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Merry Christmas ! (and sorry for all the others tumblr i didn’t put in this follow friday but it doesn’t mean i don’t like you , otherwise i would have unfollow you lol)

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now but never got over my laziness. Today, however, is the day. Here below are all of the people I follow and adore. The people who I will probably, just like the title says, follow forever. All of you are football blogs and you bring me such joy with your wonderful edits, funny jokes or just your plain, amazing personalities. I’m not one for being soppy so I wont go overboard but I just wanna say thank you for making my experience on tumblr. a great one. 


bluetorres ; captaintorres ; drunktorres ; beminetorres ; casillasramos ; cristiano7ronaldo ; arsene-wenger 


ftoorres ; heytheretorres ; fuckyestorres ; ferrnandotorres ; fernandorritos ; fernando-torres9 ; frnandotorres ; footballismyliffee ; hakunajuanmatata ; fernandotorresismyworld ; fernando09 ; fuckyeahfernando-torres ; fernandomyman ; elninolove ; johnterrys ; fernandotorrass ; isco—alarcon ; higuains ; hello-everybodyguys ; fernandot0rres ; fabulousmessi 


lovelynando ; nandogasm ; k-torres ; lafurriaroja ; phernandotorres ; lovingtorres ;  nora-bartra-afellay ; merzzzu ; ohmyfernandotorres ; myfootballdiary ; numeronueve ; mrstorres 


teamcristiano ; tiorres ; vivanando ; s-ramos4 ; torrrres ; theperfecttorres ; wowitstorres ; thereisonlyjuanmata ; xfernandowho ; snowynando ; torres-news ; sassyramos ; sassynando