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Fan crush friday!

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It was a friday - It took so long to make this list, because I’m watching Mockingjay and I’m distracted ;)

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1 I’m a little confused by this because I barely ever reblog my hair download posts. I’ve been posting a different hair every day.

2 I don’t really want my blog to become a platform for anonymous arguments about this tbh, so I hope you understand. :) But I will say that I feel that what I said about BGC stands for the full game. I paid $120 AUD for Sims 4 base game (collector’s edition) and I’ve played for 478 hours. That works out to paying less than $4 for every hour, and I’m not giving it up any time soon. If it still sounds too expensive, the base game has gone on sale for under $40 before so it’ll happen again. For me that sounds worth it. I also don’t agree that stealing is every justified. I hope you don’t take this badly though, that’s just how I feel. I’ve still been happy to help out my followers who pirated the game with any CC issues :)

3 Actually hadn’t seen it, but yeah, I’ll add it to my list. :)

4 & 5 Ooh so many! I don’t really know where to start so I might just give you my current tumblr crushes:

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Artwork By: Sergey Zabelin
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hey! I was just on the silver/flint tag and i noticed "uncharted waters" is labelled as 1/?. Does that mean you're writing more?? :-)

YES. Clever anon, noticing my stealthy “to be continued” there. I’m going to be writing a follow up where they run into each other a year or so later in a port and get to have a repeat performance. Silver tops. I make no promises on how quickly that’ll come but yeah. It’s a thing that’s totally happening.

Privateers - for journeyers-scrapbook

She dressed in breeches to follow a pirate

Onto the wild ocean. His wayward sense of

Justice charmed her -  his stubbled face, his

Fierce gaze, his abandonment, his sun-look,

His salt taste, his swagger, his knowing smile,

His bold embrace: she chased his raw flesh

Into the turbulence of the sea. She liked how

Bewildered he was by his desires for this

New shipmate; she loved how passionate he was

When she peeled back her disguise. They fought

Side by side then, two ragged royals, leading

A rabble of outrageous vagabonds towards a life

Of treasured leisure. They hit the sand and ran,

Into the forest of nowhere, pistols ready, curses

Laughed to echo in the natural hollow of a secret

Cavern. Everything was possible for the outlaw

Lovers. They settled for the exotic, and never

Returned. She learned how to be a man, and he

Learned how to love her as the man she was.

They buccaneered the future with their gambles,

Their promises and their ship of fools, run aground,

Found but never found in the map that lies like love.


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1) Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

2) Cassie Ainsworth (Skins UK)

3) Charlie+Patrick+Sam (Perks of Being a Wallfower)

4) Lucien Carr (Kill Your Darlings) 

5) Luna Lovegood+Remus Lupin+Sirius Black (Harry Potter) 

6) Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder) 

7) Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert+Rapunzel (Tangled) 

8) Tate (American Horror Story)

9) Mei Misaki (Another)

10) Lisbeth (Sword Art Online)

I cheated a lot but this is REALLY HARD OK^^

Anyways I tag everyone from the howellestersquad <3