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oh boy oh boy oh boy do u guys want some flower symbolism bc i sure love it


  • Laurel - ambition, success (hah), renown, victory (HAH)
  • Hyacinth - flower dedicated to Apollo, rashness, sorrow


  • Daffodil (single) - unrequited love, you’re the only one, the sun is always shining when I’m with you


  • Borage - courage
  • Baby’s breath - innocence, purity of heart
  • Aster - symbol of love, daintiness, trusting
  • Daisy - innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity
  • Sunflower - pure and lofty thoughts


  • Plum blossom - beauty and longevity
  • Orchid - refined beauty
  • Cypress - death, mourning, despair, sorrow
  • Rose (black) - death, hatred, farewell
  • Asphodel - my regrets follow you to the grave, the flower of death, the haunt of the dead
Aelin’s Coronation - ToG Fic - Chp 1/1

Summary/Notes: Oneshot. Title is fairly self explanatory. First fic posted on Tumblr so my apologies if its not satisfactory.



Her name was Aelin. Aelin Fireheart, Aelin of the wildfire. And she would not be afraid.

Aelin had been waiting for this day for years. She supposed she had always thought she’d be… wiser by now. That somehow, the pain and blood and tears, the wars, the years of fighting would have shaped her into a queen. A Queen of Terrasen. But she wasn’t. Or at least, she didn’t feel like it. She had seen her coronation day as some far off point on a distant horizon. She had imagined a different version of herself, an Aelin that was graceful, polished and conscientious. Court trained. Regal. But underneath her elegant robes, she still felt like the person she had always been. Yet everything had changed, and she would never be any different, but she would never be the same either.

She’d never be ready for this, she’d never be prepared. She’d never know completely what she was doing. Perhaps she would learn as she went along, she mused. Perhaps she would get to a point and something would click into place. That was the thing, she didn’t know. Maybe that was what was so overwhelming about it. Maybe that was the whole point.

Aelin walked slowly towards the throne. She could see her court, and the courts of the rest of Erilea. She spotted Prince Galan of Wendlyn, her cousin and ally standing tall and proud. The King and Queen of Eyllwe, smiling warmly, and the recently reinstated monarchs of Fenharrow and Melisande. Ansel of the Western Wastes was also in attendance, fiercely resplendent in the wolf carved armour Aelin had first laid eyes on in the Red Desert when she was just seventeen. Aelin almost missed Elide on Ansel’s other side, and Aelin noticed with a start that she was crying, tears of joy streaming down her pale face. And there was Queen Manon Blackbeak, and the rest of her Thirteen, to represent the Ironteeth-Crochan Witch Alliance. Manon’s eyes met Aelin’s as she passed. Asterin Blackbeak’s intense gaze burned as she flashed Aelin a wicked grin from her Wing Leader’s side.

Dorian, not more than a foot from Manon’s side, smiled kindly at her. Aelin beamed right back at her friend, remembering briefly the spoiled Prince who’d freed a self serving assassin from Endovier more than two years ago now, and she felt a strange rush of gratitude towards him, and a twinge of pain in her heart for all they both had lost. At his side stood the Captain of Adarlan’s Royal Guard, and Aelin surprised herself by wanting to throw her arms around him. For being what she had needed, once. For setting her life on a course that had in part lead her to stand where she stood today. Chaol did not smile, but he did not need to. She felt, looking at him there, that he understood. He saw her as she was, and he accepted her for what she was. Aelin could see in his all too familiar brown eyes that he wished her well, and she hoped with all her heart that he was happy.

Aelin stepped up onto the dais, facing the throne. The throne that had been hers since before she was born. She could feel the weight of her people’s eyes on her back, the gold dress she wore cut low, her scars and tattoos in full view, golden hair plaited back so her pointed Fae ears were also visible.

An assassin’s hood no longer sheltered her from judgement, from sight. She gave her people everything she was, as they gave her all the trust they had left to give in return.

Aelin glanced to Rowan and despite his impassive expression and strong warrior stance, his green eyes held love. To her left, she saw Lysandra, Evangeline hiding in her skirts. The shifter smiled widely at her queen, giving the reassurance that only a true friend could.

She reached the Throne of Terrasen, and the Heir of Fire, the Queen once of Shadows, but now of Light, turned to face her Ashryver cousin, the sword of Orynth sheathed at his side and the Terrasen crown jewels in his hands.

It had seemed fitting that Aedion be the one to conduct the ceremony. He was a prince and warrior general of Terrasen, and there was no one else Aelin felt could do it. Aedion had been here for her all along. He had truly seen her from the beginning and loved her even when they were apart, and the kinship and camaraderie between them could never be replaced or replicated.

Aelin knelt before the throne, her cousin behind her.

“Do you, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, swear blood, loyalty, and honour to the kingdom of Terrasen?”

The pause felt like it stretched out for an eternity. Her heart pounded in her chest. This was it. This was what she had been fighting for since the beginning. Since Nehemia’s death, and perhaps even before. Aelin sent up a silent prayer to honour and thank the Princess of Eyllwe. She wished her friend could be here today. This was what she was meant for, this was the path she had been walking for years, long before she was willing to accept it. This was for Nehemia. This was for her parents. This was for Sam. Most important of all, this was for herself.

She felt so aware of herself in that moment. Of who she was and what she was. She was the same girl she always had been. Headstrong. Passionate. Beautiful. And yet she was also a woman, a woman who was utterly different and new. Honourable. Brave. Powerful. That was the woman she saw in the faces of the people she loved when they looked at her. Her allies and friends. Her court and her family. A woman worthy of being called Queen.

“I, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, swear my blood, my loyalty, and my honour to the kingdom of Terrasen. I promise to serve and protect its people for the rest of my immortal life, and I will use every last drop of my power if that’s what it takes to do so.” Aelin bowed her head.

Aedion lifted the crown from the platter beside him and placed it on her head. Aelin felt the weight of the crown, the responsibility it held that had once frightened her so much, but no longer. She could bear it, she could hold it, and she would not falter.

“Rise, my queen,” said Aedion.

So as she rose, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius turned to face her people, and she was not afraid.

aaaahh i’ve been thinking about this for a really long while, but have finally settled with identifying as a femandrogyne. i don’t care too much about pronouns or being misgendered, but i still prefer female pronouns ! they/them are okay too.


So I reached 300 followers which in the amounts of months I’ve actually been here which are only two months it’s a lot. I want to thank you guys for following this blog and requesting things constantly.

In celebration, I will be doing ships for everyone and will include a how I think you guys would meet at the bottom.

Here are the rules for ships

  • Whether u want to be shipped with a guy or a girl or both
  • What your hobbies are, your personality traits and if you want to a physical appearance.
  • No more than three fandoms, please.

If you want to see want fandoms I do my fandom list is HERE it’s also found in my description if the link doesn’t work and please specify which fandom you want.

thank you for 300!!

I will start posting them starting Friday and throughout the weekend! I would also like to thank @myriadimagines for helping me reach 300 and constantly help me out when she can. 

What do I fear the most? Failure.
If I fail , I fail everyone who has expectations from me. And it scares me fucking badly. Because I did not wanted any of this. I had no choice. This is not who i am.this is not who I want to be. I’m slytherin, but I’m not evil.

it makes me paranoid when someone i blocked a long time ago follows my boyfriend out of the blue despite him not being the type of blog youd expect her to follow or even find

fanart ☆ bts | i finally finished coloring the 2yr anniversary thing and changed it up a little hehe~ if all goes well, i’ll be handing out prints of this +stickers for #TRBinLA ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Hi everyone! 2016 seemed to have only lasted a minute and a half, and December is no exception! <br>

Though 2016 has constantly proven to be a super shitty year, I am glad to say I have some nice memories made both on and outside Tumblr. With the holidays coming up and this blog turning one year old not too long ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to give a shout out to those within the Tumblr community that never cease to have me killing the re-blog button. From my ethereal mutuals to the blogs I fangirl over, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday! Let’s work together to make Tumblr a safer and more uplifting environment.  <br>

Special Mentions:                      

My real life pals @angstyaf @hzlena @meglomaniax @thelowlyparamecium @hqnzo @eeddoogg @tofurkyisbae @madikisaok, thank you for being great sources of happiness and understanding. This year I’ve re-connected and grown closer with some of you, and in 2017 I hope to do the same. My ass is never at school but when I am you make the pressures of the day a little more tolerable. I love you all.

@drxgmeouttoseamy username buddy! Charlee, I know we haven’t spoken a whole lot but your presence on my dashboard makes my day. You’re so strong and I hope you can always be happy.

@futurehearttsNicole! You are the first and only person I’ve ever met in person because of Tumblr. We don’t speak much but I love it when we do. You were so helpful and patient with me at Fight For Something and your puppies make me squeal. Please give them loads of kisses and cuddles from me!

@tidalwav-s My sweet pal Ammy. You’re always so sweet to everyone and although some of our conversations have been serious, I hope you know that they always melt my heart. I hope you can soon come to a place in your life where you have genuine people around you and you can rest. I’m always rooting for you!!

Mutuals I still can’t believe are mutuals: @grxund-dweller @iwilldiedefeated @patywalters @paintingsongsintoherskin @thebrotherhoodelites @limitedmercy @kakarikoprovince @celestialclexa @hometolou @onefortheradios @cinderblockgaskarths @liveandbreatheanddiealone @jennaandbands @anchoringsailors @motheroffeminists @eloqu3ntsilence @majoroutofyourleague @callmehopelessandnotromantic @hellyeah-tonightalive @deathshands @nogutsnogloryhole @thetoxicdarkness @poppunkpasta @titsteaandterriblemusic


Equally Lovable Mutuals: @snakebiteheart @rebeccaisntreal  @draccomxlfoy @settled0wnbaby @isuckatlove @majoroutofyourleague @the-tacoaffliction @xperriedise @cinderblockgaskarths @salviapvlth @babyboykiss @surviving-the-disaster @rvenge-frnk @liveandbreatheanddiealone @fight-until-the-wars-done @thnksfrthpoppunk @koalaxy @jediboyega @ch1pskyl4rk @diiveintomysun @innocent-expectations @jescijynx @snakewhich @mcdougalled @aimsir @harrywelshes @scrdtobealone @atoothoutofline @lip-roe @neckdeepend @greemuel @doubletaprootbeer @acbfangirl @collidedhearts @floydstalbert @drag-me-through-h-e-l-l @darlingberlin @all-butterflies-die @my-poor-unfortunate-soul @lesholtzmann @the-pittsburgh-affliction @emmyagron @say-it-aint-soap-operas @onethousandoceans @ptvkellin @stvtic-screams @ineedtheirmusic @ofmiceandmooseblood @erinpiercethehorizon @yourbeautifulremains @darkestofoceans @lonelybee @whenmusicspeakslouder @josieeposie @paramorxlive @drakefeelingswithkanyeattitude @anchor–dxwn @this–wildlifee @lyliahmaria @theotherside05 @focusonphan @awkwardlyanti-social @joelbitch @whoisblrryfce @solivagant-mind @as-cold-as-ice @busty-brian @neveral0ne-neverapart @n-a-m-i-n-e-k-a-i-r-i @xlost-paradisex @geminiexplicit @theuselesslesbianvampire @blessedhomo @savethe-saviours @thestorys0-lame @knvcklepvc @findawayt0stayinyourskin @thestoryso-no @morganwhatsername @poppunk-suks @jamesthemagicaldinosaur @tiny-d0ts @leftmeto-burn @ahrenstringersdicktattoo @syzwienj @leah-i-am-alive @credulous-rhododendron @foreverl0sttt


Blogs Whose Re-blog Buttons I Kill (non-mutuals): @femaleidols @felicitae @xnavyblve @perksofbeingafanboy @princesconsuela @tonight-alive-or-dead @meiqie @primriose @tiffanyhwangz @sonesource @svnnyjjang @angelicvic @wixhful-thinking @these-fading-scars @prettyjaebum @ot9s @d-eathvalley @meanwhilepoetry and probs so many more!


Thank you all for making memories with me this year. Make sure you rest for exams and cuddle up to your pets. Happy holidays! xo - Mikaela

I had been meaning to create a follow forever for a long time. I think the last time I had made one was when I reached 1.1k less than two years ago. I also wanted to celebrate 2017 along with reaching 2.2k followers, so here I am with my follow forever post! Smooches and thank you’s to everyone who included me in their Christmas/New Year’s follow forever posts this holiday season (。♥‿♥。)

2016 was a really interesting year for me, personally. I worried about getting into grad school, got into my top two physics PhD programs, graduated from undergrad, started graduate school, fell in love, got my heart broken, fell in love again, broke someone’s heart again along with my own, made new friends, became closer with old friends, and generally grew a lot as a person, I think. I became more comfortable with speaking my mind and not being nervous about disrupting the peace (especially on this blog). I became more confident in my poetry and writing. I realized the importance of developing your own opinions and to think critically for yourself; the importance of free speech. I learned to stand up for myself and decided that having so many emotions was not a weakness, but a strength—to wear your heart on your sleeve is an admirable form of bravery. I started to pause myself when I feel like I am becoming a workaholic and treat myself. I decided that doubting myself was the biggest harm I could do to myself, and realized that I am so blessed to have family and friends that are constantly supporting and believing in me, unconditionally.

And when I say that I am blessed to have such amazing friends, this includes so many of you I am friends with on this blog. My friends here have always been so supportive of me, from my personal life to my academic career to my writing projects. Thank you for standing up for me and being kind, open minded people in this community. Thank you for encouraging me to post my poetry and for reblogging them. Thank you for writing with me. Thank you for always showering me with love, care, and being patient and always listening to me rant and brain-vomit writing ideas. I wouldn’t have stuck for so long in this community if it were not for you. I am so honored to call you my good friends.

So, I’m going to stop rambling and start hollah-ing at at brilliant babes  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

@differcntial @morningsure @yennywrites @damnitneilperry @huztao @dormcr @ramiemalek @ashleymoore @stardustion @themiswrites @qrowfalls @cjmuses @incjghafas @ravengirlwrites @impierio @frcnkscastle

And of course all these amazing quality people on my dash that I have had the pleasure of having wonderful interactions with (and if we haven’t talked yet, please come into my inbox because I love your blog). You guys are my dashboard superstars and lighten up my days. I hope I will get to write with y’all someday (if you rp) if we haven’t already; and if we have, I hope we’ll get to write together again soon! I almost definitely have forgotten people that should be on this list, because there are so many wonderful people in the community to keep track of and I’m awful at keeping track of url-changes and such. Anyway, I love you all <3 I hope you have an amazing 2017 and that we will get to talk more and get to know each other better this year :)

@dreadwvlf @swiftofrph @akinsman @devilishpoetwrites @monsieurfeuillywrites @lumierc @cuipid @slytherinwritess @romantic-madness1x1 @lunarchld @volchitsarps @fleurdelecours @roguesgxllery @vilarps @vanityshewrote @blueshelp @els-rpideas @ninazaenik @astraeamusings @mrspresidentrps @fleurrdelacour @nyssaalghuls @wrenofrp @xshayarsha @drocomalfoy @gerogeweasley @gadotofrph @lianaliberatcs @richrdganscy @svchacliche @softgods @petuniadursley @the-looosers @xberrywritesx @kiliroleplays @lindseymorgan @kevinwymackday @oddhour @julietcapulct @tonydinozzorps @ullielofrph @crooked-queen @holtzrps @zombiexwrites @lcarian @tomh9rdy @montaguewrites @foolish-boo @ekinneywrites @conspiracistwrites @quagmiresapphires @abugwrites @debnamcarey-rps @winjruit @chewiewrites @pahdme @nyssaalghuls @mouthfulofdiamnds @bloody-gorgeous-rps @pandarenwrites @herorps @lilyevansesque @alexdanverswrites @chewiewrites @blancheduboiswrites @xspacesuperhero @suntorywrites @thebutcheroftorfan @peppermintparvati @jamespottuh @svchacliche @pcperpetals @maguirewrites @theeriinyes @planetsam @diviniadae @inejghafv @ofelah @lindseymxrgans @edwardtonks @emeraudewrote @queenchiddy @halvgods @celestialmusings @pmbrlys @castlewrites @brckkers @lyssdwrites @bodhirookwrites @haydenromerowrites @shackleboltrps @grootrps @naomirps @halcyonwrites @pearagraphs  @blackwidow-writes @wiscowrites

hey you fucks, i just recently hit 18k which is crazy and cool and i don’t know why y’all are here lol. i decided to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in two years (for 2k wow) and i figured it’d be a great way to kick off the new year. this probably won’t be that long as, unlike most bigger blogs, i talk to -2 people, but let’s get this started

the main peeps (aka people i sort of communicate with and/or admire from afar)

@cringe-attacks - if i didn’t put my girlfriend i’d probably get slam dunked into a trash can (but honestly im not just sayin it she has a great blog and shes a funny and amazing person so follow her asap)

@glowinghowell and @pheppermint - kendra and emily are. a god send. the most lovely people u will ever talk to

@adziedoodle - basically my mom and i’ve come to accept it (adzie might be the sweetest person i’ve met on tumblr, they always try to make people smile and are generally just great at making u feel welcome and wanted)

@heartiful - idris isn’t a phan blog anymore but,,, oh boy. the bants we had. if u want a high quality aesthetic blog with a hilarious person to keep u company, hit idris up (also if ur a cute boy,, js)

@phantheraglama - korein is probably one of my favorite people to exist, ever. she was one of the first blogs i followed and i always admired her. she’s so kind and funny and i’ll never forget how she offered to draw emily something for her birthday and basically made her whole year (thank u again for that)

@pinofs - i think i’ve had maybe.. one conversation with nikki? in my whole life? but i still feel like we’re friends because i see him on twitter all the time and he’s just so funny and i always feel like i should talk to him more (he’s also a fantastic phanartist and has such a distinct style, u cant miss it, it’s great)

@darkphannie - holy shit . jasmine is hilarious. like literally every single time u go on her blog or have a conversation with her, it’s a wild ride but u love every second of it. she’s probably the funniest phan blog out there right now, her asks have me dead

@ukulelephil - i don’t talk to caitlyn nearly enough, but she is also so so funny and never fails to make u laugh. her gifs are great and she deserves all the love in the world

@thyring - thyra also isn’t a phan blog anymore, but i still consider us good friends. she’s so caring and kind and her blog is like an aesthetic dream

@rebloggingphan - i haven’t talked to lisa in a minute but shes so funny and sweet and deserves more love and always makes me feel appreciated

@phanscherryblossom - gabby is too good for this world, i miss them bc we haven’t talked in a while, but i always love talking with them because they’re so sweet and funny

@danisontnonfire - dominique is so naturally good at conversation and i haven’t talked to her in ages but she’s still someone i consider to be a good friend of mine 

@tiagoodwin16 @anyo1511 and @cadensaurus - i’ll be the first to say that i don’t give these three enough attention. i see them in my activity all the time and they’re usually the first to send me kind messages when i’m feeling down. i always feel guilty for not answering them more or having conversations with them, but it’s people like caden anyo and tia that keep me going


my other peeps (aka people i may not know well enough to write a big message for but i appreciate their existence and am like nice!! when i see them)

@danschode - @phansmoonlight - @dreamyhowell - @dailyphan - @pseudophan - @phiru - @wafflydan - @cafephan - @howellsbitch - @cookiephil - @crises-of-existentiality - @earthlester - @flusteredphil - @fireworksphan - @galaxyphan - @internetcultleader - @kindhowell - @moaninghowell - @qanhowell - @sighphil - @sarcasticphan - @wafflydan 


and that’s about it! if i left u out i promise it’s nothing personal, i’m just a dumbass and forget things way too easily. i did this in like 20 minutes and i promise i love like everyone i’ve ever had a conversation with, but my tiny peanut brain can’t remember that many names. but every single one of u, even if i’ve never had a conversation with you, help me feel appreciated and i appreciate all of you too. so even if you aren’t on this list, thank you for giving this stupid little blog meaning. i’m not trying to get my hopes up for 2017, but i hope y’all stick with me and see what it has in store for us. thank you for 18k!

later losers

anonymous asked:

Can you two kiss but ON THE LIPS THIS TIME

Dipper: ////////

Bill: *smug*

In celebration of the new episode today- Woo! Bill reappearing after a whole year! Plus we surpassed the 1000 follower count today- THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧ (and no school today dang this is amazing!)

-Admins <3

Hello buds and pals! Nothing like posting a 2015 follow forever right before the year changes lmao. Anyway I wasn’t gonna make one of these at first but then everyone else did one so I thought why not! Tbh I didn’t take this ff as seriously as I have in the past, so please don’t freak out if you’re not on this. I went through the list of people I follow super quickly so I’m sure I missed several people!

Okay so these are some of my fave blogs! Thanks for spending 2015 for me, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for all of us. :)

(Also thanks to my son Nathan for making this banner since I was too lazy lol.)

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