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This is incredible. I honestly don’t even know what else to say. I’ve been contributing to the PJO fandom for a few months now and I’ve come across really great artists, cosplayers, and met some super close friends through it.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all your support and coming to my Livestreams, sending me messages, headcanons, fanart, it all means so much to me.<33

So I was talking to tinygayitalian the other day, and we agreed that Pirate!Nico would summon skeletal parrots to keep him company while he’s away from Camp. Unfortunately, Will and the parrot aren’t very fond of each other.

There’s been headcanons floating around that Will carries home stray kittens and such, so I included that too. Will’s kitten chills with Nico’s wild skeleton creatures. Though sometimes kitten pounces too rough, and Nico has to keep putting them back together. xD

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There are some days when you wonder why you keep going, honestly…

…and then you spend a few hours watching @thehillywoodshow


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‘To come up with something as quirky as Captain Jack Sparrow and then to have him be so loved, and you know, we’ve seen those pictures of you, you know when you visit hospitals or you visit schools and that must just be an amazing gift to be able to give those people…?’ [x]