followed by breakfast in bed

I crave a relationship. I crave nothing more then feeling loved. I crave the long nights of rough sex followed by a morning blow job and having breakfast in bed. I crave that falling in love feeling. I don’t want to lose that feeling. I crave a girl that has a crazy high sex drive and a love for role play. I crave a girl that has sex with me and makes me feel so manly. I crave a girl that will lay on my chest at night and touch my happy trail. I crave those cute dates of holding hands and going to a football game or a movie. I crave those moments where you just grab me and make out in public or just grab my dick. I crave you just wanting to let all the girls know that your mine. I crave you asking about my transition but knowing that no matter how many shots or surgeries I am and always will be your man. I crave those mornings where my dysphoria is at it worse and you take your time helping me not just pushing it off. I crave that care of telling me my mom shouldn’t treat me the way she does. I crave a love like that I crave a love so deep it makes the ocean jealous.

Bucky Barnes Imagine - A Broken Promise

request: a bucky imagine where you are not an avenger or superhero just a normal person but bucky is your boyfriend and you get so worried about him fighting all the time and there is an argument

a/n: request some more angsty bucky stuff i love writing it omg

word count: 1180

masterlist: (x)

When you envisioned your fifth anniversary with your boyfriend, Bucky, you hadn’t imagined you would be fighting back tears on your sofa as you argued with him. The day had started off perfectly; Bucky brought you your favourite breakfast in bed, followed by a passionate make out session, and then some steamy shower sex. You’d gone on a ride around the city on the back of Bucky’s motorbike, weaving in and out of the traffic, and later the two of you ate ice cream in the park under the shade of a tree - he went for strawberry, you had mint choc chip. Then you came home and enjoyed each other’s company on the balcony of your apartment while you sat in comfortable silence reading your books. He made you dinner in the evening. That’s when he told you he was going on a mission in two days. He wasn’t sure when he would be back.

Over the course of the five years Bucky had been in your life, you had comforted him and looked after him enough times to know how dangerous his job was. He still had night terrors, and you’d spent countless nights calming him down as he fought the battle in his head. He almost always came home from a mission covered in bruises and scrapes. You hated it, but you understood that this was what he did. He made the world a better place, but you were always so worried. Each time he left, you were glued to the news channel on the television, desperate for updates. He was hard on himself, always talking about ways he could have done better once he was back home. He pushed himself too much when he was gone. Whenever he left, you always feared the worst - that he would never come back.

After a bad injury a few months back that had you worried sick, he promised that he would do less. He’d decline some missions and stick to the easier, less demanding stuff. So when he told you over your anniversary dinner that Tony had asked him to travel to Wakanda, you were upset at first, then the sadness turned to anger and a nasty argument ensued between you both.

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Requested by @cxmet (am I tagging this correctly because I can’t tell!) since your only request had been a single dad with a son, I whipped this up! thank you for sending in your request and I hope you enjoy it! (I didn’t mention the blonde hair though). Updates might be scarce today cause I’m down with a fever and all I have been doing is sleeping lately! Sorry about that.

Today is like any other day in the Todd household. Jason slept through his alarm and only woke up when he feels someone sitting on top of his stomach, bouncing on him. He lets out a huff before opening his eyes, only to see a carbon copy of him looking straight at him, grinning madly.

“Hey, JJ, good morning.” Jason pulls his son in to his embrace, causing the young boy to squeal in laughter especially when Jason begins to shower his face in kisses.

“Morning, daddy!” Jason Junior, more lovingly called as JJ, greets him with a big fat kiss on his lips. Jason grins at his son. “I hungry.” He blinks a couple of times at Jason and Jason lifts his head from the pillow to stare at the clock. It is way past the normal time he wakes up and he swallows the groan that threatens to leave his mouth. He must have been super tired to sleep through his alarm.

“Okay, buddy.” Jason lifts JJ up and sits up. “What do you want for brunch?” He places JJ on his lap and JJ rolls off his lap to climb down the bed.

“I hungry.” He repeats again and Jason nods his head, chuckling to himself.

“I get you the first time, bud.” Jason tells JJ as he gets out of the bed. “How about I make you a smoothie first and then you call tell me what you want for breakfast?” Jason quickly makes the bed before following after JJ who keeps on telling him he is hungry.

The two of them heads to the kitchen and Jason places JJ on his play-table.

“Daddy, I wanna my iPad.” JJ stares at Jason as he kicks his feet on the air. His legs are still too short for him to reach the floor. He makes a move to stand on the chair and Jason immediately stops JJ.

Jason hands the iPad – courtesy of Bruce – to JJ. “What did we say about standing on chairs, JJ? We do not stand on chairs, bud. Come on, sit down properly or you are going to fall.” Jason reminds JJ who grins at his dad and begins playing with his iPad.

Jason shakes his head before placing a kiss on JJ’s temple. He heads to the refrigerator, checking to see what fruits he has and picks up a few bananas, milk and yogurt. Jason stares at the vanilla ice-cream before taking that too. By the time he is done picking out ingredients, he has arms full of ingredients. He sets them on the counter and begins to make banana slushies for the both of them.

“Here you go, bud.” Jason places JJ’s Wonder woman cup – this is a gift from Diana and Jason is never one to let all the gifts go to waste so he makes sure to use them with JJ. JJ grabs his sippy cup and begins to sip his drink. “What do we say when we receive something, JJ?”

JJ looks at Jason before pulling the straw out of his mouth. “Thank you.” Jason ruffles JJ’s hair and JJ continues sipping his smoothie again.  

Jason never thought he would be this happy raising his own son. He used to think he would be a very bad father because his own was never really a good father figure to him and if the Jason now told the past Jason that he would be living in his own apartment with his three-year-old son, the past Jason would probably punch him in the face for being ridiculous. Now, every day he appreciates the time he gets to spend with JJ.

JJ is definitely his light in the darkness. Even though when JJ had been a baby, it really had been hard for Jason to balance between his life as Red Hood, Jason Todd and Jason Todd the dad. Life as a single parent is really hard and Jason has a lot of respect for every single parent out there who stuck through until the very end. Thankfully, his family members were all supportive of him and had his back the entire time. He feels really close to them now than he had ever been before and he is thankful they can help him with taking care of JJ.

“Daddy, I hungry. I wanna food.” JJ reminds Jason again, snapping himself from his own train of thoughts. Jason nods his head.

“How about we make you some sandwiches and then we go visit Grandpa Alfred?” Jason asks JJ, squatting beside JJ’s chair.

JJ pretends to think for a while before nodding his head. “Okay. I wanna see Grandpa Alfred.” He tells Jason and Jason nods his head. He is about to stand up when JJ wraps his arms around Jason’s neck. “What’s wrong, bud?”

“I wanna see Grandpa Alfred.” He repeats himself and Jason figures that probably means JJ did not want his sandwich.

“Alright then. Let’s get you changed and we can see Grandpa Alfred after that.” JJ nods his head excitedly before urging Jason to go to his bedroom. Jason supposes he might as well just pack some of their clothes together and spend the night at the manor.

ML Fluff Month Day 13 - Elation


Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 14

Marinette’s eye cracked open as the sun peaked in through the blinds. She sighed contently at the feeling of strong arms wrapped around her and body pressed against her husband’s. Smiling to herself, she knew today was the day. She was going to tell Adrien today. She and her mother had been planning this for about a week now. Was she nervous? Of course. She didn’t know how he was going to take the news, nor did she know how well she would actually execute the plan.

With a lot of coaxing, Marinette had convinced Gabriel to host a party for Adrien’s birthday that year. At first, it was supposed to be just a simple party to make her husband feel special since he didn’t get parties from his father in the past. Now, it had turned into an entirely different ordeal.

She rolled over in his arms, taking in Adrien’s sleeping form. His breathing was slow and even, while his hair was tasseled and wild, much like when he was Chat Noir. Brushing his bangs out of his face, Marinette giggled as he nuzzled into her palm. Such a cat.

He peeped an eye open to see her, letting out a small chuckle with a smile. “Good morning, my lady.”

“Good morning, kitten,” she cooed as she ran her hands through his hair.

Adrien hummed, and his smile grew wider. “You’re in a good mood. You’re usually a grumpy bug in the mornings.”

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1taeyonq  asked:

Congrats on 2k!!! 🎉 can I get 18 + domestic!taeyong please? :)

Thank you 💞

18. “You did this all for me?” + domestic! Taeyong

The covers felt warm and fluffy as you rolled around in them them, still unable to open your eyes as the sun shone on your body. You couldn’t really fight the sun but you could close your eyes. It was all nice and well until you realized that a certain boyfriend was missing from your bed.

“Taeyong?” you called out hoping he was still in the room so you didn’t have to get up to find him. When you heard no response, you groaned and opened your eyes only to be hurt by the light. When your eyes finally focused you slowly got out of bed and made way to your kitchen to go find Taeyong.

And you found him all right. As expected he was in the kitchen making something. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist and buried your face into the back of his shirt. Taeyong’s chuckled made its way to your ears and he turned around to give you a full hug.

“Go back to bed, I’ll be right there” he said leading you back to the room. You followed along because you were still sleepy and found yourself asleep again. The next time you woke up you were awaken by the one and only Taeyong himself and breakfast in bed.

“I saw that you were really tired yesterday and I wanted to do something for you” he shyly explains doing the classic scratching of his neck thing that makes you all soft. What an amazing boyfriend you have.

You did this all for me?” you asked surprisingly. Taeyong nodded and you swore it was the cutest thing ever. You pulled him into a hug and patted on the bed to a spot next to you.

“Come on you big softball, let’s eat breakfast in bed together”

2k Drabble Game

anonymous asked:

UF, UT, US bros forgetting their anniversary with their SO and the SO is heartbroken because they had a really special night planned



He’s confused as to why you’ve been acting weird all day. You keep telling him that you want to go to this fancy new restaurant, but he barks at you to stop being spoiled and wait for a special occasion. Does he look like he’s made of money?  You start tearing up and run into your room, slamming your door. Oh fuck what did he do now? Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled at you. He knocks on your door to apologize for the yelling and when you don’t answer, he enters anyway, getting a shoe thrown at his head. You yell at him for being so goddam stupid and to leave you alone for the rest of the day. Red is getting angry at this point. Yeah, he might’ve been a bit harsh on you, but you’re completely overreacting about that. Then he realizes. Oh no. Oh fuck no. It’s the anniversary. He fucked up. He leaves you alone for the rest of the day like you requested, only sending you a text telling you how sorry he is. The next day, he treats you to the anniversary you should’ve had, but this time, he goes the extra mile by decorating the house with roses, bringing you to an even more expensive and nicer restaurant than the one you originally wanted to go to, and top it off with make up sex, doing anything you’d like. 


He’s probably too busy training to remember the anniversary. He spends all day with Undyne training while you set up the kitchen to be super nice and romantic, cooking a 5 course meal and decorating the house all by yourself. You even bought a really nice and expensive outfit just for this occasion and you’ve been planning this for WEEKS. Not only does he ignore your calls and texts all day in favor of training, he comes home at fucking 11 pm where you’ve already cried yourself to sleep. When he’s inside, he sees all the nice decorations and the meal still left outside, untouched. Fell’s heart just fucking breaks because oh god what has he done.  He knocks on your door, but when you don’t answer, he takes a peek inside, noticing you falling asleep with a box of tissues under your arms. He wakes you up frantically, telling you how sorry he is and how he’ll make it up to you somehow. You can either push him away if you’re still angry or accept his apology. Either way, he treats you to whatever you want, even if it’s a simple hug. 



Honestly, he’s mostly down for anything, so you’ll get to do your special plan, but he won’t realize what’s it for. Throughout the date, you seem to be waiting for him to do something, but he can’t figure out what it is. When you both get home, you just simply head straight to your room and slam the door, ignoring the skeleton’s confused expressions and constant knocking asking you what’s wrong. He could hear sniffling from inside, but isn’t sure if he should enter. You locked him out so you must want your privacy, so he gives that to you. He goes away and walks past a calendar and that’s when he has his “oh shit moment”. He urgently knocks on your door now, apologizing over and over again until you let him open. The moment he sees you, he latches onto you and doesn’t let go. He’s telling you how stupid he is and how much he loves you and how he’ll make this right. The following morning, he treats you to breakfast in bed, a nice massage, and a couples spa day. 


It’s actually really hard for him to forget important dates, but on occasion, he does. He forgets because he’s too busy building puzzles to notice you the entire day. It was only when he’s finished (at like 9 pm) he’ll remember. He’s screaming as soon as he realizes that he forgot and comes crying to you, apologizing and asking you how he can make it up. Even though you’re hurt that he forgot, it’s really hard to stay mad at the cutie. 



He forgets because planned an anime marathon with alphys and undyne that day. You had plans for your own anime night and he basically stabbed you with a knife when he said he was going to do that at his friends’ house. When he leaves, you’re sobbing on the ground, your self esteem hitting rock bottom basically. You don’t stay at the house, you spend the night somewhere else like with a family member or a friend. It’s only until the next morning when Sans returns home, ready to tell you about the latest anime he saw, realizing that you were gone. He suddenly remembers the anniversary and immediately calls your phone, but when yo don’t answer, he leaves a voicemail. He’s frantic because he thinks that maybe you just broke up with him, but you’re stuff is still there so he isn’t sure. He calls Papyrus, asking what he should do. You return home in the evening, and the moment you step through the front door, a crying Blueberry flies into your arms apologizing repeatedly and telling you how scared he was that you broke up with him. (I bet his tears is making you feel a bit guilty for being childish and ignoring his calls huh?) To make it up to you, he offers to be you personal slave for the whole week. 


It’s not like he “forgot” but the entire day, he’s basically out of it. He sleeps in until 2, goes outside for a smoke, napping, another smoke, then watches tv, but he’s really high from the weed. You try to get him to take you out somewhere like the movies or something, but he just says some dumb shit like “mooovie boobieess”. Thats when you realized that he’s incapable of doing anything tonight and you lock yourself in your room out of anger. When Stretch sobers up the next morning, he realizes that he missed the anniversary and knocks on your door, telling you how sorry he is and how he seriously messed up. When he receives no answer, he records himself throwing away all his packs and his stash in the trash can and burns them, sending it to you. When you see the video, you let him in and he wraps his long arms around you. He’ll make it to you by wearing a super cute and short maid outfit and allowing you to take pictures. 

Lizzington Fan Fiction Prompts Master List w/Stories (UPDATED)

This Master List is a collection of every Lizzington fan fiction prompt so far with their accompanying fanworks.  The prompt list was compiled as a joint effort between me, redandlizzie and some great submissions by fellow Lizzington shippers.  The works included in this list were created for the expressed purpose of fulfilling the prompt; works that predate the prompts were not included.  All prompts are still open for fulfillment (the more fic the better!).  If you know of a prompt response that is published and has not been included here, please reblog with a link.  Note: The fics suggested previously have now been added! 

Many thanks to tiny-but-fierce27 for helping with research and formatting!

1. Liz punches Red

2. Liz sees Red’s tattoos

3. Red and Liz dance

4. Liz wears Red’s fedora

5. Red sees Lizzie’s thigh

6. Red is angry and frustrated and no longer in control; he holds Liz’s wrists while she tries to run and he slowly gets closer and closer until…

7. Red and Liz are alone and their vehicle breaks down leaving them stranded. 

     Dark Roads and Open Doors

8. Lizzington reversed. Red is the FBI agent and Liz turns herself in to hunt Blacklisters.

9. A story that explores Dembe’s character, preferably while also showcasing Red and Lizzie. We know the two men are close - does Dembe know why Red’s so protective of Lizzie?

10. Either Red or Liz is in need of mouth-to-mouth CPR (forget those new standards).  


11. Red and Liz get snowed in - a one room cabin.

12. Red or Liz get slightly hurt but need the other to care for him/her.

13. Liz learns the truth about the murder of Red’s family from Dembe. 

14. Red and Liz get stuck in an elevator.

15. Red trying to redeem himself with newly Dark!Lizzie seducing him back to the dark side.

16. Red’s scars: What happens when Liz learns about Red’s scars? How does she discover them?

17. Red and Liz pose as a married couple undercover (possible twist: They actually marry)

18. Why does Liz cut her hair, and how is it acknowledged by Red? (NEW)

19. Red says the following: “If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple ‘thank you’ is all I need. None of this ‘how did you get in my house’ business.”


  • Distraction (Liz wears Red’s fedora, he sees her thigh, Liz punches Red & they dance)
Don’t Blink Chapter 8 (John x Reader)

Title: Don’t Blink Chapter 8

Summary:  When (Y/n) takes a simple haunting case on her own, she gets in way over her head. Being transported to the past, she falls in love with a young marine with a killer smile. The only problem is she knows his sons and his girlfriend wants to kill her, and probably knows about twenty ways to do so.

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ellelan  asked:

31. “you spent 20 minutes trying to teach a chair how to respond to it’s name… i think it’s safe to say that you were drunk as hell”-silverflinthamilton

John bit his lip, concentrating hard on putting one foot in front of the other. James’ arm was around his waist, trying desperately trying to hold him steady as they stumbled down the street, John’s arm over his shoulders. 

“Honestly, how did you get this drunk?” James muttered against him. 

“M’not drunk,” John grinned. 

“You spent twenty minutes trying to get a chair to respond to a name and play fetch. I think it’s safe to say you’re drunk as hell, John,” James sighed and John just grinned.

James glanced up, thanking god they were only a few steps from their door and the light was still on. He was just contemplating how he was going to get John up the stairs when the door opened and Thomas appeared. 

“What on earth?” he asked, getting John’s other arm around him and between them they hauled the inebriated man up the stairs and deposited him on the couch.

“Jack,” was all James muttered. “They got into a contest of sorts when I wasn’t looking and by the time I came back, John as three sheets to the wind and thought the bar stool was a dog.”

“….I would have paid money to see that,” Thomas said and James held out his phone. 

“Oh you didn’t,” Thomas said gleefully. He scrolled through the gallery to the most recent video and nearly collapsed with laughter at the images he saw. 

“He’s not going to remember in the morning,” James said with a yawn. Only having had two pints himself early in the evening, he was almost completely sober again. 

“No, but we’re still going to give him hell forever,” Thomas grinned and James nodded. 

They glanced at John and finally James sighed and jerked his head. Together they got John, mostly unconscious, up the stairs, stripped, and tucked into bed. They even managed to get a glass of water carefully down him before they curled around him. 

“If he throws up on me I’m going to blame you,” Thomas said lightly as John curled up on his chest. James just smirked and yawned, resting his arm on John’s waist and going to sleep.

In the morning John woke with a pounding headache, squinting around the bedroom to find he was alone, and Thomas’ laptop was on a chair by the bed. On it was video from last night of John talking animatedly to a bar stool and John groaned, reaching for the water and painkillers on the side table, drinking them both down in long gulps, waiting a moment for his stomach to settle afterwards.

“Morning sunshine,” Thomas smirked from the door, arms crossed as he leaned against the frame. 

“Fugew,” John managed, burying his head back in the pillows and Thomas just laughed.

“Don’t worry,” Thomas said lightly. “We have copies. It’ll keep.”

John flipped him off and Thomas grinned, leaving the hungover man alone and going back down to the kitchen where James was cooking breakfast and wrapping him up tightly in his arms. 

“Is he awake?”



“Trying. He’s not that awake.”

James shrugged. “Well, we’ve got time. Once we’re done he’ll never get that drunk again.”

“Are you going to tell him about that time on the roof?” Thomas asked with a snicker and James shuddered. 

“Fuck no, he mad enough of an ass out of himself, he doesn’t need to hear about my doing it to get the point across not to drink so much.”

“But it’s such a funny story,” Thomas whined. 

“I streaked across the top of the campus library, it’s not even original,” James grumbled. 

Thomas just laughed, contentedly burying his face against James’ neck and humming, perfectly happy in the warm bubble of their Saturday morning.

“I love you,” he whispered against James’ skin and James smiled. 

“Love you too,” he said quietly, serving up their breakfast and handing a plate to Thomas. 

“Should we take him a plate?” Thomas asked, eyeing the food left for a third person. James glanced at it, considering. 

“He’ll probably try to kill us,” he pointed out and Thomas grinned widely. 

“Lets do it.”

James rolled his eyes and dished up the third plate, following Thomas back up the stairs to the bed room.

“Breakfast!” Thomas practically shouted and John jerked, raising his head then moaning, glaring at Thomas as if he could kill him with a look. 

“If that isn’t pancakes I’ll kill you,” he muttered and Thomas presented him with a plate of pancakes. John glared for a moment then sighed, sitting up and taking the plate as James and Thomas tucked themselves in on either side of him. 

John took a few tentative bites and when his stomach didn’t rebel, he ate the pancakes with gusto, stealing some from Thomas when he’d finished his own.

“Did I really do that?” he asked, nodding at the computer and the video.

“You certainly did,” James chuckled. 

“I blame Jack,” John grumbled, passing his plate off to Thomas who put them all on the side table. 

“So do I,” James smirked, drawing John back against his chest. “How are you feeling?”

“Like and elephant sat on me,” John sighed, closing his eyes as he relaxed against James. “Can I go back to sleep now?”

“Certainly, my love,” Thomas said softly, raising on of John’s hands to kiss his fingers lightly. “We’ll be here when you wake up.”

John cracked an eye opened just as Thomas sucked one finger into his mouth. 

“Thomas, stop that. I’m hungover and the room is spinning. I am absolutely not getting it up right now.”

“Could have fooled me,” James mumbled, one hand sliding over John’s crotch, feeling his very hard erection.

“Oh screw you both,” John mumbled, tugging his hand away and turning, burrowing in James’ chest. “Let me sleep.”

James chuckled and kissed his head, shifting so they were lying down and Thomas snuggled up to them, perfectly content just to have a lazy morning as John slept off his hangover. There would be plenty of time for fun later.

Real talk. It might not be for everyone but I feel like the reason it took me a lot to recover from depression and the reason I had to leave college before were trendy negative posts. And that I only started recovering and getting my shit together after starting to follow ur typical “white girl blogs” and studyblrs and the like.

Because back then I would wake up feeling gross, open Tumblr, and see posts abt giving up or “I haven’t gotten out of bed in 3 days haha” or “go back to bed today’s been cancelled” and I would just hide under the covers and skip class.

And rn I follow blogs that remind me to to bed early, have a healthy breakfast, wash my face, ~study like a slytherin~, ~today is a good day~, and honestly? At least now I get out of bed, I open the windows I make my place somewhere I’m comfy in, I study hard, I take in the sunlight

And that made a huge difference for me

The Five Days

Clint Barton x Reader

Request: Clintxreader were he’s training with new arrows and he accidentally fires an arrow towards the reader and cut her shoulder and he feels guilty he hurted the one person he loves so he makes it up over dinner and ice cream cute and fluffy :-)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, injuries mention
2,186 words

Notes: It took me ages to start this one but I actually finished it faster than I thought. Not that good but I hope you all enjoy it! For this one we’ll pretend that Clint can act a little faster than Pietro…right?! lmao Thanks for the request dear nonnie and I’m sorry for the wait! <3

Day One

It was supposed to be a quiet, normal day at the Avengers tower. 

Well, at least as normal as it could be with the exquisite types of people that habited the building.  

So far, everything was looking good. Friday morning, you’d wake up and get ready, head out to Clint’s training room and make him take you to the nearest coffee shop to buy some breakfast. It felt surprisingly good to have such a mundane routine sometimes, especially with the line of work you both had. 

Oh, but that. That most definitely wasn’t part of your morning ritual with Clint. 

You entered the training room just to find Pietro clearly messing around Clint’s arrows, as none of them was making it to its target. As soon as the speedster saw you, his lips curved into a knowing smirk and you laughed. Daddy Barton and his trouble kid. 

From that, everything had been quicker than Pietro himself. 

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michellenguyens  asked:

helloooo krysy!! 20-30 for maxwell x mc (the otp ask meme)!! 💕

Thanks Viv! 💕

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?

Beyond Maxwell’s fun and easy-going exterior is unbridled passion. Once he’s comfortable with MC, his dominant side makes an appearance.
21. Who has an obsession (over anything)?
They both obsess over small things and the biggest things usually involve Betrand in some fashion.
22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?
Maxwell surprises MC with breakfast in bed and a single rose, followed by a series of poetic words before taking her out to one of their favorite restaurants. MC goes along with it because, it means a lot for him to show her a good time. It means a lot to her too.
23. Who asks who out on the first date?
After realizing she has feelings for Maxwell, she tries her best to be subtle about it. At first. Whenever they have a moment alone, in between their dance lessons - she hints at having feelings for someone else. Maxwell keeps insisting for her to focus on the task at hand; it’s always about the prince. Until finally she loses her patience and kisses him. She made the first move and ultimately asks him on their first ‘real date’ soon after. (They snuck off to meet in secret; which was particularly hard to do with Bertrand always breathing down their necks).
24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener?
Maxwell leads most of their conversations. He likes talking, even if it’s about silly things that’s happened through out the day and MC likes listening to the sound of his voice.
25. Who wears the other ones clothes?
Neither either of them wears the other’s clothes.
26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?
Maxwell has a guilty obsession with treats and fast food on the off chance they get to eat out. He doesn’t hesitate to pick the unhealthiest of choices in restaurants and savors it while MC chides him for it. She eats the healthier stuff in their relationship.
27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?
Maxwell hums while in the shower and usually takes longer than her to get out. Sometimes, MC checks the bathroom but the minute she opens it and even sees steam - she knows he’s been in there for awhile.
28. Who is the book worm?
They both are. Sometimes they spend an hour or two lying or sitting next to one another completely wrapped in their respective books.
29. Who is the better cook?
MC and Maxwell both like to spend time in the kitchen once they have the time. MC keeps an eye on the chopped vegetables to adorn with meat; ensuring they both have a proper meal before the end of the night.
30. Who likes long walks on the beach?
They both like the feeling of sand between their toes, and they watch the sunset together after their long walks across the beach.

Whew okay, I scratched my head at some of these but here you go! Thanks again for sending these sis! @michellenguyens  ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) 
Send me an OTP ask!

Hanzo Headcanons

Anonymous asked: Could you do some yandere! Hanzo headcanons :D and some yandere young hanzo as well?

As a teenager, Hanzo is way more prone to violence, even toward his s/o. Because he feels guilty about splitting his attention between the clan and his s/o, he’s very intolerant of any perceived unfaithfulness in the slightest. Those trying to hit on a s/o get dealt with quickly and violently, and if he thinks an s/o seems interested in someone else, he’ll start threatening them. They have to text him where and are and who they’re with at all times, both for his piece of mind and for their safety.

After nearly killing Genji, Hanzo re-evaluates himself and realizes just how out of control and violent he really was. Not to mention how entitled he had been. However, his tendencies don’t leave him completely. Rather, he tries to be more reserved in showing his anger. Most often, he’ll try to be controlling through manipulation rather than outright ordering his s/o to do what he says. He will be less quick to shedding blood overall, choosing to threaten those he deems a threat to the relationship. Pda gets him flustered. He really enjoys showing his love though actions, like making his s/o breakfast in bed or following his s/o home at a distance to make sure no one accosts them. He can be quite thoughtful when he puts his mind to it.