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So I recently hit 6k and I’m still so excited, you guys make me really happy and bring a smile on my face even when it’s hard for me to smile. And I’m really happy that I had a chance to meet you, get to know some of you and talk to you. I’ve met so many nice, fun and so damn amazing people here and I’m extremly happy to befriend some.

So yeah, in short I wanted to show you how much I love you at least in some way, so i decided to make this follow forever ^^

If you want you can check out my blogroll and a shameless promo of my insta 

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hello ~

well, I recently hit 400 followers (yay!) ((I know it’s not that much but still, I’m so happy and grateful, thank you all for being here)) and I decided to do a little follow forever ♥ so yeah, here are some of my favourite blogs :)


@aggressivelybisexualeggsy @agent-galahart @a-gent-galahad @acesuchi @actual–quartermaster @adverbally @agent-eggy @alysinator @angelic-breeze @anicecuppatea @annaofaza @azilver @band-aids-d0nt-fix-bullet-h0les @bondsboffin @breathtakinglybrutal @chesterqueen @chestnutnola @cjoints @coloursflyaway @concernedlily @cqqsyunwin @daddy-firth @daphneg121 @deepdarkwaters @dennisasbo @dhampir72 @dippedmoonshadow @doctor-w0t @doctorsfriend @eatingmoonflowers @eggsy-in-the-sky @eieiot @eigengraus @elletromil @enjoy-acne @ezrudine


@faedreamer @fangirl-maketh-fics @frekislight @freya-deathstalker @frostniskare @fy00q @gentlemensarmor @gonebarnes @hales-emissary @harry-heartthrob @harryfuckinhart @harryunwin @harttwin @hartwinorlose @iamkingsmantrash @inkstainsinmyheartandhands @johnsjawline @kingsmananddurins @kingsmanhartwin @kingsmankaiju @kinksman88 @krissielee


@lady-mephistopheles @lavendereggsy @leggsyunwin @lena221b @li-prouvaire @littledeathrobot @lonestarzz @mandy-hope-san @minervahart @miss-bronte @missbeckywrites @mizozoh @mockingjaybeevicious @mongoose-bite @oggalahad @pastel-eggsy @percyval @persephoneggsy @pinkcherryblossomcats @port-wind-waves


@sassy-first @saturn-in-retrograde @scandalmuss @secondarysushicorps @sententiousandbellicose @shamelesslyradiant @sheepunderthemountain @sherlockianonfire91 @sherlocksbuttonhole @shitshipping @siriusegerton @sleepyvanni @solarrift @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @tastymoves @teamironmanforever @techteaandq @theanisplanet @thirstforfirth @thundernight @tillyswilda @timetospy @trashbagauthor

u-z, #

@unwinthehart @v1als @venvephe @verytravelerkitten @vulcancherry @whatisanancy @zhivchik @zinfandelli @0-q-0 @00q-te @00qparadise @00qers-forever

hope I didn’t miss anyone! 

hey, guys! so, i just hit 100 followers. i know it isn’t a lot but i’m really proud that all of you see my blog as good enough to follow so… yeah. anyway, i decided i’d do a follow forever because i follow so many amazing blogs and i thought that now was as good a time as any to share them all!

the ones in bold are my favourites, and those in italics are mutuals! (ps. i was previously alphalyds, in case you’re confused!)

okay, here we go!

@admiring–audrey | @alfred-enoch | @allydiadaily | @alright-audrey | @ameliapondsy | @arden-cho | @ardenchosource | @argentist | @argetnallison | @aryeastark | @auderyjenscn | @audrevjensen | @audrey-scream | @audreyandthevirgin | @audreyjensen | @audreyjensengifs | @audreyjensengivesmeaheartattack | @audreynemma | @audreynoah | @audreysaccomplice | @audreysjensen | @audreysource | @audrijensen | @b99daily | @badlanlds | @badvvolfrose | @banshuman | @biaudrey | @bicurious-and-the-virgin | @bicuriousandnovirgin | @bicuriousaudrey | @bicuriousjensn | @bifurious-and-the-deflowered | @bifuriousjensen | @bitcherine | @braterinapetrova | @bravogustavo | @brilliantclara | @brodrey | @brookeduvals | @brookemaddoxdaily | @brookemadx | @brutallyhonests | @carlson-maddox | @carlsonsmaden | @carlsonsyoungs | @clarissafarchild | @classictvd | @corashales | @coyotesquad | @crystalholland | @crystalmreeds | @crystalreed | @cystalreeds | @daily-halsey | @daily-stydia | @dailycoyote | @dailyelena | @dailyisaac | @dailymysticfalls | @dailypetrovas | @dailyscream | @dailyscreamgifs | @dailystalia | @daisyduval | @damonsalvatoreh | @daniel-sharman | @daylghter | @ddraco | @disneycollective | @dobrevadaily | @donnaknoble | @dracomahlfoys | @draeden | @dsharmansource | @dyalnobriens | @dyllinski | @el-diablo | @elenaglibert | @elrnagilbert | @fantastlcbeasts | @finntfa | @fitzgeraldjake | @fitzgeraldmaddox | @fosterjensen | @friendsgifs | @fuckyeahamysantiago | @fyeahbrooklyn99 | @fyeahcrystalreed | @fyeahdanielsharman | @fyeslydiamartin | @fystalia | @fytwolf | @giffingstydia | @giftvd | @ginalinettti | @girlsoftw | @goldensnltch | @grryffinder | @gxnnyweasley | @halecupcakes | @halseyghosts | @halseymedia | @hayleysatwells | @holladnroden | @hollandrodensource | @hollasndroden | @holyjensen | @hopefulargent | @hrodendaily | @impossiblyamelia | @inadobrev | @incorrectscreamquotes | @itsalwayslydia | @izaaclahey | @jacobsperalta | @jake-fitzgerald | @jakeperallta | @jeepersnoah | @katerinapetrova | @katherinestanclub | @kieranwilcox | @kirasyukimra | @kirayukimurasource | @lakewoodsource | @lakewoodtrash | @leiasorgana | @liamdvnbar | @lilypcttcr | @lilypxtter | @lucy-hoe | @lunavlovegood | @lydamartin | @lydia-martin | @lydiahstilnski | @lydiamarkin | @lydiamartindaily | @lydiamartinsbat | @lydiamccall | @lydiamcrtinski | @lydiamurtin | @lydianski | @lydias-stiles | @lydiascotty | @lydiastilinski | @lydiastlinski | @lydvia | @lysdia | @maliagifs | @maliastates | @martinsti | @mathhewdaddario | @misskathgifs | @mitzgerald | @muliatate | @ninadobrevadaily | @ninadobvrev | @ninerose | @ninetyninthprecinct | @noah-fosterr | @noahcznerys | @noahfostahs | @noahkarna | @noahsbrooke | @noahsduval | @noahfcsters | @obrcden | @obriensource | @ohennig | @ohkira | @ohperalta | @ohstydia | @onlysharman | @paddfoot | @panicattackkisses | @perfectstydia | @pipershxw | @poedameron | @poefinnrey | @poseysdaily | @poseyshelley | @pottern | @problematicjensen | @professorlockhart | @protectmccall | @proudstydiot | @pureblud | @queenlydias | @queenstilinski | @quillsandink | @radiantlydia | @raggedyrory | @raphunzels | @redstringbanshee | @rodenlove | @romweasley | @rongasm | @rosetuler | @samvenger | @sassystiles | @savingsciles | @savingstydia | @scilesgifs | @sciradaily | @scisaacs | @scottmccallsource | @scottsalllison | @scottsderek | @scottsobrien | @scottymcalls | @scottymccall | @screambrooke | @screamgifs | @screamsource | @screamstavo | @screamtheories | @screamtrash | @sebastiansource | @shadowstydia | @shelleychennig | @shelleyhenign | @shelleyhennigsource | @simonclarys | @siriusblacck | @smol-angry-audrey | @smolsamberg | @staliadaily | @stavo-acosta | @stavosacosta | @steven-barnes | @stiles-lydia | @stilesbanshee | @stileslovesariel | @stilestlinksi | @stilinskigif | @stilinskilydias | @stora | @stydia | @stydiadaily | @stydiah | @stydiaislove | @stydias | @stydiascenes | @stydiot | @tall-butt | @tardisvoice | @teamcarlsonyoung | @tgposey | @the5thyearfreshman | @thehumanandthebanshee | @themorguepodcast | @thescilesnet | @tposeysource | @trashstydia | @trustaudreyjensen | @tw-gif | @twscira | @tylereposey | @tylerposet | @tylerposey | @vampirediaries | @visit-lakewood | @voidaudrey | @voidsbanshee | @wellsjahasghost | @wereswolf | @whouffle | @withabowtie | @wolfsbaene | @wrenlakegifs | @youngsamberg | @zonnkos

I hit 1k guys!! I don’t really know how these work so I’m just going to give a massive shout out to all my favorite really a follow forever yikes sorry. (fave mutuals are bolded)

@readingatthedisco @bless-howell @padeylicious @cheeselester @insomnialester @vangoghtroye @umbrella-phan @wowiehowell @mxtilda @mushroomdildophan @opalescentlester @alphabethowell @homoironica @happylitttlephil @apolkadotnerd @dootisnootonfire @aestheticsharpie @grace-exual @oh-bother-phan @shingekihowell @classicalphan @plant-boyphil @ephemeralhowell @gayest-bambi @bitterbeebo @myphandomisonfire @2022howell @acute-tea-pi @phanic-at-the-fall-out @serenitylester @aftyn @bloomingdan @migrainephil @wonderlesslywhiskered @phantastic-soerine @taintedloved @skinnyjeanshowell @steampunkhowell @jilliancares @20dollarmemes @celestialhowell @crescendohowell @cringe-attacks @averyiscoldpizza @dalisnotonfire @danisontnonfire @dans-sad-dimple @danthrusts @fairylightsau @haunted-plants @i-craft-ladders @illmakeuhowell @incrediblehowell @jupiterisonline @memereligion @my-lungs-will-phil @phanmoonlight @tinybeanlester @fries-and-bowties @gotta-ombre-it @rosemarylester @maddox-rider

(this is so messy I’m sorry)

thanks to everyone for 1k!! I’m so happy you guys don’t even know omg

I’ll be debuting my youtube channel sometime next week because I still need to make my first video. I wasn’t expecting to hit it today so..I wasn’t ready..



ive been on this site since 2012 and ive ?? never done one of these so !! here we go!!!! pls excuse my internet made graphics (second pic ft @badlambz and @gnsy ! first pic ft dogs) n enjoy this poorly put together list of the people who have made my time here worthwhile i rly love u all so much its ?? unreal thx 4 being pals!!

my Absolute Ride or Die i wdnt be here w/o having u as my best friends thank u for being there 4 me 1000% i??ly:

@canadianstereotype @badlambz @gnsy @nialls-glasses @emilysims @yikeslesbian @mickey-mousemilkovich

my mutuals i love 2 Death in no real order (mostly in order of how long I’ve been following u), no. 1 favs r bolded!!:

@maggiescully / @breadlesbian / @steviefuckingnicks / @benknope-wyatt / @wishyouwoulds / @honeytarobbyg @sparkelgarbage / @memitims / @aarondingls / @sangitproudly @platinumtaylor / @allydiugh / @petitetimidgay / @hufflepuffemoji / @acidally / @criers / @softsiriusblack / @crookedkngdom / @rosedustfemme / @cosmokramers@lizzybennnet / @siriusblacc / @artemcia / @alyciadebnamcarev / @balthazarjones / @blessabytoroymoi / @nothinging@sugaraddiction / @kingslayered / @freyias / @indiaislemon / @mmcurie / @qiunnjames / @coolerurl / @peachvglow / @finbarwrong / @iamtherealjayz / @gayminyard / @lvynch / @buterbeers@honeyhamiltons / @fleamcnt / @transremus / @queerauders /  @stormbqrn@astereal / @jerejeahn / @sullenaquarian / @punknoahcz / @softkings / @feminimity / @rennewalker / @sweet-faerie16 / @ludgatedwyerz / @foxzmulder / @presidentgay / @sapphicbuffy / @punmaster500 / @magnusalc / @caesarsseizures / @spookyaliens / @adamsparirsh / @holtzmannsgirl / @dracobaby / @raptangel / @aristotleles / @jasico / @moonyphase 

tysm ily all a lot!!! I’m rly sorry if i left u off honestly its just rly rly hard 4 me 2 keep track of urls but just know that !! i love u!!!!!! i just threw this together tn bc i was anxious n needed something 2 do so sry if i fucked up but ily!!!!

Follow Forever

just his 300 followers! I’ve been in so many fandoms, both on tumblr and other social medias and i have NEVER made so many friends so fast! i mean like, talking to people here is so easy and fun! i talk to a new person almost everyday and i never met one that I didn’t like. and even the ones I don’t message and necessarily talk to, they’re still mutuals and sometimes talk and are there for me if i post about having a shitty day or just if i need someone for whatever reason. and then there’s a few people i never talk to but i just REALLY love their blog! so here are a few of those people ;)

  @mythicalemily @anyaismythical @lovelyrhink @shewalkslightly @reallytall-rhett @nealmclaughlin @jacularmetteld @rhettjmclaughlin @remembertherandler @rhettsbabe @rhetts-beard @brookelr @marven-gm @nartufoty @gooodmythicalkaylahh @valvenaut @redhotrhink @rhinksexual @rhetticulous @rhinkiscute @rhinkrhinkbaby @skatingrhink @squishyrhink @rhinkrolled @rhettinamc @mythical-rhink @ashleybear-hat @arel-rhink @chellannnicollares @goodmythicalevening @goodmythicalmakingout @bad-normal-night @mythical-linkle @linkneedyaf @linknealspurplepants @twiningunicorns

there are so many more people but these are the first people that really comes to mind when i think of the friends I’ve made/blogs that i love. and if you aren’t following every one of them you definitely should be!!

i  haven’t  made  one  of  these  since  i  first  ventured  into  the  world  of  tumblr  rp , so  i  thought  i’d  smash  something  together  at  last  minute’s  notice.  lately  ,  i’ve  been  feeling  especially  nostalgic  over  my  start  on  this  site  and  the  people  i’ve  met  along  the  way.  those  who’ve  stuck  with  me  throughout  hiatuses  and  different  muses.  as  well  as  those  i’ve  yet  to  interact  with  ,  who’ve  extended  kind  words  my  way  ,  who’ve  included  me  ,  who  i  might’ve  spoken  to  ooc.

to  all  of  my followers  ;  thank  you.  thank  you  for  giving  me  a  chance  by  following  me  /  putting  up  with  me  /  and  reading  my  hot  garbage.  kirk  has  been  a  constant  in  my  life  since  2013  and  i’ve  been  writing  him  since  then  ,  on  and  off.  suffice  to  say  i  don’t  plan  on  abandoning  any  time  soon  and  i’ll  regard  it  as  a  good  omen  that  i  keep  coming  back  to  him.  thank  ALL  of  you  for  making  this  an  enjoyable  experience.  live  long  &  prosper.  (’:

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This was supposed to be a 3k follow forever but I’m not even surprised it took me this long to finish it. Anyway… Holy smokes! I never thought I could make it to that number. I love you! You have no idea how much it means to me that you decided to click that button.

photo credit [x] [x]

mutuals plus a few favorities under the cut.  Thank you for filling up my dashboard with amazingness everyday  ♥ ♥ ♥

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                                                                ʜᴏᴍᴇ | ᴀsᴋ | ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ                                                                        

 this is a 2-1 So I really wanted to thank everyone I’ve interacted since these recent months and tolerated my slow rpness and oocness at times lol. I think you all are great wonderful to see on the dash, each and every one of you (even if some of you are no longer here, but the one who are still here I do hope you really stay a while I enjoy reading many of you guys stuffs at work and on my lurking time, some of it even helps me with writer block).  I’ve talked to some of you on Skype, and it’s always interesting to talk your muses or whatever topic we have.  Now this list has been the real task over the weeks because I’m such a picky little person and try to be accurate. So if I missed you I’m sorry just hard getting everyone, if you see doubles?  - Well, I got paranoid. Now I will be dropping my giveaway sometime in August now that I have enough funds

                                            𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬                                

@seasaltmemoria | @ethereal-remains | @kairoscuro | @fearsiphon | @pledge-of-the-sea-and-the-moon  | @cheramuu | @sungoddessre / @r-e-m-a-g-i-n-a-r-y | @astralberry / @cliiimax/  @sxfaia / @capoeiirista |  | @owlteria | @neoicebreaker | @blucin | @serinigalini | @temperedwings@burnxgold / @marumayu |  @brandedrose / @meteorblaze 

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well its summer so why not, but i also recently hit 3.7k. so thanks guys, i feel blessed, even though i keep changing my url. so in literally no order, because i cant be bothered doing this alphabetically here is everyone i follow and love. (faves bolded)

@barnesrogerss @stevies @jjmkirk @leosmccoy @falconisms @rogehrs @captainamcrica @spidermmans @wnterzoldier @grounderstiles @leonardscanary @cuddlybucky @lukeskvwalker @hcwkeyes @buckwhy @uhurras @jimkrks @ironmcn @mccoyleo @whatisbucky @sassasebby @ssgtbbarnes @rogersfondue @buckybell @wienersouldier @lancetucker @undenn @captromania @saviourbucky @bluraspbucky @bnrnes @goghbf @chadsboseman @incorrectthemartianquotes @hawksguy @stuckykitten @sttevebuck @thespiderling @sebuckianstan @tchallasy @tchoolla @c-stiel @mattmurock @phandwiches @idonotgazeatscullay @spooky-xfiles @quickslvver @highwarlockofbrooklyn @so-called-xfiles @iant0jones @scully-gifs @jillianhxltzman @wowdanascully @clarkskents @thebuckbarnes @iantosdiary @burntlikethesun @senatorgana @urcrazymulder @xfilecaps @fcknbxrnes @sherlock @markwatneyandensemble @mahalohanaloha @thebleedingvicar @lovethesnark @alohaspaceman @nataliiedormer @punkashale @iolani-palace @vagnervagner @sunshinecas @bbqcastiel @martianwahtney @worthystevie @poetdameron @tonystrk @jamesbahrnes @stuffandtorchwood @romavoff @thexfiles @compliedsoldier @ohbae-wan @waitingformybucky @clarawinoswald @peggyswilliams @stansseb @brialarson @angelbarnes @tchallafalcon @yearsandsyears @exofalcon @sebastiansource @marvelgifs @theavengers @spidergwens @celestialrogers @captnadorable @dailyevanstan @poedamnpilot @buckyandsam @ursulaismymiddlename @tinyminyard @blvckpanthcr @herovigilante @spiderroos @theromanova @templexclaire @dorkyavengers @romanoyas @barnesthighs @oswaldwatney @aaron-burr-spacepirate @indianajjones @hogwartshiddenswimmingpool @louiestommos @leslicodomjr @rogers-stevens @fosterthebucky @wvntersoldiers @onefreightcar @fightmebucky @buckcybarnes @team-barnes @sebastianstansource @avengher @metqlarm @annabethjacksxn @sbstianstan @blackpanthsr @lewisimon @billykaplanofficial @irlkatebishop @hulklinging @bucybarnes @snowsoldier @ligtwood @kittypride @buckycap @avenginginsanity @arthucurry @caanoloughlin @steverogersnotebook @steviepinkiepierogers @charlesxavvier @duhbucky @stormjohnny @barnesebastian @thesafesthands @buckiys @bbuchanann @franksgrillo @tomshollande @buckromanoff @stevyrogers @cuteevans @billyteddys @bchkybarnes @drunkrxgers @tjhammondsupportgroup @kylowen @winterbuckv @team-spidey @paulrhovia @nonbinaryspocks @marvelsebstanfan @rvdhood @jasonbuckys @barnaclebuck @grumpyseb @buckyscap @stevebucky @mattmhrdock @jamesbarnes107th @tchallos @starlurd @plantlester @ironmxn @captvinsamerica @accioharry @buckorogers @icantseemtomiss @songclara @princeofsassgard @evansscruff @cutetauriel @asexualbuckybarnes @longclaws @bucky-barns @stuckyondestiel @greaserbuck @smilingseb @frnkgrillo @captainintrovert @umhawkguy @ohbvcks @julie24j @sebuckstianstan @midnight-master @stargazinghowell @saamwiilson @demonedean @sergtbarnes @stevies-buck @jamesrbarnes @thesebbystan @clintbartcns @sergeantcap @romvnov @eirklehnsherr @ohkkirk @herobuck @amyskhaleesi @damncaptains @abaddonsays @captnstevens @buchunan @buckyfalcon @bucnanan @ageoftrash @rhoodey @captainevans @jamesbcrnes @ummarvel @artsysteve @lelsieknope @sebbys @deanfinity @jameskvrk @peterparker @boston-boy-evans @between-sirens-and-soldiers @beneffleck @the-stonedsoldier

hey guys! so recently i just hit 500 followers!!! which i know, isn’t a lot compared to everyone else, but honestly this is just a HUGE milestone for me considering i wasn’t even expecting 100 followers on this blog but i am so honored to be able to do this. 

i havent really made many friends on here just because im a young shy bean, but since 99% of the blogs i follow are mutuals, i wont be bolding any blogs :)) 

favorite blogs - blogs that are amazing in my opinion. i highly recommend to follow!! they are people that i admire and hope i will become friends with someday! (and i still can’t believe some of them follow me) 

@alicelongbcttom @dumbledore @fantastlcbeasts @lunavlovegood @poppypomfrey @pureblud @ravnclaws @hugvvarts @timeturnr @maraudre @meraudurs @slyherin

more great blogs - a lot more blogs that are gr8 and still cant believe follow me. i recommend to follow all of these people down below! (not in alphabetical order

@paddfoot @thdailyprophet @scorpiusmalfqy @scteumsempra @ravnclaws @eldcrwand @herhmione @knockturnallley @nevillles @ollivandirs @professorlockhart @pansiparknson @quibblcrs @remusmoopin @reguluz @vertaserum @voldemxrt @zonnkos @zabini @cedrcdiggcry @ravenclawjpg @lupinpotter @lupinq @leviossah @dmentor @ginnyweaslly @ginnywheezy @ddraco @pronqsie @pristineparkinson @pranksterprongs @moonysmiles @fredweazley @fredweazely @prongslct @remeuslupin @alohomoraas @pansyprknson @patrxnus @herboloqy @ooliverwood @feminismoony @chuudleycannons @reigulus @brighttestwitch @tomriidle @scorpiusmqlfoy @mxlfoydraco @narxissa @aurror @siriusblacc @potterstinks @hcneyduke @snuhffles @buhtterbeer @hermionee @hirmione @malfouy @beallatrix @scrptura

okayy this was honestly hella hard for me to do so if we are mutuals or if i follow you and i accidentally excluded you in this i am truly sorry!! this was my first follow forever and since this is my sideblog it was hard to figure out who i follow and vice versa

So i hit 2,000 followers yesterday which is crazy?? so i decided to do a follow forever for the first time. mutuals are bolded (:
if you’re a mutual and i forgot you i’m so sorry ily !!

a-k: @always-stydia @arithorasaurus @argcntchris @actual-stydia-trash @audrey-ok @bansheeandheels @claudia-allison-stilinski​ 
@dobrens @dylobrens @ doit-inspireme @fuckyeahstydia @fyeslydiamartin @hellastydia @humansbanshee @holladnroden @hollasndroden @hollanddroden  @iridescenthearts @ inmyouwnthoughtss

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this is arden, your favorite bbq mom reporting for duty! i recently reached a goal that i never thought was possible on this blog. when i first started tumblr i had created it just to reblog some pictures and talk to some of my readers, but it quickly took a different turn ( for the best ). i found many new friends, new pals, and people whom i call family. what started as a small collection of kids a little over two months ago has grown to a large family of 1,111! thank you to all that stuck with me through thick and thin, and have always reached out to me. i appreciate every single message, every single ask, every single interaction between you and i, and it will always be remembered in my heart. now, as your mother, i want to showcase the few superb souls that i’ve met along this exciting journey!

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hey there! i’ve been on tumblr for nearly two years and even though i haven’t hit any follower milestones yet, i thought i was time for a follow forever and i also wanted to thank everyone out there for making my time on here enjoyable! i love you all ♡ for anyone confused, i was ni-myu! also, these are not all the blogs i follow but the ones i mostly reblog content for this blog from~

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Thanks For all the followers that have followed my main account! (Whether you came from btsfanficsandscenarios or you just happened to pass me by)

Why should you follow me?? (I honestly don’t know why you do but thanks a lot fam)
If you’re looking for a blog that mainly reblogs everything, HERE I AM
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I Reblog the following groups:

  • BTS (Most of my Posts) 
  • EXO
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  • Twice (Occasionally) 
  • kpop in general
  • KDramas 
  • Additional | I Reblog Anything I find funny
  • And sometimes dogs 

I Often tag my friends in things because it’s fun to see their reactions 
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**WARNING** I REBLOG A HELL OF A LOT (Different Content of course) BUT YOUR FEED WILL BE FLOODED BY ME (Depending on how many people you follow)

My main Hoes: (Translation - If you see these names I tag, it’s because of the post) 

  • Arixky - Jimin / BTS Posts 
  • thatvixxstarlight - Suga / Ravi Posts 
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  • fjallraving - Shiba’s 
  • jabbersnark - Shinee / Taemin

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all these people fill my day with good times and 10/10 posts so u should absolutely check out their blogs

I HAVE REACHED 150 FOLLOWERS! After two years on this hell site I kind of have something to show for it. So anyway here it goes!

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So that’s about it! I’m still a baby but that’s okay. I love you all and I’m so happy I found you guys when I did. 💖💜💙

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Phew okay this number means A Lot to me. My Youmu blog managed to reach the 740s by the time I stopped being active there. But I’ve been stuck around 720 on this blog for an entire year and I finally managed to surpass my old blog, so I’m really happy about that. Also 800 is a perfect SAT score kill me.

Anyway I’m way too busy for a giveaway and tbh I suck at following up so here’s a follow forever/bias list. This is gonna be really long, which is a good thing I think. lmfao 800 doesn’t mean much if I only have 15 active rps though–

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