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Happy unexpected anniversary! Here is another unexpected anniversary in form of fic. Based on “imagine Bilbo arriving to the anniversary party in Erebor late with a Starbucks”. Since there is no Starbucks in Middle Earth, he got an eagle and a tan, and, well, we all know Bilbo is only late when Gandalf is involved. XD

So: Bagginshield anniversary fic, alternating between humor and sap.

The first anniversary of the dwarves’ first meeting with Bilbo Baggins initially threatens to be a sad and solemn occasion. After all, once the dust cleared, no trace of Bilbo Baggins could be found, and all letters sent to the Shire remained unanswered. Gandalf, too, had vanished before the night was out; only leaving word he had urgent business to see to.

But as evening dawns and Thorin gazes westward from the parapets, he is drawn from his grieved recollections by a rustling of feathers. A very loud and sudden rustling of feathers. Followed by a familiar voice shouting: “Thorin, duck!”

And only because Thorin’s muscles are trained to respond to certain commands better than his mind does he manages to narrowly escape a painful skewering by eagle claws. While Thorin pulls himself up from his emergency dive and roll, said eagle manages to more crash than land on the other side of the parapets - among plumes of dust, feathers, and offended squawking.

Thorin’s mind sluggishly tries to catch up. He knows that voice. But it can’t be…

“I told you using your predator instincts to help with landing is a terrible idea,” said voice scolds from somewhere within the dust cloud. Another indignant squawk answers. “Alright, it may work when orcs are involved.”

The dust settles. Thorin forgets to get up, just stays sitting on tiles while to the west the sky drowns in pink and orange. Bilbo’s hair glows golden under it. It’s longer now - long enough to have been pulled back in a short ponytail. He looks glorious.

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girl meets first date (1x20) 

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Not Exactly Oscar Material - sachertortes - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/10
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Characters: Darcy Lewis, James “Bucky” Barnes, Clint Barton, Jane Foster (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Alternate Universe - Hollywood, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Mutual Pining, Eventual Smut, Fluff, Romance

Former child actress Darcy Lewis is working her way up to a successful career in romantic comedies.

But now she’s gearing up for her biggest and most difficult role yet - girlfriend of the famously reclusive action star, Bucky Barnes.

In this chapter: Darcy tries to follow Rule Number Two while dealing with puppies, and Bucky, and a bit of angst. 


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY !! *throws confetti @ self* so I decided to do my second follow forever (consider this a garden party y’all are invited to). I’ve hit a pretty decent number of almost 2k followers on my journey here which is pretty cool and I’m very thankful for that.

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  • Name: Helen;
  • Nickname: the Lost Soul 80s, Jelly Roll, Blue Murder, Portrait of Sunshine [and Gates of Hel now?];
  • Gender: Female;
  • Star sign: Forever Gemini;
  • Height: 1,68m;
  • Sexual orientation: Straight;
  • Hogwarts house: No one please;
  • Favorite color: Black 🖤;
  • Favorite animal: Tiger, dogs;
  • Average hours of sleep: About 10;
  • Cat or dog person: Dogs;
  • Favorite fictional characters: Floki, Bjorn IronSide;
  • The number of blankets you sleep with: 1;
  • Favorite singer/band: JS, BM, Thin Lizzy, Dynazty, Orden Ogan, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum;
  • Dream trip: Dublin, USA;
  • Dream job: Crematorium;
  • When was this blog created: July 2013;
  • Current number of followers: 1210.


The task is to answer these questions with the initial of your first name and what first comes in mind

  • A four letter word: Hell;
  • Something you shout: Holy!;
  • A boy’s name: Howard;
  • An occupation: Hairdresser;
  • Something you wear: J Heans 😑;
  • A color: Hot pink [hate it];
  • A food: Hamburger;
  • Something you drink: Hot coffee;
  • A place: Holland;
  • A movie title: Home Alone;
  • An animal: Hamster;
  • A type of car: Hummer H2;
  • Title of a song: “Heart attack” by Thin Lizzy.

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twenty questions

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better. i was tagged by @denerim​, thanks sophia!

name: sophie
nickname: soph usually
zodiac sign: aries
height: 158 cm
orientation: straight maybe ??
ethnicity: australian
favourite fruit: bananas
favourite season: autumn
favourite book series: anything by maggie stiefvater ever 
favourite flower: peonies
favourite scent: diesel fuel, lavender and the ocean
Favourite colour: baby pink, neutral shades and green
favourite animals: any type of feline 
coffee, tea or cocoa: chai latte
average sleep hours: six to ten 
cat or dog person: cat
favourite fictional characters: here, in the characters tab
number of blankets you sleep with: a sheet and a doona (duvet in australian english lmao)
dream trip: a road trip around scandinavia 
blog created: february 2014
number of followers: two hundred and seventy

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Name: tate
Nickname: egg
Gender: don’t……
Star sign: taurus
Height: 161cm
Sexual orientation: gay ace
Hogwarts house: slytherin/ravenclaw in that i classify ‘wanting to know everything’ as an ambition
Favourite colour: yellow?
Favourite animal: MILLY the beautiful pirate cat….and otters
Average hours of sleep: mean of 8, range of 12
Cat or dog person: CATS
Favourite fictional characters: dr susan calvin, lyra silvertongue, fëanor, artemis fowl, literally any AI character Ever,
The number of blankets you sleep with: a duvet?
Favourite singer/band: lorde!!!
Dream trip: mars seeing a bunch of classics-related sites?
Dream job: goblin living the the basement of the hellenic bookservice / latin teacher? 
When was this blog created: 2013
Current number of followers: 669


The task is to answer these questions with the initial of your first name and what first comes in mind

A four letter word: time
Something you shout: terminated
A boy’s name: tom
An occupation: teacher
Something you wear: trousers
A colour: turquoise 
A food: turnips
Something you drink: tea
A place: thermopylae
A movie title: troy
An animal: turtle
A type of car: tesla!
Title of a song: team - lorde

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Name: Jack
Nickname: Jolan, Junction, Hugh Jackman, etc..
Gender: N/A
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5′6
Sexual orientation: N/A
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite color: Red!
Favorite animal: Gosh I love all of them don’t make me pick! 
Average hours of sleep: 6
Cat or dog person: cat 
Favorite fictional characters: Dustin, Mulder, Daryl…
The number of blankets you sleep with: Usually a sheet in the summer, and a duvet in the winter~
Favorite singer/band: David Bowie and Depeche Mode but I love so many more…
Dream trip: Newfoundland!
Dream job:  Some type of animal caretaker  
When was this blog created: Sometime in February of 2016
Current number of followers: 1258


The task is to answer these questions with the initial of your first name and what first comes in mind

A four letter word: Jail
Something you shout: Jesus!
A boy’s name: Jake
An occupation: Janitor
Something you wear: Jeans
A color: Jaune (that counts right?)
A food: Jam
Something you drink: Java (?)
A place: Jungle
A movie title: Jaws 
An animal: Jaguar 
A type of car: Jaguar 
Title of a song: Jessie’s Girl

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Name: Bettina
Nickname: I don’t really have one
Gender: female
Star sign: virgo
Height: 161 cm
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Hogwarts house: dunno
Favorite color: purple, black and grey
Favorite animal: dog
Average hours of sleep: it depends.. right now around 9-10 hrs
Cat or dog person: dog
Favorite fictional characters: the Winchester bros, Sherlock, Jon Snow…
The number of blankets you sleep with: one
Favorite singer/band: Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Steel Panther, Santa Cruz to name a few
Dream trip: California
Dream job: translator
When was this blog created: 2015
Current number of followers: dunno

The task is to answer these questions with the initial of your first name and what first comes in mind
A four letter word: bean
Something you shout: bitch
A boy’s name: Ben
An occupation: bus driver
Something you wear: bikinis
A color: brown
A food: brownie
Something you drink: beer
A place: Budapest
A movie title: Borat
An animal: bear
A type of car: BMW
Title of a song: Back off Bitch - Guns N’ Roses

I tag: @mi6a25 @from-the-garden-of-your-soul @paradise-city1987 @scarletsue @thingsshecouldntsay @electriicgypsyy :)

“Camera Obscura” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: Can you write a story based on Darren’s new photoshoot?


~2700 words | AO3

Someone is screaming outside.

Kurt leans a hip against the open window and peers down at the street one story below. Two tall, slender teenagers, a girl and a boy, chatter excitedly to a shorter man with slick black hair and a bright purple polo as he signs the backs of their phone cases.

“You’re one of my idols, Mr. Anderson,” the girl tells him, her words quick and clear as she speaks, her huge mane of black curls bouncing as she punctuates her sentences. “I went to your alma mater, before it burned down—”

“I hadn’t even heard they were allowing girls at Dalton. That’s amazing.”

She replies, “I was the first and only,” and Kurt can tell she’s proud by the way she tosses her hair back.

“A pioneer,” the man grins, holding a hand out to shake hers. “I can’t believe I got to meet you.”

Kurt grins, completely charmed. Judging by the look on her face, he’s probably just made this girl’s week.

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bad boy ! ten ( i )
  • visual wise: have you guys watched his “this love” performance on hit the stage? think that hair and the little smirk he does!! here’s the vid ( x ) if you haven’t!!
  • he’s not really one to get into fights on his own but he’ll fight whenever someone makes a comment about his friends.
  • like one time, someone made a really dick comment about mark and taeyong had to physically pull ten off
    • the other kid broke his nose and now whenever he sees ten he kind of shrinks away
  • so anyways, ten is more of a “bad boy” in the sense that he likes to play around with people?? like it’s not like he plans to but he always just gets sooo bored so he kind of hits it then dips
  • normally he kind of gets what he wants when he wants it because he’s so charming!! i mean look at him!! :”)
  • but anyways, so when he sees you at a party alone, he’s like “nice” bc uhm hello you’re cute af and he hadn’t seen you around before so he slides up to you but before he can even say a word, you just walk away?? and he’s ??? bc uhm ???
  • he doesn’t know but you just broke up with you boyfriend so you’re here to get drunk and ur friend told you there was a party a few blocks from her house so both of you guys came 
    • she was single ready 2 mingle but u just wanna get fuked!! up!!
    • you don’t go to this school but at the beginning of the party, your friend made a point to tell you to avoid “that one” (aka ten) bc he’s a one night stand kind of guy and as you know,, u don’t need that in ur life right now. u are a single woman!!!!!!!!
  • that doesn’t stop him and he kind of follows you to the kitchen where you’re pouring yourself another shot but before you can legit down half a cup of vodka he pulls the cup away bc number one, he wants your attention but number two, girl!! you going to die tonight or something?
  • he just leans in and he’s like “hey, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t drink so much.” and u just give him a toothy grin and to make a point you swipe an empty cup and pour another cup of vodka
    • ten takes that away too
  • before you know it, he’s taken like 5 cups of vodka away from you and you’re legit, “lmao wtf do you want?”
  • “your name.” he grins at you and you’re like “… lol ok keep the cups” and you just kind of grab a handle of vodka and you walk into the living room and at this point he’s just super amused by your antics so when you sit down on the couch, he sits down next to you and he’s just like “what’s your name?”
  • you tell him it bc number one, u need him to stop following you and number two, ur slowly getting buzzed from the previous shots you had so you tell him your name then tell him off but he’s like “nope, i like you.”
  • he’s surprised when you laugh in his face - “you like me? you barely even know me.” - and you just kind of pat his shoulder and you’re like “maybe i’ll see you around, ten.”
  • you find your friend and you both dip from the party (also bc she has alcohol in her house anyways so it’s like might as well drink without getting suffocated amongst this mASsive crowd)
  • ten is just “huh, weird. her loss.” and then sleeps with some other girl but it’s only when he’s helping johnny clean up the next morning does he realize, “oh my god johnny i never told her my name.”
    • “well yah she probably hears stories about how u whore around.”
    • “why the fuk are we friends.” “only i can put up with ur antics hAHA”

The biography of River Song