follower count btw

I hit 300 about a week ago, which is crazy tbh, and I wanted to celebrate with blog rates and a giveaway! and who doesn’t love a giveaway

But, seriously, thank you to everyone who follows me, I wanted to say that I really appreciate you and that you’ve made my time on this blog very positive ♥︎♥︎ So thank you all and I hope I can give something back now!! ♥︎♥︎



  • Must be following me ; new followers welcome
  • Reblog this post
  • Up to 2 emoji’s per person
  • Edits can be for Canon Characters / OCs / Ships
  • With OCs I need a Pinterest board, aes tag etc. for ref
  • I don’t have to familiar with the media



I’ll be doing these all week ( maybe longer ) so plenty of time to enter if you haven’t already!! 


Bop it

I need more blogs to follow!

So I have been a while away and now that I’m back I feel like my dashboard is a bit empty.

- Assassin’s Creed

- Beyond Two Souls

- Infamous Second Son

- VIDEO GAMES!!!!11111!!!!!!1111

- Marvel and DC comics

- Of Monsters and Men

So if you reblog any of the listed items, I will follow you (likes don’t count). btw, the bold ones are my fave <3