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((I’m going to be as direct as I can right now-it makes me seriously uncomfortable when people (real people, and not other muses) try to get Hater to flirt with them.

I said in my rules page that Hater is Demisexual/Demiromantic. While he may enjoy the thought of having a girlfriend he just can’t do it unless he’s comfortable with the person and has known them a while (The Date was him being attracted to Sylvia, through the lens of ‘Lin.’)

It also worries me because I honestly don’t know how people will react when he shoots them down. Last time I had a Hater blog, people kept harassing me and getting upset that Hater wasn’t nice to them, even though he’s, you know, HATER. They kept trying to get him to be flirtatious and it put me on the emotional fritz because it dredged up my fear of stalking and overly aggressive people. I’m not saying you can’t like him, or flirt with him, or anything like that. Just please remember that he’s not going to like a real life person back. You’re in a completely different dimension from him, alright?))

Goal Ships

so tomorrow will be a month that i’ve had this blog and honestly, I am so happy because you all have been amazing and this new start has been wonderful so I thou i’d do small ships. xx


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small ships tonight big ships tomorrow

Hey! so the video ships didn’t work out the way i wanted them to :( so im coming back tonight for some bigger, better ships! the title’s like that because i’ve gotta get to sleep earlier than usual, im getting my top braces off tomorrow, so ill most likely be carrying the ships into tomorrow night as well since i’ll be busy all day!


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I ship pretty much everything, but I also try to tag things as much as possible. If you don’t want to see Ward stuff, I usually tag it with “Grant Ward,” or, if it’s a self reblog, I usually tag it with “grant ward for ts” if I remember. If you don’t want to see a ship, I almost always tag things with general tags (Fitzsimmons/Fitzward/Skyeward/Biospecialist/etc.) and sometimes I’ll have “otp;” tags if I don’t know the general tag (dutch x d’avin is otp; naked high fiving, for example). If you need me to tag anything in particular, drop into my ask. I don’t bite, and you can even do it on anon if that’s what you’d prefer.

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