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Before say anything, I’m sorry that this is so overdue. It was supposed to come out at 1k, but I’m about 500 followers late (opps…). 

Anyway, I just want to thank all of my followers for getting me this far and even if you are not on this list, just know you are still very important to me. Love ya guys x

*Bolded are friends/favs :)


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And of course…

taylorswift and tree-paine ❤

I’m pretty sure I forgot some really important people because JUST MY LUCK right? Thank you to all my followers and I hope we can stick by each others side for a long time to come :) Love you guys so much x


I honestly don’t have words, but i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
In this list I put my fave mutuals!  Thank for supporting me ❤
I will protect you all at all costs.

A - B
acryptichero | aeroas | aestus-anima | ambalambs | angelnamine | arcadiah | argentuums | asummonerslight
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Lazy as hell follow forever. I only hit 1k a little less than a year ago and now i’m 4k followers, holy shit. Anyway thanks for following me everyone.

rakshas cannonball-titcomb cyberjock kakerukurosawa
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Now promo the shit out of me so I can hit 5k

I meant to put this together ages ago almost at 4k now oops but I kept forgetting/procrastinating, so… here it finally is! Making the jump to this new blog from my old one was a good decision and I’m super grateful/glad that a lot of you chose to continue following me here, so… thanks! And to all of my new followers as well: thanks a bunch! c;


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I know I’ve missed people I always do, but if we’re mutuals, you should be on here! If not… I’m a forgetful idiot, tbh. BUT YEAH. Thanks everyone for following me, and being so nice and friendly and all that jazz~ 

follow forever(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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So I did plan to make one of these for valentines day but i ended up
playing dragon age origins again instead so this is kinda later
than I planned

I want to apologise for hardly being here, and the fact that I 
haven't made a gifset or edit in like 6 months- im just very lazy
these days

Anyway I just want to thank everyone I follow for being so amazing
and making my dash so nice ily all <3 

Everyone has a message so you should all hover over your urls.
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ok so since im gonna be taking a month-long semi-hiatus, i thought id do a follow forever before i go!! these are all mutuals btw bc its past 12am and i am too sleepy….. B~) some but not all favs r bolded :o

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so I recently hit 500 followers!! I know everyone says this but I honestly never thought I would have 30 followers, much less 500. Seriously, it took me 2 weeks to get my first follower. But thank you for everyone who follows my mess of a blog :)
(sorry if the layout gets messed up I’m on mobile)

the babes:
krysta: 90s-irwin
mo: buriedinreality
eva: troylershippingismylifetimejob
mel: akatroyler
phoebey: paper-troylers
jordy: cryptic-cal
sarah: my-chemichael-r0mance

some other really awesome blogs that I enjoy:
a-forever-within-numbered-days a-kingdom-fit-for-troyler abfabarooney absolutelytroyler arghtroyler aslayzingtroye ayetroyler bitofzalfie book-browser breannavanlaarhoven brooklyndamera bubblelester buttroye cheshirecjm cora-exitcircle did-i-mention-troyler donut-call-me-tilly dreamingdoctor drunktroye
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this was long oops. If you are not on this list,I still love you!

three thousand followers like whaaaaaaaaat

i love you all so much you have no idea… i also love bucky barnes…


real life babes: olvia, heaven, leigh ann, jewel, candace, norren, shea, kyler

babes i met on the tumble: steph, trav, serena, dalton, patrick, jackson

faves bolded (all are mutuals)

akkels, battlecas, bcbbysinger, bcttomdean, burntsam, calthasarcapturedean, carelessdean, ceilingfires, chevroletdean, chvrliebradbury, combatdean, crowleyshalo, daringdean, deanfinity, deaniepie, deanisaved, deanlirium, deansmuffin, deanstattoos, derexhale, destieldearest, devotedcas, doctorwtsn, douchecrowley, dovescas, drunksammy, endversings, ezekstiels, flirtygabriel, flockstiel, foundcas, freewillsam, freezingsam, gabriul, gadree, halocas, halokevin, harderdean, hardersam, heavenlysam, hellhcundhiclarence, hopefuldean, huntingsammy, imperfectcas, impurecas, infectedkevin, jealousdean, jensneackles, jerryrenner, kevinfuckintran, khagami, kingdomcas, lehviathan, mendsam, mickehy, mintmisha, mishasmiles, nebuladean, nirvanacas, ohbela, ohhbarnes, padalaughs, petervuill, plaidchester, protectdean, purifysam, radianthannah, retrowarhol, rosyjared, sammatters, samwsson, seraphymns, shiningsammy, snuggydestiel, sorryclarence, stigmatasam, stolenimpala, stubbledean, subtcxt, swansam, teamfreesexy, temptingdean, topcas, triwizard, ughdean, uhdean, uhweecest, vodkacas, vodkadean, watercolourcas, waywardsnow, weecxst, wehdigo, whimperdean, wintersoldcr, wowbucky

and i probably forgot a shit ton of people, so…. +blogroll

I reached a 1000 followers yesterday! Woop. This is my follow forever. Bolds are my babes, but I love all this blogs dearly <3

arkstation / badassblake / bbeellaammyy / belamys-princess / beliamy / bellarkeparadise / bellaarke / bellarkism / bellarke-sailor / bellamlyblake / bellemysprincess / bell-clarke / bell-my-clarke​ / bellamyblakeish​ / bellamysfreckles / bloodstainedbellamy / bobmdaily​ / clarkcgriffln / clexakiss / cxmmander-lexa / deanisproudsammy / fallenfromtheark / flnncolllns / freckledbell / fyeahbellarke / fyeahjohnmurphy / fuckyeahrichardharmon / griffinslaw / grounderswan

hedaleksainmurphywetrust / jasprjrdn / kingmontygreen / kingmurphyslaw / leaderblake / murhpy​ / murhpystorturedsoul​ / mount-whether / m-rphy / mvrphyslaw / nathenmiller

octaviableik / octaviablkae / octaevias / oktevia / okteviasblake / ouaswan​ / princessgriffn / princess-grounder / princessamurai / queenclexa / queenclrk / ravenraiyes / ravenrxyes / rebelsblake / rvenrys / skydelinquents / thearkandtheprincess / the100rebels

umbrellamy / x-buffyxspike-x / xrebelleader / yawnmurphy

Hi y’all this is my first follow forever as a thanks for hitting 500 followers! Only a few months ago I was just a personal blog with half that amount. I love being a hybrid blog and finally having mutuals who interact. Just because I didn’t include you doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the follow(many of you are very recent mutuals who I barely know). Tell me if I forgot you :)


arianatrenta/ totalarianagrandefan245/grammygrande/ versacebeefcurtains

 africanandvegan/ arianagrandeslove1993/ arianaofficial/ arianasdaylight/ arianathway/arisbuteras/arixanagrxnde/ariyonce/ ariyunah/baddiebey/bbygrande/ bemyari/ bemybxby / beynoceknowels/ biebersbuteraa bluesedges / countdownbey/ fawkesqrande / feministdarling / grandexfrap / grandse/grawnde/ huntymoonavenue/ indigenous-vegan/  jogiazkellyclarko/leighsgf/ leighyonce / lovelyvegansteph/ lovingmeharders / lovemeharder/ naiem1234 / ouelasttime / paidbutera/ perfectboca/ planetbeyonce / sparklesandbeyonce /tayloracleswift/ teenagedirtbag22/ tubularfruits  / veganox / xmissanthropex / worldstopcarryonyoariana

And of course who I do all this for beyonce arianaaagrandeee

excuse this shitty edit, i really couldn’t come up with something better ;;
Well, hello and welcome to my first follow forever! I’ve created this blog around June 2013, so I’ve been on tumblr for nearly 2 years, wow, how time flies.
Anyway, I’ve recently hit a little more than 300 followers, which is a really big number to me :) in celebration of that I decided to make my first follow forever. Enjoy!

italic-faves (basically everybody on this list is my fave, lol)
adrenataealatarielzcaiyilincaptainhwasa ღ chanyeof chodyeol ღ daenso   exolutely  femaleidols functiongirls- ღ galaxychen ღ girlgrouped ღ hangeukheyhighfour ღ huailang ღ hyoris ღ hyvnkaiibsul-ui ღ infinitblaq ღ itschangminnie
kingyixingxing kittenluna ღ kmexoplanetkwonyuri kyunglis ღ leetaes ღ lixvre ღ lovenhanced ღ malegroups ღ maomoas ღ mintokkies ღ missamuro ღ mumoos ღ namstalsnugu-s ღ obliviatae ღ ohkrystals ღ ot9s ღ queensunyoung ღ pakjinyoungparklunacy
sehwun ღ seorfboarding ღ shinspirit ღ tiffiana ღ tinyxiumins ღ tipannies ღ tohososhi ღ viitakissme ღ woheeswuyifancy ღ xoxo-soshi yeowangs ღ yoonvelyz
Special mentions (aka my real life friends)
serei-san ღ sumire-senpai ღ sweetlikevanillia ღ nikki-kirai

Thank you guys for making my tumblr experience so amazing! I might have forgotten someone, so be sure to check my blogroll :)

Lots of love, Julia


                               ( website & facebook & instagram )


       NAME: Robin Mayoff       AGE: 44       LOCATION:  East SF Bay Area

SHOOTS WITH: “My primary camera is a Nikon D600, but I also shoot with a Fuji X100s, Instax Wide, Yashica Mat medium format film camera, Nikon F5 35mm film camera and of course my iPhone 6. One of my most popular images came from an iPhone thanks to good timing and lighting.”

FAVORITE STYLE: “I really love working with black and white. When I can take take a landscape image and make it pop with black and white processing, it is a really good feeling. My most popular work really is color landscapes though.” 

ACTIVITY & FOLLOWING BACK: “I typically post 1 to 3 images per day. My queue has about 3 months of backlog. I typically only follow original photographers, with a few exceptions. I follow over 750 original photographers and I try to view every picture on my dash every day. I get a lot of inspiration from the artists on tumblr and learn a lot from them. My tumblr page has a link to some of the people who have inspired me the most.  I really love portrait and street photography so I follow a lot of those pages. If someone follows me, I make an effort to check out the content they post.”

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: "I have a full time day job with a software company and I have only been shooting seriously for about 3 years. Every picture I take is a new learning experience. Today I consider myself a part time professional photographer and artist. My work hangs in SF Bay Area galleries. I also sell work at weekend art festivals when I can. If you haven’t had your photos professionally printed yet, you really should! We look at computer screens all day and a printed photo is just a totally different experience.

My full bio and art show schedule can be found on my website I really do like interacting with my tumblr followers, so don’t be shy and say hello. The ask is always open. Most recently I have been trying to develop my skills shooting portraits, which is hard to do without a lot of subjects to work with.  I am always looking for local people that would want get in front of the camera.

                                           FOLLOW ROBIN NOW!


I’d like to remind you all that I really am a serious mun and this is a really serious graphic. But no, I made a joke that once I hit 420 followers, I’d make a goofy bias list to just show off my appreciation for all of you. I’ve had a rough weekend…week or so. Considering the constant mood swings, depression, and honestly feeling like I’m not that good enough, despite many people telling me otherwise.

I can never thank you enough for being so supportive and being by my side all this time. It’s weird how I’ve been claimed the unofficial fandom mom when I honestly still need all the help I can get.

Thanks for being so patient with me. So, without making this go on any further, let’s thank some of the lovely people that have constantly stayed around. I know I’ll forget a good number of you, and for that I apologize. But don’t worry because when I hit 500, I’ll make sure to give everyone and anyone all the love they deserve. Because honestly there’s so many of you I cry

And obviously this isn’t really in any particular order either.

My main crew:

cymatiliscxr || xxlittlegiant/iwaiisms/seijouknight || heterochromia-serpent/nekoma-to-karasuno/yeonma || defensivespecialist || sixpiecesofvanilla/clxtchshooter/misukarasu || clxnchvictory || unlikehisname || leezzee/themusebrigade || indomitablecrow/ilgattokuroo || indomitxbleheart || freckle-angel

My chill ass homies:

kenmasbae/shxnrai || parum-caeta || hamasaki-ruriko || little-number-ten || storakungen || grandkingxo || swansets || schemingxcat || gxnuinesmile || xxspiked || asklev || straightspike || mythtree || kageyama6 || seriouslytrxvial || saeko-nee-san || i-daichi || fuchsiafire || dxtermxned || keiji-akashi || fxcadeus || nekurooma

Again, I know I’m missing more, and I’m sorry. But you all still have my love!

Thanks again for everything <3

Since I hit 700 followers I decided to do this mini follow forever as a little thank you to all the people who make me smile whenever I see them on my dash. Even if you’re not on this list, I love you just as much!

friends/irl baes:

ryanjhaywood ser-merri missbeariettashingle putinsmistress once-a-new-musical coffeintherain bisexualamy the-kagami-to-my-kuroko hatethist0wn caro-the-curious

#dongfish (yowapeda/haikyuu polyship group):

tojihisami madokatrash adhdyuuto togo-mimori-chan brosukeyosuke

other lovelies (mutuals in bold):

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I still have no idea why you lovelies are all following me, but THANK YOU!!!! I feel so honoured. I love creating stuff and even though my blog is mostly a mess, you guys seem to like it and I love you all for it. A special shoutout to brave-clarke who is the bestest human on the planet. Bolded are my favourites (although you’re all my faves of course).

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Wow! I’ never expected to get this far at 300 followers. ( Actually I’m a lil’ past it now because I’ve been putting this off for a couple days ).  I picked up Elesa on a whim and it’s really astounding to me how many of you can put up with my interpretation of her. I’ve been flip-flopping on a bunch of other muses, but it’s always a relief to come back to the shining beauty where you all are so supportive. I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you wonderful people; those I’m following, my mutuals, and my gorgeous followers. This list is by no means complete, in fact it’s very difficult for me to not put you all on here. Some of you I interact with, some I love reading your threads, and other’s I would love to start something, but all of you are fabulous! I’m sure there are people I’ve missed but I’m sure to do another one in the future!    [ art source ]

The Modeling Apprentices

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