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Can’t get the idea of tiny Laxus bringing an even tinier Freed to Fairy Tail for the first time out of my head. And giving him a tour.

☆ oh hey, I made a new one for 2017

for those that have recently followed me; Greetings, I’m Tobias. I tend to draw things and isolate myself from people while doing it. It’s not a bad thing. I’m just terribly anti-social by nature. That said, my inbox is generally open but please don’t be offended if I take days or even months at a time to reply. I can be quite the procrastinator.

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Rap Daddy (Part 6)

Episode 6: Rap Rap Rap

It was a foggy early morning as Yongguk and the twins arrived to the studio.They were surprised to see they were there first. “Good morning” Yongguk greeted followed by the twins own greeting.

They were stopped from going to the center area by yellow police tape.

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I got some new followers to greet it seems so here we go :>

  • You can call me Ajir.
  • I have a twitter that I sometimes use haha;
  • This is @latefortevinter‘s artblog, so I can’t follow you back in here and, if you tag me in some oc meme, I’ll answer on my main blog, just so you know :D  
  • I draw mostly Dragon Age content but I’m sure there will be more Overwatch soon as well;
  • As you might’ve noticed from the charts I romanced Alistair, Fenris and Dorian, but I’m mainly focusing on Dorian’s relationship with my Trevelyan, Vaxus. I call them dorxus;  
  • I try to keep some sort of order on my blog so you can find the basic info about Vaxus and tag list in here;
  • I have also made three masterposts with old drawings (like whoa some of them are very old and very bad), parents au content only and fanfiction involving my OCs written by incredibly talentent people <3
  • I draw smut from time to time but I’m always tagging it and, most of the time, putting under the cut;
  • I’m always open for prompts but it might take me forever to reply since I don’t answer them in any order, just wherever the inspiration strikes, I do however love every single ask and I’m not ignoring you, honest;
  • I plan on opening commissions and patreon at some point but for now, if you are looking for ordering some art or fanfiction, I made a page recommendation with some amazing people who might be open at the moment;
  • Don’t mistag Vax or my art in general, pretty please :>
  • I also make dragon age music videos if anyone’s interested;
  • Current priority: portriats for bornperfect, art trades, giveaway pieces, that one Lucio comic, dorianmance week and passing classes in college haha

That’s about it. I hope you will have fun in here (:

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Cheap laundry detergent, whiskey, and cigarette smoke. Those were the scents that filled your lungs as you regained consciousness. Last night had been one hell of a party at the clubhouse. Like always you had been pretty well buzzed before ten.

Man, this couch is way comfier than I remember you thought to yourself as you opened your eyes.

A Reaper flag was the first thing to greet you, followed by the movement to your left. This was definitely not the couch you laid down on last night, and it sure as fuck wasn’t big enough for two people to lay on.

“Morning love” a Scottish accent greeted you as you rolled over to face the consequences of your drinking. You smiled at Chibs, who had one arm under his head, the other laying across his chest.

“We didn't…” you started as Chibs lit a cigarette.

“Nah love. Ye were completely conked out when I brought ye in here”

A feeling of relief and disappointment filled your body as you rolled over on your side to face the Scotsman who you had been harboring a crush on for some time.

“How did I end up in your bed Filip? I thought I laid down on that couch in the corner of the clubhouse.”

“Ya did lass. Passed out around two in the morning, though I’m not sure how with all that racket going on”

You smiled, knowing when you were tired nothing could keep you awake.

“You didn’t have a blanket” Chibs started as he ground his cigarette butt into an ashtray on his nightstand.

“I went to cover ye up, and when I did… ye said my name in your sleep”.


Chibs laughed at the scared look on your face before rolling on his side to face you.

“I thought ye were awake at first. But then ye started snoring immediately afterward.   

“I do NOT snore” you scolded him, slapping his playfully on his chest. Which to your surprise, was still covered with a shirt. Looking down his body you saw he was still fully clothed with the exception of his boots.

“You kept your clothes on”

“Aye love, I didna want ye to think we had a night of crazy, passionate, sex ye couldn’t remember”

His comment made you laugh.

“Yeah, I would have been pretty pissed if we fucked and I didn’t even have any memory of it to revisit later.”

Chibs raised his eyebrows.

“Well lass, if ye want to remember it, you’re pretty much sober now”

Chibs placed his hand on your hip and pulled you closer to him.

Catching the meaning to his words you leaned up and placed a kiss on his chest.

“That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse babe” you laughed as Chibs crawled on top of you and removed his shirt.     

anonymous asked:

Hi, I've just found this website and its amazing! Is there a team behind it? How could you translate all the news so fast and so well? I I am a Shinhwa Fan from Austria, and because I don't know any other Shinwa Fan in my country or in Europe, I am so happy that I found this website! I just want to say thank you very much!!! If there is any chance for a Shinhwa Changjo Europe Event, please let me know! I am not signed to tumblr, but I already followed you on FB. Greetings to France, Xin

Hello ^_^

Thanks for the compliment, there is not really a team, I’m alone to it, sometime a friend help me ^^. I don’t translate the english news directly, some others Shinhwa Changjo are doing it, (malpabo, destinygyo, hearts_shinhwa, NOO_NP, EricMun etc) but I gather & translate in French all the news here ^_^. You’re welcome, if you are on twitter you can also follow us there too.
Again thank you very much for your kind message.

♥ Jenny~

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{} — “Such a pleasure to see so many curious faces of all sorts of shapes and sizes…” the doctor hummed, entertained by all of the new visitors who had decided to come see him. “I hope that we all can get along. Not much happens within the confines of this Foundation to this degree.”