A tiny string of text can disable iPhone Messages

Apple device owners have discovered a string of text characters that, when received on an iPhone in Messages, can lock people out of the app and — reportedly in some cases — crash the phone. Users who receive the string with Messages open won’t be able to go back to other conversations without crashing the app, while users who get the string on their lock screen won’t be able to open the Messages app entirely.

People have already started using this forbidden string for evil, sending the code to others in a bid to block them from seeing Messages from any recipients. The effect is undone if the sender follows up with another message, but according to a legion of Twitter users, some nefarious jokesters are refusing to send replies to unlock the apps. The characters seem to have the same debilitating effect on the app whether they’re sent via native Apple Messages or SMS, meaning Android or Windows Phone users can restrict access to Apple’s Messages with a simple text.

In some cases, you can undo the damage yourself. If you have a Mac, and the message was sent by another Apple user via the iMessage service, simply open the offending conversation in the Messages app and send another reply — even “hi” will do. If your only Apple product is an iPhone, you can either send the person who sent the string a message using the share sheet — the box that appears after pressing the “share” button in other apps — or open Siri and ask it to “send [whoever sent it] a message.”

In our experience, the iPhone (5S) tested — while slow to open from the lock screen — never crashed fully, and we were able to get the sender to reply, removing the effects of the offending string. But for users without Macs, or for people who don’t know the phone number of the string sender, the exploit could have seriously frustrating consequences. Until Apple releases a fix, you’ll need to either beg for release from your Messages captor, or dig your own way out of app jail.

Just a little reminder....


For the record (as sort of a follow-up to that anon message) I……HATE……queerbaiting.

For some reason there are members of the fandom that are okay with this concept.

It’s one of the most degrading and insulting things to occur in television.

It’s where the writers are basically saying “We may not agree with LGBT+ sexualities, but we’ll give you one if it’ll make you happy.”




Equal representation occurs when there’s mutual respect from both cast and crew to provide the social justice the human race deserves.

It does NOT occur when writers toss in LGBT+ characters simply because the fandom demands it

It does NOT occur when actors are put in awkward situations for fear of disappointing fans/writers

It OCCURS when we’re ALL on the SAME PAGE

Forcing representation will only make the naysayers lose respect for us, our fear, our struggles.



You can’t force people to be someone they’re not just to make yourselves feel better. It’s not right.

I also, absoLUTELY, cannot STAND IT, when actors play the queerbaiting card.

Misha Collins? Love him to death, he’s a cutie-pie, but enough is ENOUGH.

I always hate how he plays on the crowds at conventions by leading them on with Destiel nonsense. It’s disrespectful not only to the shippers themselves, but to the LGBT+ community at large. I mean seriously? He KNOWS the ship won’t happen, but he makes it sound like it will just to appease to fans.

How is this not insulting to Destiel fans? I realize not all of you buy into his bullshit (at least I would hope not), but why is it that some are okay with it?

We’re all about representation, sure, but only if it means going against the actual plot AND putting the actors in an awkward situation? (I’ve read somewhere that Jensen is not interested in making Destiel canon, so we’re just going to ignore this fact?)

As I’ve said before, I don’t care what you ship. It’s your opinion not mine.

But let us not forget that if we use a ship to induce equal representation we have to remember that consent is a HUGE deal, and if the actors don’t want it we can’t (and should NEVER) force anything on them.

Slash shippers of the world, I love you, I really do, I feel for you. I’ve got ships of my own that I’d love to see canon (some wouldn’t have a chance in hell due to whatever circumstances), but there’s being passionate about a ship, and then there’s remembering to pull back a bit so we don’t overstep boundaries.

Let’s always remember to ship responsibly in terms of how we treat others in regards to our preferences.

Thank you for your time <3

Heathers Webseries

So after seeing a post about Veronica making vlogs about her life, I had an idea of creating a webseries where Veronica is making vlogs and stuff through the course of the story of heathers.

For example; In the earlier videos (I’m thinking about it being a ten or nine part series of videos ranging from 1-4 minutes long) she could have a “bestfriend tag” with Martha (or Betty if it goes off the film), and as it goes on Veronica’s videos would go along with the story of Heathers and sometimes it would even be kind of like a video diary.

I have a lot of other ideas for this but I don’t want to make this too long. I’m making this post because I want to know if anyone would be interested in this actually being made? So if you would like for this to actually be created please like/reblog this post.

Also, for a web series, it would need actors, editors, writers, graphic designers, or pretty much anyone involved in the arts, so if anyone is interested in any way with helping out with this series, please send me a message! :)

I really hope this can happen!

(( oh man – thank you so much guys … You’re all so sweet and kind, seriously. I was super sad but it’s impossible to stay sad with all the love and support you guys give. Thank you so much for being there for me. I’ll always try to do the same for you all. ❤️❤️❤️ ))

velvetroomofmuses entered the clinic

“Oh, g-good afternoon.” she greeted with a soft smile towards the young boy walking into the nurse’s office. “I’m Tsumiki Mikan a-and I’m the assistant nurse here. Though, j-just because I’m the assistant d-doesn’t mean that you have to w-worry about my abilities in being able to t-treat you. I assure you that the n-nurse puts her full trust in me. But if you’d still f-feel more comfortable with her then I-I wouldn’t mind fetching her for you.” she went on before pausing for a moment, “Oh um..I-I suppose I should be a-asking you if you need any medical attention first before s-spouting so much information out at you.” 

do you ever just get upset because someone will be really popular and everyone thinks theyre great but theyre actually kind of an asshole and like you cant say theyre an asshole bc everyones like “what do you mean??? _____ rocks!” but they dont even knowthem as well as you do and aghhhh