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"booty booty booty booty--"

I’ve noted the word booty is unusually frequent in the letters sent to me. Not absurdly so, but the word is certainly overrepresented in relation to daily use. The word is essentially unheard of in everyday conversations yet I have received several letters containing it.

Could it be I have an inordinate amount of pirate followers? They are after all the ones who generally talk the most about booty. If so, that’s certainly interesting, although unexpected. Pirates aren’t exactly the sort of ponies I’d imagine would commonly be readers of my newsletter.

I suppose it does make sense that ponies who are out at sea for long stretches would love reading. One has to do something to pass the time, and reading is great for that! Perhaps that is something we have in common, hence the interest.

If I do have many pirate followers, keep in mind there is so much more to write about than just booty, even if that may be your primary focus. I obviously cannot condone any illegal activities, but there are many things we can discuss beyond those. I have some experience within the field, and I’m quite the navigator. I could also suggest some books to take along on your ship.

I suppose this isn’t an answer to the letter, but there really wasn’t anything to answer. It did get me thinking however, so it did fulfill a useful purpose!

ay yo please don’t download PDFs of my books from book pirating websites. shit like that destroys authors’ careers. even if a book has a big following, if too many people pirate it, the publisher won’t think it’s sold well, and they can take the book out of print, or discontinue a series, or even drop an author. 

it’s called book piracy. it’s illegal. if you haven’t got money, please go to a library, or save up if you can. thank you friends

Like Real People Do - Chapter 2

Chapter Title: 2. Pistols and late night talks

Fandom: Uncharted series – Mermaid/Pirate!AU

Pairing: Samuel Drake/Reader

Rating: General Audiences

Fic summary: Everybody knows that mermaids lure sailors in with their beautiful voice and drag them into the depths of the ocean through a kiss, leading to the poor sailor’s demise. The legends also say that mermaids were doomed to die if they ever fell in love with a human – and the human did not return that love. But what if a mermaid and a pirate captain fell in love? Will their first kiss and their love ruin each other or are the rumours actually true and a kiss of true love can turn a mermaid into a human?

Inspired by Hozier’s Like Real People Do

Chapters: 1 2 3

Word count: 1152

Read on ao3

Chapter summary: Mermaid!reader followed the pirates to the island New Providence and finds out more about the buried artefact.

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Bad Romance

by QianLan

Five times Poe and Finn re-enacted scenes from Poe’s cheesy romance novel collection, and the one time things got just a bit too real.

CHAPTER ONE: The Pirate and the Prince

A pirate in love with a prince.
A prince who is set to marry a princess the following morning.
The pirate wants to confess his love but will it be enough to stop the wedding?

Poe and Finn will have to figure out who’s playing the prince and who is more the pirate type. Then, they’ll have to find an unused transport and some robes…

Words: 5333, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Same Universe, Different Day

read it on the AO3 at

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