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Kard can finally debut their predebut project is finished they can have their debut stage they can be nominated for awards and first place on music shows we’ll get interactions they’ll have a chance at their first win omg omg omg they haven’t even debuted yet and their following is already so massive once they debut they can finally take over the world I’m so excited stan kings stan queens stan kard


This will be a few months long hiatus but I will check my dash and follow your stories and interact with my chars from time to time… just no more posts from me… well actually I have 3 drafted posts since March and I need to make at least 4 more so I can tell this little story (ofc it’s about my reds…I have no idea when I’m going to finish that). Now I need to focus on uni and only that…

i was kind of considering deleting my tumblr. but I’ve decided not to. I’d miss the cool people I’ve met and all the stupid memes too much

what i WILL do is stop queuing. when i started this blog, i posted whenever i was online and thats it. i might still be online every day, idk, but the blog will only be active when i am from now on

…i feel like most people do this anyway lol but idk i used to put all this pressure on myself to have an active blog 24/7 and that takes the fun out of it so

i’m sorry to my fresh & new taz followers. you may have already realized that i’m actually very inactive. i’ll probably start working on my animatic next week but until then i think i’ve got my THB down. i still need to figure out maggie and taako’s body types

S/O post for mama bear

Another appreciation post for @death-witch-envy

I accidently clicked onto my stats page and ever since I freaking MADE this blog, Death-Witch-Envy is ALWAYS my #1 fan on the statistic-thingy
so yeah
she’s awesome 
Follow her if you haven’t yet ;; 
She posts a lot of cute and cool things. They’re always fun to look at during school and to keep myself entertained 

and she helps me with my questions (even the stupid ones lol)


Okay I just have something to say-

Even tho I took the chance that I’d get my laptop back before the art raffle ends it ain’t happening.. ;-;;

It’s glitching out and I have to send it for repairs. We’re sending it this friday and at monday I’m choosing the raffle winners. It won’t come back in time so the winners will have to wait for a while to get their prizes.

I just feel kinda stupid because I was told that we were going to send it last friday and it was supposed to come may 1st hhhhhhhhhhhh

ill shut up about this soon but heres something: i dont want to spend 12hours 3 days a week at both schools i used to go to anymore so i am dropping out of art school because i want to be able to finish high school properly and im already struggling i dont think i could manage two schools. some of you who follow me already know that during 12h days all i did was not eat and cry about it so whats the point. im only afraid that im missing out on some things thats all

I’ve reached another small blog milestone and I’ve contemplated doing a follow-forever but you’re all probably following them already anyway since they’re all awesome blogs.

I’d like to make a special shoutout to @soli-bear for being the first person to follow me and for sticking with me for all these years (despite crappy posts and change in content). You’re a real pal, sol. Even though I don’t get to talk to you nowadays, but I still do enjoy all the whiterose goodness of your blog and remember our saltiness about llsif, not to mention the dashboard shipping days. I want you to know that I think of you every time I see/hear of sunbears and I have been able to put my knowledge of sunbears in a discussion in class once.

Anyway, thanks to all the blogs I follow (even though they will never see this), my followers and my mutuals.
Tumblr has been a refuge and I’m proud to say I’ve made solid friendships here.

anonymous asked:

I have an ask! what prompted you to make this blog in the first place?

Origin Story Time

I love Incorrect Quote Blogs. I think they’re absolutely hysterical. My favorite incorrect quote blog is @incorrect-hatoful-quotes, and it was the first one I’ve ever experienced. Then came @incorrectaceattorney, which took Incorrect Quote blogs to a new level by creating incorrect screencaps.

Finally, my friend created @incorrectpride-prejudicequotes, and I thought, “This seems like so much fun.”

This was very nearly an Incorrect Kingsman Quotes blog, but too many of them already exist, and too many of them are really, really good.

Then, it was very nearly an Incorrect Adventure Zone blog, but I already follow @incorrect-taz-quotes, so I wouldn’t want to accidentally steal their content or compete with them for followers.

And then Pokémon Go dropped, and I snatched that shit up as fast as humanly possible. I think I was the first Incorrect Pokémon Go Quotes blog, which is something I’m very happy about. I also dominate the “incorrect Pokémon Go quotes” tag. Now, I try to keep consistent characterization of the Team Leaders and Professor Willow, which parodies what they’re probably actually like (especially in Willow’s case).

If you’re thinking about making an Incorrect Quotes blog, just do it. It’s a lot of fun and super easy.

Other Incorrect Quotes blogs that I follow:

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i just joined the cow chop fandom a few weeks ago, i love the crew and their content but.. YIKES at a lot of people in/out of this fandom.. could you recommend some drama free blogs for me to follow? i'm already following you so i thought you'd be a good person to ask

@aleksandr-james @jameswilsun @daneru94 @covvchop @ninja46464 @super-novapolitan @lmmortalnova @novasdildo @jamesangel @crtchop @immortal-meow @cowchop-gifs @cowgroup


Bad Friend Event. I’m gonna kickstart my own event because this blog needs something exciting! Plus I wanna put Boris into use now that he’s around. SL may be familiar, but he won’t show himself right now. ;) 

Someone has given Mischief a notice. Boris is alive once again and has been searching for Mischief. Mischief has been grieving over what he saw happen, Boris die. Most people who follow me already knew that. Hope this event is fun! Let’s see how it goes. 

You may send asks regarding the event if you’d like!