & many thanks to these amazing people:
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Wondering OW thoughts

tbh the only reason I don’t like gency is b/c it feels weird how Mercy is basically Genji’s savior. It’s like a soldier saving a civilian and then helping that civilian become part of their army type deal and THEN them following in love in between that time, it feels disconnected if they are telling their relationship that way.

Like when we find out that Tracer is in a relationship with Emily, Tracer gives Emily a gift and kiss. It’s established right then and there, even though there was no hints before that she had a girlfriend it seems like a natural connection.

If we saw maybe snippets of genji and mercy interacting more from times where genji was being trained/rehabilitated or maybe see the letters genji and mercy were writing would make me buy into it.

I’m not against the ship, but jumping the gun that gency is canon b/c of the chocolate lines and the letter exchange is a bit pushing it for me. I feel I need something more intimate/solid b/c they seem they are very close on a sincere level. But if they give us a big moment where “HEY they are actually together” than yeah, I would buy it.

Also, the reason I like genyatta so much is that all these robotxhuman pairings we’ve been seeing in OW are the “male” omnics are paired with female humans. It would be nice for a change up

Also again, MORE FEMALE OMNICS PLZ! I know we got Orisa but it would be cool to see female omnics like in that movie poster “Some like it Bot.”

Funny idea I had was Mcree seducing a female omnic with his robotic hand would be pretty cute <3

Seems as though I hit 40,000 followers (!!) a couple of weeks ago and got featured as one of tumblr’s New and Notable blogs of 2015, I figured it was time for another colourable printable for the front of your books/binders/whatever you choose!

Remember to tag @reviseordie​ so I can see all your wonderful colourings- I loved looking at them all last time!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and splendidness. Enjoy! <3

Be Quiet

Summary: Based off of this moment in the manga. Ciel finds Sebastian in the library just like he had asked him to and is forced to hide under his cloak to hide himself from the person who had followed him. He tries to be quiet, but unfortunately, Sebastian seems to remember that Ciel is ridiculously ticklish and of course, takes advantage of the situation.

Author’s note: HAI I’M BACK. Okay, this was both a request from lovely Anon and my own idea that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. So glad I was finally able to finish this~ Even though Ciel and Sebastian are still hard to write l i k e but I still love them uwu

Word count: 1,6k my shortest one yet wooops

Maybe Sebastian had managed to get his hands on some important information but it  was still very out of character for him to ask Ciel to come to the library at exactly 11pm. Of course he wasn’t scared to wander around the halls late at night but if he got lost, it would be pretty bad. After waiting for McMillan to fall asleep, Ciel put on his uniform, reached for a small lamp he kept under his bed and tip-toed out of the dorm.

Unsurprisingly, no one crossed his path. Every now and then, he’d hear a small whistle of the wind or the wood creaking under his heels, but other than that, he was alone. Ciel was sure to look over his shoulder quite frequently to make sure that no one was following him because, oddly enough, he thought he heard distant footsteps but who the hell would be walking around at this hour? Of course it would be stupid to call for someone or mumble some innocent “Hello?” because Ciel was well aware of the fact that he was not allowed to be out of bed.

Glancing around one more time, Ciel did his best to open the doors of the library as quietly as he possibly could and wiggled himself through the small gap he had created for himself.

Sebastian could’ve at least told him where he would be waiting in this gigantic room because Ciel really didn’t feel like checking behind every bookcase. Luckily, it didn’t take him that long to catch a glimpse of Sebastian’s long robe and he stopped walking, relieved.

“Hey, Se— Hmpf!” Ciel had no idea whether it was Sebastian using his powers or that he was just a tad bit underweight, but in less than a mere second he was pressed against the dusty books with his butler’s face very close to his own, his feet hovering an inch or so above the ground. A gloved hand was covering mouth while his  hand, that had been holding the lamp, was pinned against one of the shelves.

However, instead of giving an explanation like Ciel had expected, Sebastian’s glowering eyes merely stared at him in a semi-reassuring way, but the current situation was anything but.


Ciel’s eyes widened and didn’t protest when Sebastian lifted up his cloak and wrapped an arm around Ciel’s waist to pull him under it, taking the lamp and holding it with his free hand. The footsteps became louder and through the thin fabric, Ciel saw Lawrence Bluewer approaching them, also holding a lamp and appearing to be looking for something or, well, someone.

“My. What could it be at this hour?” Sebastian’s smooth voice spoke up and Ciel rolled his eyes, lightly nudging him with his elbow.

Instead of scolding him, Sebastian was acting stupid and it annoyed Ciel. It was rather hot and stuffy underneath that cloak so the last thing he wanted was for Sebastian to make small-talk. The hand on his waist threateningly tightened its grip but instead of silencing him with it, Ciel’s entire body froze and a small gasp went past his lips.

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Bts reaction to girlfriend doing Aerial Acrobatics.

Anonymous said: yO HELLO!!! can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend does aerial acrobatics? thank you so much in advance and happy holidays!

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Rap Monster: You: “Did you like it??” Him: “Yeah, all that swirling around and shit, seem pretty cool.”

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Suga: “When you coming down? you not superman, there’s a higher chance of a accident happening up there, than down on the ground where I am.”

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Jhope: Demonstrates all your moves you did, well of course the way he demonstrates them….isn’t how you did them though.

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Jin: You wanted him to try it, but he wasn’t bout that life. “Honey, I love you I really do, but If you think I’m bout to get my ass that high, you can kiss that thought far fucking away.

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Jimin: You begged him to stay and watch you You: “OK, come on, now you try.” Him: “Um, you ain’t say all that.”

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Taehyung: Very dumbfounded at the moment. At first he found it dangerous and was going to wrap you up tight, but then when you took off spinning and swinging, he forgot all about safety first. 

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Jungkook: Kind of Nervous and a little frighten from the fact that your that high in the air. Starts making all sorts of noises that keeps distracting you.

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Killing Stalking AU


Hidan. That was all he could ever think about. Those eyes, that silver hair and pale complexion. He was so perfect. Though the two of them had never spoken, Deidara was always semi-near the elder; whether he was actually going in that direction or low key following the other male. Lucky for him, he seemed to not be very noticeable. He sort of faded into the background no matter where he went. But not Hidan, he always stood out, especially with that smile of his. It was intoxicating.

The blonde artist had a sketchbook that he’d filled with drawings of the albino male. He loved his form, he was absolutely perfect. He knew that Hidan would be at the gym for a couple hours right now which was what lead him to the other’s house. He was aching to see what it was like. He wanted to know what his house smelled like. How he decorated, if he was neat or messy. What food did he keep in stock? There was so much he didn’t know that he was eager to know. Hidan being out meant he was free to go to his place and take a look around with plenty of time to get himself out well before the albino came home.

It took a little more effort than he had originally thought, but he finally got himself into Hidan’s house. He slipped his shoes off by the door so as not to track dirt around the house. Of course the first place the blonde had to go was to the elder’s bedroom, eager to lay down on the bed that Hidan slept on or did…other things on. Oh, just thinking that made him shiver. Deidara slowly crawled onto the bed and laid down, burying his face into Hidan’s pillow and inhaling as he groaned. He smelled better than he expected. This was a dream come true.

So Perciver is literally the only tag I follow on Tumblr because I love it and new posts in Perciver are fairly uncommon. Recently, though, Tumblr seems to have decided that “Percival” + “Harry Potter” is close enough because I keep getting posts about Percival Graves from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Just… No. I just want my Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood.

Stand by me: Yes, I am a lady.

You dont know how the group had gotten you to join this little twisted adventure- Oh wait- You did. Teddy. Little Itty bitty teddy had dragged you along. You loved the boys since you had met them four years ago but you were not as close with them as they all were. You loved them all like brothers though. You had lost  a brother just like Gordie. You walked with chris and Gordie. Your heart ached for these two. just as you two were about to chime into another musical song the group stopped.

“Whats that?!” vern cried, pointing to a medium sized pool of water and dirt- A swamp.

“swamp.” Chris groaned.

“Shrek’s swamp!” cried teddy.

Followed by a few chuckles, Gordie tested the deepness with a stick and it seemed shallow enough. The boys stepped in but you hesitated. chris took you hand and slowly pulled you in, In a few steps you all fell into the swamp so it covered you all completely. All the boys swam out quickly while you struggled.

“CHRIS!! GORDIE!! HELP ME GUYS!!” the swamp was thick around you to the point where you struggled for movement. Chris, of course quickly pulled you out as a girlish scream erupted in the woods. 

‘Leach!!!!” Teddy cried, pointing to gordie who quickly stripped himself of his shirt.

low and behold, leaches covered him, which sent everyone in a panic. Clothing flew everywhere. You ended up in your bra and spandex. As you checked yourself vern cried loudly with a whimper.

“Y/N!!” vern pointed at your bra that was leach covered.

“Oh god…” Seeing all the blood and leaches made you dizzy, you stepped back and fell against chris as everything went black,

As you awoke, The boys surrounded you. You looked at your body that was leach free. 

“y..Y/n…” Vern swallowed hard.

“W-Wha…?” You weakly responded.

‘W-what is that..?” He slowly pointed at your chest.

you quickly rose, terrified something worse than a leach was on you when you looked at your chest though, all you seen was your black bra. You giggled a lot,causing the boys to chuckle.

“That my bra, Verny!” 

‘w-whats it for? why are you wearing it..?” 

“Verny, I’m a girl. Girls have boobs. okay..?”

“OH MY GOD!” vern cried. 

“y/n.. you broke him..” teddy began.

“well…uh…boys, learn first and foremost that i am a lady!” you stood up, throwing you clothes on.

“But….Your one of us…:” vern began.

You smiled and giggled again. “vern. That dosnt mean im a boy..” 

“But…. wait…’

“VERN!! dont you realize?! dont you get what this means boys?!” teddy grinned largely 

“what…?” gordie asked

“WE ALL SEEN A GIRL NAKED!!” teddy cried causing an eruption of laughter and high-fives to explode throughout the woods.

“Oh shut up!!’ and as if on que the boys began

“i don’t shut up! i grow up! and when i look at you i…” the boys didn’t even wanna finish that because, well… you all knew the next part was untrue.

“when i look at you i see a naked girl!!” teddy cried.

leoxodus  asked:

Do you think EXID will disband soon? I just kind of feel it. Hot Pink did somewhat well, but LIE was just not good, and it flopped. It seems like they're still struggling to find the right sound, and it's been almost three years since Up & Down smashed. I don't see things going well even though I love them. What do you think will happen? (I lowkey wish Junghwa and LE would become a girlfriend duo and release music together but anyways) besides Hani going solo...

i feel like they could. even before solji got sick i wondered if they would. they havent done stellar and now with solji dealing with this illness she may want to pull out sooner. also shes almost 30 idk she may want something different. but i feel like theyre really close so that itself might give them longevity as a group over other things

amarymone replied to your post: seems like you have a thing for prosecutor…


//sssssh.. *paps* no, you must live and suffer through this with me.

ok but here’s a thought: what if dhurke lied about something else. the photo of jove he gave to apollo. you have to wonder: dhurke couldn’t have been able to leave khura’in very easily, if at all. so how did he get his hands on it?

follow-up thought: rose found it. while cleaning up her parents’ old stuff. dhurke said he got the photo from ‘toursist from europe’. rose is from europe. so did her parents. years before they moved to khura’in the visited and snapped some tourist photos. there are notes written on each photo and on the back it’s been signed by apollo’s father, which is how they know his name. to my fans who listened to me every day of the three weeks they’re staying in khura’in. kudos! from jove justice.

subsequent thought: rose and nayu having a fight before Spirit of Justice, because Ga’ran told nayu to cut ties with rose. but rose yells at him that she’s not giving up on him and that ‘she promises she’ll save him if it’s the last thing she does’. ga’ran bans the presence of rose from khura’in, basically banishing/exiling her from ever setting foot in the kingdom. if she ever attempts to come back she’ll be executed.

another thought: rose and dhurke get to communicating somehow and she braves ga’ran’s wrath to deliver the photo to dhurke when they learn of its significance. rose attempts to get herself in to bring the photo. bad shit happens, rose gets hurt and dies. but her last words were ‘

roundabout thought: dhurke gives the photo to apollo not revealing the true source because it’ll eventually be mentioned to nayuta  and hey it’s apollo, he never met rose so why add in that tiny detail. eventually datz does tell nayuta where the photo came from and there are feels to be had.

final thought: rose is channeled either by amara or maya and the first thing that happens is rose starts crying and apologizing cause she couldn’t do anything in the end. and she cries and tells him she’s so sorry for like a good five minutes. but then emotionally constipated nayuta kind of hugs her and tells her everything’s ok now and they hug it out until her spirit has to go. ;w;

SU theories and observations

Trying to understand character motivation with limited information is something I love thinking about. Lapis is one of the more recent ones. 

What we know:

  • Pearl did not know the gem in the mirror was able to communicate instead of following orders.
  • Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl did not know how powerful Lapis Lazuli actually was. During the fight with her, Lapis was able to overpower them all the the same time even though her gem was cracked.
  • Pearl stated the mirror was found at the galaxy warp, the warp that connected Earth to the homeworld.
  • Lapis Lazuli already knew who the crystal gems were already.
  • Lapis Lazuli seemed to already know about the earth. “She never believed in it.” This makes me think she was placed inside the mirror while she was on earth for at least a little while.
  • Rose Quartz’s power (the shield) completely neutralized Lapis’ power.
  • Rose kept secrets from the gems.
  • Greg’s speech about wars in general(link). Rose had to turn on her own kind.

I don’t think the current crystal gems could have put Lapis in the mirror. And based on their limited knowledge on Lapis, I don’t think they did it. However if ROSE did it to stop Lapis from reporting to homeworld to protect earth and kept it secret, it sort of would explain Lapis’ hatred of the crystal gems and earth. 

I know Rose also wanted to heal broken/corrupted gems, so I don’t think destroying Lapis would be the answer for her. She does care deeply for everyone. Then again its still a super cold move to do.

At the same time, I can completely understand motivation of both sides if that WAS the case. Turning traitor to homeworld, or protecting earth.

 That’s why Greg’s scene about wars really hit me.  It very possible the gems did things they would be terrified Steven would hate them for. War is an ugly thing and like Greg said before, there are no good wars. Both gems and people were lost because of it.

I really want to know wtf happened back then;;;


Summary: Lexa and Clarke honeymoon after their wedding and decide to share some moments with their friends on Instagram.


The pictures used are not mine, but the edits are so don’t steal please! I love doing these. They take forever though, but you seem to enjoy them. Plus, I’m gaining so many followers in a matter of hours and I can’t thank you enough. It feels good to know that you guys like my work. I put so much time in and it feels like it’s paying off. If it makes a few of you feel better from recent events on the show, then I’ve achieved my goal, so a massive thank you for the support!

One last note from the meet & greet with Colin

OK, so there were a few other questions, but I can’t seem to remember exactly what Colin answered to them (I wish I could record everything for you guys, but sadly I couldn’t). But I do remember clearly the following question and answer: (The other questions weren’t about CS though, one was regarding “the rite” the other was regarding songs that I didn’t know…)

OK, so someone asked if Colin knew all along that Hook will fall in love with Emma.

He answered first in general about Hook being a regular on the show. He said like we all already know that he came as a guest star, but ended up staying. But he was adding something that totally made sense, but I at least never got to think about (or heard before). He was saying that A&E were actually planning to have Captain Hook on the show from season 1, but because they needed to get the rights to the Peter Pan story they didn’t. And so when they finally could bring him, they wanted and planed all along to integrate him on the show as a regular. At that point I was actually thinking about all the Hook haters that feel like he became a series regular when he didn’t deserve it. Well, it seems like he was planed for the show all along and they just couldn’t integrate him on the show just yet.

In regards to Emma he said that he knew they were planning on doing something about it, but that they wanted to check out the chemistry on screen first before they decide on it, and luckily there was (chemistry). At that point he smiled all embarrassed but pleased and we all agreed with him.     

Beautiful minds: thoughts on Mellie and her followers

Since joining the Scandal fandom last year, I was taken aback by the views held by parts of the audience regarding the show’s characters and feminist elements—specifically the pro-Mellie, anti-Fitz, ‘pro-Mellitz’ faction. These are the people who actually see Mellie as faultless (though may claim otherwise) and despise Fitz, yet seem to want them to stay together because of their views on marriage, or a desire to have Mellie stomp all over his “whiny” ass within their marriage, then leave him in a pompous show of derision and sass. 

For the purposes of brevity, I will refer to these people as Mellie’s ‘followers’
The viewers who love Mellie’s character but acknowledge her shortcomings are a completely separate group of people who are not included in my, erhmm, frustrations below. This opinion piece is a companion to the essay I wrote about Olivia and Mellie. I usually try to write as calmly as possible, but I decided not to rein everything in this time. Feel free to respond if you agree or disagree with my sentiments.


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To all my LGBTQA followers...

I love you. 

Those words are small, three in all. But I hope that there is some power in them, be it to heal or to be brave. 

Love in and of itself is a brave act. To be yourself, wholly yourself, is a brave act too, and so many people forget that. 

And then stuff like this happens, and we once again remember why it is brave. Why we have the demand of fearlessness weighing upon our shoulders in a world that gives us so many reasons to be afraid…  

You get so damn tired. Everything seems dark anyway, shadows constantly clinging close. 

But though the dark is there and it surrounds us, we still have that brave flame that holds it back, a flame that we will cradle and nurture no matter how many times people tell us no, don’t, you’ll only end up scorching your hands. 

We love others and ourselves. And we love brightly and bravely. 

I love you. I love you fiercely, I love you gently. I love you when shadows surround you and I love you when light falls upon your head. I love you because no matter what the world hands you, no matter what is done in the name of hate, you deserve to be loved and to love and to be safe in sharing that love.  

I love you.


Seriously though, these movies are fun.

I am not entirely sure how historically accurate half of the stuff they find is, but I guess all those hidden messages, codes, cyphers and treasures don’t really exist. But they are presented so well and they are so much fun to follow that, even though I’m not a conspiracy nut, I find them really enjoyable.

Mostly is the protagonist, Nicolas Cage, who’s having so much fun in every scene. I’m not sure if he’s too aware or not aware at all, but he sure is loving it. And the action is also pretty great, it’s like a toned down version of Indiana Jones but more current, and it doesn’t abuse from CGI like other movies do (or at least it doesn’t seem like it does).

I’d review these movies separately but they are pretty much the same, one wild treasure hunt following clues through outrageous set ups, but these set ups are different enough to keep them entertaining. So, yeah, I think I can recommend these movies, give them a watch if you are in the mood for some lighthearted adventure fun.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to replace a book. I really didn’t know what I was doing.