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-You must to be following me (don’t unfollow me after the art raffle please it’s rude c’:)

-Like+Reblog =Entry

-Deadline: 14 of July

What can i draw:




What can’t i draw:




1º Place: 

*Full body colored w/background 1 or 2 character

* half body full colored w/background 1 or 2 characters

2º Place:

*Full body colored w/background only one character

* half body full colored w/background only one character


*Full body lineart w/shading 1 or 2 character

*Full body one color theme only one character.

So i’m celebrating one year with this blog so i will another thing:

If you is one of my best fans or it’s you have the first place in my blog until the deadline I gonna draw whatever you want.

note: please try to not spamming me a lot :p

so that’s it, good luck and thank so much >w<

Let’s get creative!

So, in the past few weeks, this blog has gone from 4000 to (almost) 6000 followers! Mod Alys, Mod James and myself have been coming up with ways to celebrate and we have decided to do a little competition with all of our followers. 

We want you to submit your moodbaords to us! We want to celebrate our followers this time! The rules are as follows:

-No NSFW boards, they will be deleted instantly

-LGBT+ related 

-Only submit 1, any others will be deleted 

-No hateful boards

-You must be following the blog.

You have 6 (to celebrate 6000) days to submit them to us using the submit function. We will post them all and after the 6 days Mod Alys, Mod James and I will choose 2 favorites each and those 6 are the winners! 

All posts about the competition will be tagged as “6000 followers competition”

We all look forward to seeing what you can do!

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~Mod Bayley 

Art by しょぬ(null) || Find this art here || Permission to post was given from the artist || Reposting elsewhere is not allowed

200+ Followers Art Raffle!!

Mod here!

and, oh my hecc, 213 followers?? Im so SHOOK but REALLY HAPPY AAAA

thank you so much!! ;v;

as a little thank you, I’ll be holding an art raffle!

“Rules” are simple;

  • You must be following me (new followers are totally welcome!)
  • You must reblog this (with or without a reference of a character you want me to draw if you end up winning! your choice!)
  • Read to the end of this for a little verification!

and thats it!


First place winner gets; a soft-shaded or painted fullbody of chosen OC

Second place gets; a cell-shaded or painted bust/halfbody of chosen OC

Third place gets; a shaded or painted headshot of chosen OC

a n d fourth place gets; a smol flat color icon of chosen OC

Here are some examples of my art for the above places

(( Soft-shaded fullbody, look below for painting examples ))

(( Painted halfbody ))

(( cell-shaded halfbody ))

(( Painted headshot, kinda .. ))

(( shaded headshot ))

(( and finally, flat color icon!! these are 500x500 px by the way! ))

Sorry for the lengthy post so far haha, but this is it! Thank you for reading!

Now, as a last verification-

Upon reblogging if you wish to enter, put your favorite drink in the tags if you’ve read and looked at everything! 

Good luck to anyone entering! 

I will be ending entries and deciding winners on July 4th!!

Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 50
Title: The End
Date: 22nd February 2014

Not a fanart, I know. It’s not mine either. I do not know who made this, but this landed in my inbox the day I left Tumblr.

Why am I posting this? Because what the picture says is true. :)
If you’re going through a struggle, don’t give up! Keep searching for the light, for I can guarantee you it is out there somewhere. I found it myself. :)

And on this note ends this series. Thank you for following it! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

OTP Challenge: Bluepulse
Day 30: Do what you want

Well.. This is for you… For all of you, so.. You have two options:
1. You ask and Bart and Jaime will responds you all of your questions :)
2. Give me ideas about what do you want I draw in the final day Challenge :)