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hey lovely people!! I have finally decided hosting my very own first favourites! yay!! in honor of my 18th birthday coming up in a month and *ello-bby’s one year anniversary* on tumblr!! I’m so excited to see all of your beautiful blogs!  


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o/ Hello again, 

I wanted to give you guys a little update on my situation, all is going well and I’d like to thank you all on your support some of the messages I got were amazing and some people even offering to donate, which I deeply appreciate but I don’t think I could accept money for nothing, that just feels weird.

I was trying to think of something I could offer in return to any donations but without a PC I wouldn’t even be able to offer commissions so I came up empty on that, but I thank all of you who offered.

If anyone has some ideas on anything I could offer inreturn let me know, maybe I can sellout a little bit ;). 


In the near future I “should” (*fingers crossed*) be able to afford a new PC and hopefully I’ll be back to my usual spamming of your feeds. Yey. \o/

Also I’m sat at 39k followers which is insane since I think I was around 20k when my PC died so my blog has continued to grow without any post (IDK how but woop <3) So I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of my followers new and old and I really hope to get back on here as soon as possible.

Much love 



I been thinking, Am I the reason for people getting depressed..? I been thinking if it is why do I speak and try to make contact with anyone?? I am getting less active on any social media I use (Skype, Google Plus, ETC)

I am getting home schooled very soon… A big road is ahead for me! I went to counseling Tuesday with my family and while talking to the lady they seemed legit worried about me

It is really embarrassing to think your parents are that worried and they think you will commit suicide when you are in a certain state, I mean I get out of control but I don’t think I would ever take the extra step.

Though while I have my panic attacks I try to do things like that but It never goes through completely if you know what I mean! I been having a lot of school issues to top it all off

Friends don’t trust me due to things last year that happened.. I don’t feel as happy anymore, Its kinda like we lost a spark in friendship you could say? 8th grade work is very hard.. Its takes a lot of work and I don’t feel ready for it! Its a huge struggle on my shoulders

While being alone in 99% of my classes that is a huge problem, People think you are a lonely loser with no friends, Which I am. I do have my “Friends” But its just not the best feeling or time when you get stared at.. I just try to ignore them because what is the point of reacting? There is literally no point.. But I do feel the pain later on.. Like when they insult me and say I am Ugly,Bitch,Curly Fry and other horrible names

It weighs even more on my shoulders, Then here comes online things which is the less of my problems but still haunt me. So what gets me online is when I am not aloud to “Vent” Yeah I know I do it a whole lot but I delete them and move on… So why do people bring up that I do it so much?? Is it a way to make me feel worse about myself? Or do people think I want Attention 24/7?? I really don’t and that is why I am trying to hide my emotions so I don’t get bashed all the time

I lost a few followers due to my stupidity… I mean they were inspirations!! I know I keep bringing this up but it is just something I hate feeling. Too know they look down on me because of my constant vents, I literally delete them in a minutes time or if I am actually brave enough I will keep it up knowing I will loose followers or get hit then and there

I am seeing that people are giving up on me because its everyday now, And I am trying my best to get this fixed?! I am going as fast as I can, Think of it like this okay..? I have a rubber ball, I keep adding a band when I get a problem.. This represents how big the problems are until it gets to a certain size I am trying to remove bands but its in a slow matter of time! Nothing can cure me unless I give in…. So If I open up to everyone more maybe I will feel better..?

Overall I been trying to support all of you, Sending the most love I can.. I just don’t know how to help you when you are sad…I still try because I care about ALL my followers

Please don’t be afraid to talk to me, I don’t bite alright?? UwU

Remember this.. My emotions don’t matter, Yours do

I love you and People love you


Think postive <33 It will get better for you! 

ilysm guys, Never stop being you!

Hey everyone Iv’e past the 500 follower mark recently! I am super happy I get to share doge content with you all. 

I want to give a shout to one of my favorite blogs http://ddoge666.tumblr.com/

If you love doge content and other cool things like anime and bands and etc. then please follow them!

Also I will be giving shout outs to other blogs and I also follow those who follow me. <33 bork bork !!

Other Blogs!

Just while this blog is in hiatus, I thought I’d introduce any new followers or old followers to my other blogs which I do update on a constant basis. I have four other blogs that you guys may or may not be interested in but if you are, please have a click on the links below :)

Main Blog (I just post random crap and my interests here)

NSFW Blog (mainly gay porn with a bit of girls every now and then)

Sheriarty Blog (my shipping blog between Sherlock Holmes and Jim Moriarty)

Hannigram Blog (my shipping blog between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham)

I also have an AO3 which I update with fics every now and then if you wanna check that out too ;)

My AO3

All fics from this blog 

I will be back soon but for now please enjoy what these other blogs can offer, every follower and like, reblog and ask I get is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

600 Plus

I am amazed that there are now Just over 600 followers to this cigar blog, Cigar smoking is not a hugely popular thing here in the US, so I want to make sure that when I hit milestones like 600 I take time out to recognize the folks that keep this blog going and I hope entertaining.

When I started this blog I would post two or three times a month alternating between a cigar review and an original article of my experiences, now I am posting 1 or 2 times a week, from cigar reviews, original articles to re-blogs of other cigar fans blogs and photo shots of some of my random cigar stuff. It’s all of you that make this a fun thing for us to do here, so we will try and keep in interesting. If you have questions or comments, send them in we love hearing from others.

Many Thanks to all the bloggers that have found our entries worthy enough of re-posting on their own sites, Thank you to the original crew of cigar smokers I started this out with, namely the Dead Ringers Cigar Club, and all the crew at the Smoking Troll in Maine, that have given ideas and material to post whether they meant to or not!

 A special thanks to Eugene @eugene312, Shannen @shannensmokerings and Tre over @wheretheressmoke? for continuing to like and be nice enough to re-post some of our entries and add to the fun and help increase our audience. Please stop over and take a look at their blogs and see what they offer, it will be worth it.

Thank you One and All

Cigar Ash

Hey gang!

I just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for the support and patience over the last few months, while I first dealt with my sick mother moving in with us (temporarily, thankfully) and then the passing of my grandmother. I know I have asks/messages stacked up, but since the weather is turning colder and life has settled a bit /knock on virtual wood/ I hope to get back to blogging. I’ve cleaned up my likes folder on here, lol, that was a mess. And I’ve got some fics ready to go on my livejournal and I’m hoping for a good October. I mean, it’s the month of Halloween, so already one bonus in its favor!

Spoons to you all, friends!

Herzlichen Dank

a hearty thank you in German to all of you, to all hearters, rebloggers and followers! 

A hearty welcome to my new followers!

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