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Follower Millstone Event

I am overjoyed!! We’ve reached 10k followers! I never imagined when I started this fandom side blog that I’d be able to get so many people interested <3

Since I am very grateful to all of you, I’d like to give back! So this is my Fic Request-a-thon Event


Just send me a pairing and a prompt and I will write you a short one shot! You may send multiple ones, ones based off of art, scenarios, songs, ect.

How long? I’m thinking I will continue to accept prompts until probably Saturday (2/25), at which time we will stop.

What is the ‘request’ part? Not all stories are something I have ‘ideas’ for, but I will be filling as many prompts as possible!

What will you do? I will do any pairing/fandom you’ve seen me blog about, but I am most practiced at writing lapidot, klance, bubbline, otayuri, mabifica and gen SU fics. Other possibilities are also overwatch, avatar (both series), other yoi pairings like leoji, most hs ships like davekat and vrisrezi, PMMM, hq, and more (check my tags).

will you do NSFW? Yep, there is some stuff I won’t do (like non-con) but smut requests in general are on the table.

Can I send you my OC? I’m less likely to write stories about OCs (I will be opening commissions in April tho), but if you want gen stuff like ‘two girls makeout in the rain & one of them plays guitar’ then I can probably do that.

I appreciate & want to support you. Thanks!! Same!! You can always buy me a coffee if you want on the right-hand side of my page or just send some good vibes, y’all are awesome!

Anyway, those are the rules, feel free to send me asks if you are confused, and let the requesting begin!

More Adrienette for the soul

and I go like. who the fuck? shit. honestly guys, i can’t believe i started this blog just over a year and a half ago and i’m already here… i love all of u so much so i thought I’d make a post to appreciate my faves <3

friends: @anakihn, @padmeadmidala, @bodhirooke, @the-flying-elephant, @katewisnlet, @poees, @jedianakin, @space-flannel (i kno i haven’t talked to some of u in like 15 years but i still love u and consider u a friend)


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this is not all the blogs i follow, it’s mostly a list of mutuals and faves. so if i follow u and you’re not on here don’t worry i still love u and you’re still here on my blogroll! (it’s the link on the far right)

theboringprincess  asked:

How goes the ascent from Trash MonsterTM to Cool Love InterestTM? I'm sure everything shall be fine!

well last weekend we were in the elevator together at like 1am and he said, “did you have a fun night?” and i blurted, “yes but now i am excited to be asleep,” which is NOT  suave answer, but whatever, and THEN he said, “well, you look really nice,” so i THINK we’re going to have a spring wedding.

I’m confused because to start off with people don’t want the mlm to be sexualised but now everybody’s saying it’s unfair we didn’t see their first time.

I like to look at it this way; we didn’t see their first time because it was for them, for the characters, not for us - that’s pathetically poetic I know but that’s how I saw it.

Fact is, we don’t need some tacky bedroom scene to validate the fact that they had sex. The bedroom scenes with the other characters were used to show certain things; like Izzy getting info from Meliorn, Simon losing control of his own actions, and Jace changing his entire self because of what’s happened.

Besides, we could get a morning scene in the next episode - we might not. There are still so many more episodes ahead, and we have so many chances to see them being romantic together.

Also, to those saying it’s been rushed, chill. I know plenty of people that have hooked up and then started a relationships, in a modern world, what the fuck counts as rushed anymore?

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I finally hit 1,000 followers and as promised, here’s a follow forever. I want to thank everyone who follows me. To my mutuals, I just want to say that I love coming on Tumblr every day to reblog all of your awesome posts! Thanks to everyone who made my journey on Tumblr bearable so far! 

Favourites are bolded

Special mention to @lilpeekaboo for being the best, for putting up with me 24/7 when I complain about things. Thanks for writing amazing fics too, bb! 

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conchobarbarian  asked:

1. either 2. someone left a homophobic, swastika'd note outside my university's gender neutral (lgbt+ community) residence hall, & to make matters worse we're only hearing about it through unofficial channels more than a week after it happened. I'd managed to believe that the people around me couldn't be shitty like that, but I guess they can. I know there's good in the world, but right now I'm having a really hard time being positive. help?

hi there, sweet moonbird. listen: the most important thing you can learn in the upcoming four years is that “staying positive,” is a myth. it is not going to be possible, in the current political climate, to “stay positive” all the time. don’t hurt yourself trying to be. let yourself get upset. let yourself get angry. sometimes, if you have to be numb, let yourself be numb. there will be days when, to protect ourselves, we have to be. 

but don’t let yourself stop moving forward. don’t let yourself stay down. keep getting up. healthy positivity is not convincing yourself that things are okay now. it is believing that they can be okay in the future. healthy positivity is understanding that there is no light in the darkness except the light we make and the light we hand to each other.

so this is what you do, when you are having trouble with the right now: you plan for the future. you start MAKING the future. if that looks like getting mad, like protesting, like writing letters, like calling your reps or your university’s bigwigs, good. if it looks like making joy, like posting love and acceptance notes around the community hall that was vandalized, like organizing a dance party to fundraise for your local LGBTQ+ community center, like donating to or volunteering with a local organization fighting hate in your community, good. if it looks like reaching out to someone you know that is afraid and offering them your friendship and loyalty and support, good.

there is no future except what we make. find your positivity not in the world around you now, but the act of building the world around the corner. 

So… I’m finally doing one of these. Somewhere last week (or the week before?) I reached 200 followers, so I thought I’d do a “follow forever” post as it is custom in the tumblr scene and send out my appreciation to the people I follow.

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Thank you all so much for giving me daily happiness on my dash! ❤