The progress of a mindmap I just did. This took me around 15 minutes (whilst jamming to Hamilton) and was just a rough outline of common provenances that often come up. For this I used some Hema fineliners, which are literally £2/€2.50 and have still lasted me forever. I couldn’t find my copics so I just used these super cheap IKEA Mala felt tips which were surprisingly good for what I needed them to do. I would totally use fancy pens but what’s the point, I’m way too poor to waste ink on a mindmap that’s not going into a ton of detail, you get me? How’s everyone else’s revision going? Now onto physics! 😂😂

So I haven’t been active in ages basically because it was the exam rush and then afterwards I pretty much just gave up and slept for like a solid 2 weeks but here’s a mind map type thing I did in preparation for my US history exam, there’s a bit of blank space because this was a topic we literally only did in one lesson and so I had to find all the info online. As you can imagine this can be quite time consuming so at one point I just left it and hoped there was enough detail - luckily there was!! Has everyone else finished exams as well now? -FinelinerAddict