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                                          Follower Forever!!!!

I would just like to thank everyone who follows me! I love every single one of you. I mostly did this for you guys to share my muses with everyone and the fact that so many people took interest, whether you followed me or I followed you and you followed me back, it warms my heart. With that out of the way, let’s get started.


magicians-and-machines: One of the first people I RPed with in earnest. You’re an awesome person and I appreciate you putting up with my Mecha insanity despite not having someone taller than 7 feet. You’re an amazing RPer and you shouldn’t doubt yourself because I KNOW you do a great job!

junglexhijinx EXPAND DONG! But in all seriousness, thanks for our RP, I loved it and you do a great Donkey Kong! I wish I could direct more people towards you because you deserve more people following you. Awesome work.

fayspaniel022 First Person I RPed with and personal friend. We need to RP more but otherwise, thanks for working with me! It’s been awesome to RP and stuff. This Mun is also the Mun for aidenoconner, so be sure to follow both!

wulf-o-donnell Another friend of mine personally who does a good Wolf. Amazing Mun and all around great!

asknervschildren HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD WITH ALL THE EVANGELION PEOPLE! YOU’RE AWESOME! THANKS FOR RPING WITH ME, YOU’RE AMAZING! Mun is also Mun for blogging-on-pluto. Kitten seems like a fun person to interact with from my experience. Keep up the good work!

froggymechanic Another Personal Friend. We haven’t RPed much, but I bet we’d do a great job! Mun also at nxgiyose, so check him out!

crowlombardi We’re good personal friends, but we need to RP more, dude. Mun also plays biggestxdreamer

rockbxmber Amazing Megaman! Mun is an amazing person and you NEED to follow them! Mun also myxnmyxn and a Ness blog I don’t recall right now, but check them out!

among-lylat-stars Fun Falco to work with! I loved RPing with you and you’re awesome!


wingsofaboy Cool Heero Yuy(Yui? Yuuee? Why do people use all kinds of different spelling) Awesome Mun and great Muse. If you’re a Gundam Blog or not, you should follow them! 

setsunafreakinseiei We’ve Barely RPed but from what we have done, I love your Setsuna. Keep up the good work and I hope we can continue at some point. ^^

mightyno0xray We’ve only interacted properly once, but what we did will stick with me forever! I keep up with your RPs and asks and you do a great Ray! 

sandilesmuses SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT, MAZINGER! But seriously, it’s awesome to see more Super Robot muses around and you do a great job portraying them. Mun also runs theswordthatsmitesevil.

shionyregis WE NEED TO RP MORE! You’re Muse is cool and you’re a great person for RPing them! You’re the reason I RP, to learn about new people and franchises! Keep up the good work!

titaniumsouls SO MANY ROBOTS AND THE MUN IS AWESOME! If you are a Megaman or Mighty No. 9 blog of any era, this is a MUST FOLLOW Blog.

virtuedsinners SO many muses. Wow, and from what I’ve seen, great work in portraying them! :D I’ll have to RP with them all at some point.

worlds-collxde THIS is the kind of blog I love! Crossover stuff is awesome and it’s even better when you mix it up by adding how YOU would play the character. It’s great, Follow Them!

violencejakku I don’t remember him much, but I do recognise Violence Jack, so I think it’s great that you RP him! Keep up the good work and keep spreading that Nagai love!

deceasedblaziken A really good personal friend and his OC is a really complex character. I love his portrayal so much and he’s a fun guy to RP with. Check him out and ask him stuff!

alcyonesong Great Mun! I feel like we’d have a great time if we met on the street at some point! Also, I’m not familiar with your muses, but I’m very intrigued and I’d love to RP with them more! Mun is also running the lecowardlycoyote. Speaking of, I should make a starter for Antoine at some point. I think it’d be great.

muses-of-fire-and-lightning Awesome looking OCs and some really interesting backstories. Definitely need to RP more! Check them out!

worldwanderingfighter Great Ryu! Definitely someone to check out at some point if you love Street Fighter!

mad-muses Awesome assortment of Muses! I love RPing with you and you are an amazing mun too! Keep up the insanity!

vixyreinard Personally haven’t RPed with muse but Mun is my GF, so I DEFINITELY Need to direct you guys to her. She’s an amazing person and artist and deserves to get more attention. Mun also does paranoidfalco.

SPECIAL THANKS TO redhairedvictor FOR BEING NUMBER 100! I love Pyrrha Nikos and it’s great to see people RPing her! It’d be an Honor to RP with you sometime!

Tumblr Senpais (As in people I look up to)

monadohero They do an amazing Shulk. I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me to help me get into this RP world. Follow them NOW! Mun also does auraseeeker.

unmeix The Tactician is amazing. Awesome Fem!Robin and well, yeah, love the way you interact with everyone. Keep up the good work!

organicmetalseries I never imagined Shard as a Mobian, which I know isn’t what your Jack is, but it’s certainly awesome! If I could draw my people half as good as you, I’d actually have a decent library of icons for my people. Great Jack! Shine on!

thecybersoldier I’m always nervous when trying to interact with you. You write so well and I don’t know how to match up! You’re an amazing writer and it’s awesome that an OC has you as a Mun!

There are so many more people too, but this Post is getting really long, so I’ll just go ahead and mention a lot of other people I feel need to be mentioned. burning-ryusei, undeadspectre, crimson-caninu, mightygorondarunia, mighty-heropon, tendoriru, spiralsolvernia, spiral dust, themusemanor, linxkueixgrandmaster, little-prince-vlad, little-loving-lightbot, terraemoxus(AWESOME PERSON!), ayanamitype, lockonstratosneil, quantum seraph, kxngacorn, iris-the-reploid, pastel muses, sadisthero, sarcasticmanakete, obsxurum, xenoversemuses, thatrussiancowboy, xperimentalblur, afoxwithtails, thefutureissilver, rulebreakertoph, titaniumthamnophid, beam scissors​, shinigamipilotduo, dauntless tender​, facsimile-narcissist, mightyaniki, therealshingetter1, onevilemaverick, celestial-marksman And so many more! 

There’s just so many people to thank and You’re all amazing. Sorry for the long post and sorry for the long wait. An event like this requires time and love to make sure everyone that possibly can gets mentioned. If you didn’t get mentioned, it’s probably because we haven’t interacted enough. PLEASE! If you want to talk to me, TALK TO ME! I love meeting new people and it’s great to talk to you guys! Thanks for being great people!

Ayyyyyyy so I hit 10k but this is kinda late cause im already at 10.2 ANYHOW finally getting around to it so here we go

Kancolle pals (mutual or not) basically if I have talked to you and you play kancolle you are probably on there (non alphabetical cause I’m lazy) Bolds are people I talk to more frequently

shoukaku-nee/ zsaber327/ skyholicnagamonkai/ eoyama/ emerworld/ crazymysterychase/ kyushina/ jinkako/ rmorales01/ evangelikon/ kuzu-chi/ rachnera/ unsinkabledestroyer/ ki-zumono/ meroune-lorelei/ psychopass/ griffmstr/ rossweisse-san/ myonmukyuu/ housho/ oujij/ sumikakagami/ darkrai-10

IRL Friends

moonlightleaf/ jojos-gateweeeeep/ a-mia-ble/ iron-frog/ nobleeinherjar/ trashy-weeaboo

Mutuals (Closer people bolded)

cutegirlsdoingcutethings/ fionarona/ creepypriestdocumentknowledge/ princess-kuki/ thugderelife/ more-moe-more-problems/ lolisarereligion/ lllyasvielvoneinzbern/ anime-scarves/ boobiemun/ spicy-bae/ darkchunnifileth-filethsimplykasumithethoughtsthoughtbyzantine-love-machinecactusberryofficialyasenkanyecolle/ tsunderrated/ alphastigma117ryou-chann/ kyonkkun/ shrimpakazeruka-ko/ nyanberrymasterweebcute-girls-from-vns-anime-mangayuzuryn/ official-akagiuminosokoehms-momarch/ senkanagato/ karen-kujou/ x-kagura-x/ makidesuuuuuu/ afoggygoose/ cup-a-boob/ beardaru/ fergzillar/ plastic-nee-san/ goldenblackhawk/ amabaka/ wickedlordshingantalos-to-listens/ deadecchi/ animeforyears chino-is-the-order-a-hell-yeah/ kongou-san/ mattakasenpainoelyuishonikictm-san2dshoujotachibana-marika

Other people who I follow

kumagawaclass-13saitamahangiethebunniemoe-derefakkutumblrreimu-hakureiscaptaincrunchmakesmebleednoobsubsofficial-mic-check/ asktsuyugecko-shoujopuchidolkrururudonkeekongoutakasquid/ meliongkatahanecleancutegirlscerastesya-yas/ allofthemoesilvertsundereominous-misaka/ uchiiigatanasiruthonegaicinderellacoalgirlsmegaboy335theoneshotwonder/ moe-vampinloliphobealmisael/ ice-queen-esdeseoh-niichan/ nyararagi/

Almost two years on tumblr, and i finally reached this goal that before seemed so distant. wow. I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for quite some time and this seemed like a good moment to make one. Prepare for a really long post.



acehestia // agcntsousa // agentmaximov // agentromancffs // agent-skye // ageofulfron // ahvenjers // allstarteamup // amcrikate // arwein // azulah // bckybrrnes // bisexualamy // bisexuallisasnart // buckbucks // buckitties // bulletseraray // butt-soupbarnes // buuckybaarnes // capaldy // capsvaliantshield // carcldanvers // cartenelli // coffeeandtimelords // cptnbrns // cptnstevens // crihsevans // darerogers // demigodish // doctorbanner // dxredevll // elklord // eugenexroe // faineth // fassbendr // florenceify // freddiechilton // freezingbucky // foxtrotmulder // fuckinsherlock 


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ok so now that i recently got 3k followers, i thought it was time for my first ever follow forever! so here is how it goes! the bolded ones are my mutuals and the italic&bold ones are my friends (or at least people i concider friends but they may not concider me as a friend oops)!

also i am not taking the ones i just started following im sorry but ilu all either way~

2p-canada || aphaphaph || aphchina || aphdansk || aphdaze || aphfemme || aphfinland || aphgirls || aphgod || aphhongkong || aphkarma || aphlitauen || aphlithuania || aphnarrator || aphnativeamerica || aphnetherlands || aphnordiccs || aphnordici || aphpewdiepie || aphprussia || aphromano || aphromanito || aphspamano || aphspamanobutts || aphthailand || aph-america || aph-canadian || aph-denmark || aph-england || aph-femromano || aph-france || aph-germany || aph-italia || aph-italy-feliciano || aph-latvia || aph-poland || aph-norway || aph-norways || aph-oesterreich || aph-preussen || aph-russia || aph-sassy-ass || aph-sealand || aph-smiles || aph-spain || actualdenmark || actually-nico || alfredtalia || alfred-f-jones-world-hero || alfrecl-f-jones || alfredojones || alioistrancy || aloistrancey || axispowersshella

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and ofc my best friend in the whole wide world that i love a lot, a-case-of-lou, for introducing me to tumblr and for being my first follower here~ i love you :*

Hello, ive recently hit 2k followers and it’s also my birthday today! I want to thank everyone before hand,thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome and help me come out of my shell. 


heartoutlou- thank you for everything honestly, we’ve been through the good, bad, and ugly together and i couldn’t imagine my life without you.
stringbeanluke- as you know…it’s also our one year anniversary! even though it’s only been one year it feels like a life time. i consider you one of my best friends, you are so easy to talk to for me and thanks for being here for me and brightening up my day when it’s needed.
larentsofficial- bethany, bethany, bethany boo. idk excatly when we met but it was in may im sure, so happy one year to us. i remember your lame ass saying we should make a ‘hot people squad’ because you thought i was pretty. you are truly something else. so ill be waiting for you to ship your ass to california.
haroldaesthetic- youre basically my youngger sister/ child that i have to give advice and show the world too. we met in person about a year ago(hell yeah) and we probably should of been more cautious of who we were meeting from the internet but we were too excited over the fact we only lived a few minutes away from eachother. and thanks for being my friend pal, hmu anytime.



23yroldlouis // 2kl3harry // 2kniall // 4louis // abczayn // achillous // adoraliam // ahazzastylinson // aimh2k15 // alphaacelou // alreadyniall // amoreziam // angstfics // arrowsliam // awpayne // bacchaniall // bahzain // beaniielarry // beautilouis // bellhaz// birdsnotbeards // birthdau // bitchaz // bitchiniall // blamestyls// blowinghoran // blowingzouis // blurberrys // boozeyoulose // bouncyhaz// boyfriendsofficial // breadbowler // brennuh // britneysvevo // britnips // bus1forlife // ceaseharry // champagnelarry// chapeldonny// cheshirelou// chevrontattooliam // christlouis // cjziowa // cloncaster // clumky // comfyharry // computter // concealthepayne// cooliolarry // cravesmallik // creepshire // crtainthings// curlsalmighty // curlsandvans // curlscrew //


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today is my blog’s one year anniversary!!! thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through various blog changes (this is the second time i’m making this follow forever it all got deleted when i was almost done)

i literally cannot believe it’s been a whole year?? i’m completely different person than i was a year ago


my only irl friend on tumblr abby

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Hello buddies! In celebration of reaching 5k followers I put together another follow forever. Thanks everyone on here that has made my tumblr experience enjoyable and lovely. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show my appreciation for all of the amazing people I have had a chance to talk to over the year and all the other blogs that I enjoy seeing on my dash everyday. So, keep being awesome peeps <3 

Extra awesome blossoms are in bold (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥


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My first follow forever ;-; 
I’ve reached 500+ followers just yesterday, and i’d like to thank all these blogs for making my tumblr experience amazing (i honestly hated tumblr before because i didn’t have friends at all ;-;) , and letting me reblog so much stuff from them, and reblog from me, to gain these many followers T.T My dash would be literally a desert if it wasn’t for them. So THANKYOU. 

mutuals in - italics 
squad/bros in - bold 

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Thanks again ♥♥♥

mravolo’s follow forever

my first follow forever and i am not deleting this one i swear to god i am 1082383830% done. mutuals in italics.


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So, here I am with 1000 lovely and supportive followers. Ii don’t really know what to write… I’ve never thought i would come this far. It is a big deal for me :)

Alright… Uhm.. Thank you so much :D

You are all my favourite! But allow me to introduce the “leaders” of our beautiful company

achilliades amralimed acornshields acornsandmithrilshirts acorn-to-oakenshield acornoakenshield acorn-lover boromirs bagqinshield baggvinshield baggiinshield bagginssbilbo bagginshielder bilboo bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic bilbosoaktree bilbosacorn bilbosgarden closetshipping catofcream arwenns damnitpippin elveinking eelvenking ewebean frodo–baggins faramircaptainofgondor farewellthorinoakenshield faramircaptainofgondor farewell-bilbo grumpybilbo grumpythranduils greenleefs glorfindhel galadariel galadrielles hobbitbilbo inchells nimrodels theheirsofdurin thorinds thoriinsacorn thorinshielding thorinkingoferebor ohpippin orcriststing winterfellis thorin-wiggles tosquinha torhin durints undomiells ultronviolence iheartbagginshield oakenbaggins oakenshielde oakenshieldbaggins oakensshields oakenxhield farewellfili ghaladriels egbertsdentalissues masterburqlar burglarbilb0 avelera radiorcrist kurosmind orcristhorin orcriststing watsnn screw-you-im-a-hobbit thebravestlittlehobbitofthemall thebilbae duirins durindead tomistymountains mihtrandir  hobbitunderthemountain thorinobsessed thorinoakenishield thorinsmoakyshield thorinsoak ooooaaaakeeenssshhiiiieeeellld oooakenshieldd baggins-ofbagend oh-faramir thoriinsacorn samwsie lordoftheelves lord-of-the-shire arkenscone arkenburglar arkenstonethief bilbochan khazad-dum waratte-naite bilbobaebaggins feliciscloak siriusfanofpadfoot fatummeum theacornshield bilbokingoferebor husbandsunderthehill eowyns eorlinqas princefili kingthranduil thranduel astynomi arkenburglar theuinendili weshouldfondue weshouldallburntogether lotrlorien hope-of-cookies prince-fili princedurin bofursunboundbraids bagqinses itsnawia its-the-line-of-durin seaofglassveilofmist evergreenthorin evungelinelilly earendilion little-oakenshit littlebardlings cutepippin ravenhilll thearkenstone thearkenstone-ck kili-fili-thorin-hot-dwarf klngfili silmarile silmaril-on-the-right ohfili oh-fili frodno froodooboogins frodo–baggins

So, I have been on Tumblr for almost a year now. And I am so thankful that I clicked the ‘Sign Up’ button 10 months ago.
Tumblr has changed my life. No, people on Tumblr. I have met so many amazing people. A lot of them became my friends. Some - people I couldn’t live without. People who inspire me. To believe in myself, not to give up when life gets shitty (and it does. Quite often). I am sure they know who they are. Before you I felt alone and worthless, ngl. Now, I couldn’t feel stronger. All because of you ♥ Thank you for being such an awesome human beings and thank you for supporting me through my mental breakdowns.

On a more positive note - I have 4k people, who were interested enough in me (or my blog) (or just thirsty for Bigbang. If yes, then I feel you, bby) to click the follow button. And I gotta say - Y’all pretty dumb for this choice. So now I am going to give you a list of people you should be following instead of me (jk). 
But seriously, check these blogs out. They are amazing. And also check ouy my blogroll for more amazing people that you should follow too.

Italicized - baes
Bolded - baes of the baes

A - D

addictedtohiseyes , becausedamnsun, bigbnags, blondragon, btsboyz, camillatop, ccrooked, cl-gizibe, daeseungie, daesng

E - J

everything-korea, falloutdrama, flamingkrisma, gdragons-seoul, gds-sideburns, glittershimmersparkleshine, gwonjiyong, gzbrin, hwbayh, intopxicated, jerksuke, jilocked, jiyongs-g-thong

K - Q

kitteii, koreanghetto, kwontae, kwonzz, letsallsleepoverwork, makafushigi, memoriestomelodies, no-8, nocqout, odaesung, officialyanghyunsuk, ohseungri, okjiyong, orange-unnie, qaerin

R - Y

royalseunghyun, seungdi, seungrichan, seungrifeels, seungripls, seungriseyno, taeyangspecs, trash-of-fandoms, topistopineverything, two-any-one, vvips, xxxloveee, yestokpop, ygbias, yghigh, ygjunkie, youngbaaes, youngbaebae.

Now, a separate section for the r e a l l y special people in my life:

daesungsdelight - The other half of me. We fit together so well. And I love you so freaking (I even had to bold it) much, because you know so much shit and you not even judged me once. Would do anything to meet you, because my life would be complete then. I trust you more than anyone else, I feel like I could be open with you or just hit you up at 3 AM asking to talk. We had so many amazing, funny and even deep conversations (tho we would still turn it into something happier, because our deep convos are emotional af). I glad I met you and I am glad you are by my side. I hope we stay stuck together for way more than 6 years ♥

daesungstrash - Tbh a superwoman. Probably the only person who actually went through all my phases. The ‘fuck life’ and ‘fuck you’ one, the ‘I hate you and I don’t want to see you’ and ‘I miss you, pls come back’, the ‘I fucked up and I am sorry’ and ‘I ain’t even a bit sorry’, the ‘Lol k bye’ and ‘*Sings ‘All of me’*’, the ‘I am miserable’ and ‘I am hot af’, the ‘We are done’ and ‘I couldn’t live without you’, the ‘*Ignores you for a week*’ and ‘*Gets mad bc is ignored for a week*’, the ’*Cries for a week bc of how weak you make me*’ and ‘Great. Amazing. Good. Spectacular. Awesome. Nice’ one, the ‘I am having a mental breakdown and I want to bury myself’ and ‘The best day of my life, I love you, I love everyone’ one. Basically, she saw me in my best, but also the worst forms possible. Still wondering how dumb you are to be with me. But oh well. I love you for that. Most of the shit I have said in that letter. ♥

jidans - My sunshine. So gorgeous, so amazing, so supportive, so sweet, so smart, so wise, so perfect. Have seen my most emotional sides, but still was there to help me. Gave some of the best advices, best inspirational quotes, cheered me up with couple of words. My only and true bro. ♥ Feels my thirst better than anyone else. 

jongdang - My gland panorama. And my magical unicorn. I am a bit sad that we talk only less and less, but I still love you as much as always. Has answers to my questions, because she speaks my mind and I think we have a lot of in common. Such a sweet person she is. Seriously, one of the warmest I have ever met. One of the wisest too ♥ I feel like I can 100% trust you and even though our conversations aren’t long, I still, somehow, cherish every single one of them. Because they give me life.

royalroars - My beautiful pumpkin. You have been with me since day one. And I am so happy I met you. Also, wise af. Maybe too wise for me to understand, but oh well. The day you left I felt pretty shitty, so I am glad to have you next to me again. I love to hear what you got to say and to tell. It’s so interesting talking with you, you are an inspiration ^^

I am really sorry for such a messy post. Also for my grammar mistakes. And the lenght of this. And the emotional shit. And the crappy edit. Yup

Have a good day!! ♥ And thank you again!!

                  FIRST  OF  ALL  BIG  BIG  THANK  YOU  TO  EVERYONE. for  welcoming  me back
                   to  the  marvel  fandom.  i  have  to  say  i missed  u  guys  a  LOT  &&  im super happy to
                   be  back  with  ward.  ward  has  been  a  super  awesome  experience   & im sure this time
                   rping  him  will  be  even  more  great. down  below  i  will list all the people i adore. seriously
                   everyone  of  you  is  freaking  awesome   im  super  jealous  bc  y’all  are  so perfect. i’m
                   also  super  lucky  to  made  so  many  new  friends  during  this  short  trip  of  mine   i’m
                   looking forward to even new ones & the time i spent with all of ya. you guys rock my world !!!

                 skyxe  ╳  xwardfire  ╳  fearsobliviion  ╳  protectoris  ╳  jesslynshepard  ╳  killerisms
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                 bringerofthestorm     ╳    bloodtraiitor     ╳    brightestbiochemist     ╳    gammamade
                 widowism    ╳    porticosdaughter    ╳    yxhtzee   ╳   synthezoiid   ╳   againstworlds
                 edhelernil    ╳    heromaterial     ╳    heldentxd    ╳    electrokiinetic    ╳   nachzehrerr
                 xgamora      ╳     ofgasmasks     ╳    ofbxnes     ╳     whattheflark    ╳    mundaneisms  
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Hey guys!! Soffie Here! ♥♥ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ So since I passed a milestone *well for me* a while ago, I decided to try my luck and make one of these follow forevers! Now this wasnt easy to make. ╮(─▽─)╭ But that doesnt matter, what does…is the feeling of appreciation and utter admiration that I have for each and every single one of you! (◕‿◕✿)(◡‿◡✿) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY ONE AND HALF, ALMOST TWO YEARS HERE ON TUMBLR, AN AMAZING ONE! ♥ (✿◠‿◠)

And this goes to all of of my wonderful followers as well! (✿ ♥‿♥) I wouldnt have arrived to this point if it weren’t for you guys. This could never show the appreciation that I hold in my chest for you guys! To those whom I have chatted with before, thank you for your wonderful messages and for encouraging me when I needed it most! *Yes, you! Olivia! ♥♥*

So once again, thank you for the memories! (≧◡≦) ♥♥♥


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If by any chance that I spell your name wrong, please message me so I can fix it. (。◕‿◕。)

I reached 13k followers. Here is a small follow forever to the people I follow (sorry if I miss anybody.)

Two of my favorite bloggers: frie-nds and princesconsuela

Some very lovely and wonderful people who make Tumblr great :

chanchanman-bing | screamtrilogy | bloodydifficult | chandlerthebing |  aprilsjesusisjustintimberlake | bracelet-buddies | aposse | battling-bard| sarahksilvermans | calietorres | cosimaslany | sarasmirez | cophines cumberbatcha | mcbrilliant | doctormechanic | little-greysanatomy |  yatahisofficiallyridiculous | little-black-curly-hair | alixvause |  jakesjohnson | jas-leigh | holmvs | helenas-angel | mondler-addict | tatianaception | givemerizzlesorgivemedeath | phoebebuffays | missbingleys | lalalalovely | bigbutt-littleheart | lansparrilla | moniicageller | shaysima | glassesanddreads | sarahmanning | perkinssandknope | talesofnorth | miakirshners | valkubanging | frixndsinfinity | thetorresmethod | clones-before-hoes | tatianaception | racheldvncanmaslanykaticraachelgreenpomperfect | redbull-and-mp | reginaa-phalange | eliseboobman | originalmeathead | majesdanes | itsericah | clubclone | natvanliss | fairytalespond | wolfboysawicki | yrrard | praytothegay | cam-saroyan | justliving-thatsimplelifee | jinglebitchbuffay | presidentselinameyerdrunkknope | fuckyeahmatteney | princessconsuelaa | courteneycoxfans | onlondontime | centrlperk | your-flys-open-geller | centralperksource | friendsgifs | centraalperk | mondle-r | reginamllls | sarhamanninq | bnaz | agronderwood | forentertainmentpurposess | agentroot | darkheartrockerr | nattaliaromanova | maura-isles | jeenniferaniston | sweetaniston | the-regina-mills | racheltuckerrr | tbrennans | myjanerizzoli | mserybusiness | monicagellers | kekedee-von-leighohmyrizzles | matty-leblanc | unhapp1ly | outrageouslybritney  | scream | fuckyeah-cougartown notastupidape | calliettorres


Wanted to do a follow forever dedicated to all my amazing mutuals. Y’all are seriously so amazing and too cool (4 school), and I still can’t believe you all decided to follow me. You are all honestly so amazing and I always smile whenever I see a post of yours on my dash. But, anyways this is just to thank you guys for being super awesome, so from this socially awkward potato to you; stay hella awesome <333

*You guys should def follow everyone on here. As previously mentioned, they are the coolest.*


agentbellamy | aageofultron | aceofultron | alianonva | ageofultorn | amcrikate |  angryhulks | anthonystvrk | barackobamas | barryaallens | barriyallen | beardysteve | bobbimqrse | buckywinchesters | charlietcox | cilntasha | chavliecox | clintbartns | clintbrtons | clonendrix | clarietemple | commandobarnes | cptnstevens | crihsevans 


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ignore the crappy edit o kay

BONJOUR TOUT LE MONDE ! /let me do the greeting in my own language lol/ IT’S THE AWESOME ALICE! /throws flower petals at herself/ im just joking forgive me pls

SO I decided to make my first follow forever ! No special occasion nor any birthday nor anything, nope! I’m just in a good mood these days /PROBABLY BC OF THE COMEBACK LOL/ and I wanted to thanks EACH ONE OF U into this for brighting up my dash everyday with your oh so perfect personnality/answers/gifs/graphics/edits… U GUYS JUST ROCK!!

italics = mutuals / friends

bold = faves

* = inspiring people


aegyoh // ahn-f // astromyst 

badass-bangtan // bangtanosaur // bangtanxk // barkzimin // bts // butt-tan // bwikooks 

chiminah  // cuteyoongi 


doolyjim  // dreaming-legend //

fiftyshadesoftaehyung // flowerkook*

gizi-bae // goldjeon


hobaeyourthirst // hoseokjung // hoseuok // hugtae*

iamikei // idbangbangtanboys // iyeols

jeonsah // jieuns // jikookaholic // jimiin // jimins // jiminsthighs // jiminstry // jiminworld // jinkooks // jooncherry // jomjjeoreo* // jung-koook* // jungkks // jungkookaholic




min-jimin // min-lait // minjv

namminn // nan-ami // nojimin*


ofjimins // ohmilk // only-mango

parkjmn // pdmin 

raphyung // rapmon-dongsaeng // rapmonterlude


sassjoon // seduce-me-with-satoori // snnns // suga-com // sugageek // sugapark // sugaspicelatte // syuub

taehyungsgirl // taernado // the-bwcw // theclassreject 

vhope // vhyung // vlientae // vrotic*

yoonggi // yoongiggles*

a few last things that need to be said!!!

-im not following enough people imo so if you have blog recs just feel free to send me a message ’kay??? 


-i feel bad about the tags or convos you guys send me/start that i end up not doing/replying, i’m so sorry i REALLY appreciate it all and as much i want to do these tags/reply i just have a really really bad memory that also causes me probs irl.. anyway pls don’t hate me continue sending these i’ll do my best i swear ;;

-and lastly i’d like to thank all my followers for sticking with me! ILY ALL

So I hit a follower milestone. My first 1000! I’m so happy! I decided to do a follow forever. I’m still just a small blog here but there is 1000 people who decided I’m worth following. Thank you so much for this! So here are the blogs run by amazing people and if you are not following them you should be! 

alechrdy | allegoricalrose | allrightfine | archervale | bad-direwolves | braveten |
captaingrahamcr | cooltennant | crazyandsexy | dirty-brian | doctortenny | dovtorwho

elliealec | elven-soprano | escapeartistmnb | fadewithfury | hardythehermitcrab | heartbreakingtennant | i-need-more-food | iheartheartgallifrey | itaintwhatyoudont | kiadshoo | lauraxxtennant | letsgetdowney | lostinfic | mizgnomer | mizumonope | moltobenebananas

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starkshero | stvrkster

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Wow i can’t believe i’ve reached my 500 followers on my blog. You guys have no idea how much that means to me. I love each one of you, no matter if we talked before or not, that doesn’t matter we have a lot of chances to talk. Each of you are amazing and you are all a friend to me <3 

You’re a True friend, you are here till the end <3

Here are some of the blogs who always bright up my day and are worth following 
herrierants swiftofrph haileesofrph punkd-edits jensenassists

aaronjrps  abbeyofrp  abbysrph aboutroleplaying alexis-of-rp  aliensrph  andersonhummelrps  anythingindierph  aprilrhodesrps aquarpt  aria-helps  arielrpt  autumnofrpg baddieofrps bbyofrp   beckyjacksonwrites bellisarioofrpcha  blackbear-rps  blamrps bookishwrites caithelps cakesrps carterrps  chandlersrph child-actor-gifs chrisroleplays  clairexwrites classyrpt como-rps  corkiehelps cornerstonerpg

daddyrpt  dannyofrpz  danquinntanarps   diahrpt dinahspeaks dominicanofrp doriangrayrps   fabrayofrp facehelper  fargorph   fatalerpt   fitzwrtes frogsonrpt furyofrps

gifhuntsbrfcs  goddessrpt   go-follow-daydreambelieverrps goldilockswrites  goodthinkerwrites gunnhelps  hallietalks harryofrph   harryofrps  haydenchats hazzastylezrph    hellrpt helpfulrps   hobbit-helps hrryrps izziewrites

jareaucallahanrph  jasminrph  jauregrps  jemmarps  jennasrps jenniferkatewrites  jessicaparkersroleplays   joeyrichterrps   kathofrph kaykayrps  kaleyofrp kbunburyhelps  kilmerhelps   koalofrp  kristinarph kunisofrph  kurtbastianrps  lexieofrp  livelyrpt loubnaofrp luceofrph lydiuhofrps

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yejinsrph  yoncerpt  

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