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hey first of all sorry for changing url right before making this but yeah!! this is my first ff so ive got no clue what im doing but thank u all so much for 250 followers!!!

sorry if i miss anyone out theres a lot of people aaa ;;

if u want me to remove ur tag just let me know!!

bolded means i consider u to be a fav mutual but tbh i lov u all a lot

first things first i love you guys so so much ur my best frickin pals

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all of u are really cool and good

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once again im so sorry if i missed you theres just so many!! i really do love all of my followers and mutuals a lot hopefully ill get better at making these as time goes on

wow nice header amber did u make that in like 20 minutes ?? (yes i did n it was hard lmao)

BUT YES ITS THE END OF 2017 ! i started this blog on may 31st 2017 n wow what a journey ! i have met some wonderful people n had a lot of laughs ! lets continue on into 2018 !! 

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oh boy oh boy oh boy do u guys want some flower symbolism bc i sure love it


  • Laurel - ambition, success (hah), renown, victory (HAH)
  • Hyacinth - flower dedicated to Apollo, rashness, sorrow


  • Daffodil (single) - unrequited love, you’re the only one, the sun is always shining when I’m with you


  • Borage - courage
  • Baby’s breath - innocence, purity of heart
  • Aster - symbol of love, daintiness, trusting
  • Daisy - innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity
  • Sunflower - pure and lofty thoughts


  • Plum blossom - beauty and longevity
  • Orchid - refined beauty
  • Cypress - death, mourning, despair, sorrow
  • Rose (black) - death, hatred, farewell
  • Asphodel - my regrets follow you to the grave, the flower of death, the haunt of the dead

Hello everyone! This is my first follow spree and had to unfollow some very inactive blogs, also my dash is dead lately so I enlisted some titles/category content which I needed more to see on my dash. If we share similar interest from the following below, reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog! :D

By title:

  • Ace Attorney 
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  • Fairy Tail
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  • Gintama
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Kimi no na wa
  • One Punch Man
  • Dragonball Super

By category:

  • Seasonal anime
  • Disney films
  • Comix Wave films


  • Make your own gif/graphics/manga edits
  • Tag your post/Have tagging system
  • An anime blog
  • Always active (queue is fine)
  • Scream in the tags (need more enthusiasm in my life)
  • Likes to interact with others

Add in the tag everything what includes when you post or reblog! Please note that I cannot follow every blog because I’m very picky so pls don’t take it by heart! 

@Mutuals it’s very much appreciated if you can signal boost this! 

THANK YOU!! ヽ(^◇^*)/ 


09.17.2017:  1/100 days of productivity - sick af (っ- ‸ – ς)

song of the day: 냄새나는 여자 - 10cm

I’ve been sick all this weekend, but I still managed to get my butt and do my bujo spread! I’m doing well in my classes so far and I’m very proud of myself. I also try not to be so hard on myself, especially with my studying. I’ve been going back and watching a lot of anime that I used to watch all the time and Ouran High School Host Club still gives me so many laughs! Tamaki is still my baby, I’m– ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ If you haven’t seen it, it’s good. (even though it’s old? not really old tbh but ya know!) But today has been somewhat a productive day, I’ve been resting but hey, productive for getting better! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

This week’s bujo theme: Byun Baekhyun aka my husband

Baekhyun is literally the definition of beautiful like he’s my ult bias in exo (IM SORRY CHANNIE BUT HE COLLECTED ME DURING MONSTER BUT YOU’RE SECOND ULT BIAS IF THAT COUNT IMCRYING). He’s so adorable, dorky and quirky. I love him so much, omg. 



Well Crap

I know it’s not that special, but yah! Starting today! First time doing this so please bear with me-

I Will Only choose 3 Winners! Prizes will be traditional art cause I suck at digital AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO DRAW THEM!


1. Must be a follower! And you can’t Unfollow me after the Raffle If you do well sh*t

2. Like this post = 1 Entry

3. When you reblog, You answer this question: Are you an Introvert, Extrovert, or an Ambivert? = 1 Entry (If not answered your entry will be invalid sorry >w<)

4. I’m not choosing the winners, the generator will! So please don’t be sad if you don’t get picked!

5. The prizes might be done when it’s the start of my break. And since I want the prizes to look pleasant, it might take time for me… Please don’t rush (fag too many rulez)

OH YAH! Prizes will be a clean lined art! And maybe colored if not too busy. Like these:

(Just to be reminded, these are kinda past drawings cause nowadays I’ve improved)

and 6. ENJOY!


(And If the winners are chosen, I’ll message you guys for some details [or you guys message me cause ‘something went screwy’ always pops up sorry as I said first time doing this to show my appreciation])


Art Trades & Commissions

“Wow, you’re certainly confident in your own abilities aren’t you?” HA! I’m never confident. But being perpetually anxious and self-deprecating means that when those worries do show up, I can tell them to shove off because I’ve got stuff to do. Like art trades. And commissions. 

Yes! I recently noticed that I now have almost 340 followers! Less than 2 months ago I only had 138 followers! ;O; Idk why you guys like my li’l old blog (it’s Kakashi, isn’t it? he’s certainly taken over my blog, and my life) buuut I’m super thankful to each and every one of you! This blog has really helped me to put out more art and writing than I’ve done in quite a while, which makes me so happy. It’s also helped me with my 2017 Resolution, which was to write every day this year. (I didn’t quite get it, but I was pretty darn close which is amazing.) 

So to celebrate ~340 followers and to punch self-doubt in the face, I’m opening up art trades and commissions! You can find more info about them HERE. I am but a smol bean who cannot drive in the winter so I have nothing to do for the next few months except eat, sleep, read, and watch Netflix. I put a bit of my heart and soul into everything I create. Yes, every fic/art I’ve posted on here is a Horcrux. I’m going to live forever. 

But if you don’t feel like parting with your hard-earned money to buy little pieces of my pine-needle-scented soul, then that’s fine too! But reblogging this would be super helpful and awesome of you! Please, help me to create more Horcruxes. I need to live forever. (And it’d really help since no one’s hiring atm and my fam bam is still fixing up the house from where last winter utterly destroyed it.)
i will always find you - kuresoto - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kylo Ren/Rey
Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Kylo Ren
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Angels & Demons, Alternate Universe - Reincarnation, Lilith!Rey, Lucifer!Kylo, Lovers since another lifetime, Demon AU, Dark!Rey tones, Fallen Angels, Loss of Virginity, Soulmates

Rey considers her life pretty normal. Some might not, what with working as a bartender until four in the morning, but she’s content with it. Going home at the crack of dawn never bothered her. In fact, she found it very calming. Making drinks? Keeps her hands busy. Customers? Never had a problem and her easiest customer has to be the man who seems to always show up on her shifts. His order is simple and he doesn’t bother her. Her co-workers finds him strange, but who was she to judge?

It’s not like she knows him.

Demon AU

Gift and based on @lilithsaur‘s Demon AU :3 I hope you enjoy it? 

What do I fear the most? Failure.
If I fail , I fail everyone who has expectations from me. And it scares me fucking badly. Because I did not wanted any of this. I had no choice. This is not who i am.this is not who I want to be. I’m slytherin, but I’m not evil.

anonymous asked:

What simblrs do you recommend?

well I’ve already done one of these before, which you can find here, but I’ve found a few more blogs recently so i think its time for an updated list!

More cool blogs! (in no particular order):

@apricoto @femmesim @mik-up @lyriumsims @tophlair @mummasim @cartonsims @dreambot @batsysims @moonfllwr @sandy-sims @lovearound5am @shespeakssimlish @smubuh @kotiij @theuniquepoutine @stephanine-sims @cat-nerd-sims @sim-bubble @tea-sims @peonypyxels

keep in mind that if you weren’t on this list and you were on the one before, it doesn’t mean that you’re off my follow forever list! I’m just adding some new blogs onto it =)

Appreciation Post

I just recently hit 200 followers, which isn’t a lot but it’s the most I’ve ever had! So to commemorate this moment I wanted to shout out a few people in this fandom that I appreciate for their amazing content and/or their overall friendliness.

 @johnnystransbf ~ @markgf ~ @taeyongtown ~ @myfirstandlast ~ @1ongride ~ @mypge ~ @ilovnct ~ @soft-tyong ~ @fantasticneko ~ @kyungsuoo ~ @rxnjuns

Also mentions to those who aren’t my mutuals:

@1aeil - @nakamotens - @renjunz - @nctsub - @haechansprince

Thank you for making my experience up to now in this fandom an amazing one!