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Coax the Cold by MediaWhore (86k)

England, 1897.

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

Purer Than The Water (like we were) by FeelsForBreakfast (33k)

Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love. 

Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.

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I’ve been reading too much Kellex fanfiction

Queen Ambassador (Chapter 1)

Your name was Sophia, and you had no idea how you ended up in this mess.

You came from a small town in New Jersey, near the shore but not near enough to be surrounded by homes that were reserved only for summer vacations. You considered yourself average, as far as people go, so the fact that you’d just been ‘abducted’ by aliens was more than shocking to you. Sure, you knew Earth had established connections with other lifeforms, it had been all over the news when NASA made contact with some aliens who had been traveling around in search for allies in some intergalactic war they were facing, but you never thought that you’d suddenly be swept up from your home to act as ambassador for the human race. You were barely qualified, as far as you were concerned.

That’s not what they thought, though. Most of the world’s governments had been negotiating peace with these foreign beings for quite some time, but in order for Earth to be seen as a proper ally to their new friends, a human was meant to come with them. Many had offered themselves up, but the alien’s leader refused. They demanded they pick out someone themselves, only this way could they make sure the ambassador was fit for the job they needed them to do.

You’d been in school when the aliens came. Under orders of the government, your school orchestrated an assembly for all of those turning who were or were turning 18 within the next 6 months. The aliens wanted someone young and willing to learn, but not so young that they’d be immature. They’d also mentioned they were looking for someone with strength, for the job of being an ambassador was not easy. The idea of space travel was more than enough to keep you interested in their investigations, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to leave Earth. You were almost out of high school, you’d been accepted into a college already, and you were looking forward to building your own future. The fear of not being able to live a normal, happy life was the only thing holding you back from outright saying you were interested in the position…but then again, you didn’t think you’d be picked in the first place, do you didn’t worry much.

That was, until the actual assembly. You sat in your chair, trying to keep your cool as your principle introduced the leader of the aliens you’d heard so much about. You couldn’t hold back the gasp that went through you when you actually saw him, though.

He was huge, and barely humanoid. He resembled something like a centaur, if a centaur’s lower half was made of a 6 legged insect. His skin was a darkish green color, with silver-grey eyes and dark black hair to match. You could also knew he bore insect-like wings on his back thanks to the internet, but they were currently hidden under some very intricate clothes he wore. Much of his attire was made up of darker green and blue colors, accented by silver jewelry and a simple crown-like band to match on his forehead. Not only was he stunning, but he was very, very intimidating.

“….Friends, my name is Orotorco, 9th leader of the planet you call ‘Spade 8H2’.” His voice, while deep and booming, was obviously not used to using English. He had problems pronouncing his own planet name, and was having even more trouble trying to seem welcoming. You sensed he wasn’t trying to be threatening, and something in you relaxed. If he was making a genuine effort to be kind, you doubt he could be that bad of a person.

“As your principle just said, me and my kin are on a hunt for a representative for your kind. Only when one is found, can our alliance be made strong. We have worked in tandem with your kind to find someone suitable, and we have concluded that someone from this area would best for the job.” He explained, “My daughter, the next ruler of my planet will decide who comes with us, for she will be the one you will have to work with every step of the way.”

Your eyes drifted to the side of the stage as another alien stepped into view. Much like her father, she was large and spider-like, but she was bluer in color and sported some short, pointed horns from her forehead. She wore blue and purple clothing with white accents, much more simple than her father’s attire. You were far away from the stage, so you couldn’t see it clearly, but you’re sure you saw silver rings around her neck, establishing her role as royalty.

She came to the microphone, her voice just as uncertain as her father’s when it came to speaking English. “My name is Uros, next leader-to-be. I will be assessing potential representatives based off of poise, strength, grace, and talent. I hope you don’t mind me asking questions throughout this process.”

You won’t lie, her voice was like honey to you. While it was clear she was nervous, you felt something warm blossom in your stomach as she gazed over the crowd. It was clear you weren’t the only one, however, many seemed more at ease after she showed up.

After a few more words of encouragement and explanation, your principle dismissed you back to your classes. Uros would be drifting between classes, observing how students worked and questioning those who she thought would fit. It was almost the end of the school-day when she entered your math class. You held your breath as she made her way over to your desk, starring curiously at your paper. You felt embarrassed, to say the least, since your worksheet was barely finished. Instead, it was filled with doodles, making your paper seem messy.

“What are these?” She asked, her voice filled with an innocent curiosity.

“They’re…um, doodles. I’m bored, so I decided to draw instead.” You replied. You were sure you were beet red, too afraid to look her in the eye.

She hummed contemplatively. “Are you allowed to doodle on your papers?”

“Well…not exactly. It’s not encouraged.”

“I see…” Uros seemed to be deep in thought. “Come with me for a second.”

Your head shot up. “Huh?”

“I want to ask you some more questions, but I don’t want to stall your class. Won’t you follow me?” She elaborated, looking slightly worried.

“…Sure, that’s ok, I think.” You followed her out of the classroom, where somebody else waited. You could only assume they were a bodyguard, since they were covered in dark grey-black robes and holding something resembling a spear. Once the door was closed, she began asking more questions.

“What’s your name, human?”


“Did you chose that yourself?”

“No, my parents did.”

“Oh, how odd.” She seemed to lean closer, checking out your facial features. “Usually around the age of 3, my kind picks their own names. We’re born nameless.”

You could only nod as a cool hand tilted your head to the side, then traced your jaw. You did your best not to seem uncomfortable, but Uros seemed to notice anyway.

“You’re very stiff. Are you ok?”

Your tongue felt thick, her eyes filled with concern. “Y-yeah, sorry. Not used to this kind of thing.”

“I guess not.” She replied, “Tell me, how much do you like your life here on Earth?”

“It’s…ok. I have a family that cares and good enough grades to get me a good job. I don’t really have a lot of friends, but other people like me enough to talk to me. I’m not unhappy with it.”

“It sounds peaceful here.”

“Compared to other places, yeah. It can be boring, though.”

That seemed to startle her, for some reason. “Boring?”

You shrugged, “Yeah. I like it here, it’s nice and I’m never in danger, but there’s nothing to do. We have the beach and sometimes new people pass through, but it’s not like anything really cool is going on. Unless you count the fact that you guys decided to show up.”

Uros seemed perplexed by this, unsure what to say. The final bell rang out in the halls, releasing students from their classes. You were about to turn around when she called out your name.



“When you get home, pack what you need to travel on a long journey. I’m picking you to be the human representative.”

“Wait, What??”

You didn’t get the time to ask any questions, though. Before you knew it, she was gone, and you were being pushed to the front of the school by the oncoming stamped of students, rushing to get home.

Telling your parents was difficult. You were an only child, and your parents were very scared of losing you. It got even worse when a government agent swung by to give you a list of things to pack, as well as some other items you couldn’t normally buy without some sort of clearance. These items included a gun, a handbook about intergalactic politics (for dummies!), a small list of emergency numbers that would get you in contact with NASA over long distances, and a phone that was specifically made for your position. A regular phone wouldn’t function once off the Earth, so this one was built just with high-tech modifications so it would last. Despite this, it looked practically normal, a lot like an IPhone, in fact.

It wasn’t long after that Uros and Orotorco came to pick you up. Orotorco seemed genuinely sorry for your parents, trying to comfort them by assuring them you’d be well taken care of. You watched numbly as some bodyguards carried out your luggage, all of them in a unifying black uniform. You only snapped out of your dazed state when you felt that familiar cool hand on your back, Uros looking at you with worry.

“This won’t be forever…right? I can come back to visit?”

She nodded, “Yes, you’re not our prisoner or anything. You’re free to return here when your duties don’t keep you from doing so.”

When it was finally time to go, you gave your parents a final parting goodbye and followed Uros onto a small ship of sorts. You felt tears well up as you looked out the window during takeoff, your mother curled into your father’s chest with grief.

You simply could not believe this was happening.

Orotorco’s booming voice caught your attention, seeming to sense your sadness.

“Sophia, is it?” He asked, “I promise we will do everything we can to make you feel at home here. You’re our only hope.”

“Why, though?” You asked back, “Why not someone else, like an actual diplomat.”

Orotorco just sighed. “It’s complicated, you see. It has to do a lot with physical makeup, as well as personality and upbringing. We couldn’t pick anyone. It seems out of all of the people Uros surveyed, you were the only one who met the standards we need in a representative.”

Your mind took this all in slowly. Was it really that specific?

“….Ok, so what do I have to do, exactly?”

“Right! I completely forgot to tell you about that, didn’t I? Me and my kin only chose one ally per generation, so this is a very sought out position by many other species of alien.” He explained, seeming a bit more cheerful. “You will speak on behalf of your planet when working with us, and when the time is right, you will help bring the next generation of my kin into the world.”

You paused for a minute. “Wait, back up. What does that last part mean? ‘Bring the next generation of kin into the world’?”

Orotorco seemed confused, “Ambassadors usually bear children for royalty on my planet. Is it not the same on Earth?”

“No, not at all!” You said, alarm clear in your voice. “Where did that come from?”

“A government agent you spoke to was supposed to brief you on this…I’m afraid there may have been a miscommunication.”

Your head spun as you thought about it. You didn’t want kids! Who was even going to be the father? How was this going to work? They were bug-like and huge in comparison to you…

“Who….Who is my partner.”

Uros spoke up in her usual honey-like voice, seeming a bit embarrassed herself.


It was too much. Without as much as a second thought, you fell over, your world going dark in a matter of seconds as both Uros and Orotorco called out to you. The last thing you remember is cool hands supporting your body, begging you to stay awake.

(Chapter 1- End)

(Hey! My name is O, and this is my first fic being submitted here. This is defiantly going to be multi-chapter, but I promise there will be some good pregnancy/oviposition shit going on up in here! Next chapter should come out soon, I’m a pretty quick writer.

My NSFW blog is or-beez, but its pretty empty rn. Feel free to hmu there if you want though!

I'm Not In Love (Star-Lord Smut)

As requested by anon: All I want for Christmas is more StarLord Smut! Maybe you almost get hurt and Peter gets mad then admits he was scared?

Influenced by: “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc

Warning: poorly written smut lies ahead. 

It had been almost a week since Peter had spoken to you. At first you understood. After all, you’d completely gone against his instructions. You wandered away from him on a rather sketchy planet after he’d warned you countless times to stick by his side, resulting in some unidentifiable creature slamming you against a wall and sinking its teeth into your arm as you lost consciousness. Luckily he’d gotten to you before it was too late, leaving you with only a few shallow puncture wounds and the wrath of Star-Lord.

And so because you were not dumb, and because you truly felt bad, you let Peter give you the cold shoulder. It went against everything in your nature, as you tended to be the type of person who went straight to wailing and groveling whenever you fucked up, but it was a small ship and a long journey to your next destination. There would be plenty of time for blubbering apologies. Or at least you thought.

Peter had grown irritated with everyone on the Milano at least once, and while he’d spit out a few snotty remarks, he was never one to truly yell. Instead, he would lock himself in the cockpit and then emerge a few hours later as if nothing ever happened. For those reasons and the fact that it’d been a whole week, you were beginning to rethink your “just leave him alone” approach, and on the eighth night of being ignored you found yourself knocking on the door to the cockpit after everyone was asleep.

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The “I didn’t have internet for almost 2 months and used up all my 4G reading 1d fanfiction” fic rec :)

 louis/harry chaptered

+ Curly Bun Man

  • I just paid for these Doritos but they’re stuck in the vending machine and I know you’ve been waiting but I am not going to let you buy something until you help me. AU 

a ghost in my lungs (it sighs in my sleep)

  • “Sometimes, when Harry is alone, he’ll stop what he’s doing - texting, fiddling with a ring, reading - and go still, like he thinks if he’s quiet enough Louis will emerge from his hiding spot and say hello.”  Alternately, the one where Louis is a lonely ghost haunting the house on the hill, and the boys move in on a Tuesday.

Poor, Unfortunate Soul

  • Louis, drunk and confused, falls off the side of the cruise ship. Harry, who had been following some dolphins who had been following the cruise ship, rescues him and takes him to a small island until help arrives (as it always does, because Louis is not the first drunk to fall off a boat). But until then, it’s just Harry and Louis. Oh, and Harry is a very handsome, shy merman. Who might have a thing for humans. And Louis, apparently, has a thing for mermen.

+ Cupids Chokehold

  • But - naively, stupidly, blindly - Harry holds out hope for a love that’s written across the stars. He can’t give up the feeling that there’s someone out there, waiting for him. He’s just going to have to wait for them, too. Or: Louis is a Cupid who tries to match up Niall and Harry. It doesn’t work out as planned.

louis/harry oneshots

this unnatural path, it spans infinitely 

  • “You’re gay,” Louis suddenly says, snapping Harry out of his trance. He nods slowly. “Yes, I am.” Louis then goes silent again and swallows back. He closes his eyes shut tightly and lets out a breath. Harry is somewhat worried, mostly because he’s just met Louis today and hasn’t seen him act so strange. “You’re so fucking open with it, Jesus.” New York City: The city that never sleeps. Harry, a university student, takes a trip to New York City with his university and is partnered with Louis Tomlinson. Secrets and fears are revealed and a feeling of longing comes out between the two. or an au where Louis and Harry are on a trip with their university to nyc and the fall in love and fuck.

Wax Off

  • Harry reaches back in with both hands, wordless. The span of his hand wrapped easily over the top of Louis’ thigh, his thumb pulling to stretch the fragile skin there tight. With his other hand, he grasped at the edge of the hard wax, peeling it up just enough to get a grip with his thumb and first finger. He looked up to meet Louis’ eyes. “Ready?” Harry helps Louis wax everything off.

All the kids at school (they were wishing they were me that night)

  • “Are you sure that you two aren’t dating?” Louis forces his gaze away from Harry’s scrunched face and looks to Nick, already rolling his eyes, “Yes, Nicholas, we’re sure. There are these neat things called ‘friends’, perhaps you’ve heard of them, and me and Harry the best kind and best kinds of friends don’t screw each other on the sly. ” Or Getting voted 'School’s Hottest Couple’ when they aren’t actually a couple complicates things a bit.

Tonight We’re The Sea And The Salty Breeze

  • “How may I make myself useful Mr Styles?” “I heard physical activities made you lose lots of sweat and water, great way to eliminate the toxins from what I’ve understood.” “Are you propositioning me?” “I am.” or AU where Harry is rich and handsome and Louis serves him a smoothie.

+ Jump The Gun

  • He groans in frustration, slamming his suitcase shut and maybe slamming his head against it a bit, because Harry Styles is trying to kill him, and it’s all because he has a stupid fucking fetish for girls’ underwear. (or, Louis likes to wear lingerie. Harry likes that Louis likes to wear lingerie.)

+ Bambi

  • “What’re you here for, exactly. I really would love to know.” “Just here for a chat,” provokes Harry. “Lovely to get back home, you know. Got a turkey in the oven–” “At three in the morning. Get real, Bambi.” Louis deadpans a look at Harry, his eyes emotionless as they bore into him. “You’re here for the zirconia, aren’t you.” or the au where harry becomes an assassin and has a mission at louis’ house to steal the million dollar zirconia for zayn.

+ The Way You Make Me Feel

  • “You couldn’t last a damn day without trying to sleep with me." "I can last a whole fucking week,” Harry says, rising to Louis’ challenge. “Wanna make a bet on that, Styles?" "You’re on,” Harry grins. Or, Disney AU where Louis and Harry try not to fuck in public places.

+ A Match Made in Aisle Three (Everybody Cutloose)

“Don’t feel bad,” Louis said. “You picked the machine that freaks out on customers more often than not. It’s not your fault it froze on you.”
“Oh, OK,” Harry replied. “Glad it’s not just me, then.”
“Yeah. Um, I’ll move your stuff to one that works.“
"Wait, don’t!”
Too late.
Before Harry could finish his request, Louis saw what Harry’s purchase was – a giant bottle of lube.
So Louis did what he does best: made it even more awkward.
“Big night tonight?”

Or, the one where Louis is a drama student/cashier who assists Harry in buying a bottle of lube, and is also the only guy that frat boy Harry has trouble talking to.
Also featuring Sophia as stubborn matchmaker and Liam as accidental wingman.

Rinse Me Down

  • Louis just wanted to raise a bit of money for his Uni political party. Niall and Zayn decided on a 'people wash’ because “nobody drives cars anymore”. It quickly becomes a hedonistic water fight.


tell me now and i won’t ask again

  • “You said you couldn’t live without me,” says Louis casually, eyes sparking a bit, and Zayn wants to tell him don’t ruin the momentbut he can’t deny this boy anything. “Didn’t think you cared so much, Zayner.” He pretends to swoon, eyelashes fluttering ridiculously, and he’s messing around but it doesn’t make him any less lovely in the lamp light. “You’ll give a girl the wrong idea, there.” or  Louis and Zayn as best friends, boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands.

+ keep you like an oath

  • Zayn doesn’t recognize the man through the peephole, but he looks harmless enough, so Zayn swings the door open, barely able to get out a greeting before,  “Hello, would you be interested in being my boyfriend?” The stranger asks.  “Uh,” Zayn mumbles, looking between the man and the space behind him, waiting for someone to jump out at him and tell him what’s going on. No one does. And the stranger is still grinning at him, blue eyes shining and teeth on full display as he waits. “Who are you?” Zayn finally asks, when the stranger makes no move to give him more information about what’s happening.

nor are mine ears with thy tongue’s tune delighted

  • louis is the shrew that doesn’t want taming. harry happens to like being adored, thank you. liam is hopelessly lovesick. niall’s the man with the plan. and zayn is in it for the money, until he isn’t. a 10 things i hate about you au. 

+ unwanted pets and the right kind of friends

  • the only things stopping louis from getting laid are his friends and a turtle named Lebron (and maybe his own feelings). or four times louis and zayn fail to have sex and the one time they do.

+ Love is Art and You’re My Canvas

  • zayn is fresh out of juvenile detention, louis is blind and both of them are the only ones who truly know how to take care of each other. 

+ i’m not looking for a lover

  • Zayn has recently come into possession of a fortune he wants little to do with and time he doesn’t know how to waste. And then there’s Louis, someone who can solve both of these problems even though he has his own load of baggage. They meet in New York. 


+ Soul

Liam tosses a grin back over his shoulder. “What are you going to do when I’ve gone and there’s no one around to drive you round the bend?”

Louis’ bike coasts to a stop. It happens so slowly that by the time he’s at a standstill, Liam is far ahead, up by the curve. “I’ll forget.”

Liam stops much more quickly. They’re alone in the dome; their private conversation can be held across thirty feet of open space. “You’ll what?”

Louis watches him. “I’ll forget,” he repeats. “Not the way you forget things, when you can’t pinpoint them but you still carry them in your heart. I’ll just have my hard drive wiped.”

Or: Louis is the medical android tasked with taking care of Liam in a world after nuclear war.

idkpxnk66  asked:

Do you have an mermaid au's ?

Hello! Hope you enjoy:

Drowning In Your Eyes by smittenwithlouis:

Summary: “Capt’n Styles, are you certain of this? They be attracted to man-made light.”

“What is? Sharks?” The young blonde asks in terror. 

“Worse than sharks, lad. There’ll be flesh eating mermaids upon us in minutes, mark my words!” Paul huffs as he continues to wave the bright lantern in front of him, “And Captain Styles here, has us bait!”

Or: The Pirates of the Caribbean inspired au where Harry is a fierce pirate who holds the heart of a beautiful merman.

I Know All Your Colors by someonethatsfunny:

Summary: The one where Louis is a mermaid and Harry meets him as a five year old boy. What happens when you meet a merboy at the tender age of five, but no one believes you? Will you listen to your parents and other adults who all tell you that you’ve imagined him or will you hold onto the memory of him for a lifetime, never willing to let him go? What if you can’t let him go because you’re pretty sure you were destined to meet and to be a part of one another’s lives? Maybe it’s down to fate.

To Embroider Your Waist With Corals by smittenwithlouis:

Summary: The first thing he notices is the light cyan wings and the humanoid body with bird like feet, clearly a harpy, a child one at that. Harry thinks the best thing to do is to grab him and pull him above water as quickly as possible, so air can make it into its struggling lungs. That was his plan, until he made eye contact with it for a split second and that’s all it took for a flood of emotions to hit him like a sailfish.

Or: All harpy Louis has known is the sky, all merprince Harry has known is the sea, except when they’re together.

Poor, Unfortunate Soul by UpAllNight:

Summary: Louis, drunk and confused, falls off the side of the cruise ship. Harry, who had been following some dolphins who had been following the cruise ship, rescues him and takes him to a small island until help arrives (as it always does, because Louis is not the first drunk to fall off a boat). But until then, it’s just Harry and Louis.

Oh, and Harry is a very handsome, shy merman. Who might have a thing for humans. And Louis, apparently, has a thing for mermen.

Purer Than The Water (like we were) by FeelsForBreakfast:

Summary: Louis is a merman and Harry is a boy. The lake is a good place to fall in love.

“Louis wants the boy to wade deeper, deep enough that Louis can go under and wrap his fingers around his ankles for just a moment. Pull him under. Just touch skin, for a second.”

with your love we could breathe underwater by luminescents:

Summary: Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.

Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.

AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.

seaside improvisation by tinyweirdloves:

Summary: “I’m not from here,” Harry says. He’s silent for the space of a breath. “I’m from… I’m from under.” He stares right at Louis like he’s willing him to understand. Louis looks back at him, confused. A tiny crease forms between Harry’s eyebrows. “Under,” he repeats stubbornly, and Louis’s struck by how young he looks in that moment.

“Under where?” he says, and Harry looks at him like he can’t figure him out.

“The water,” Harry says, like it should be obvious. “The sea.”

[harry is a mermaid who has lost his tail and he lives in louis’s bathtub for a month.]

Coax the Cold by MediaWhore:

Summary: England, 1897. 

English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

my head’s under water (but I’m breathing fine) by infinitelymint:

Summary: Harry’s a merman, Louis is a prince. Sometimes happiness can be found at the bottom of the sea.

chances under the purple sunrise by loupancake:

Summary: “You’ve been taking my shoes?” Louis asked, scoffing. “I paid a lot for them!”

“How unfortunate for you.” Harry smiled bitterly. He peeked over Louis, eyeing the hook that still had the worm.

The red box was open right next to him. Harry saw that inside, it had a couple of transparent containers that were filled with worms, too. He eyed Louis skeptically before nodding. “Right. I’ll give you your, er…. little boats back if you let me have the tub of worms.”

A groan crawled out from Louis, his head falling back and his eyes landing up at the clear sky. “I need those.”

“They’re food for myself and others, not to be used as bait.”

Or the one where Harry is a merman, prince of the Atlantic Ocean, whose curiosity and healthy envy takes over him and he steals Louis’ shoes every time he fishes.Series

Are you going to leave a path to trace

What’s that? Is it me  writing for yet another fandom? Why yes it is!  This is my first attempt at Six of Crows fic, particularly Kaz/Inej fic.  You should know that I have decided to completely ignore certain Unfortunate Events that occurred in Crooked Kingdom. Because I can.

Song title from Obilvion by Bastille, because Bastille has so many Kaz/Inej  songs.

They go their separate ways. Nina and Matthias leave for Ravka. Before long, Jesper and Wylan follow, seeking another Fabrikator.  By then, Inej had already been gone for months, tales of her achievements already finding their way back to Ketterdam; some of them  borne  by Slavers who are marked by the Sea Wraith, and Kaz  remembers their faces.  Their names marked down, in case is Wraith ever needs the  information.

              Because Kaz, of course, stays in the Barrel.

              He is the Bastard of the Barrel, the leader of the Crows, the Dregs.  He is the nightmare that lives under the bed of the Merchant children.

              He is completely and utterly alone.

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“Sometimes it just makes me feel sad to know that we need to be Rich to be a part of something.”

Um, bullshit.

There is no evidence that suggests you have to be mega-rich to join the BJD hobby. There is nothing to support this ill-informed logic.

I am on a meagre 12-hour-a-week contract. Most of the time I do about 16 hours a week. On below the UK ‘living wage’. Luckily, from a financial POV, I’ve had a couple of weeks lately where I’ve done twice or even three times my contract hours. So, next week on payday, I can probably pay off my Resinsoul Bigger Boy body and get him out of Customs the following week, should he ship that quick.

Five years ago (I let that small anniversary slip by quietly), I bought a Ringdoll Sol basic in normal on layaway. He was my first and he’s legit. And Ringdoll does not have the cheapest dolls available, not by a long shot. They’re more mid-range price or upper-mid-range. But, they’re quality dolls. You get what you pay for, from a true artist (not a scalper claiming profit by copying someone else’s work).

And there are many companies with loads of options in colours and sculpts that won’t break the bank. Resinsoul, if not just for a body to hybrid a head with. Mystic Kids have some cute MSDs for under $300 (their 70cm dolls go for about $479). MYOU have SD dolls for about $390. These are for blank basics by the way. Impldoll Star line starts at $295. Angel of Dream (AOD) has some cute 60cm dolls at $265. And a lot of companies and legit dealers offer layaway (most are 3 months, but some are 6 months - a few even offer 12 months, because they want to work with you to give you the doll you want).

You don’t have to start out with the super expensive Dollzone, Doll Chateau, Dollshe, Loong Soul, Fairyland, Volks… There are no rules that state your collection must include at least one sculpt by the preceding companies. Ever.

And, although they’re not resin, you could start with a Hujoo or a Parabox. Henzel, the only 1/3 boy from Parabox, is 27000 yen. That’s a little more than $240 (sans shipping). Still legit, but not resin.There are plenty of (legit) options out there for the cash-strapped who desperately want a doll.

9 and 28 with Rocket

9: You meant too much to me
28: I care about you

Meeting Rocket had been one of the best things to ever happen to you. The two of you were inseparable. You had lived a pretty clean cut life before him. You owned a store on a small planet in a calm system. Then Rocket came into your life. He turned your life around faster than you could have ever expected. He whisked you away from your planet taking you to see the galaxy. You were with him every step of the way until he met the guardians. The moment he decided to stay with them he left you on your planet. He just dropped you off like nothing had ever happened between you.

You didn’t have any other options. You went back to your old life. You opened your store again but you didn’t want to live that way anymore. You had seen such beautiful things and you had fallen in love with the renegade thief. The first few months were terrible. You could barely manage to get out of bed. After that you realized that none of this was worth it. You needed to snap back into your life. Not this stupid one on this planet you didn’t care about. No, you had learned enough in your time with Rocket that you could do this yourself. At the first chance you got you stole a ship. You didn’t need him for a life of adventure.

You had been roaming the galaxy now for almost a year. You had been stealing all you could and you were doing pretty good. You were currently on a bounty trying to find someone named Kraglin. He had a big bounty on his head and you wanted it. You laced up your boots and put your gun in your holster. You had gotten word from one of your new associates that he’d be on Knowhere.

You stepped foot on the planet checking things out as you walked slowly. A bar would be the most likely place to find him. You scanned each bar and the type of people going into them. A former Ravager would stick to the darker less populated bars. You shoved your way through the ground pulling your face mask up to cover you face. You put a hand down to your blaster scanning the bar as you entered. You grinned as your eyes landed on your target. You walked quickly pulling your gun out.

“Kraglin Obfonteri. Stand down and you won’t get hurt.” Your voice was commanding as you trained your gun on him.

His eyes widened and he stood quickly knocking down the bar stool. You frowned. You didn’t feel like fighting today but you weren’t about to let a bounty that high get away.

“On the ground or I will shoot. You’re worth 100 million units alive but you’re worth 80 million units dead. I’m willing to settle.” You threatened.

“Oh come on. Ya ain’t gotta kill me.” He tried to reason with you.

“No I don’t. If you just come with me I won’t hurt you.” You were getting angry with him.

Right as you were about to pull the trigger you were tackled from behind. Your gun flew out of your hand as you hit the ground. You growled twisting your body to punch the person. You couldn’t make out who it was. You punched and punched taking as much as you were receiving. You managed to kick the person off of you scrambling for your gun. You stood up quickly holding your gun out. Your eyes widened when you saw it was Peter Quill. You hesitated your gun hand falling a little. If Peter was here then that meant so was Rocket. In your hesitation Peter threw you to the ground again ripping your mask down as he did. He stopped in his tracks staring down at you.

“(Y/N)?… What… what are you doing? How did you….? I thought you were home.” He stuttered.

“Get off of me. I have a bounty to collect.” You tried to stay cold and steely.

“Seriously? What happened to you. The (y/n) I know wouldn’t be out here. Besides Kraglin’s with us. You wouldn’t kill a guardian of the galaxy would you?” He asked not letting you up.

“He’s one of you? Guess I don’t want Nova Corp coming after me…” you muttered looking away as you tried to pull your hands out of Peter’s grip.

He let you go getting off of you and pulling you up. You let him coming out of attack mode. You were pulled into a hug as you stood and you didn’t fight it. When he let you go you turned to the tall lanky man you’d been after. You held a hand out to him.

“Sorry bout that. Didn’t know you were with them. No harm no foul?” You apologized.

“Um yeah no harm no foul… I guess.” He answered shaking your hand utterly confused.

“You know….. if he knew you were here, he’d want to see you.” Peter spoke from behind you.

“I doubt that… he ditched me Peter. Dumped me like I was nothing on a godforsaken planet.” You looked to the ground feeling the prickling of tears behind your eyes.

“Come on… just come back with us? If you still want to leave after that you can.” He persuaded.

“Fine.” You sighed following Peter out of the bar.

He led you through the crowd to a ship you’d never seen before. Your heart was pounding as you got closer and closer. You’d never stopped loving Rocket and you didn’t know if you could handle seeing him and him not wanting you again. It had been so long since you’d seen him. You stopped outside of the door and Kraglin slammed into on accident not having seen you. Even that didn’t snap you out of your fear. Peter looked at you giving you a small reassuring smile. You nodded following him into the ship.

“Hey guys! Look what I found!” Peter shouted.

“I swear to god Peter if it’s another dog I’m going to kill you.” You heard Gamora shout.

“Is it that part I’ve been asking for? Or did you forget about it again!” Your heart stopped as you heard that familiar voice.

Footsteps sounded as the guardians came to see. You stood awkwardly in the opening your heart pounding. Gamora was the first to see you and despite her normal harsh outside she ran to hug you. You hugged back smiling softly. You’d missed them. All of them. Everyone followed Gamora hugging you and laughing. You were surprised to see Groot as a baby but Peter explained. You still hadn’t seen Rocket. The raccoon having decided whatever he was doing was more important to finish. Peter directed you to his room and you could hear the familiar cursing and clanking of Rocket working on a new weapon. You knocked on the door gently your heart racing.

“Unless you have the part I want Quill ya better go away.” His cocky voice sounded like music to your ears.

“It’s boy Peter.” You said softly.

There was silence from the other side of the door. Then a crashing noise and the door opening. Rocket stood in the doorway his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“(Y/N)?” He asked quietly so much different than usual.

“Yeah. Hi Rocket.” Your heart was pounding hard.

“Do you… how did…. come in?” He mumbled confused and happy at the same time.

You walked slowly into his room. It looked just like the room the two of you shared on your planet and then on his ship. You smiled softly feeling at home in the small room. You knew you needed to talk to him.

“Why did you leave me? Why did you drop me off like a piece of cargo.” You asked looking into his eyes.

“I….. I didn’t want you to get hurt….. you meant too much to me.” He frowned looking up at you.

“So you ditched me with no warning? You just… do you know how hard that was…. do you know how much I wanted to just give up on everything….” your voice cracked.

“I care about you okay! I didn’t want anything to happen to you! We almost died! A few times! One of us did! If anything happened to you!” He yelled his teeth out and his fists clenched.

“Rocket… I love you…. I’ve always loved you…. I can’t live this life knowing you’re this close all the time and not be with you…. so just tell me you don’t love me…” you begged him quietly.

“I can’t…. I can’t tell you that….. I love you…. more than anything…. please don’t…. i promise I won’t make you leave this time.” He said looking away from you.

“I don’t know… Rocket….” you whispered.

“Come on… I’ll ask Peter… just stay with me… it’s got to be better than what you’re doing now…. you’ll be safe here. I…. I’m sorry.” He touched your hand as he stepped closer to you.

The First Order’s Servant Pt.2 (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Originally posted by jxmsbuchxn

(A/n: I just wanted to say the events that happen here are one year before the force awakens. )

Genre: Angst / Smut (Not in this part.)

Length: 1300 words

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Summary: You would do anything to keep your little brother safe. Even if it might being a slave to the First Order.


“BEN!” Kylo ears perked up hearing that all to familiar name. He turned his head in the direction of the scream. His eyes landed on a woman no older than him or younger, Getting dragged by two Storm Troopers’. She was shoved down onto the ground next to the other citizens. His gaze followed hers to see a small boy getting into his ship. Many other frighted children followed close behind him.

“Sir.” Kylo snapped his head to the Storm Trooper addressing him. “That’s everyone.” He hummed turning to look at the gallery of spices on their knees. His eyes stopped at the woman. “Fire on command.” His deep voice was mechanically reverberated by his helmet. He was about to say something until a voice told me. Look… The deep voice grumbled. Don’t you sense it…

Kylo eyes wander the crowd again. He could feel the force vibrating in the air. His eyes were draw back to the woman again. The source of the vibration was coming from her. He slowly strode over to her. With each step he took the force radiating off her became stronger. The rocks around her started to shake. Slowly the small stones started to float in midair. Her eyelids open looking up at him. Bring her to me. Snoke voice echoed on Kylo’s ears. Her eyelids open looking up at him. Her tear filled (e/c) meet his gaze.

Kylo raised his hand feeding off her fear. He twisted his wrist making her knock out. Before her body could hit the ground he caught her. He kneeled down looping his arms around her. Her legs draped over his arms. He leaned up turning to the skip. The Storm troopers’ stared at him in confusion. He ignored their stares saying. “You may fire now.” The sound of blaster and screams filled his ears.


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An Unlikely Trio - Part 2

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1900

Warnings: violence, implied smut

A/n: FUCK I know he’s so OOC but I’ve been bingeing on the clone wars tv series and I’m in love with how Anakin is a really playful character in it and I can’t help but imagine Kylo being the same when he’s with people he’s comfortable around.


The three of you had reached the base, you in Finn’s arms as you had become extremely weak from all the blood loss. They managed to make it back to the outpost without another incident, but returned weary and hungry. As soon as the General sensed them coming she ordered for the gates to be opened.

“Are you alright? What happened?” General Organa worriedly hurried to the group. “Who’s this?”

“Our ship crash landed a couple miles from here.” Finn explained.

“And that is Kylo Ren’s apprentice.” Rey added.

“What’s wrong with her?” The General placed a hand on your sleeping figure, feeling the force flowing strongly in your veins.

“We got attacked by a Nexu in the forest. She uh- helped us, but she got clawed in the process.” Finn replied.

“Let’s get her to the medical ward. Need to make sure she didn’t catch an infection.” The General started leading the two. “And let’s get you two some food and water.”

“She will be quite the asset. Maybe even in turning the tides of this war.” Leia spoke to the two as they all sat around the sleeping girl.

“Kylo Ren seems to be extremely fond of her. He came after us on his own, with only an astromech and medical droid.” Rey added.

“Yeah, he called her… sweet cheeks – and angel.” Finn snorted, sceptical of even his own words.

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The Last Shot

A Smuggler Ben Solo/Dark Side Rey arranged marriage fic for @the-reylo-void. Happy birthday, Bri. I love you so much. <3 Many thanks to @lariren-shadow for her support, betaing, and a brilliant line about a bounty!

Read it on AO3 here.

Chapter One: The Treaty

“You want me to marry the son of a lousy smuggler and one of our greatest enemies?”

Her voice grew louder, higher pitched in its intensity, with each syllable.

“He is a powerful Force user, the grandson of Vader, my lady, his profession and that of his father be damned. And the Resistance scum will not sign the treaty until we offer something of value.”

“If we must offer something of value,” the Master of the Knights of Ren spat, “then why are you not proposing marriage for yourself?”

She could sense the redheaded General’s irritation, and the effort he was expending to not let it show on his face.

“Because the Supreme Leader wants more of your kind. Ones with the propensity to come to our side,” he curtly replied. Lady Rey knew that General Hux did not think much of the Force, but he obeyed the Supreme Leader without question. The First Order was his life.

The Knights of Ren were hers.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been out of the loop (not following anything in asoiaf fandom) for 2-3 years now. Is there anywhere you would direct me, a diehard Jon/Arya shipper, to start? Blogs or fics or particularly good meta or conversations or graphics or anything

Hey! So, settle down, my friend, you’re about to get a tour on this ship.

  • Fanfics:

If you want good fanfics, I have my rec list, although you can also read basically everything ever written by Lady Bee (or @laboratorioautoral on tumblr), and be ready to go. My all time favourite? The Wolf Within.

  • Drabbles:

I have another tag for drabbles, or fanfics I haven’t had the time to read therefore hasn’t yet add to the rec list. 

Both @laboratorioautoral and @bringhersafetome have some amazing drabbles and plots too, so there!

And now time to self-promotion: I myself eventually write some drabbles as well, though mine is a multifandom blog mainly centered in Harry Potter. But, you can always request something and I will be happy to write it out!

  • Blogs:

I don’t think there are any other blogs which post exclusively jonrya content other than mine and @wolfqueennthebastard (if you are out there, exclusively jonrya blog, please let me know!), but the both blogs I already tagged here are a good place to start, as well! The girls post a lot about this ship.

  • Gaphics:

Honestly, we are such a small ship that, if you follow any of these blogs, you’ll have access to all the graphics and gifs and theories we create. But, if you feel like going to one place for it all, you can always visit our tag and have fun!

  • Meta:

The meta of this ship is all over the place, and they hardly ever center exclusively on Jonrya. That been said, @arya-jon-tyrion have some amazing meta+foreshadowing (my favourite is the one about Arya being a Queen in the endgame).

There’s also a topic on an ASoIaF forum about Jon x Arya being a possible endgame. Fun reading, although some of these seem like reading way too much into the GRRM writing.

Now, last but not least, the thing that gave me hope, the reason I wake up every morning, the transcription of GRRM’s letters to his agent with the original outline of ASoIaF, where basically jonrya is canon and endgame and everything is beautiful. I don’t know if this is truly meta, but I also don’t care.

Well, I think that’s all. I hope you have a good time! And sorry I took so long to answer, I knew I would need time to write all of this down so I procrastinated. Ops.

Black Gold #8

Also readable at >><<

Day #8 - A is for Answer (and special discounts on Grand Line bricks, too) / 2,300 words

Luffy’s tongue sticks out from his mouth as he leans over the rail. The sun glares down on him with what’s definitely a murdering intent – does it want a fried rubber boy for dinner? Because it’s about to get just that. The Pirate King scoffs.

“This sun is killing me.”

Usopp tilts his head to look at him, averting his attention momentarily from his fishing rod. He adjusts his weight on the rail, looks up at the sky and hums in deep thought, scratching his goatee.

“Did you hit your head recently, Luffy?”

“I’m not sure. I may have,” the small raven replies, flicking his gaze to his friend for a short moment. “Why do you ask?”

“Because it’s snowing.”

“…it’s totally not.”

“You just miss Torao-kun, don’t you?”

Luffy considers. Is it really possible to miss someone so much that your body completely forgets how to determine temperature?

A snowflake lands on Luffy’s nose before he decides that yes, it is.

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Steggy Fanfiction Recs 101: Electric Boogaloo

Many moons ago I posted a huge Steve/Peggy rec list. This new collection is a companion post to that one and my offering for the last day of our lovely positivity week. 

This is a varied bunch including multi-chapter, one-shots, and drabble collections. I haven’t included WIPs so just wait for number three. It’s quite a long list, so please please read under the cut for all of them!

 And please let me know if there are any faulty links! Enjoy ♥ 

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Prompt: Rey saves Kylo’s life from an assassination attempt ordered by Hux. They’re both surprised by this.

For @i-am-thesenate, thank you so much for this!

The battle was going well for the Resistance. Almost too well, actually. The Master of the Knights of Ren was missing. And while Rey wasn’t particularly enthused about fighting Kylo Ren again, she wondered where he could be.

Curiosity had often gotten the better of her on Jakku, and she had found that it often brought her rewards–or regret for taking risks where she shouldn’t have.

Noting how well the ground troops were holding their own, and the flashes of plasma high above her as Poe and his X-wings took on a battalion of TIE fighters, she deactivated her lightsaber and stalked away from the battle.

She could feel his presence, whether she wanted to or not. Curiosity had won that battle as well, and she had learned all about Force bonds.

She hadn’t told Master Luke, though she knew he suspected the truth.

That was a problem she could deal with later, however. Kylo Ren’s Force presence was growing weaker, and she knew he was in pain. She had never seen him on the battlefield, so something must have been terribly wrong. She picked up her pace, heading towards the First Order’s base of operations. The area was deserted, thankfully; the battle had drawn everyone outward, onto the more level playing field of even terrain.

She heard the sound of a bomb going off, and hurried into the hangar, not caring if a Stormtrooper saw her.

A TIE fighter had been devastated by the explosion, never having left the ground. The ramp to Kylo Ren’s command shuttle was down, as if he had just landed. There was wreckage everywhere; ship parts, dead Stormtroopers, crates of ammunition.

A bounty hunter in full Mandalorian armor floated in the air with their jetpack, shooting down at a visibly bleeding Kylo Ren. His robes had clearly been scorched by the blast, and he had a vicious wound on his side. His breathing was ragged, and his posture bent, as if he was having trouble standing upright. He was favoring his right leg.

The bounty hunter shot a rocket at him, and Kylo dove under his own shuttle for protection, hitting the ground hard.

The bounty hunter came back down to the ground, stalking towards the shuttle, when Rey reached out with the Force and stopped him dead.

“Who are you?” she demanded, igniting her lightsaber and running towards him. “Leave him alone,” she said, stopping directly in front of the frozen Mandalorian.

“None of your damn business, Jedi,” the bounty hunter spat from behind his mask. “I think you’d be grateful to me for finishing this brat off.”

“You’re a coward,” she spat back, and pulled his jetpack off of him. She drew her lightsaber up to his neck, and looked straight into the black eyeslits of his mask.

“Get out of here, and don’t come back. If I find you, I will kill you,” she snarled, grabbing his blasters and throwing them to the ground before she released him from her Force hold. She held her lightsaber to his back as she followed him to a small ship, hidden on the other side of the hangar.

She watched as he flew away, hoping that Poe and his squadron would blast him into oblivion.

That’s not the Jedi way, Rey, she reminded herself. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath, she returned to the hangar, and pulled bloody, broken Kylo Ren out from beneath his shuttle.

“What happened?” she asked, as she ripped a piece of his robe to bind some of his wounds.

He looked at her, clearly bewildered and dizzy from blood loss and trauma.

He coughed, and she helped him to sit up.

“Hux tried to assassinate me,” was all he said.

Rey helped him to stand and carefully supported him onto his shuttle.

“Thank you,” he said, when she grabbed a bacta patch and slapped it onto his side as he gingerly lowered himself into the pilot’s seat.

She nodded, and made to leave before it was noticed how long she was gone.

“Why did you save me?” he asked, sounding as broken as his body.

She looked at him, his head in his hands on the control console, and could not lie to him.

“I don’t know,” she said, looking down at her hands. “Until next time,” she added, and walked down the ramp, back to the battle.