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BLOOD. -What types of injuries has your muse sustained? What was the worst?

Lafeyette fell from the sky once.

No, seriously. Lafeyette fell from the sky.

It had been a job Arelian tasked her with. Infiltrate a skypirate ship, steal a book and a staff, get out. Simple, right? Kinda. If by simple you mean an incredibly complex venture on Lafeyette’s part. We could go through all the steps Lafeyette had taken to even get on a skypirate ship in the first place but that’s neither here nor there with the injury.

She’d been making her escape on her broom when a pirate followed along after her on his manacutter. Wiry kind of guy, face like a rat. He rammed her with the side of his ship and she kicked him in the goddamn face. The encounter resulted in a crash that sent them both going down fast into one of the many islands around the cloudsea.

Lafeyette escaped pretty dinged up. Bloody mouth, bruised face, her entire side skinned. You should have seen the other guy, though! He didn’t make it, head all caved in and side all crushed. Lafeyette limped her way back to Ishgard, limped her way onto an airship, limped her way back to Arelian. It was a rough couple of weeks for her but she wore her bruises like Weaver’s guild couture.

...hold on a second.

So, the gang’s investigation of the cave they’re trapped in comes to a halt when they reach the obvious fake wall mysterious treasure chest at the end.

Inside the chest, a skeleton head with a microphone inside asks for the password, and they try a lot of pirate-y phrases to no avail. They’re completely stumped.

However, Shaggy then says:

“How about ‘yum yum yum and a liverwurst à la mode!’”

which promptly…

…is revealed to be the secret password.

Now, the episode immediately hurries on from this scene, but two implications really deserve due time to sink in:

1. This band of hardened criminals, who have tried to kill the gang in multiple ways, decided to set “yum yum yum and a liverwurst à la mode” as their official password.

Every single time someone has to come or go, they have to say that. Out loud. In front of everyone.

2. If Shaggy had not randomly said that exact non-sequiter, in that exact way, at that exact time, the gang would have been trapped in the caves until were dealt with by the bad guys or died.

Why exactly do the police in the Scooby-Doo universe give these kids credit for solving mysteries, again? 

So finished the Captain Rolfe sketch. Hope you guys like it.

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There are some days when you wonder why you keep going, honestly…

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