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Day 21: Favorite Psychic Type Pokemon

Gardevoir- I’ve used this thing so much in ORAS especially since it can get hypnosis and false swipe so it’s the perfect catching Pokemon, perfect for ORAS

Artwork made by the wonderful @eu-lette

anonymous asked:

If it's still open, maybe #80 for Chat Noir and #9 for Ladybug?

I was so excited to work on these, especially the Ladybug one, because these palettes have colors that are so different but also work together so well; great choices!

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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he fell in love with her all over again

based on this one conversation in deep route lolol

aceofstars16  asked:

Maybe Alya in 157?

I was so excited when I saw this request because I love Alya so much.

Thank you for the request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Thanks you guys, 600 followers! Wow!!!  So.. I heard someone say female Geets ✨🎆✨

“Hi I just discovered your lovely blog :) Congratulations on your many followers you really deserve them!😊 I’d like to request a romantic gondola trip in Venice (maybe with a Stamford cameo?) with pallet #1 Pretty please with cherries on top 🍒😚

@jean-the-ginger  🍒 🍒 🍒  ;) 

[The game is over ;) Thank you all! I enjoyed this so much <3]

Such a cool umbrella


jasammy week day 7 - future!! i like to think they rewatch a few td seasons every time the new one comes out and whenever they get to tdpi they’re just gobsmacked all over again by How Very Gay they were/are.

this jasammy week was seriously seriously a lot of fun!!!! thank u mod and everyone who participated!! o3o/

b b b bonus

kwamimusings  asked:

For the palette challenge, I would love to see Chat with 200 and/or Ladybug with 202, if you don't mind.

These were really interesting and fun to do; thank you for the challenging request!!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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300 follower milestone palette requests open ‘til November 14th

thank you for joining me on the 30 day otp challenge!! if you’re clueless as to who i’ve been drawing worryingly often, this is Nick (blonde one) and Charlie (dark haired one) from my debut novel, Solitaire, and my e-novella, Nick and Charlie. i’m sure i’ll draw them more in the future but for now the otp challenge (which lasted FIVE MONTHS) has come to a close. thank you everyone who liked and/or reblogged my art (especially if you added comments in the tags… they make my heart sing). this has been fun and if you want to see my art improve dramatically and proof that practise really does help, go and have a look at my otp challenge art from the beginning!! haha it’s awful. anyway THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT OF MY WEIRD HOBBIES <3

One of today’s victims is @sakamotorei

I think I flipped my shit way too much today when I realized this amazing senpai was following me here aklsdjflkasdjflksadfj

ANYWAY, drew Nolan since he’s got a cute awesome design and I met your tumblr after seeing a drawing of him :’D You should draw him more ;D

Hope you like it~<3

30 day OTP Art Challenge




In all seriousness, though, I really want to do an OTP challenge - whether it’s over 30 consecutive days or just 30 pictures - and have been trying to come up with stuff beyond the usual “kissing, hugging, holding hands” etc. Not that those are bad but…progressing through different types of kiss and embrace is just really dull :|

Under the cut is a list of the scenarios I’ve come up with so far. I’ve tried to keep them pretty generic so each situation can be applied different to any OTP depending on the dynamics (A and B are interchangeable from prompt to prompt).  


I’ll put together a definitive list of my fave 30 (plus a few extras just in case) at the weekend. 

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My Colour Palette Challenge ends here <3

To conclude, I did a thing for @aizekq, my lovely little pengling. She knows I don’t like pizza. At all. She knows I prefer grilled zucchini instead. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

THE GAME IS OVER (”The game is never over, Jawn”).