follower request sundays

Zodiac Houses: Pisces/Ravenclaw

Some say they’re crazy, for they see the stars in everyone they meet, but they know that each body is made up of galaxies. 

Want one? Look here!

Hello to all the new followers, and hey there to old. c:
There is so many of you guys. Over 10,000 now!

Lets get some crystal requests and submissions in! 
Colors, Habits, Variants, Specimen types.. You name it!

Come and interact with us, feel free to ask questions and what not. We won’t bite you. :)

For the old followers who know about it… I’m thinking about bringing back Follower Request Sundays c: Or just throwing in some followers requests through out the week regularly again.

Announcements of our second give away will come up in the next few weeks. ;)