“…#Pythagorus combined ‘diatonic, chromatic and enharmonic melodies’ which he believed had a direct effect upon negative emotions, particularly sorrow, rage, pity, pride and anger. According to #Iamblichus, Pythagorus was able to correct these negative feelings by using the positive force of certain melodies that he composed.
It is our belief that the whistles and squeaks that the dolphin emits may contribute to the healing phenomenon, by virtue of their influence on our emotions, in a similar way to both ancient and modern music therapy.”
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“First, it is a tone designed to keep your spiritual frequency higher than the material plane and race-mind consciousness. Think of a smog layer over earth, but imagine that instead of air pollution, it is a collection of fear-based thoughts. It consists of all of the anger felt during morning commutes to work, plus stress from ‘lack thoughts,’ where humans believe they lack the money, love, or time that they need. These negative energies clog the dense level hugging the earth. And yes, you are correct in wondering whether or not it has a detrimental effect on everyone on the planet, including Mother Earth herself.
If lightworkers lived and breathed this 'smog,’ which we call 'race-mind consciousness,’ they would become depressed and incapable of healing to eradicate it. So the heavenly supporters to lightworkers –including the archangels, master healers, teachers, elementals, starpeople– send strong bands of lightwaves to the lightworkers. It is usually received in one ear as a high-pitched tone that can seem loud, and even painful. This tone elevates the body’s frequency above the race-mind consciousness, so the lightworker can retain a pool of energy and hopefulness that will motivate him or her to contribute toward the solution.
The ringing also comes from a 'downloading,’ –as you’d call it these days– of information. It’s much like your computer’s modem making a ringing sound as it is connecting. We send you updates of information related to your lightworker mission. A great deal of this information is based on fourth-dimensional teachings, so it wouldn’t make sense if we simply told all of you about it. Instead, we bypass the intellect and send the information in a tonal system straight into your unconscious and heart chakra. That way, you incorporate this new programming into your daily thoughts and behavior.”
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“A dolphin does not try to be something it is not. There is power in being true to your own inner nature. You may find that once you stop struggling against your limitations and acknowledge them, there are ways to make them work for you. If not, perhaps you can choose to change them. But it may be more important to change the way you look at them.”
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I admit that mistakes have been made, and I ask that all effects of these mistakes be undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.
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when someone is dominating you psychically, they actually take your mind away. it was not as if you lost some intellectual debate. you didn’t have the energy or mental clarity to debate with. all your mental power unconsciously pours into the dominating energy empowering their ego. this sucks the vital energy of those who are being dominated. the human world is a vast competition for energy and thus for power. break free.
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“One with Dolphin as Totem will have a loving heart that is capable of tremendous depth and awareness. Generally speaking, these individuals will enter their Life Path with an intuitive grasp and ability to feel and express Unconditional Love, yet they will encounter many situations along their Earthwalk that will challenge this ability to operate from the Christ Consciousness.
These challenges are of course Lessons established to test, hone and perfect the ability to operate from a center of love. Consequently, some may become lost and embittered in the pain of the difficulties faced, not yet recognizing the opportunity for growth and increased compassion/sensitivity for the pain of others. Instead, the experiences may have been internalized such that mistrust may ultimately sour the clear waters of the soul.
If one with Dolphin soul then departs from that walk around the Sacred Hoop not having overcome these trials and tests, he/she will simply reincarnate to once more face the same challenges, until the Lessons have been truly absorbed.
Yet there is nothing more inspiring to the Human Consciousness, or as warming to the eternal spark of life, than to see one who has perfected this Lesson, for these individuals will leave an indelible impression upon the hearts and minds of ALL those who bear witness to the Light of Unconditional Love that shines from the center of that Soul.”
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overcoming is taking thought into spoken word and triumphing with truth. it is death, a rebirth and renewal of composure. it is no longer operating at a low-frequency of a victim but the high-frequency as a lightworker. it is a new chapter in our lives where we take what we learned from and apply it with grace all-the-while understanding that our prayers for healing reached High up above. now is the time to be gracious by increasing our self-worth and self-confidence so that we may go forth with fulfillment as we draw wonderful experiences and people to us!!!!
i am being carried by this message of self-love because i contacted a woman today who i met three years ago in one hour that had changed my life. i finally had the nerve to call her after all these years, not thinking she would remember who i was, but of course, she did!! “Blessings to the Creator!” she would joyfully say as i thanked her for blessing me and shaping the direction of my life today. It was brief because of today’s events but she wanted me to make sure that I extend my love with random acts of kindness, but most of all, act out my self-love! it is very true, how are we suppose to continue healing others if we are not fully healed ourselves? healing and learning is an on-going process. to be human is divine perfection.
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The Golden Age of Aquarius is here. In all of those in favor of Light, this needs to be known in our transcendence towards love, peace, and abundance. As always, thank the Sea who has been asking you to ascend, I am only here to help you remember #ParadigmLaw.
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