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Mute - Luke Hemmings [fluff] (part 10)

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Anonymous - “PART TEN PART TEN PART TEN FOR MUTE!!!!! Love it!!”
Anonymous - “I just read the whole mute luke series and I need more! Please write the 10th part soon! Thank you ♥”

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Word Count - 1027


Luke is hired a week later because, despite his relationship with you being a little rocky at the moment, he is actually really good at his job and a joy to work with. He has a meeting with your boss on his first day which you find weird but you go about your job in your office just outside. It’s quite a short meeting, only lasting around 20 minutes at most but still you are told nothing about it.

“I don’t see how that could be a problem Luke, as long as you get your work done,” your boss says before whispering, only just loud enough for you to hear. “And I’m sure your plans will make quite the occasion for the whole office”

Luke leaves you with a kiss on the cheek and vanishes.

“What was that about?” you ask.

Your boss doesn’t reply, he just smiles though the smile seems to be sympathetic.

For the next few weeks Luke is allowed to leave work a few hours before you do which you assume is what the meeting was about. What a nerve, you think, he’s not very good at keeping the whole cheating thing a secret, surely if he thought you were suspicious he would tone it down a little.

A few weeks pass, a month maybe and you arrive at work, Luke vanished early that morning leaving you to sigh loudly and get ready for work anyway. As you arrive at work you get a lot of smiles, more than usual, someone must have baked a cake or something, and wandering up the stairwell the smiles continue.

At around midday Luke hasn’t showed up yet but you hear music from outside and you go to the window, in need of something to pick your spirits up. Looking down, since your on the 10th floor at the top of the building, you see a small acoustic band, it looks like some of the boys that Luke was friends with at college. Michael, the boy who sort of introduced you two, on guitar, a boy who you think is called Calum standing singing and then a curly haired boy who might be the Ashton that Luke has mentioned once or twice sat on a box drumming, they’re good. The Calum boy waves up at you and you smile as he points upwards, you furrow your brow and look up only to see a sign stuck to the inside of the window directly opposite yours.

’[Y/N]’ the sign reads ‘Go to the stairwell, look out the window’

You glance around your office to see your boss who nods to let you go and you hurry off, keen to see what’s going on.

You look out the first window of the stairwell and see another sign - 'Keep going’

Out another window - 'All the way to the bottom’

And another - 'Trust me it’s worth it’

And one final sign - 'Go out the front door, there’s a surprise’

There are more people than usual in the lobby who all turn to you when you exit the stairs. A few people nod to the door and you go outside into the large square like area. Yet again a lot of people have gathered and you give a small wave to the boys who are still playing the music. The doors of the building opposite open and out walks Luke, holding more signs.

'Hello’ the first reads before he drops it.

A smile spreads onto your face.

'I have a secret to tell you’

'Over the last little while I have been going missing’

'Not to cheat on you, I would never do that’

'But I’ve been going somewhere’

'To a clinic’

'A speech clinic’

'They performed a minor procedure and have been doing speech exercises with me’

'I haven’t spoken yet, however’

He walks closer to you, still holding the signs.

'I wanted the first think I say to mean something’

'And I wanted it to be for you’

'So here it is…’

He drops the final card and takes your hand, closing his eyes and opening his mouth.

A croaky, mumble-y and frankly quite odd sound follows making you smile but eventually he manages to say, “[Y/N], I l-love you,” though it sounds more like 'lub choo’ and he squeezes his eyes shut seeming disappointed with himself.

You smile and nod eagerly before quickly signing 'keep going’, unable to talk yourself.

“I wanted t-to know…” he steps back and crouches, “W-will you m-marry me?”

He snaps open a box containing a small glittering diamond ring leaving you speechless.

Tears spill from your eyes as you nod and sign 'yes’ before choking out a further, “yes,” in case you didn’t get your point across.

He stands and places the ring on your finger before brushing away your tears with his thumbs and kissing you lightly and pressing his forehead to yours.

'You have no idea how nervous that made me’ he signs.

“I bet it did, but you sound fantastic,” you smile.

'I can’t talk much, it’s only there to help if I practice key phrases’ he tries to explain.

“I’m here to help,” you say, “But for now lets just stick to signing”

He nods in agreement as the three boys come over to say hello.

“You did great buddy,” Michael says, hugging him as the others pat him on the back.

“Nice to see you again, Michael,” you smile.

“You too, I have to say I didn’t see Luke going this far with anyone, never mind you,” he smiles.

Luke taps Michael’s shoulder before signing 'Introduce them…’

“Oh yeah, this is Calum and Ashton,” he smiles.

“Congratulations,” Calum says.

“Seriously, I’m so happy for you two,” Ashton adds.

“Thanks,” you reply.

The rest of the day you can’t stop staring at your ring and when you get back to your and Luke’s apartment he’s already there, making a home cooked meal.

“Hello fiance,” you say, wrapping your arms around his waist.

He twists his head to kiss your cheek and you smile. When he turns around he kisses you sweetly.

'I love you’

“I love you too”


A/N: That’s whee I was planning on ending it but idk bro…

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