Since I have gained a fair amount of followers in the past month so I thought I’d give you all this post to share a little about what’s on my blog, and the basics of who I am as a person.

Thank you all for following my crazy, sporadic, unorganized blog.

Soooooo I’m really nervous that I’m going to lose followers as soon as I post this but HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU GUYS???? I literally can’t even believe that this number is real. I’m so incredibly grateful for all of my amazing followers who have stuck with me over the years, and the amazing new ones who are joining me now!! I appreciate your patience with me when I was hella inactive for months at a time, and when I reblog fandoms that you have no idea about. But the fact that you guys follow me and like my creations…it’s honestly incredible and there aren’t enough words to express the love I have for you all. 

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Hey guys ! i know i haven’t been very active lately but it’s summer so i haven’t really been revising (should be though ahaha) but i’ve decided it’d be a better idea to make a studygram just because i am on instagram so much more! please please please give it a follow! i’m following everyone back

Where are all the Fallout Blogs at? 😍

I realised I don’t actually follow many people on here and that needs to change 😁❤

Reblog if you post/repost any Fallout stuff and I’ll give you a follow ✌

Includes all things Fallout like: Art, writing, screenshots, funny stuff, Fan Fic, merch, cosplay, SFW, NSFW - anything and everything Fallout ☢

Also reblog if you post any Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Persona if you want as I love those fandoms and reblog them like hell on my other main 😍

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