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Feat: more about Riko’s important exes Jack & Yulong, and then his boss ass no romo life

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Part 1 of the Riko life rant

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Bang Yongguk Appreciation Post #6 Robes

I really didn’t plan on doing this, but I just sorted out my gallery and saw a picture of the bathrobe king, so yeah that’s the result. I apologize that’s not a proper one, since it’s really short. The next one will be long Banghim as requested.

None of these pics belong to me so all the credit goes out to the owners!

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anonymous asked:

How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to MC's mother coming over and acting a bit flirty when MC is away?

this was so much fun thank you for requesting this OMG

~pls dont request me rn they are CLOSEDT~


  • he was super mega nervous about meeting MC’s parents so he wore a collared shirt and slacks and he looks pretty snazzy
  • MC’s mom was making dinner
  • “hey sweetheart, do you and your boyfriend want to come help make dinner?”
  • they were talking to MC’s brother in the other room when their mom requested some assistance 
  • Yoosung gets the job of kneading dough for home made rolls
  • “and as for you, MC, can you run out and get more rice? we dont have enough”
  • MC complains that they’ll miss Yoosung, but leaves to get rice anyway
  • their mom was absentmindedly stirring something on the stove
  • she looks at Yoosung, smiling
  • “you’re doing a good job with that dough over there, Yoosung.”
  • “thanks, miss!”
  • a compliment! MC’s mom must really like him :D
  • “you must be really good with you hands”
  • Yoosung thought that was….kind of a weird compliment? but hey, at least she was nice!
  • “oh well i have some experience with cooking! i make meals for myself all the time in my dorm”
  • “oh, i didnt know you were so experienced”
  • why…why is MC’s mom talking so weird?
  • of course she didnt know…? why would she? they just met?????
  • “will you stir this for a sec, Yoosung? i need to fetch something from the pantry”
  • Yoosung wipes his hands off with a towel
  • “sure!”
  • as him and MC’s mom pass each other, he feels a prick on his butt
  • he whips around to see MC’s mom wink at him
  • did she just…………..pinch hIS ASS?????
  • Yoosung starts talking really loudly and really fast
  • “um, i’m actually gonna go see if MC needs any help at the grocery store”
  • “Yoosung, that doesnt even make sense-”
  • gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg 
  • he bolted out the door, got into his car, and literally drove to the grocery store


  • when MC told her family they were dating a famous actor they were immediately like ooooOOHH we have to meet him!
  • so they plan to meet up for dinner at MC’s favorite restaurant
  • after they sit down MC and their little sister excuse themselves to the bathroom
  • “so, you’re an actor? thats pretty impressive”
  • MC’s mom leaned over the table to get closer to Zen
  • “yes ma’am. i’ve been acting for a few years now”
  • “i thought your name sounded familiar. do you have any other hobbies?”
  • “well, i like to ride my motorcycle”
  • wait…thats not something you should tell someones mom…
  • nice going, Zen
  • “ooohhh, a motorcycle? i didn’t know you were the bad boy type”
  • she bites her lip
  • oh….um….alright then,
  • Zen smiles nervously, unsure of how to respond
  • thank god that right around then was when MC and their little sister came back to the table
  • their sister insisted on sitting next to MC instead of on the other side of the booth
  • a perfectly pleasant conversation followed
  • it wasnt until the food got there that things got….bad
  • everyone was listening to MC tell the story of how them and Zen met
  • when Zen felt a shoe caress the inside of his calf
  • oh alright, MC wants to play a little footsie
  • he lets their foot crawl up his leg to the inside of his thigh
  • wait, wait one second Zen hold the phone hit the pause button
  • MC is sitting next to you, not across from you
  • so like, this is physically impossible
  • but the only person who’s across from him…….
  • ……….
  • OH!!! FUCK!!!!!!
  • when Zen puts the puzzle pieces together his entire body flinches in an attempt to get the foot away from him
  • “Zen? everything alright?”
  • MC grabbed his hand, concerned
  • “i’m fine, babe. i think i just need some fresh air….”
  • “i’ll join you! i’m feeling a little cluttered in this booth, too”
  • MC shoots her sister a glare
  • once the two are outside, Zen starts apologizing frantically 
  • “oh my god baby im so sorry i swear to god i thought it was you-”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?”
  • Zen breathes in, trying to calm down
  • “i dont really know how to tell you this, MC…”
  • “just say it! you can tell me anything, Zen”
  • he breathes in
  • “during dinner your mother called me a bad boy and then shoved her foot in-between my legs”


  • Jaehee came to MC’s place with surprise lunch!
  • she didnt know that their mom was in town visiting
  • when MC opens the door and sees Jaehee they tackle her with a hug!
    “i’m so glad you’re here Jaehee! and with food, too!”
  • Jaehee laughs and returns the hug as best as she can while holding bags of take out
  • “MC? who’s at the door?”
  • Jaehee looks over MC’s shoulder to see their mother sitting on the couch with a cup of water in hand
  • “it’s my girlfriend, Jaehee! yknow, the one i was telling you about?”
  • Jaehee blushes like crazy
  • thats the first time MC had ever introduced her to someone as their girlfriend
  • it…felt nice
  • “nice to meet you, miss”
  • Jaehee sets her food on the table and holds out her hand to MC’s mother
  • “oh dont be so formal, dear!”
  • she stands up and squeezes Jaehee in a tight hug
  • is fine i guess
  • she’d rather just shake hands but Jaehee wants MC’s mom to like her
  • MC’s just super excited that Jaehee is finally meeting their mom!!
  • “i’ll go make us some tea!”
  • they happily skip into the kitchen to make tea for their mother and Jaehee
  • an awkward conversation starts between MC’s mom and Jaehee
  • she wasnt really….good at this…
  • “i’m going to see if my daughter needs any help”
  • as MC’s mother stands, she loses her balance and spills her entire cup of water onto Jaehee’s shirt
  • Jaehee was mortified
  • she’s wearing a white shit
  • “oh my goodness, i’m so sorry!”
  • “n-no, it alright. accidents happen, right?”
  • “here, let me help you out of this wet shirt”
  • MC’s mom reaches for the buttons on her shirt
  • Jaehee literally shoves MC’s mom away from her
  • “i think i c-can manage myself just fine, excuse m-me”
  • Jaehee practically sprints into the bathroom and slams the door shut behind her, locking it
  • what the hell what thE HELL WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT


  • MC really wanted Jumin to meet their mother
  • he was open to the idea, since he was planning on being with MC for a long time~ forever, preferably 
  • he invites their mother to an elegant dinner at his penthouse 
  • and everyone knows you cant have an elegant dinner without an elegant wine
  • he chooses one of his best bottles for the occasion
  • MC usually only has one glass
  • which is why he was surprised when their mom downed 4 over the course of the dinner
  • he thought it might be rude to not let her drink, so he just let her request as much wine as she wanted
  • big mystake, Jumin
  • “Jumin, thank you for such a delicious meal, as always”
  • MC beamed at him
  • “of course, my darling. its my pleasure”
  • he kisses them on the cheek
  • MC politely excuses themselves from the table to use the restroom
  • “Jumin, you’ve got quite the home”
  • MC’s mother was talking rather loudly, and her words slurred a bit
  • dammit…
  • “thank you very much for saying so. i hope that one day MC and i can share this home”
  • she leans over the table and grabs his tie, pulling him toward her forcefully
  • “i bet we could share something right now, Jumin”
  • he gently takes MC’s mom’s hands and pries them off of his tie, then stands
  • he straightens his tie and brushes himself off
  • “please excuse me”
  • he slowly walks upstairs
  • when he reaches the top of the stairs, MC emerges from the bathroom
  • “oh, hello sweet-”
  • “oh my god, MC”
  • he runs to them and wraps them up in a hug
  • “J-Jumin…?”
  • he holds their shoulders
  • they’ve never seen him this flustered….its kinda cute
  • “MC your mother just hit on me it was so terrible i think i might die…am i over reacting?”
  • alright,this is not cute.
  • “she WHAT?!”
  • oh shit Jumin you’ve really done it now
  • MC goes downstairs and throws their drunkass mom out of the house, ordering driver Kim to take her home


  • ever since MC’s mom found out they were dating a tech genius
  • she always forces Seven to come over and help her out when her shit breaks
  • he’s fixed her TV, her cell phone, even her lamp….
  • it just….needed a new light bulb…
  • Seven finds it a tad bit pesky to be honest but he wants MC’s mom to like him
  • and like he’s not an asshole
  • he’s working when his phone starts to buzz
  • it’s MC’s mom again…
  • he audibly sighs
  • “yknow you dont have to keep going over there and helping her, right?”
  • Seven smiles at MC
  • “i know. i guess i’m just too nice for my own good”
  • MC rolls their eyes as Seven answers the phone
  • their mom was having computer troubles and Seven tries his best to help over the phone but she keeps insisting he come over
  • Seven gives MC a kiss before leaving, promising not to take long
  • once there he sits down at her computer and gets to work
  • “here, i’m sure you’re probably thirsty”
  • MC’s mother was offering him a cold beer
  • he refuses, but thanks her
  • Seven was typing code to help her computer better protect itself from viruses
  • this computer just had….so many viruses…it pained him
  • MC’s mom pulls up a chair next to where he was working
  • just like MC he thinks, she wont leave me alone
  • “wow, look at those fingers go”
  • Seven freezes
  • what…what the fUCK
  • dont!!! dont talk about my fingers dont look at my fingers dont look at me go away go away go AWAY
  • but she did not go away
  • MC’s mom leans over, her low-cut shirt showing a large portion of her chest
  • “think you can show me a few of your tricks one day?”
  • Seven never takes his eyes off the monitor, and pulls his hood up far over his head to block out everything but the computer and the keyboard
  • “please let me work”
  • finally, he manages to get rid of her
  • that was the most dreadful, the most atrocious, the most godawful
  • when Seven finally comes home he slams the door closed behind him and slides down, crumpling onto the floor
  • MC runs to his side
  • “Seven, you okay?”
  • he looks up, hands covering his face
  • “no offense but i never want to see your mother ever again”


  • MC’s mom was returning from a business trip
  • unfortunately MC was busy with work so they couldnt pick her up from the airport
  • V, being the angel he is, offered to pick her up
  • to wasnt too far from his place, so he really didnt mind
  • he was even looking forward to getting to spend some time with MC’s mother
  • family bonds are important, and he wants to be involved in every part of MC’s life
  • when MC’s mom sees him she waves happily
  • “oh, i’m so honored that my daughters cute boyfriend took time out of his schedule to pick me up!”
  • red fLAG
  • he just smiles warmly and gives her a ‘welcome home’ hug, then loads her luggage into the trunk
  • on the way home, V strikes up a conversation about her business trip
  • she complains that it was dull and even says she missed him
  • :| ????? y did u miss him ??? :|
  • V just laughed and tried to ignore it
  • she not flirting! you’re just getting along. thats all! it’s good that you’re getting along with her
  • just as V was thinking this, MC’s mom changed the subject
  • “but what about you, V? why did you come pick me up today? maybe because you missed me?”
  • V rubs the back of his neck
  • “well MC was really busy with work today…”
  • “you…didnt even miss me a little…?”
  • V feels something touch his leg
  • he looks down to see her hand inching closer to the inside of his thighs
  • when V looks up again he sees that the light turned red while he was distracted
  • he slams on the breaks
  • MC’s mother, who had neglected to put her seat belt on, is thrown forward
  • her head smacks into the dashboard
  • “shit! are you alright?!”
  • okay yea she was acting like an ass but he didnt want to GIVE HER A CONCUSSION
  • MC’s mother sits up, rubbing her forehead
  • “yea….yea i’m alright”
  • the rest of the car ride is completely silent
  • V wasnt sure if he was more scared to tell MC that their mother hit on him or that he almost killed her


  • Saeran is t e r r i b l e  a t  p a r e n t s
  • he dont like parents and parents dont like him
  • but MC still drags the poor boy to family lunch every sundays
  • the whole family comes and Saeran usually just quietly eats 
  • when someone tries to talk to him MC just answers instead
  • they know he’s not very good at this but MC’s family is super important to them
  • so once a week Saeran stomachs these gatherings
  • do it for MC, Saeran. do it for MC
  • after a particularly awkward lunch one day, Saeran decides to help MC’s mother with the dishes
  • even if im not very social, i should at least be helpful…
  • “you’re awfully quite, Saeran”
  • MC mom said as she rinsed off dishes and handed them to him to dry off
  • he doesnt answer
  • “i kind of like that about you”
  • oh god, he already hates this, please….,stop,,
  • “all the rest of the people MC brought home have been so childish…”
  • stop talking stop talking stop talking stop talking stop talking
  • “but you seem….mature”
  • MC’s mom places her hand on top of his
  • oh, HELL NO
  • this is bad on every single level that has ever existed
  • Saeran, not wanting to make a scene, rips his hand away but continues to dry dishes
  • “dont fucking touch me”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “i said ‘dont fucking touch me.’ shouldnt you know better than to hit on your daughters boyfriend?”
  • she gets a bit frazzled, tries to defend herself but fails, and eventually stomps out of the kitchen
  • MC walks past her, then looks at Saeran
  • “what’s up with her?”
  • “she’s just pissed cause i wouldnt let her touch my hand”
  • MC sighs and rubs their temples
  • “i swear to god, every fucking time i try to bring someone home…”
  • Saeran laughs, and grabs their hand
  • “dont worry, my hands are all yours to hold”




Rolling strong
The voice of my father said
Don’t give up, don’t be forgotten
This hell on Earth
I just wanna run away

They told me dreams don’t grow from here
Stay alone, count your fears
Somewhere down the line I might figure it out

Singing all my songs
To bedroom mirrors
Deep inside my heart I’m still here

We’re always running away
And we don’t even stop to think about it
The world’s in our hands, yeah
They don’t need to understand
We do it our own way
No matter what they try to say about it
We’ve got our own plans, yeah
They don’t need to understand

They don’t need to understand

It may be tough, almost killed me
At least that time I’ll remember the story
Over the years I’ve forgotten how it was

But I survived and I won’t walk down
The same old road that they all followed
It only leads to a life not meant for me

Singing all my songs
To bedroom mirrors
Deep inside my heart I’m here

We’re always running away
And we don’t even stop to think about it
The world’s in our hands, yeah
They don’t need to understand
We do it our own way
No matter what they try to say about it
We’ve got our own plans, yeah
They don’t need to understand
Straight to my hometown
Seems strange now
It feel like a distant memory
I’m always fine cause I know you’re trying
But you can do this, take this dream for me

We’re always running away
And we don’t even stop to think about it
The world’s in our hands, yeah
They don’t need to understand
We do it our own way
No matter what they try to say about it
We’ve got our own plans, yeah
They don’t need to understand
They don’t need to understand
They don’t need to understand

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