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Fire and Ice (RWBY Snippet)

This snippet is based on the following prompt: For the prompt thing: a RWBY ship fic, with a small twist: it focuses on a pairing that isn’t any of your OTPs (white rose, bumblebee, Arkos, renora, etc) I always wanted to see how you’d write a pairing like Ladybug or sunflowyr (that’s Yang/Ren btw), so now I’m taking this chance. The pairing and subject matter is completely up to you.

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Weiss was halfway through a report about the discovery of a possible Dust mine when the door of her office practically flew off its hinges. She put the report down and readied her most menacing glare. Only one person would have the audacity to burst into her office like that.

“Yo.” Yang ambled through the door, kicked it shut behind her, and then sat on the corner of Weiss’s desk. “Have you been working hard or… hardly working?”

“Good grief.” Weiss did her best to keep her glare at full intensity, but it was impossible. Her lips twitched up into a smile. Yang could be such a dork sometimes. “What are you doing here, Yang?”

“Ah, a little bird told me that you’ve spent your entire day in your office. Apparently, you haven’t even left for morning tea, lunch, or afternoon tea.” Yang poked Weiss in the forehead. “All work and no play, makes Weiss a very dull girl.”

“I never should have introduced you to my secretary,” Weiss muttered. Her secretary was normally such a reliable young woman, but she’d been absolutely starstruck by Yang. As a result, she had no qualms about telling Yang what Weiss had gotten up to all day. Damn the blonde’s ridiculous charm! “And I had lunch, Yang. I ate it in my office.”

“Oh?” Yang slunk off Weiss’s desk. “And where are the remains of this lunch?” She peered into the garbage bin. “Could it be… that your lunch consisted of a muesli bar?”

Weiss grimaced. When Yang put it like that, it did sound really bad. “I’m busy, Yang.”

“Yeah, you are.” Yang’s voice was gentle, but there was steel in it too. “You get busy a lot, Weiss, too busy to look after yourself… which is why the two of us are going out to dinner now.”

“Dinner?” Weiss scowled. “Yang, it’s only…” She glanced at the clock and trailed off. “Seven o’clock in the evening.”

“Heh. You’ve been working so much that you can’t even tell what time it is.” Yang marched over to Weiss and lifted her out of her chair, holding her bridal style. “We’re going to get dinner, then we’re going to go home, and then the two of us are going to spend the rest of the night getting busy.”

Weiss raised one eyebrow. “I thought my being too busy was a bad thing?”

“There’s busy, Weiss, and then there’s busy. Trust me, there’s a difference.” Yang started walking toward the door.

“Wait just a second,” Weiss squawked. “Are you seriously going to carry me?”

“Well, yeah.” Yang shrugged. “So you can either let me carry you this way, or you can struggle, and I’ll throw you over my shoulder and carry you like a sack of angry, financially gifted potatoes.”

“Fine.” Weiss settled. “But get moving. I’m hungry.”

“So demanding,” Yang replied. “But, sure, your wish is my command.”
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Warming in the Arctic has opened the way for the Crystal Serenity’s bold landmark trip.

The Crystal Serenity sets sail today from Seward, Alaska, marking the beginning of what may be a new chapter of Arctic tourism facilitated by climate change. Lots of questions may soon be answered by this voyage and those that follow, including how will increased shipping and tourism flow affect small indigenous communities in the Arctic region?

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So i followed you for Oikise and then we got dragged into Klance hell together. But i have just now found your face tag and YOU'RE GORGEOUS! OMG! so i'm stopping by to tell you that your art is amazing and your face is super attractive.

first off tbh it amazes me how many people followed me for oikise lmao it’s such a small ship and there isn’t much content for it idk it makes me smile

and thank you !!! that’s very kind >w<

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Koschei was sitting in the library, as he was wont to do more often than not. This time, however, he was very carefully, and very beautifully, playing jazz songs on a piano. He'd not done this before since he began travelling with the Doctor.

When the Doctor heard the music echoing through his ship, he followed the sound with no small amount of curiosity. When he spotted Koschei in front of a piano, he stilled, leaning against the doorway to watch. His hearts ached a little, knowing moments like these were going to be few before time ran out on them… but he would cherish them all the same. When Koschei was finished, he smiled widely and spoke. “That was lovely. I didn’t know you could play.”