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And I’ve always felt this sort of passive-aggressive pressure from Baby Boomers to “follow your dreams” but only if your dreams were to Fix The World, combined with an urgency behind the follow-up “it’s okay to need time to figure out your dreams.”

Yeah, I remember when I graduated college. I had a choice between getting a job immediately doing software documentation ($36,000 a year starting salary) and going on to further education to be an academic librarian ($40,000 a year in debt per year–and, to the surprised horror of my STEM friends, yeah, you often do have to pay it if you’re not in STEM). 

Having grown up with no fucking money, I took the thing that would pay my rent rather than the thing that would vampire away any money I might make for the next decade.

My friends, my own cohort, understood this immediately. (Even in 2005, before the economy fell apart!) And my mom, bless her, who’d grown up genuinely poor, was thrilled for me. 

But other older people were Concerned. I was Selling Out! I was going to go write software documentation, not Changing the World! I was putting immediate monetary gain above some kind of vague sense of social duty! My dreams–my dreams of, you know, feeding and housing myself–were not the right kind of dreams! One professor actually said, “You shouldn’t take money into consideration at all when making this decision”–which was the most astonishingly bullshit thing he could have ever said. But at the time, oh, I felt so bad for taking filthy lucre into account when, you know, planning my life trajectory.

Holy crow, we all have to take filthy lucre into account. I’m sure he did too, even, before he had tenure.

And yeah. I Followed my Dreams to software documentation rather than fixing the world, which–let me be clear–I did not break. I volunteer and I vote and I do what I can to repair things.


I have zero patience with people who are living comfortable lives, who want me to ‘follow my dreams’ at zero dollars per hour to fix the messes they made. Who are still, to this day–to this day!–voting in a way to minimize their own taxes, while whining that I should be doing unpaid work to fix all the things they fucked up for free.

(My fellow angry American Millennials: vote vote VOTE. The establishment is terrified because there are a lot of us, and we have been fucked over for years, and yet suddenly in 2016 there are enough of us eligible to vote to kick over the traces. There are a LOT of us, and if we vote our consciences, we can make a thousand times more of a “difference” than we ever could with bullshit unpaid internships.

And the establishment hates that idea.

Their main hope is that we will all stay home and not bother. FUCK THEM UP. VOTE. Vote in the primaries. Vote in the general election. VOTE. Make them fucking pay.

This has been a Badger Service Announcement.)

Medical school advice

I was told that I should answer questions about my experience in medical school so far in order to help those who wish to become doctors. Send me some questions and I’ll answer them in either a video or post.
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I hope you all are able to follow your dreams and find happiness in your studies as I have 😊😊

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I want to die. When people say that everyone around them goes crazy. And I wanted to But Your face. Your smile The way you care about your fans Your love Towards others Infinitely passionate to all I want to live. That's what you make me say. Because Bae If I can find someone like you ? I'll live every moment to every day. With them believing in me and the love we share. Please don't ever leave me Bae you will forever be in my heart. ❤️ thank you for making me want to live.

I’m super glad that I make you feel that way :’] promise? & life can be very very enjoyable love, be here to experience all those good moments… follow your dreams & goals :]


Need a reminder that your dreams are important? New video up on my channel about Walt Disney, following your dreams, and overcoming illness/the rough moments in life. You can do it! I believe in you. 


“I’ve set myself to become the King of the Pirates and if I die trying… then at least I tried!”Monkey D. Luffy

Follow your dream!

The only courage you ever need is 

the courage to fulfill the dream of your own life,

if you don’t have a dream, start dreaming,

start believing that having a dream, will lead to fulfillment of your dream, 

if you willing to let every step you take move you to that direction, it doesn’t have to formal,

write it down,

articulate it in yourself.

this the truth:

you deserve the best that life has to offer you.

you deserve the best version of yourself.

why because you’re here.

because you were borned.

you deserve the best life possible!

Do something!

Be excellent at it!!!

Be inspired!

Do your inspiration!!!