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Guest pictures from Cloud Spark and Mint Gust’s wedding!

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Fav blogs?

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Prompt: Hartwin detailed filthy phone sex. Seriously throw it all in because that's the only thing they can do as horny Eggsy is too deep in mission and haven't seen Harry forever. Established relationship. Harry is a fucking tease!

((So this has been sitting in my inbox for actual months now and I could not think of a way to write it. Then along came @bulletproofsuitkink​ with her wonderful, porny ideas. I am so sorry this took so long.))

Eggsy comes first. He always comes first. He can’t very well help it with the way Harry’s voice sounds even over the phone, not when he’s been away from him for weeks or even months on end.

Harry has this way of picking up on the way his breath hitches in his chest when he starts stroking himself, melts from talking about inane things like what’s going on at headquarters or how the food is in Moscow to telling him exactly what he’s going to do to him when he gets back. Eggsy never gets the chance to reciprocate. Harry always disconnects after he comes, leaving him blissed out and slightly confused.

The solution occurs to Eggsy the next time he’s on an away mission, holed up in a dingy hotel on the outskirts of town. If he wants Harry to come, Eggsy will have to get him do it first. He’ll just have to hold out until he does. No problem, Eggsy thinks. He’s got this.

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Thanks to @castielspahdehrah, I hit 500 followers today!

To celebrate, I’ll be doing reviews! (I’m thinking they might be something like blog rates, but I don’t understand blog rates because I’m old and clueless.) 

Basically, send me something. It could be a fic, it could be someone’s theme, it could be a pet peeve, it could be a celebrity, it could be a movie (but I warn you, I don’t get to see many movies). Send me something in an ask, and I’ll give you my honest opinion on it! (Ya’ll might enjoy my feelings about fruit in entrees, but I figure ya’ll are probably gonna wanna send me fics. That’s okay.)

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Hey guys! Since tomorrows friday, I was thinking about possibly doing a game of CAH or streaming a bunch of ML episodes (or doing something else–let me know if you have ideas!) ? What would you guys prefer??

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So I don't know if this counts, but what about me? (just for Ned, since Admin lives in the netherlands and that's cheating xD)

Daan: Ehm. Well. You are my female version. That’s good, I think. I mean.. Err… I… You. You like to sing in the shower with a shampoo bottle as a microphone. 

Admin: I think you broke him, miss Netherlands. 

I am caught up! Holy crap! My ask box is empty!

I got backed up this time quite a bit and I appreciate the patience from you guys. I love getting asks and I love answering them, but finding the spoons isn’t always possible on a regular basis. I’m also trying to throw myself back into writing and I haven’t quite worked out how to balance that and blogging. At any rate, I am going to see if I can try this thing where I answer asks right as they come in. Or, well, something close to that, lol.

You guys are all slamming peeps - yes I said ‘slamming peeps’ - and now I have to go to bed, because tomorrow I’m off to Chicago to spend Galentine’s Day with some friends! I should be back around these parts by Tuesday. Have a good weekend, gang!

etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 1 | 1.29.14

requested by: calirogue
looking for: gilded items under $50

calirogue fell in love with ‘gilded’ items after this bowl post on EFOTD. i must say, girly … you know how to pick 'em! i also love gilded things, so this curation request was super fun for me to do!

first, check out what’s already been listed on etsyfindoftheday:

  • 'gilded’ posts here
  • 'gold’ posts here

next, check out these items found especially for this curation – all under $50 USD:

  • 'wanderlust’ foil map print by misspoppydesign (featured)
  • gold-speckled clay ring bowl by annkaydesign
  • even more from theobjectenthusiast
  • there are many gilded porcelain options at madebymanos
  • a gilded tassel garland from studiomucci
  • a sparkly sequined pillow cover by pillow1
  • alchemy lollipops from thegroovybaker have real edible gold flakes!
  • a gold sequined initial for your desk or dresser
  • a pair of gold 'n sparkly earrings or other jewelry piece from one of my fave shops, tinygalaxies
  • a zag dish or gold point vessel from upintheairsomewhere
  • gold chevron + kraft giftwrap by papernestbylesa
  • some sweet gold + tile coasters from thecoastal – MANY options
  • 'cheers’ gold glitter banner at confettidesignshop
  • pinktwig’s shiny gold-dipped arrow pendant
  • a floating gemstone ring by kristinelily
  • or this SUPER RAD golden palm leather clutch from kertis, on sale for $50!

so, i’m gonna be completely honest here … i have 46 pages of 'gold’ etsy likes in my etsy profile. FORTY SIX PAGES. that’s … a little nuts. can you tell i heart gold? :)

i hope this was a good start (and not too overwhelming for you!) – let me know if you end up getting anything special!


On Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership

Some minor episode 17 & 18 spoilers.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of episode 18 of Miraculous Ladybug in the tags today as compared to ep 17 - specifically, the irony (or failure) of the series seemingly reversing its opinion on the partnership of Chat Noir and Ladybug against Hawkmoth.

But I don’t think that these episodes contradict.  Just because Ladybug can (and does) save the day herself doesn’t devalue Chat Noir or make Chat Noir’s partnership less valuable to Ladybug.

Firstly: Ladybug has always been portrayed as completely capable on her own.  This is not a new development! In Copycat there’s a memorable line where Copycat complains that he’s better than Chat, and Ladybug - stealing Chat’s baton back from Copycat - announces, ‘but I’m better than both of you!’ She’s more of a strategist - she has to be to use the Lucky Charm - and Chat Noir tends to follow her lead in akuma fights.  Ladybug is the only one with the power to cleanse akuma and fix akuma-caused damage.  Chat Noir tends to run interference while she takes the action that will save the day.

However, Ladybug and Chat Noir both consider themselves to have a partnership.  Episode 17 was all about how they choose to work together.  Despite the fact that Ladybug doesn’t seem to be willing or able to save Chat when Antibug uses him as bait against Ladybug, he’s still unwavering in his faith in her, and later Ladybug announces proudly that they’re a team.  The importance of Ladybug saying that they are a team is actually enhanced by the fact that she can save the day on her own.  She CHOOSES to rely on Chat Noir. 

The series has also taken pains throughout to show that they work well together and that Ladybug does rely on Chat whenever he’s there. She depends on Chat to keep the akuma busy while she figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.   Ladybug listens to Chat Noir’s advice. She can give him directions and knows he’ll understand and follow her lead instantly; they work seamlessly together in team fights and discuss strategy.

And Chat does a lot of amazing things himself! There’s an episode where he spends the majority of the episode holding off an entire army of knights all by himself, mostly by fencing with his baton.  He has night vision and rescues Ladybug from Stormy Weather, and takes Marinette to a safe place (so she can transform, little does he know) versus the Gamer.  It’s true he often goes down first, but that’s because he’s almost always distracting the enemy while Ladybug figures out how to use her Lucky Charm.  He rescues Ladybug from having her Miraculous stolen several times and from taking fatal hits at least twice if not more.  Just because Ladybug is stronger doesn’t mean Chat is useless.

One of the great things about Miraculous Ladybug is that Ladybug is allowed to be a shining heroine all on her own.  (This is rare for a female superhero; in most hero universes at least one man is as strong or stronger than any female heroines.) And the fact she doesn’t absolutely need Chat Noir means that she works with him because she likes to!  As much as she shuts down his flirting and finds him ridiculous, she wants his company. Ladybug has chosen Chat Noir out of her own free will, not because she’d fail without him.

In conclusion: It’s super romantic to hear characters say ‘I need you, I’d die without you, you are necessary to my existence.’  But there is a different, more mature romance in a person who is complete in themselves choosing to include another person in their life.  This is the delight of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s partnership, and why even though ep 18 was about how Ladybug can do everything herself, she’s still a team with the all-important Chat Noir.