So this is me. This is the person behind this blog.

My name is Philippa A. Madsen and I was born a cold winter night the 23rd of november 1995. So I am 21 on years old. I live en Copenhagen and is a student at the university of Copenhagen. I startede writing when i around 9-10 years old, so writing as always been a big part of me. But during my teen years I was very depressed and startede harming my own body. I was bullied because I was redhead and because I was ‘fat’. It was the toughest years of my life so far. I was so down that I even tried killing myself. I am not proud of what I did, but I survived and started this blog. To this day I stil think it saved my life.

I started sharing poems and small quotes that I had made. But I have grown and I have started to share more bigger dreams. I have stated that I am working on a novel, and I am working so hard on it. But I also have school and work. I wish that I could just move to a cabin in the woods and just write in peace.
  But I am working hard on it, and share small quotes from it. Hoping it might be something for you to read. I am going to send parts of it to publishers in april, I am keeping my fingers cross that one of them will publish it. (Fingers cross).

There is no point is this post other than thanking every single one of you who follows me. I hope this also makes you understand why there sometimes is many days between post.

I hope you got know me a little better.

Thank you and love
Philippa <3

Here is cuties with white hair … Maybe we can give them a big hug ? i mean, they all deserve it… :)

btw, 100 followers !!! Thank you so much, guys !

Love you all <3

Ask box is empty and over 50 followers!

Hey guys! My ask box is close to empty, I’m always here, ya’ll. Keep asking, I’m willing to answer whatever ya got for me. 

Also! Thank you all so much for following me, I now have over 50 followers and it makes me so happy that you guys like reading what I have to write. You guys are so awesome and I hope you keep loving it!

~Love, Ya Grunt. 

P.S. Ya Grunt is about to change his name, logo, and background. Instead of just Ya Grunt, there’s gonna be a name after it. (Just not this post) *gasp* I know it’s amazing. My boss actually let me have a name on my posts now. It’s great. He’s a great boss. Anywho… I’m off now! See ya later, guys.