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genre: smut. there’s nothing more to it

word count: 2739

a/n: I’m honestly so nervous because it’s been literally millennia since I last posted something like this…. I hope you guys like it ;) this is heavily based off snapchat…. and…. I’m sorry if it’s too messy jfc I had to stop multiple times 

warnings: swearing, lots of lucid imagery

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Player looking for D&D 5e game

I’m Kiel Chenier. I write/illustrate a lot of D&D related stuff professionally. 

I don’t actually get to play a lot of D&D anymore, and I’m looking for a D&D 5e game to join, whether it’s a new game or an ongoing one. 

I’m looking for an ongoing campaign to play in. Session length from 2-4 hours long (3 hours is honestly a sweet spot for me). An online game played via Skype, Hangouts, Roll20, etc. Video chat is preferred, but audio only works in a pinch.

My schedule is flexible. Evenings 7pm EST onward work best for me tho. 

If you think I’d be a good fit in your game, send me a Tumblr ask with more details and contact info. I’ll follow up with a message of my own. 

What I’m looking for specifically:

  • A game that’s open to new(ish) players.
  • Playing with other LGBT people is preferred. 
  • Using an established setting (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dark Sun, etc) is fine, but I don’t want prior knowledge of that setting to be required. 
  • A balance of roleplaying, exploration, combat, and downtime activities. Bonus points if your game has carousing. 
  • A DM who knows their way around random tables, citycrawls, and open-ended adventures is a big plus.

What I bring to the table:

  • I’m willing to play any class the party is currently lacking (provided I can still choose my Race/Background).
  • I write and draw a lot. If your game’s engaging, you can probably expect a bunch of custom art and/or session recaps. Like these, for example. Or this. 
  • I try to be as team-oriented and supportive as possible (assisting, working together, spotlight-sharing, etc).
  • I’m generally kind of a goof while playing. Quick with a joke, but not disruptive. I also do character voices if that’s something you’re into.
  • I am not risk-adverse or bothered by character death. If you need an instigator who is willing to rush in, I can do that. Likewise, if you need someone to primarily engage with NPC’s and plot/story details, I do that too.

Examples of my prior characters:

Losing count of the people who follow up on messages about the D*ke March by saying “Oh I just learned one of the Jews that got expelled was from a ZIONIST GROUP that was PROTESTED AGAINST at Creating Change last year, now it makes sense.”

You goddamned clueless ahistorical mob-following, Wave-exercising, Stanford-Experiment-prison-guard virtue-signaling fucks, it was THE EXACT SAME KIND OF EVIL RACIST “PROTEST.”  These people see a screaming mob of goyim burst into a Jewish prayer space, shove people and strangle one guy with a flag, and come away saying “Gosh, those Jews must have done something to piss them all off so much!  I’d better support the NEXT group to harass them, or else they’d start trouble!” 

Right-wingers attack Jews while saying “Fuck the Jews!”.  Left-wingers attack Jews while saying “Protect the weak!  Inclusion!  Tolerance!”  It is more of a…. how shall I put it… stab in the back

Following up that beautiful message I received:

To anyone wondering why I post so much about losing weight, boring math answers to “how do I gain weight” questions, and advocate for feedees whenever possible; it’s because feedism is very important to me.

It’s not just a kink. Hopefully, one day, it’ll be a huge part of a long term relationship that I share with someone. 

It’s more than just sex. It’s supporting someone in the ups and downs that come with drastically changing one’s body. 

Yes it’s really fun to stuff someone silly and play with their belly, but it’s also really important to make sure they feel happy and secure. It’s important to be realistic and respectful. 

I approach feedism with a long term, well-thought-out mindset, because as far as I’m concerned, gaining and being fat is a long term change that requires consideration and passion. 

I know not everyone approaches it the same way as me, and that’s totally fine! Just wanted to share where I’m coming from :) 

Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.  

The Weeping Willow – Part 4

They say that the weeping willow tree encourages the expression of emotions.  That it teaches the value and consequences of love and loss. It’s something she read over and over again over the past couple of days, focusing on the value of love.  She thinks now that she probably should have considered the consequence of loss.  

She should have never came here.  Never set herself up for this.  She’s typically so meticulous about planning, so steadfast in trying to keep herself out of situations that could cause her harm.  But then again, she never anticipated finding harm here.  Never predicted one simple look could destroy her even more than she already is.  

Abigail had pushed a newly opened bottle of wine and the phone towards her two nights ago, advising her that if she didn’t call Tom that she would.  She repeated “tell him” at least a dozen more times before Taylor stopped her, placing the phone down and the wine glass to her side and telling her that this was something that needed to be done and said in person.  Her friend smiled softly at her then, reluctantly agreeing.

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paleswearwolves  asked:

Honest opinion right now. I don't mean to hurt any feelings and if I do, I'm so terribly sorry. But I feel like everyone has changed. You and KP are living together, Lundy is in a long distance (ish) relationship and everyone else is just acting like it's the end of an era. I don't know if I joined the community at the wrong time or something but this isn't the community I joined last summer. I didn't join a community full of gossip and sadness. I at least hope I didn't. Sorry, needed to say it.

Andy: I have several issues with this message, the first being that I said I was upset and sad about my personal rps and you decided to send me a message about how you’re dissatisfied with the community as a whole. I don’t understand how any of that ties in together.

Second, why do you make mine, and Lundy’s, personal relationships out to be something negative? Are you dissatisfied with the fact that both of us are in a happy and loving place? Because that’s what it sounds like. I’m sorry if your personal interactions haven’t lived up to your expectations with certain rpers, but their relationships are theirs, and if you are not invited into it, that is where your interference stops. You do not get to be dissatisfied with the relationship because it is impossible to be satisfied by something that does not include you. Furthermore I know exactly what this message pertains to, and I am not having it. So stop.

Third, if this message wasn’t meant to hurt feelings, then telling me “this isn’t meant to hurt feelings” shouldn’t have been necessary to the message, right? But I’ve realized that often when messages include an apology disclaimer, hurt is the exact feeling the original message intends. You sent this to cause upset and tension. You sent this to cause drama- the exact thing you claim this community to be filled with- otherwise you would have directly messaged me.

And finally, I’m going to talk for a moment about tact. If someone is upset, it shows a lack of decorum when you bash their relationship and their friends, because you need to give me your opinion, honest or not. To put it bluntly, when someone is hurting, it is tactless to go into their inbox and make it about you.

It’s messages like this that serve as the root of gossip and drama. I have no patience for them.

I will not be responding to any follow up messages about this topic.


This fic is fluff and rated teen, you are in a poly! relationship with Jesse and Hanzo, and today they are both sick! 

Link for AO3:

Today, you received a cryptic text message, and it’s not shocking that it’s from Jesse.


Jesse: were dyin


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Hey, thank you for all the wonderful gifs! I would like to make one suggestion. Could you maybe wait until at least the episode has been released on Monday to show gifs from that episode? Episode 100 was super long and I was only 4 hours into it, and while trying to avoid spoilers is really hard, it's even harder with the big reveal being revealed here :c I'm not mad, just making a suggestion.

I don’t want to be mean here because I do understand what you’re saying, but “This is not a spoiler free blog.” is on 3 different places on the blog. If I don’t reblog gifsets of the new episodes, I usually get messages from people accusing me of ignoring others’ gifsets and that’s not what I want it to come across like.

I also tag any new episode gifsets with #cr spoilers so people can blacklist the posts with Tumblr Savior, like they can during liveblogs. I saw your follow-up message anon but I can’t do anything about that, I’m sorry. Maybe unfollow this blog until you can watch the new episode if your blacklist doesn’t work fast enough.

CLANDESTINE | Teacher! AU | Jimin X Reader | Smut | Part 6

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading!

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When Taehyung said his party was going to be huge, he meant it. The living room, and the garden, was filled with dancing and grinding bodies, every one of which had a cup of alcohol in hand. There was a group of guys smoking joints on the stairs, and there was a game of spin the bottle on the kitchen floor.
Giggling to yourself, you laid back on the couch. You had been dancing and drinking like everyone else, enjoying not thinking of your damn teacher for a little bit. But after you surpassed tipsy, you began getting a little too light-headed for dancing, so here you were, on the couch.
You sniggered away to yourself, laughing about everything and nothing all at the same time. It was undeniable that you were the typical giggly drunk, and you knew for a fact that the more intoxicated you got, the clingier you got, and, in most cases, the hornier you got.
So you had been having a great time while you were able to stand with ease, and then you were having a great time by yourself on the couch. But then he came into your head, then one with the big brown eyes, the smooth hair, the really good ass…
Damn! Why couldn’t Jimin leave you alone? You had thought being drunk would temporarily erase him from your mind, but clearly that was not the case. Folding your arms over, you scowled at the floor. Why was he even bothering to stay away from you? You were great? If you were a guy, you would totally have that.
These were the thoughts that swirled around your hazy mind. Alcohol and you weren’t the best of mixes, you had decided the last time you had been drunk.
Pulling out your phone, you fumbled across the keypad, trying to unlock your phone. When you finally succeeded, you went into your contacts, and there it was: Jimin’s number, which he had given you after your endeavours a few day ago.
Blinking in the harsh light of your phone screen, you began to send him messages.
You: U kno what?! imm havn a grett tIme @ tahyungg’s party.
It only took a moment of you staring at the sent message, before Jimin replied. Funny. It was almost as if he had been waiting for you to text him.
Jimin: Are you drunk?
You rolled your eyes at the message. Stupid Jimin, you thought, trying to keep me under control.
You: yee, i am actually. nd i am grETt, thnk u v muucch.
You paused for a moment, before following up the message with:
You: nd I’m veryyyy horni, so imma goo find tahyung, a=nd get w him.
To finish it off, you ended with a blunt:
You: have a go0d evvning, mr parkkk!
Smiling at your phone screen, you nodded your head. That’ll show him.
If you had not been so drunk, you obviously would not have done this, but in your intoxicated state, it was just so incredibly amusing.
Almost immediately, Jimin replied to your rather incoherent messages.
Jimin: Taehyung? The one who invited you to the party?
Jimin: Does, ‘get with him,’ mean what I think it does?
Jimin: Don’t go anywhere
You giggled at his responses. Apparently, it was not as hard to win him over as you  had thought. Originally, you hadn’t intended on getting off with Taehyung, but now Jimin was in your head; so there was an increasing wetness in between your thighs.
A harmless make out session wouldn’t hurt, you supposed.
On unsteady legs, you got up from the couch, and began looking for Taehyung. You made it look like you weren’t though. Never would you make yourself desperate.
Eventually you found him, talking to a girl in a tight tank top and shorts that barely even covered her ass. You frowned at the tiny shorts, and absentmindedly hoped she wouldn’t catch a cold. It was October, after all.
Turning away from the pair, you poured yourself another drink (which you did not intend on drinking). As you took a sip of the alcohol, you felt a hand roughly caress your ass, and an arm wrapped around your waist.
Spinning round - almost too quickly for your blurry mind to handle - you found yourself in the arms of Taehyung.
'Hello, beautiful,’ he smirked. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, and his eyes were glazed over ever so slightly. 'Would you like to dance?’ Taehyung asked, his neck hot against your neck.
Smiling coyly, you nodded. He lead you back through to the living room, which was still filled with grinding bodies. As the thumping bass of the music surrounded you, Taehyung began moving his body against yours. His hips rolled over yours, and you bit your lip, following suit.
You pulled him down roughly, and he attacked your lips with his own. He was a good kisser, you had to admit, but this kiss was different to the one you had shared with Jimin a few days ago. This was sloppy and heated, but with Jimin it had been- damn! You shouldn’t be thinking about your English teacher when making out with a hot boy!
So you increased the intensity of the kiss, a small moan slipping past your lips when Taehyung roughly grabbed your ass.
But then all pleasure was ripped away from you, when you were roughly yanked away from Taehyung.
Your eyes flew open, and you found your path blocked from Taehyung. Staring at the back of the guy who pulled you away from your make out session, you scowled furiously. You were about to give him a piece of your mind, when he spoke.
His voice was low, furious, and very familiar to you. 'Don’t touch her. Ever,’ he growled at Taehyung.
Your jaw hung slack as you came to the realisation that it was Jimin currently staring Taehyung down.
Before you could question how the hell he had found you, or before you could even try to get back to Taehyung, you were being dragged from the house. You struggled under Jimin’s iron grip, protesting, saying you wouldn’t go.
When you reached the main door of the house, you dug your heels into the carpet. 'I’m not going,’ you announced, shaking your head.
Jimin’s head whipped round to face you, and he shook his head. 'This is not up for debate,’ he firmly told you, before sweeping you up into his arms and carrying you out of the house.
'Hey!’ you exclaimed, hitting him against the chest weakly (the alcohol had sapped your strength). 'What do you think you’re doing?’ you slurred, pouting in Jimin’s arms.
He didn’t look down at you as he carried you down the path, towards a car that you decided must be is. 'You’re drunk. This is for your own good.’
'Noooo it’s not,’ you whined, burying your face into his chest, tugging at his white shirt. 'I was about to get some action,’ you explained to Jimin, scowling and whimpering, 'You ruined it for me.’
Jimin set you down next to the car which was indeed his, and opened the door for you, motioning for you to get in. Stubbornly, you shook your head. 'I’m going back,’ you told him, attempting to make a beeline back, but he blocked your way.
'You’re not allowed to get any action whatsoever,’ Jimin growled, 'unless it’s from me.’
From the tone of his voice, it was clear that there was no way in hell that you were going to get back inside.
But it was worth a try.
Ducking under his arm, you tried to weave around him, but seeing as you were drunk, your mind was not in the condition to conduct that manoeuvre, so your movement was too slow.
Jimin simply threw you over his shoulder and sharply spanked your ass, promptly silencing the string of protests which had been falling from your mouth.
He set you down in the back seat of the car, and wrapped the jacket he had been wearing around your shoulders. Then he was closing the door, and climbing into the front seat of the car.
'Where are you taking me?’ you asked, yawning, the alcohol beginning to make you feel drowsy.
'I don’t suppose you want your parents seeing you in this state,’ Jimin stated, 'so you’re coming home with me.’
Pouting again, you laid down across the back seat. 'What if I said don’t want to?’ you questioned.
Jimin chuckled darkly, shaking his head as he began to drive. 'We both know you’d be lying.’
Mumbling, 'Bastard,’ you curled up on the backseat, yawning again.
The leather upholstery was surprisingly comfortable, and the car was so warm, Jimin’s jacket so soft, and the alcohol you had ingested so strong, that you couldn’t help but fall asleep - well, pass out would be the more appropriate word.
Your quiet snores were the only audible sound in the car, and Jimin simply sighed. To nobody in particular, he murmured, 'God, you’re a handful.’

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I sent in an ask, asking some questions (since I have something wrong with my memory I forgot what the questions were but they were important.) Did you ever get them?

I get a lot of questions, many of them important, and take so long to think of a response that I forget about bunch of them! If anyone has important personal questions (especially ones that are time sensitive), I very much recommend messaging me directly instead of asking on anon.

Anon asks usually go unanswered if I deem the subjects too sensitive / intense to post untagged (usually genitals or ab*se). Message me privately!

Questions along the lines of “I feel like __, am I trans?” or “how do I come out?” are also very difficult to answer on anon because the only context is a couple sentences, with no promise of follow up. Message me privately!

For any time-sensitive questions, please, PLEASE message me privately!

anonymous asked:

I've been waiting on that extra so I can read it in one go. I'm that anon with the black kokoro who messaged you a long time ago about reading it one go lol. Oh boy I must prepare some tissues now. I don't know what's coming for me but this gut feeling tells me.

Welcome back, black kokoro anon-san!ww (I got your follow-up message, by the way. Just didn’t find the opportunity to respond. >_<) The story is pretty much complete, in case you want to go ahead and read. The extra is just a couple of tid-bits that the main story can do without (though it gives more hints to the characters’ mindsets.) But well, I’ll be done in just a few hours so I guess, see you by then! (「・ω・)「

Your Application Has Been Unsuccessful

Consider the position of an employer looking to hire new staff. This is basically what the process of meeting a potential Sugar Daddy is like. The reasons most Sugar Babies fail to achieve finding an arrangement is often not for the reasons they typically assume.

Here are the top 7 mistakes that can make your profile more of a miss than a hit.

Poor Communication Skills

Picture this: a Sugar Daddy sees your profile and thinks you might be the one he is looking for. He messages you, but to his dismay, receives only a short answer. A few generic and meaningless words if he is really lucky.

Not only does this reflect bad manners, it is also positioning you as a poor communicator. If you are serious about finding an arrangement that works to your benefit, then charm the potential Sugar Daddy. Members aren’t going to chase you based on merely asking for the benefits of an arrangement.

You Aren’t Serious About Sugar

Do you truly want to be a Sugar Baby? Or did you think it might just be fun to see what it’s like to reap the benefits of an arrangement? Be honest with yourself. Are you realistic about what it means to be a Sugar Baby? Displaying initiative during the discussion phase shows that you are serious and have mutual interests in mind.

More importantly, responding to questions honestly and consistently proves that you are sincere. Replying to messages once a week or less does not instill confidence in the man you hope will offer gifts — or an allowance. Try to keep in mind what the potential Sugar Daddy wants, and is willing to spend. A mutually beneficial arrangement will not work unless you  both want the same things.

Poor Profile Presentation

Avoid mentioning that you think you aren’t capturing the attention you feel you deserve due to your race/age/body shape etc.

First impression complaints set a nagging tone regardless of how beautiful you are. Also try to avoid “I” statements and leave out the part about how you want to be spoiled — it is on virtually every profile. This just makes you sound greedy and look even worse if you fail to mention what you are bringing to the table.

Show some personality. If you think you have a good sense of humor then demonstrate that quality in your profile. If you say you are intelligent, then make sure your profile flows and contains the element of intellect you are professing to have… and there better not be any typos or grammatical errors!

Asking the Wrong Questions

Get to know a Sugar Daddy. Interest is often lost on women who ask about allowances before the first date even takes place. This aspect of an arrangement takes time, so take things slow and don’t expecting too much upfront. Its also advisable to avoid asking about gifts on first meetings and generally behaving like a “Prima Donna.”

The first meeting is meant to be fun and light-hearted. If the introduction feels like tireless effort, most Sugar Daddies will walk away.

You Lied

Avoid sharing photos of you taken 10 plus years ago. This is something older Sugar Babies do quite often. There is no point in coming clean about it after meeting or after chatting. You have obviously lied, and the damage is done. The same applies to your age or any other details.

Be consistent and truthful about what you are sharing. Although we all embellish a little to make ourselves look closer to our idealized best, there are some embellishments that cross the line.

No Wow Factor

Looks will only get a Sugar Baby so far. Are you engaging the Sugar Daddy with conversation? Are you asking about his interests and sharing fun aspects of yourself? Are you responding often and not making him wait too long? Sugar Daddies will browse many women on Seeking Arrangement and the Sugar Babies who are not engaging will likely be overlooked.

Don’t Be A Drama Queen

Often a Drama Queen can be detected via skimming a profile alone. Sometimes, this personality trait can be picked up on from direct messaging.

A friendly follow-up message asking how we are doing is fine. Constantly messaging when it is obvious that the Sugar Daddy is busy, or simply no longer interested is not cool. Constant complaining and bringing up problems will likely drive Sugar Daddies away.

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my brain's been awful all day today :( do you have any nice warm thoughts about nick and louis hugging that you'd be willing to share?

How about this, which is from the I Had Rather sequel but I don’t know yet if it’s a deleted scene or not:

When are you getting here ?? Louis texts, when it hits eleven in the evening and he’s so tired it feels a little bit like he might throw up from sheer fucking exhaustion.

About five mins, Nick’s reply says. You missing me or summat?

Never, Louis texts back. He follows it up with a message that’s just emoji hearts and death skulls. Then he buries his face in the cushion and waits for the doorbell.

It’s longer than five minutes. It’s longer than ten, and he feels every second of it, so tired he’s fairly sure he couldn’t even sleep if he wanted to. When the doorbell finally goes, he stumbles to the door, letting Nick up then sinking down onto the floor in the hall to wait for the lift to ping, his back up against the kitchen door.

Nick takes one look at him when the lift doors open, drops his bag on the floor, and rolls his eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me you were actually dead?”

“I’m not,” Louis says. He holds his hand out. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

“When was the last time you slept?”

“Dunno,” Louis says. “New York, sometime. When was that?”

“A bit too long ago,” Nick says, and he crouches down.

Louis’s missed his face, all of Nick’s stupid smile lines and ridiculous hair and mouth that’s too big. He cups Nick’s face in his hand. He’s shaved recently, and is smooth beneath Louis’s stroking thumb.

“Miss me, huh?” Nick asks.

Louis shakes his head. “Nah,” he says, but he’s still touching. He wants to cry, he’s so tired. He tips his head forward instead, until his forehead is pressed to Nick’s chest. “Fix it,” he says softly, voice muffled in Nick’s jumper. “Make it better.”

“Come on,” Nick says, after a second. “Let’s get you to bed.”

Louis can’t even shake his head. “Can’t sleep.”

“Well, you can try. Maybe my presence will magically be the same as counting sheep.”

“You’re as boring as a sheep.”

“I know. We have the same fluffy hair, except they have more of it. Stupid fucking sheep.”

“Stupid fucking sheep,” Louis says, but he’s clambering to his feet with Nick’s help, and heading for the bedroom. He almost falls over trying to get his tracksuit bottoms off, but Nick catches his elbow, and helps him off with his shirt. He faceplants into the sheets, rucked up duvet all caught up under his hips, and buries his face in the pillow. “Love you so much.”

There’s a moment where Nick doesn’t say anything, and then he’s rolling Louis over and trying to get the duvet untangled, already stripped down to his pants. He crawls into bed next to Louis and wraps him up into a hug. “Same,” he says softly, kissing Louis’s hair. Louis trembles with it; he’s missed Nick so much. So fucking much. “You idiot boy. Staying awake for me when you’re dead.”

“Seeing you better than sleep,” Louis says hazily. The room’s going a little fuzzy. He closes his eyes and butts his head into Nick’s arm. “Don’t go in the morning.”

“It’s the weekend,” Nick says. “I’m all yours.”

Louis isn’t sure whether he manages to say good out loud or not, but he says it in his head, over and over until he’s asleep.

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Hello admin unit01 I'm the anon who told about the biblic reference behind the little tree we see in the rebuild movie while Kaworu and Shinji are playing the piano. This video on you tube may help you to understand what I mean /watch?v=nD4BjNn00Bg

this is great oh man, thanks for the follow up message! 

admin unit01 

Earlier today I made a shit joke

There was a silly article about a kid who’d changed his name to Skylizard and grown up to be a successful doctor. His sister had changed her name too.
Someone asked where is the sister now, I thought to myself; 
“what would be the silliest answer to that question?”
What if she grew up to be Trump!

I reblogged and implied that this had happened.
A fellow blogger commented that it was a cruel thing to say, so I took it down, not really fussed by the joke and not in a hurry to offend anyone. So I followed it up with a message to say don’t worry I took it down, although I’m not sure why you were offended. The answer blew my mind:
Apparently it what I said was anti semitic.
Firstly there was nothing about the original article that would lead me to believe there was anyone Jewish involved, secondly I would have thought that my thousand odd posts on this websites about loving everyone and everything Jewish would have made this seem unlikely. 
When I tried to defend myself as not anti-semitic I was scolded for shouting.
Here is the conversation. 

Out of respect to you and your opinion I have taken it down, but in my defence I would like to make the point that I don’t think anyone would interpret that as my implying Dr Skylizard is a Trump. It was a very simple and shallow joke more based on the mystery of the sister, my instinct was to guess what could possibly the strangest outcome for the current locus of the mysterious sister. Yet I have offended you none-the-less and so I apologise and retract

Blogger: I appreciate that. I have to say I wasn’t at all impressed with taking someone related to someone named Skylizard and implying they were part of the most hateful family in America. It reeks of antisemitism.Which is quite ironic, considering your icon, which I hope is NOT ironic.

No, I have no objection with a person’s desire to change one’s name. Nor is that the problem with Trump. I didn’t see anything in the article saying that Skylizard was Jewish and you’ve gone very quickly to the conclusion that I’m an antisemite based on not liking a silly joke. What exactly did I say that was anti Jewish? No my icon is not ironic. nothing I post is anti-semetic I think this is a ridiculous conclusion
This is really shocking actually, from when I wake up in the morning when the first words out of my mouth are Modeh ANi!

Blogger: Are you trying to tell me you’ve got a Magen David as an icon and you don’t know about “wealthy lizard people” being a dogwhistle for “Jews”?

oh FFS that’s ridiculous! an eight year old boy chose an name because he thinks lizard are cool, it’s not David Ike this is crazy

Blogger: Trump, gross or not, has Jewish family and is rich as hell. And you went straight for a “joke” at the expense of an innocent woman, implying he’s related to someone named Lizard.

Read my blog tell me where I’m spreading anti jewish tropes!

Blogger: Don’t think I will, thanks. I’ve seen all I need to.

what exactly?

Blogger: I just didAnd here you are still yelling like that makes you right

i’m hurt actually not yelling I’m shocked

Blogger: That is the exact OPPOSITE of tikkun olam. And so is making meanspirited jokes about someone you don’t even know. I am disgusted and I don’t want you on my blog, and I’m not going to sit here pretending what you said is okay.

I can see that you have decided that I’m anti Jewish and nothing I will do or say will make you feel otherwise

Blogger: It’s attaching an innocent woman to an antisemitic, self-hating, HORRIBLE family.And implying selfsame family is related to someone named Lizard, like that’s not a TERRIBLE antisemitic trope.

I’m hardly pro trump and I’m hardly anti-Jew I’m a liberal Jew by choice

Blogger: You say that but you don’t act in a Jewish wayTorah commands us to be kind to the stranger Thirty-six times in fact

zarabotu please stop

Blogger: You’re the one who chose to make this an argument.

zarabotu I came to see how we had misunderstand each other not to argue

Blogger: And to make terrible implications about someone you don’t know

please stop

Blogger: Then imply the problem is that I’m offended, not that you said terrible things about an innocent woman

zarabotu I would be happy to let the air clear and have a civil discussion but this has gotten way out of hand for a silly joke about a mystery name change with no malicious intent


One thing that really concerns me is that I’ve seen anti-semites defend themselves as not anti-semitic. All I can do about this one is lay out the facts for your viewing. Some of you know me pretty well. Have I done things that you would intrpret as anti-semitic? I hope not, but then I suppose it’s not for me to judge. All I can tell you is that I love Jews, Judaism and the G-D of Israel and there was no mal-intent in my - pretty vanilla - quip about Dr Loki’s mystery sister. I didn’t even mention Jews or Lizard in it.

Well. I await your opinion.

Then they asked him, “Who is the Man who said to you, ‘Take up your bed and walk’?” But the one who was healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, a multitude being in that place. Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.” John 5:12-14

Jesus is very deliberate and strategic in His actions here. He initially disappeared from the scene, allowing the man to encounter the Jews by himself, but later comes back and finds him, with a follow up message.

He doesn’t want this man to be healed, only to go back to his old ways, his old life, and end up in an even worse position than he has been in for the past 38 years. Jesus wants him to leave his old lifestyle behind him, and completely turn his life around. In other words, Jesus wants him to repent. We don’t know what his illness was, or if his previous lifestyle contributed to it, but Jesus knows that sin can land us in an even worse position than sickness can.

Jesus purposefully follows up with this man, He doesn’t just heal him and walk away. Good Shepherd that He is, He steps into his pastoral role, caring for this lost sheep that He has found, so that it doesn’t go astray again.

But He is also strategically setting up a confrontation with the Jews, on His own terms and His own timetable. He knows this man has been questioned as to who has healed him, and He makes sure the man knows exactly Who it was who healed him, both so the man would know, and so that the Jews would seek Him out. He was not out to appease people, but to do His Father’s work.

So much for us to learn from the Master, so thankful for His Word each day,

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Hi. Me again. Sorry that I wasn't specific. Uh, maybe some angsty/sad books? Or underrated books? Or just lgbt+ books?

Hello, my love! Sorry I fell asleep last night and didn’t see your follow up message!

Here’s some sad/angsty books:

Books with LGBT+ Characters:

Overwatch: Shadow

I had some thoughts regarding certain events…

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“Ayy! Look who decided to show up!” 

“We would have come back sooner if you didn’t reroute the ship three times” Reaper growled, stomping past the girl who laughed as he went, smoke steaming from his hood appearing cartoon like. 

“Ahh but I enjoyed having the place to myself for an extra hour” she grinned, gently pushing the desk off with her foot, sending herself and the swivel chair around in circles,”Also don’t bother looking for the bolillos I know you’re the one taking them pendejo!” 

Faint curses were heard down the hall but otherwise she went unheard by other Talon agents that ignored her as they went. It was safer that way, for them, to be unnoticed by the hacker. Considering the last guy who talked back seemed to disappear overnight. Even records of him were erased, like he never existed in the first place. 

She forced herself into a stop as the tall sniper approached indicating the end of the soldiers returning to base. Leaning back in her seat, she raised an eyebrow at the woman and smiled. 

“Have fun out there?” she started but Widowmaker said nothing, “Didn’t see you out there much” she tried again, her single finger glowing as the screens behind her replayed the very operation they returned from moments ago. Another seemingly simple day that became complicated as Overwatch appeared. 

Widow sighed, knowing very well that Sombra wouldn’t stop otherwise, and turned around. Facing the smug woman who was clearly hiding something that she just couldn’t wait to reveal. 

“We were successful in our mission” she stated as emotionless and cold as her skin. 

“Busy with a certain…annoyance?”

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