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Too Good To Say Goodbye | 2

I wrote this before-hand a part two even before it was requested and I WAS SO FUCKING HAPPY FROM THE ASKS SHIIEEEEEET. Here’s part one!



Harry asked, the three of them fully-knowing that he heard it, his tone being the start of his emotions as opposed to what they think he would react.

“Y/N — Y/N left, Harry.”

All the signs of him being tipsy vanished, setting his glass down on the counter quite harshly which was unknown to him, his eyebrows coming down to furrow.

“What do you — what do you mean she left?”

Both Gemma and Anne abruptly stood up once he leaned himself on the granite counter with his arms, his fingers adorned with rings making noises against the surface.

His mum sighed slowly, her hand going against his shoulder that did not do much to calm Harry at his state nor prevent him from what his panicked actions.

“She’s not — she’s in some other place, love.”

He stopped, a scoff leaving his lips as he shook his head no slowly, looking at his mother who’s trying her best to keep her son’s self-control.

“You’re lying.”

Anne had her mouth slightly apart, her eyes squinting at Harry who’s clearly in disbelief, his face showing both hope and hesitance.

“M'not, Harry.”

He looked around him, his eyes scanning over to every person in his eyesight before looking down again, slightly chuckling.

“No, no. You’re lying, mum. Tell her, Gem,” he turned to his sister who’s just as surprised as their mother, her grip firming on Harry who’s despearate for her answer.

“Mum’s not lying, Harry.”

“You’re — the both of you. You’re shitting me.”

He took a step back, his finger taking turns on pointing the both of them, mumbling words over and over again until he felt a hand on his arm.

“She’s here. She’s got to be here.”

Harry started walking with the both of them following suit, pleads leaving their mouths for him to stop for awhile and talk to them, each time with his heart dropping every time he can’t find you on a spot where he thinks you are.

He’s undeniably nervous, a little prick on his chest when he knows he’s running out of places for you to be found, his hands clenching and unclenching every time.

“Where — where is she? I mean-…”

Harry’s rambling, his head snapping to every direction when he’s out at the balcony, the last place for him to look for you, the music being too loud in his mind and the conversations turning to chatters.

“Why does it matter?”

Gemma asked, her stern yet accusing tone immediately catching her brother whose head just snapped to look at her, his mouth parting open, admittedly being a bit intimidated on how harsh he’s looking at her.

“Why? Why does it matter? For fuck’s sake, Gemma, she’s my friend! She isn’t here and you-…”

“Well there goes the reason! Y/N left because she doesn’t just look to you as a friend!”

Anne couldn’t do anything about the siblings’ intense banter, noticing that Harry’s shoulders visibly fell as there were no words that were being able to come out of his mouth.

“You’re lying. Mum, tell me that Gem’s lying because I swear-…”

She deeply exhaled, her finger pointing to her younger brother who’s resorting to their mother for him to be atleast comforted with a lie, wanting to hear what he needs.

“It’s the truth, Harry. It’s all on you because you’ve been blind as a bat to see it!”

He’s unknowingly shaking, his fingers not being able to stay still as he looked down the ground, not being able to swallow the knot in his throat.

Harry couldn’t take the what he’s feeling in him for any longer, his figure slouchening as he shakily sat on the bench, Gemma and Anne standing in front of him to give him his space.

“Where — are you still talking to her?”

He didn’t know where to start. He didn’t know what to ask first nor didn’t even distinguish his thoughts one by one from each other as everything’s flooding his mind. He doesn’t even know what to do.

Gemma already unlocked her phone, giving it to Harry as his shaking hands got it from her, pressing the first thing he saw which were the messages, his trembling being visible as his mum tried to calm him down.

He scrolled past every single message, a drop in his chest as he knew it wasn’t you that he knows who’s replying to every single one.

Harry was used to having follow-up messages after each one instead of short-worded replies. Harry’s used to seeing you in tagged pictures smiling, not the other way around of you smiling both fakely and tiredly.

Harry’s used to seeing you being so happy that it was contagious. That it was almost unbearable to feel less whenever someone’s with you.

He’s so used to it that it makes him feel worse than it should now that he knows he’s the reason behind it.

“Call her.”

He held the phone to Gemma, a look of confusion in her face as why he wouldn’t be the one to do it.

Please, just call her. Put her on speaker.”

Harry let her be the one to do it not just because he couldn’t properly hold the phone with his shakiness but it’s also because he doesn’t know what to say.

“Hi, lovie. Did I wake you?”

His head raised upon Gemma’s opening line, undeniably hurting once he heard your tired reply.

“Not at all, Gem.”

“Just wanted to check on you. See, uhm-…”

Harry nudged his sister as he mouthed the words she barely understood, getting the mean of it as she tried to put herself in his position.

“The company I’m in is offering to fly me somewhere I’d like to do a feature on it. Then I figured, I wanted to see you again.”

He’s visibly upset over the fact that you’re a plane ride away than what used to be minutes, let alone be the fact that you left.

Harry feels and is empty, the ache in his chest increasing when he knows what he’s done.


Jet lag didn’t stop Harry from going straight from the airport to knock on your door which he knew from the address you texted Gemma with.

Nothing stopped Harry either from crying unexpectedly, when you answered the door, the both of you least expecting each other at this situation.

He said nothing, not even waiting for the invitation for him to come in he had the feeling wouldn’t even be given to him by you, tightly hugging you as he kicked the door closed.

No words were spoken, only his loud sobs filling up the space you’ve crashed in that belonged to your friend who wasn’t there at the moment.

“I should’ve said I love you.”

Harry’s mind went blank, everything coming back to him that made his head to be buried deeper on your shoulder.

“I should’ve done a lot of things.”

He hiccuped in between his sobs, his grip tightening on you as the pain increased, his chest feeling like it was being sickly twisted.

“I should’ve realized earlier.”

He’s heavily breathing, both wanting to look and not to look at you due to the facts he hasn’t seen you for a month and that he’s afraid of seeing your state respectively.

“I should’ve loved you earlier.”

He’s almost relieved, his sobs dying down as nothing has really settled in his mind except for you.

“I — I should’ve done a lot of things.”

Harry stopped, looking at you momentarily as he felt the pain ease down with you who he has honestly prayed for, his eyes closing just so that he’d calm down, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“But I know I shouldn’t repeat the mistake of letting you go again.”

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I am a witch who has lost their familiar and is still grieving over the loss, it sometimes makes me careless, but I am usually careful. I leave cream and honey for my house brownie and in return they make sure the mice never get in. I am quiet, shy, and unassuming, but I am very observant. I have Dreams and I can See sickness sometimes, cancer frightens me the most. I am respectful of those who have erned my respect, kind until I need to teach a lesson. How would I fare in Elsewhere University?

(follow-up message: I dont know if you got my last ask, but I’m the witch that had recently lost her familiar, I just wanted to let you know that I have gotten a new one, he is a shihtzu/yorkie puppy that I have named Fenrir)

You are noticed - witches tend to be, and seers of any kind even more so - but the Gentry who understand your kindness like you well enough, and those who do not respect your keeping of balance. See what you can, keep your own council, and know that Fenrir will keep your feet on safe ground.

screenshot (m)

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genre: smut. there’s nothing more to it

word count: 2739

a/n: I’m honestly so nervous because it’s been literally millennia since I last posted something like this…. I hope you guys like it ;) this is heavily based off snapchat…. and…. I’m sorry if it’s too messy jfc I had to stop multiple times 

warnings: swearing, lots of lucid imagery

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Player looking for D&D 5e game

I’m Kiel Chenier. I write/illustrate a lot of D&D related stuff professionally. 

I don’t actually get to play a lot of D&D anymore, and I’m looking for a D&D 5e game to join, whether it’s a new game or an ongoing one. 

I’m looking for an ongoing campaign to play in. Session length from 2-4 hours long (3 hours is honestly a sweet spot for me). An online game played via Skype, Hangouts, Roll20, etc. Video chat is preferred, but audio only works in a pinch.

My schedule is flexible. Evenings 7pm EST onward work best for me tho. 

If you think I’d be a good fit in your game, send me a Tumblr ask with more details and contact info. I’ll follow up with a message of my own. 

What I’m looking for specifically:

  • A game that’s open to new(ish) players.
  • Playing with other LGBT people is preferred. 
  • Using an established setting (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, etc) is fine, but I don’t want prior knowledge of that setting to be required. 
  • A balance of roleplaying, exploration, combat, and downtime activities. Bonus points if your game has carousing. 
  • A DM who knows their way around random tables, citycrawls, and open-ended adventures is a big plus.

What I bring to the table:

  • I’m willing to play any class the party is currently lacking (provided I can still choose my Race/Background).
  • I write and draw a lot. If your game’s engaging, you can probably expect a bunch of custom art and/or session recaps. Like these, for example. Or this. 
  • I try to be as team-oriented and supportive as possible (assisting, working together, spotlight-sharing, etc).
  • I’m generally kind of a goof while playing. Quick with a joke, but not disruptive. I also do character voices if that’s something you’re into.
  • I am not risk-adverse or bothered by character death. If you need an instigator who is willing to rush in, I can do that. Likewise, if you need someone to primarily engage with NPC’s and plot/story details, I do that too.

Examples of my prior characters:

Following up that beautiful message I received:

To anyone wondering why I post so much about losing weight, boring math answers to “how do I gain weight” questions, and advocate for feedees whenever possible; it’s because feedism is very important to me.

It’s not just a kink. Hopefully, one day, it’ll be a huge part of a long term relationship that I share with someone. 

It’s more than just sex. It’s supporting someone in the ups and downs that come with drastically changing one’s body. 

Yes it’s really fun to stuff someone silly and play with their belly, but it’s also really important to make sure they feel happy and secure. It’s important to be realistic and respectful. 

I approach feedism with a long term, well-thought-out mindset, because as far as I’m concerned, gaining and being fat is a long term change that requires consideration and passion. 

I know not everyone approaches it the same way as me, and that’s totally fine! Just wanted to share where I’m coming from :) 

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i have some malec fic recs as a follow-up to that earlier message ♡ "don't break my faded heart" by firstaudrina; "appassionato" by chonideno; "as your sun sets" by theprophetlemonade, "safe from the world" by malteaser24 (tbh any m24 fic is a godsend); and "state of grace" by bumblebeesknees ! :D hope that satisfies ! ♡

this is great!! ok, let’s get the links out there:

don’t break my faded heart by firstaudrina

It’s not entirely unheard of for a Shadowhunter to be in Pandemonium, but it is unusual for one to be here alone. Magnus will have to deal with that, but not yet. He’s having too good a time.

Appassionato by Chonideno for theprophetlemonade

Alec plays the piano every day, with great talent. One night, a note slips under his door: it’s a request from an anonymous neighbor. Before he knows it, Alec picks up the habit of leaving his window open so his neighbor can listen to him. Requests keep coming. Slowly, two strangers start a conversation without words and let the music do the work for them.

as your sun sets (i know you in bleary-eyed 3AM) by theprophetlemonade

[“Alexander, does it not scare you,” Magnus says at last. “Knowing that you can feel so strongly about someone that some part of you still believes you can hardly know? Because it terrifies me. Someone flitting into your life one day, out of the blue, and leaving you with no choice in the matter.”]

Alec meets a man in his bathroom mirror who says he’s from the other side of the world. Things spiral from there.

(Malec + Sense8 clustermates AU.)

Safe From The World by Malteser24

It’s quiet and personal and exists between them, and them alone.

State of Grace by bumblebeesknees

It’s Rafael’s wedding day, which makes for a somewhat hectic morning for the Lightwood-Banes. Things are pretty close to perfect though – if only Magnus could stop teasing Alec about the most embarrassing incident of his life that took place in this very same hall at the Institute over twenty-five years ago.

Alec says, “Raf called in a panic this morning and there’s a slight situation with the wedding.”

Magnus is instantly on alert.

“Of course there is,” says Max, eyes moving heavenward. “Typical.”

“Excuse me, no, not typical,” says Magnus. “I planned this wedding, and things don’t go wrong when I plan weddings.”

“Fireproof” - Epilogue Pt. 1

“Fireproof” - Epilogue Pt. 1

( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 )

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Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Word Count: 1,548

Key: Y/N = Your Name, Y/L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Feels(?). If I missed anything, please let me know 

Summary: After a genetic mutation showed itself about 5 years ago, you became a Kingsman and worked alongside some of the best agents: Your father, Merlin, Roxy, and Eggsy. When you are assigned a mission with Eggsy, things flare up.

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Author’s Note: I was writing out the epilogue earlier and realized that with where I wanted it to go and how long I tend to write, it was either going to be a very long epilogue, or I make it into 2 parts. A 2 part epilogue? Is that even a thing? IT IS NOW!

Forever thankful for @the-witching-hours12-3 for beta reading and being a friend! <3

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces, check out my tag list above and let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

It had been 8 months at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. While you didn’t really fit the “youngsters” part of the title, Charles had made an exception for you. He’d seen how badly you wanted, and needed his help; you had so much potential. Charles made it a personal goal of his to get you to an X-Men level of control. This being said, he was not forcing you to be a part of the team. He knew very well that it was your choice if you wanted to or not.

The past 8 months had been a mixture of some of the best things to happen in your life and the saddest moments so far. As much as you appreciated how much Charles had taught and trained you, you couldn’t help but be homesick. You missed your father, Roxy, and Eggsy like hell.

Visitation wasn’t easy at the school. Charles had to be aware of it and then there were all these security protocols that had to be taken care of. It was a hassle, but that didn’t mean it was impossible. Your father visited after your first three months, and then Eggsy and Roxy visited a month or two after that. You were able to go home for holiday, but that was only a two-week long break. Then it was right back into your world revolving around your mutation.

Even though it was a struggle to visit your family, you had strong communication across the pond. You were sure to update your father as much as you could, and video called him at least once a week to actually see him. The same went for Roxy. Eggsy was a different story. The two of you video called almost every night, unless he was on a mission or you were training late. But you never lost your love for each other.

It was one of those nights where you were extremely homesick and wanted nothing more than to either be back in London, or have a bit of London with you. You were sitting on your bed with your laptop. While taking a short break from reviewing your notes from Hank’s class on genetics, you couldn’t help but look at some pictures you’d taken with Eggsy during your holiday break.

Even though you were here for training, you enrolled in classes as well. Not as many as some of the other students, but enough to have a decent workload on top of your work with Charles. Every now and then, you needed to take a break. Those breaks were spent relaxing or looking at pictures and videos that you had saved on your computer.

You were in the middle of watching a video that Roxy had gotten of you and Eggsy walking around the park in the snow. The video ended with you and Eggsy laughing as snow fell off of a tree branch that was above the two of you. You paused the video, looking at how happy and carefree you and Eggsy were. After a minute or so of staring off into space and thinking, you were jolted back into reality by your computer jingling followed by a pop-up message:

“Eggsy Calling”

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This fic is fluff and rated teen, you are in a poly! relationship with Jesse and Hanzo, and today they are both sick! 

Link for AO3:

Today, you received a cryptic text message, and it’s not shocking that it’s from Jesse.


Jesse: were dyin


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(sorry! i didnt see the thing about a maximum of 5 people) How about the RFA reacting to Mc who works at Disney World! (p.s. ilysm *blows kiss*)

I´m am happy about this follow up message. *You are always free to request follow ups or just request your faves.*

I ever wanted to go to Disney World but I never could T^T.

I choose some different jobs and yeah I made them so that you get the most reaction out of it.


  • He finds it interesting that you work there.
  • I mean it’s Disney world.
  • What really gets him fired up about your job is when you tell him that you work as Cinderella.
  • Like how perfect is that.
  • I mean he not works as the prince, but you can bet he memorized the movie lines.
  • Zen basically begs you to play the part with you.
  • You kinda feel like you see one of those girls that eyes are sparkling.
  • You can’t deny Zen’s wish so you play your part.
  • Zen is way too excited about your work, he would try to get the job of the prince.
  • But you tell him to focus on this acting career instead.
  • He is a bit disappointed, but of course you are right.
  • At least he can still play prince with you when you are home.


  • This is quite awesome, as he was younger he once was there.
  • It was amazing, he is a bit jealous that you work at such a magical place.
  • To you it’s just a job, you are kinda used to working there.
  • You work in one of the restaurants it’s not different from other places, except that it’s Disney world.
  • Yoosung still wants to work there with you.
  • Mainly he wants to spend more time with you during his summer break.
  • So he gets a job at the restaurant as well.
  • It’s really not easy for him, and his romantic fantasies.
  • He barely gets time with you during work, and he is just beat after the shift.
  • Yoosung almost regrets that he started working here.
  • On his last shift you work together with him, but actually you planned something else for you two.
  • You planned a Disney world date day with him.
  • Using some of your payment to get you both tickets and making sure that he gets to ride everything he wanted.
  • He is really happy that you planned this for him.
  • Yoosung knows this was all worth it, when you two hold hands and kiss when the fireworks go off.


  • For her it’s just a workplace like any other.
  • She never even was at Disney world.
  • Jaehee not really gets why Zen and Yoosung seem a bit jealous that you are their everyday.
  • She gets quite impressed about the fact that you assist the Park Manager.
  • You both just have so much in common, just that you actually enjoy work most of the time.
  • Jaehee on the other hand is kinda unhappy with her job.
  • She makes good money, but she wants more.
  • You support her with that, figuring out what she wants to do.
  • You really enjoy how fired up she is, feeling like that is something you want to do too.
  • You end up talking with Jaehee, and she offers you to become her business partner.
  • This makes both of you really happy, even when it’s a lot of work.


  • He is not really familiar with the cartoons from Disney.
  • He heard about the Disney world theme parks, but he never had the wish to go there.
  • At least till you tell him that you work at one of the Parks hotels.
  • Jumin of course offered you a good position in a hotel he owns *or just bought for you*.
  • You rather just earn your position, and refuse the offer.
  • Jumin can understand that, but he is also really curious about your work.
  • So he books a room, without telling you.
  • You are quite surprised to see him, but you keep professional, you want to keep the job after all.
  • You know that Jumin is used to top service so he gets just that.
  • Jumin is quite impressed with your attitude and he not tries to distract you too much.
  • Even he payed to have you exclusively working for him.
  • You decide to make him pay for that, by showing him the fun of Disney world.
  • While he is here Jumin should start to understand the magic after all.
  • You use a free day during his stay and invite him to visit the actual park.
  • You two do everything you should in Disney world, matching hats and all.
  • Jumin not really knows how to feel about them, but he gets one for Elizabeth too.
  • You take some pictures of you two, and make the rest of the RFA jealous.
  • Jumin might never fully understands the magic of Disney, but he understands the magic of being with you while watching a firework.
  • Back home he works on plans to make a Elizabeth the 3rd world.


  • He finds it interesting, but you say it’s not that great since you just work as a Mascot.
  • It’s not even paying that much, you like working at the park, but you really want a better job.
  • Seven can understand that really good, he tells you to quit if it’s not what you want to do.
  • You agree but you have hopes of a better position.
  • So you keep going.
  • Soon after that a new co-worker starts to work as a Mascot with you.
  • He seems to enjoy this much more than you do, it’s kinda entertaining to watch him.
  • You have much more fun than ever.
  • When you finally get the better job in a store, you are almost sad that you won’t work with him anymore.
  • You want to probably say goodbye at least, but it turns out that it was Seven all along.
  • You are surprised, but then again not really.
  • He tells you that he only took the job to make you feel better, but he also really enjoys working as a Mascot.
  • So now you both work at Disney world.
  • He dresses up as the Disney princess here and there, but they never catch him.

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sincerelyfuckyou  asked:

Honest opinion right now. I don't mean to hurt any feelings and if I do, I'm so terribly sorry. But I feel like everyone has changed. You and KP are living together, Lundy is in a long distance (ish) relationship and everyone else is just acting like it's the end of an era. I don't know if I joined the community at the wrong time or something but this isn't the community I joined last summer. I didn't join a community full of gossip and sadness. I at least hope I didn't. Sorry, needed to say it.

Andy: I have several issues with this message, the first being that I said I was upset and sad about my personal rps and you decided to send me a message about how you’re dissatisfied with the community as a whole. I don’t understand how any of that ties in together.

Second, why do you make mine, and Lundy’s, personal relationships out to be something negative? Are you dissatisfied with the fact that both of us are in a happy and loving place? Because that’s what it sounds like. I’m sorry if your personal interactions haven’t lived up to your expectations with certain rpers, but their relationships are theirs, and if you are not invited into it, that is where your interference stops. You do not get to be dissatisfied with the relationship because it is impossible to be satisfied by something that does not include you. Furthermore I know exactly what this message pertains to, and I am not having it. So stop.

Third, if this message wasn’t meant to hurt feelings, then telling me “this isn’t meant to hurt feelings” shouldn’t have been necessary to the message, right? But I’ve realized that often when messages include an apology disclaimer, hurt is the exact feeling the original message intends. You sent this to cause upset and tension. You sent this to cause drama- the exact thing you claim this community to be filled with- otherwise you would have directly messaged me.

And finally, I’m going to talk for a moment about tact. If someone is upset, it shows a lack of decorum when you bash their relationship and their friends, because you need to give me your opinion, honest or not. To put it bluntly, when someone is hurting, it is tactless to go into their inbox and make it about you.

It’s messages like this that serve as the root of gossip and drama. I have no patience for them.

I will not be responding to any follow up messages about this topic.

Okay so after a pretty awful pot date yesterday (actually ended up running away) and then northern pot becoming very creepy before bailing I feel I’m in a bit of a rut. 

So of the 7 pots I’ve met so far - 

  1. japanese investor pot - felt like burning myself alive when he kissed me 
  2. gross pot - just gross. just gross. had to cancel. kept talking about how big my chest was. and how he didn’t want to use a condom eventually.
  3. shopping pot - great date but hasn’t asked me out again.. still texts but I think the lust he felt for me has kind of fizzled out
  4. scottish pot - had 2 dates then tried to sleep with me
  5. northern pot - agreed a ppm then started talking about he liked how “firm and slim” i was and just being a dirtbag in general, before calling me cold and transactional. so that got cancelled pretty fucking quickly. 
  6. real estate pot - great first meeting, have sent a follow up message seeing if he wants to nail down a date to meet again 
  7. ex footie manager pot - very poor, very boring, very lecherous.. not going to see again. 

My main priority with sugaring was to make sure it didn’t overtake my studies - there’s no point trying to fund a uni course if I don’t even get in, and so far I’m still on top of everything so I should feel proud of myself. 

I’ve only been sugaring and actually meeting pots since 23rd September so it hasn’t even been a month yet. I just need to be patient. I have to wade through a ton of shit but eventually I’ll get a good arrangement. 

I think my main goal with this blog was to give a really open and honest account of sugaring, how fucking tiring it is, how much work goes into getting what you want. I’m learning a lot. Patience is the main thing. Just gotta keep going. 

I’ve written out my goals. I think they’ll hopefully change as I start achieving more but for now I’m starting small, I’ve set realistic goals, I just need to work hard and I’ll get them. 

One Exciting Ride (Gaston x Reader Coffee Shop AU)

One Exciting Ride: Chapter 3

Chapters   1   2   (you’re here)  4   5    

Word Count: 1816

Notes: I was lowkey lazy and I didn’t think anyone would actually read all of the descriptions, so I just used a photo reference for a thing or two. 

Warnings: There’s a penis. 

Tagged:  @animeacetheheart @gawston @withouthannah @ciaprincess@the-fic-files @molethemollie @hobbithorse19@supernaturalimagines666 @hellonheels-x0-blog @blackxthexbeast @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @amazingangelaaa @frozenhuntress67@totallyjoshlertrash @theoncergames @bucky-with-the-metal-arm@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt@lunarinne @ronijdubb @definitely-nota-fangirl @mochiiswan @epicfallenismine

“Well now,” Adam began, standing up and dusting off his skinny jeans. “I’m off to win this bet.” 

“No way, bro!” Gaston yelled, grabbing his friend’s flannel sleeve. “You can’t start yet! We’ve gotta wait for the upload!” 

“We must do nothing,” the blonde smirked, pulling his sleeve away. “I can leave, you can stay here.” Without word, Adam rushed off to flirt with Belle at her counter. 

“You fuckin’ jackass,” Gaston muttered, crossing his arms and kicking his feet up on the counter. The upload was hardly at 20% and Gaston was losing precious flirting time! “Since he’s technically here…” 

Gaston stood, slung his back over his shoulder and made his way towards the door. Adam wasn’t able to notice him slip out the door as the blond was too busy showing off his countless Instagram crossfit videos to Belle, trying to weasel out her username to slide into her DMs. 

Strutting his way across the street, Gaston opened the door to the cafe only to see you putting your apron up. “Darling!” Gaston called out, holding his arms up for a hug that you bypassed. “Oh, what is this? Leaving so soon?” Once again, Gaston was met with a cold shoulder as you opened the door and exited. 

“Darling,” he muttered through a forced smile, following you and grabbing you on the shoulder. “Where are you going?” 

Startled, you turn round to be met with a smiling Gaston. Knitting your brows, you removed the earbuds that had previously gone unnoticed by the tall teen. “What do you want?” You ask, genuinely confused as to what the heck was going on. 

“Where are you going off in such a rush?” He repeated with a laugh, “I wanna hang!” 

“Since when?” You scoff, knitting your brows and shaking your head as you made your way to your car at the end of the street. “Last time you said anything that wasn’t your coffee order was in, like, the sixth grade when we were math partners.” 

“That’s not true!” Gaston protested, getting into step beside you and wrapping an unwanted arm around your shoulder. 

“Oh really?” You chuckle, putting back in one earbud. “What’s my name?” 


“Exactly,” you sigh, opening your car door- the town was so small, you needn’t worry about locking it- and getting in and starting the engine. “And to answer your previous question, your mother is in labor and the nanny is on maternity leave. I’m going to your house to watch your siblings, since Mr and Mrs Desrochers obviously can’t trust you to watch them.” 

With that, you slammed your door shut and put-putted away in your tiny little car. 

After huffing at the sight of your dusty little Beetle putting off into the distance towards his house, Gaston pulled out his phone to see no notification from his parents. “Why didn’t they tell me about mom?” He groaned, calling his father only to hit voicemail. 

Pulling into the Desrochers’ driveway felt more suited to be riding in a carriage than a shitty little Volkswagen. The house was a family estate owned by Gaston’s family since the 1800′s, apparently one of Gaston’s ancestors was a pretty dope war hero who had honours heaped on him by Napoleon. Go figure. 

You parked in your usual spot in the garage and made your way into the mansion, autopilot kicking in and taking you to the den only to be mobbed by excited children.

“(Name), I missed you!” 

“(Name), I missed you more!” 

“Nounou! Nounou! Nounou!” 

“Did you hear, Nounou?” 

“Maman’s having the baby!” 

Gilly, I wanted to tell her!” 

“Well I got to it first!”

And so the night of babysitting begins. 

Juliane and Germain Desrochers were good at roughly two things: making money, and making babies- rarely at the same time. With more money than they know what to do with, the pair seemed to gain a million with every child they had. 

At hardly past 49, Juliane Desrochers is on her 11th child. She and Germain married young back in ‘87- talk about town is that they got married because Juliane got pregnant considering their first child was born hardly 8 months after the wedding, but Germain insists it was a premature birth (*Oprah meme* which is the truth?). Either way, the two of them seemed happy enough, so there was no love lost. 

They’d given Gaston three older siblings; Jocelyn (30), Jeannine (25), and Jade (19); all of which had moved out on their own or were currently in college. Then there was obviously Gaston, who is almost 17 and the oldest boy in the family, then his six younger siblings: Gerald (12), the twins Gilles and Jeannette (9), Gerard (7), George (5) and little Julie (2). Not to mention the newest edition to the family who is currently entering the world, Geoffrey. 

So it was understandable that they not only had a daytime nanny, but also had you on speed dial for when they just didn’t feel like dealing with their miniature humans. 

You didn’t mind the extra work, you didn’t always like the coffee shop and loved kids- not to mention the pay was per child, per hour- AKA a heckin’ lot.

“Okay, cutie, Nounou’s here,” you chuckled, picking up the two year old and resting her on your hip so she’d stop shouting “nounou” repeatedly. You’d gotten the nickname when you first started babysitting them three years ago, George was Julie’s age and couldn’t pronounce your name. Nounou stuck. 

“So, what shall it be tonight kids?” You hiked Julie up on your hip a little bit before looking at the 5 children in front of you. “Moana, or Trolls?” 

Gaston huffed, sitting in his car at the edge of his driveway as he thought through the best way to go about wooing you in the shortest amount of time. Then it hit him like a three pound dildo to the face. The most obvious way to get into a girls pants! 

Pulling out his phone, he texted a friend, who texted a friend, who knew a girl who knew a cousin who knew your brother who got Gaston your number. 

Looking through his pictures, Gaston chewed on his cheek as he looked for the best angle to send you. 

Currently sitting in the Desrochers’ den, you, Jeannette, George and Julie watched Moana- Gerald thought he was too old to watch Disney movies and Gilles didn’t like Moana, so they were playing computer games the game room upstairs. The hours ticked on and you’d watched Moana, then Trolls, then Aladdin, and now you were enjoying Moana one more time for good measure. 

Julie had curled up in your lap during the first showing of Moana, and had fallen asleep before Prince Ali was sang in Aladdin

“Sing for us, Nounou!” George smiled, hopping in his seat beside you on the couch. “Please!” 

Sighing with a smile, you looked to the phone in Jeannette’s hand and internally thanked the heavens. “Sorry hon, it’s past your bedtime.” 

“It’s only 8:30!” Pleaded the brunet boy, puffing out his lip in a pout while giving you sad eyes. 

“And what kind of note did you get from school today?” 

George recoiled on himself, looking at his feet and sighing. “A bad one…” 

“What happens when you get a bad note?” 

“I go to bed 30 minutes early…” 

“Exactly,” you nod, standing up with Julie in your arms. “Now, off to bed with you. I’m gonna go drop Jule’s off in her crib, then I’ll be in to tuck you good night.” 

“I can finish Moana, right?” Jeannette inquired a bit too loudly, almost waking the toddler in your arms. 

“Yes, but-” you held out your palm, balancing the sleeping toddler on one hip. “You know the rules, no phones after 8:30.” 

The night was pretty routine, considering the woman of the household was pushing a miniature human out of her cervix as we speak. All the children in bed by 9:30- since it was a Friday, Gerald got to stay up an extra thirty minutes, much to his sibling’s chagrin- and everything cleaned up by 9:45. 

You didn’t expect for Germain to be home tonight, and you hoped Juliane was currently having a peaceful moment with her oldest- and newest- children in the hospital with her husband. Thankfully, the Desrochers’ mansion was fully stocked with enough rooms for a good sized village, so you went to your usual spare bedroom and pulled out your bookbag, ready to get ahead on Monday’s homework since you had the time. 

You’d almost gotten through writing a paper for English when you received a message from an unknown number. 

Grabbing your phone, you shrugged and clicked the notification. It was an image. It took a bit longer than you’d like to load, but as soon as it did you let out a short shriek and slammed the phone down. 

Making sure what you saw was what you saw, you took another peek. 


That’s a penis. 

“Who- in- the- world,” you shuddered before lifting your phone to see a follow up message you just received, quickly using your other hand to shield your eyes from the offensive image. 

Like what you see was followed by a winky face and an eggplant emoji. 

->Um no 

->Who the duck are you


Belle gagged, “He sent you a what?” 

“A dick pic, a very, very unwanted dick pic.” You shuddered, holding your phone between your shoulder and your cheek. “How’d he even get my number?” 

“Good question,” Belle responded. She had you on speaker, you could tell she was reorganizing her room at the moment. “Why would Gaston send you one though?” 

“Who the fuck knows,” you sighed, scrolling through tumblr on your laptop. 

“What was it like?” Belle asked out of pure curiosity, you could hear the shuffling of books in the background. 

You scoffed, “Are you curious as to how Gaston’s pecker looks?” 

“Well, who in Villeneuve isn’t?” 

“Probably Adam,” you chuckled, ‘I’m sure he’d seen it a few thousand times to not be curious anymore.” 

“Dude, I am 98% positive they’ve made out at least once.” 

Knitting your brows, you reblogged some particularly dank memes before taking a sip of the cola beside you. “Why’s that?” 

“Just to see who’s better at it, ya know?” She explained, picking up the phone and sitting on her bed, now finished with her renovation for now. “Like a who’s dick is bigger type deal, but with tongues.” 

“I can’t unsee that visual now.” 

Meanwhile, Gaston drove down the empty dirt roads that lead to his only other best friend, Drama Nerd Lefou’s house with a smug grin on his face and Kanye West blaring out of his speakers. He was sure that oughta make you wanna be more friendly. It was his best after all.


Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #09

Padawan Era - Master Windu & Xanatos

Jedi Knight Xanatos du Crion has been on the Council’s wanted list for years, but he hasn’t been back to the Temple and remains evasive whenever they tell him to return. He should have been off the roster for new missions until he meets with the Council to address his past grievances, but he’s has managed to hack into the system and assigns himself whatever he chooses, occasionally even stealing those assigned to others. Master Windu has made it his personal mission to catch Xanatos, but has thus far failed.

Xanatos’s suddenly reappearance at the Temple unfortunately doesn’t reach Mace’s ears until he is long gone, and apparently with an apprentice. After failing to return the hijacked mission to Kit Fisto, Mace next attempts to revert Padawan Kenobi’s status to Initiate, only to receive the following pop up message:

“Oh, and Windy, by the way, if you try to cancel Padawan Kenobi’s assignment to myself, you’ll find that the entire Padawan registry will lock everyone out until you figure out how to fix it. It’ll also delete all changes that have been made during the past two days. Sounds like a huuuuge inconvenience to everyone, right? So don’t do it, ‘kay?”

Master Windu is a member of the High Council of the Jedi Order and is confident in his control of his anger, but sometimes he just really, really wants to strangle this particular rogue Jedi.

                              <<< PREV                          NEXT >>>

This is part of the Star Wars Age!Squash AU. Find all other posts through THIS MASTERPOST. Update schedule for future posts will also be on the Masterpost!

Previous Chapters:  Teaser/Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8


Unexpected – Chapter 9

He loves routine. Mundane.  Normal.  It’s a side of him the comes forth primarily when he’s filming.  It gives him peace.  Clears his mind.  Allows him to delve into the complexities of a role.  Enables him to become Ari Levinson or Frank Adler, completely divulging himself in a character for a few weeks or a couple months.  He places his normal life into a simple routine and becomes who he needs to become, leaving the life of Chris behind temporarily.    

And for the most part, that’s exactly what he’s doing now.  He slipped into his simple Chris routine the moment he arrived in South Africa. Starting his mornings early with a quiet run around the town.  He made that journey alone for the first week before Michiel started joining him.  The run is followed by a long shower, primarily to loosen tight muscles but also to aid in changing his thought process over to one of Ari.  And then it’s coffee and breakfast before he releases Chris and fully becomes Ari and heads to the set.

But his routine isn’t always so routine.  Not with this movie.  Not with his constant anticipation of contact from the States.  From her.  

It had started with the text she had sent while he was on his way to South Africa.  Then, later in the day, she had sent another.  This one a picture of Dodger staring longingly up at the camera.  But it wasn’t really the camera he was staring at, he discovered.  It was a plate of cookies she was holding.  She had followed it up with a message about her making him his own plate of doggy cookies and then with a question.  Do you think he loves me yet?

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lets-do-this-for-good  asked:

Message 1: Hi, I started working out for a month, and I would love to hear your opinion about my workout routine. I'm currently 183 pounds, my goal is 127 and I don't have a dead line to reach it (I'm not in a rush, I'm okay even if it's gonna take me 2 years). I concentrate mostly on strength training. Anyway, here is my workout routine, can you give me your opinion please? :) I'll send you 2 other messages, where I write you my routine. Thanks, N. :)

My workout has this “exercises”: 

1-I start with a warm-up on the Treadmill for 10 minutes (around 6 km/h / 3,7 mph); 

2-Cruches (15) + Leg raises (15) x 3 (both of them, together); 

3-Hip bridges 20x3; 

4-Fitball squats 15x3; 

5-Adductor machine weight 20/25 kg (44/55 pounds) 1 minute x 3 (pause 30 seconds every minute); 

6-Horizontal cyclette 6 minutes level 3; 

7-Side-lying leg lifts 12x3 (each side);

Cable Machine: 

8-Standing Lat Pushdown (straight bar) min. weight 20kg/44pounds 12x3; 

9-Triceps cable pushdown (v bar) min. weight 15kg/33pounds 12x3. 

Then: 10-Dumbbell Flyes with weights of 4 kg each arm (9 pounds) 12x3; 

End with 8 more minutes on the treadmill with the inclination of 4.5% and 5.5 km/h /3,4 mph. 

I do this workout around 4 times a week (sometimes 3 times, sometimes 5). If it’s too confusing then in my blog is written nice and clear. Thanks for your time, N. :)

I’ve copied your follow up messages into the answer section above so it’s easier to read. 

How did you come up with your goal weight? 

4 times a week is a great. It gives your muscles enough time to repair but you still feel active and it’s manageable with a busy schedule. 

Warming up with some cardio is great, especially for cardiovascular health. You may want to consider boosting it up to like 15 or 20 minutes a couple days a week if you want to increase your fat loss, but you said your main goal is strength so whatever works for you and your schedule. 

I used to do the same workout like 5 times a week and I found that devoting workouts to different muscle groups really improved my strength quickly because they had more rest time. If you’re a beginner and/or uncomfortable with different workouts, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. Just a thought.

Your workout is very, very leg heavy. Is there any reason for that? Your only upper body exercises are lat pushdown, tricep pushdown, and dumbbell flyes (not including abs). You’re not really hitting your delts or biceps at all. 

You might want to consider benching with dumbbells instead of doing flyes because it’ll hit more muscle groups in one movement while still working your chest. 

I do have my personal workout plan coming up in my queue if you need some help dividing your days if you decide to do that.

So that’s just a general opinion. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how you first started your berry legacy? Did you make a new simblr for it? How did you first start posting and getting into a routine? I really want to make a legacy myself but i'm scared that it would look really mediocre and unorganized! Any tips on how to plan out the storyline and start posting? Thank you!!

Ok i just wrote like 5 paragraphs on my history with simblr so im gonna actually answer your ask and put all that below a read more.

Okay i wrote another 3 paragraphs in a bullet point so that is also below the cut. good god ren what are you doing tonight.

  • I have a separate account for my simblr, cc blog, and various unused side blogs. my other account has my personal/gaming blog, and a few unused side blogs. 
  • I first started posting because the same week I had made my blog, berry posted the berry pastel rainbowcy. I’ve been a fan of SoC since like, 2011, so that was super exciting for me lol. 
  • As for a routine, if you’re not in love with your sims it’s super hard to convince yourself to play with them. so make them characters you love!! my guilty pleasure is 1. dramas 2. fluff, so that’s what my stories are hehe. if you like horror, make it scary!
  • Most of the time, i don’t play until like 2 pm. if i work, i wont get playing until 4/5. make your queue/posting time fit your schedule. I’ve had times where it started at 2, times where it started at 8, and times where it started at 5 (now). 
  • As for planning out a story line, lmao no i don’t. I have a “concept” for every generation. that concept culminates in one scene that I’ve had in my mind for a while. (ill put those below the cut too it ran long.
  • Other various organizing/posting tips:
  • Make a good banner that is small so it doesn’t detract from your story. 
  • Get a good theme, with at least 500px posts
  • Try getting HQ screenshots! i just do ultra everything and sharpen it in Photoshop
  • A little color editing to make it brighter can go a long way
  • Have a navigation page
  • USE. TAG. BUNDLES. literally save a life
  • Have fun!!! if you get tired of something do something else!! interact with people, the usual tips. people say them a lot because they’re true, 

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anonymous asked:

confession: i once said you and yapkatski should date but my idiot phone and my terrible spelling changed date to "die" and i didn't realize until like a day later so i had to send you like 6 asks apologizing and i still think about it to this very day 🙃🙃 i do not want you to die i think your blog is quality and you're a beautiful person

awww!!  bless your heart, anon!  @yawpkatsi and I were actually out at a club for pride weekend and I just realized how sad it was that I was checking my tumblr at a club but I was like “Hey, someone thinks we should die.” and then she went “huh.” and i said, “you want another drink?” 

then we saw the follow up message and I said “it was a typo!” and she said “Oh!” and i said, “You want another drink?” 

My dearest Saganu:

It is strange to think, I have not seen you in so long. I have seen the silvery moons of many worlds across the galaxy, but not you. I have seen sunsets and sunrises, but nothing of your handsome, princely face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small, they can pass through the eye of a needle. I miss you like the sun misses the flower. Like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world your absence has sent me to.

My missions in the name of the Empire and our allies within the Chiss Ascendancy are expected to take me to Copero in the coming months. Though it is a warm, verdant planet bedecked in majestic painted mountains and sparkling beaches, I’ll find it as empty and cold as the wastelands of Hoth if you’re not there.

Hope guides me. It gets me through the day and especially the night. The hope that after you leave my sight it will not be the last time I look upon you.

With all the love that I possess…I remain yours…

Your Red Flame. 💙❤️💙



Okay, confession time. A friend of mine on Twitter and I were joking about Saganu’s return to SWTOR, and, sappy that I am, tried to write cheesy love poetry for our handsome Chiss prince.

I thought I’d write him a love letter instead. This one I pulled from one of my favorite movies, A Knight’s Tale, because it was soooo beautiful and so eloquent…it felt like a fitting follow-up to Saganu’s message after you leave Hoth. Goodness knows how long you’ve been away from him. I would really, really love to see if the female Imperial Agent will be able to…ahem, advance her relationship with him. 💍 It probably won’t happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

I am such a hopeless romantic.