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25 Essential Expressions - Will Graham Part 01/05

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I did this challenge YEARS ago and I never got around to finishing it, so with the help of my Patrons, I revisited it AND FINISHED IT last month. It was a wonderful exercise and a great excuse to rewatch the entire series again. Kudos to everyone who can recognize each scene. :D

Day 21: Favorite Psychic Type Pokemon

Gardevoir- I’ve used this thing so much in ORAS especially since it can get hypnosis and false swipe so it’s the perfect catching Pokemon, perfect for ORAS

Artwork made by the wonderful @eu-lette

tala-sa-karagatan  asked:

Congratulations! Perhaps a Johnlock candlelit dinner in #6?

Thank you, little bee! Candlelit dinner, then!

First more like 221st date.

[The game is over ;) Thank you all! I enjoyed this so much <3] 



So since I reached a little more than 100 followers, I made this challenge. Send me one or two character/s (I prefer Servamp, but you can send other characters) with a number and I’ll draw them for you!

Also, since I prefer to draw characters with different outfits, colors and/or AUs, I recommend you to add some prompts and/or colors, they will make me more fired to draw them :D

And I don’t like NSFW and fanservice things and sometimes crossdressing boys could make me feel a little uncomfortable, please don’t send them

Thank you for reading!

miskatsura  asked:

hi! i would love to see A4 with Masumi.

And here it is ! Sorry for the wait, it was hard to get the pose right. ^^ Sera in a “col Claudine” dress ! Unusual clothes for her, indeed but I think it suits her. ;)

art by me, Shin Red Dear

Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama


Thanks you guys, 600 followers! Wow!!!  So.. I heard someone say female Geets ✨🎆✨

thank you for joining me on the 30 day otp challenge!! if you’re clueless as to who i’ve been drawing worryingly often, this is Nick (blonde one) and Charlie (dark haired one) from my debut novel, Solitaire, and my e-novella, Nick and Charlie. i’m sure i’ll draw them more in the future but for now the otp challenge (which lasted FIVE MONTHS) has come to a close. thank you everyone who liked and/or reblogged my art (especially if you added comments in the tags… they make my heart sing). this has been fun and if you want to see my art improve dramatically and proof that practise really does help, go and have a look at my otp challenge art from the beginning!! haha it’s awful. anyway THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT OF MY WEIRD HOBBIES <3

30 Day OTP Challenge (Jeaneren) Day 07: Cosplaying

Jean and Eren as Noiz and Aoba from DMMD (donchu judge me, lmao). Because Jean&Noiz look similar if you squint, and everyone wants the Jaegerbooty as much as the Aobooty -thumbs up-

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