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Wanted: Malec

People I beg you, I’m new to the fandom and looking for blogs to follow - so if you also like to spend your free time fantasizing over a fictional gay couple and how great they look together, or maybe just sometimes post about Shadowhunters, I’d appreciate if you’d reblog this so I can find as many of you as possible :D

Ace Of Color Stories

I’ve just discovered a GOLD MINE of amazing stories from aspec PoC, curated in 2015 by @theasexualityblog under the tag #AceOfColorStories. I’ve only read a handful so far but It’s already incredibly moving, educational (as a white aspec), and begs to be boosted. 

For that reason, I’m currently in the process of bringing these stories to YOU through reblogs, and in the process, curating them further under my #BoostAceVoices & #BoostAroVoices tags (because the tag also highlights aro-spec stories). I’ve also just created the tag “#aspecs of color” if you want to follow this particular subsection of ace/aro spec voices on my blog. 

Please help me to,

#BoostAceVoices & #BoostAroVoices

the signs as annoying types of people on tumblr dot com
  • aries: gets into heated arguments with children over cartoon characters and ships
  • taurus: i'm right. everyone else is wrong. no. i will not budge on this i know everything i took a psychology class 10 years ago
  • gemini: vagues about their friends constantly
  • cancer: every. single. post. is begging for attention and crytyping
  • leo: still into superwholock, and still makes posts like a 12 year old in 2014
  • virgo: constantly reblogs posts that claim they'll give you a shoutout and boost your followers
  • libra: that one person that adds their commentary to every post whether it's relevant or not
  • scorpio: porn bots
  • sagittarius: thinks that posting about polyamorous relationships in ship tags will make things simmer down. does not realize they're making it worse.
  • capricorn: the token cis straight person that adds onto posts thinking they understand all forms of oppression. well meaning, but gets on everyone's nerves tbh
  • aquarius: way too serious about anime
  • pisces: "henlo my smol beans!!!!"

I’m sorry if I followed you and then all the sudden blocked you. I’m just getting really bad night terrors because of the new It movie, and I really don’t want to see that on my dash. I am unable to install anything on my phone to block that sort of stuff, and even on my computer, where I have blocked it, people don’t tag their things properly. I have a really huge phobia of clowns, and when people don’t tag things properly, I could see it, furthering my frequency of night terrors. It’s a really shitty thing to do, so please, I beg of you, tag your things properly if they may scare someone because it can be a really awful thing for some people. Just a PSA.

(I’m tagging mutuals because hopefully they’ll help me) @frickbread @soup-place @simplyharryp @roadtohellpavedwithstuffeddogs @geoffreyram @katsuyacrimson @micoo

(I’m sorry if this was annoying, I just really need people to see this!)

so hey i've never done one of these before

but im looking for more people to follow! so like/reblog if you post:
•one punch man (saigenos/genosai)
•botw (sidon or sidlink!)
•nintendo arms
•still post hetalia
•dream daddy
•steven universe 
•palaeontology (esp feathered dinos and mammal like reptiles!!)
•there’s probably a lot more i don’t remember atm..

i don’t mind who you are as long as you’re not a terf/radfem, neo-nazi/white supremacist, or a homophobe or transphobe. following back would be a bonus but i’m not gonna beg for it if for some reason you don’t want to follow me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if you post nsfw i will rb it to @pornlizard palaeontology stuff will be on @palaeolizard
i really want some new stuff on my dash + maybe some new mutuals?? c:

(if we’re already mutuals u can rb this to help me out if you want) (i’m too lazy to fix the formatting, so just deal with it lol)

Section: C19 

Row: 9 

Seats: 1, 2, 3 

To everyone that follows me, will you please, please, please, please reblog this and tag taylorswift. I never ask for things like this so please (I’m literally begging you haha). And to anyone that does reblog this and tag her, I am completely and utterly so thankful. 

yo please do me a solid like/reblog this if you post voltron legendary defender so I can follow you

Adriana and I have noticed that the Tolkien fandom has been lacking with edits lately so we’ve decided to dedicate a week to elves in the hope of more Tolkien related content. If this is successful, we will possibly arrange more of these in the future to maintain the activity in our fandom! If anyone has ideas for other themed weeks, feel free to organize a week yourself, because the more the better! We hope as many people as possible will contribute to this.

From Monday the 7th till Sunday the 13th we’ll be posting an edit every day related to elves. Here’s more information about it:

• Your edits have to be elf related
• You can make whatever you want (gifs, graphics, videos, playlists, etc.)
• You don’t have to post every day
• Tag your posts with #elfweek so that we can see your posts

Day 1: favorite male elf
Day 2: favorite female elf
Day 3: elven costume(s)
Day 4: even realm(s)
Day 5: elven object(s)
Day 6: elven race(s)
Day 7: anything you want
(You don’t have to follow this list but it would be nice if you did)

If you have any questions you can either send me or Adriana an ask/message.
Whether or not you’re participating in this, please reblog this to spread the word!

Friends, I’m begging you, for the love of Gallifrey, please please please do not reblog content from fandomlife-universe. 90% of their content is stolen. 

By reblogging from them you’re supporting a blog that thinks it’s perfectly okay to gain from the theft of intellectual property. Show tumblr that it doesn’t matter if you have 20 followers or 20,000 - theft is not okay.