This is a very quick transcription of a basic spirit gratitude ritual that we do here for our companions at MM. Note that this may not work for every entity (some of our darker counterparts have said something along the lines of “Come on, what am I? An Overlord of Cake?” though most get the gesture and that is what matters.)

This is a small dedication ceremony, so the purpose is to give thanks, and to assert (for the first time, or again on an anniversary/birthday, etc) your intentions with them and what you hope the friendship blossoms into.

You can absolutely do your own variation of this, make it into a party, or really make it yours!

What you will need:

Three Plates/Bowls/Platters

A Coin

Two tealights or small multipurpose candles

Incense or Singular Purpose (Not used elsewhere) Candle


Tea or Wine (Water if you have neither, or milk if you prefer)

Offerings such as Cake, Candy, Crystals, Seeds, Flowers, etc.

A hand-drawn sigil or heart that has been cut out of the original paper or is on a smaller piece of paper.


1. Lay the three vessels out. Two of them are for any food items you may have or wish to share, so if you aren’t sharing, you will not need them both. We usually share, as it feels more communal that way, which is an energy many entities like. This is up to you and your friend!  Arrange them in a triangle with one at the top and two diagonally out from either side. 

2. Place and arrange any food items or personal offerings on the two plates, serving them first, and then yourself. If you are using gems, or something inedible, you may still do this symbolically if you wish.

3. Place the two candles on either side of the top plate. Welcome your entities forth as you cleanse the space and consecrate it. Take this time to ground and shield so that you are interacting only with the energies you are welcoming into the space.

4. The Dedication - Have the coin, incense or single use candle, cinnamon, and wine/beverage handy. You may change the phrasing if you wish! State “This is my dedication to you, ____. These are the promises I wish to keep to you, as a friend, as a companion, and as a human counterpart. I thank you so much for choosing to stay here with me, and to help me on my Earthly journey. I value you and look forward to growing alongside you. – Insert any personal dedications here-

5. Place the coin on the top plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this coin symbolize the wealth of our friendship, and the richness that comes from having you in my life.

6. Light the candle or incense and place it on the plate. [Dorm folks can use battery candles!] Say something along the lines of “As this flame alights, I thank you for providing a guiding light and inspiration in my life. Let it symbolize the enlightenment that comes from our friendship.

7. Place the cinnamon on the plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this cinnamon represent the grounded, sturdy nature of our friendship, and the sweetness that comes from working with one another.”

8. Place the beverage on the plate. Say something along the lines of “As the river nourishes the earth and allows for growth, so do we inspire growth and enlightenment in one another. Take this libation as my thanks for being a teacher and a friend.”

9. Lastly, place the hand-drawn figure or sigil on the plate. Say something like “Let this sigil represent the time and effort I dedicate to you as you have dedicated to me. This friendship involves work and passion on both parts, and this is my dedication to you that I will do what it takes to show you the love and respect you have shown to me

10. Say any further prayers or dedications, and feel free to bring out tarot cards at this point and allow them to communicate through that or other mediums of scrying or divination. Leave out the offerings as long as you like, bury them in the earth, or consume them if the entity is understanding and if you cannot afford to waste. Know that portions of offerings do not need to be huge, it truly is the thought that counts. 

Note that you can also use apps such as Ghost Radar or Echovox if you use those types of programs, as communication seems to pick up at this time. 

We like to do this on saturdays and follow it with divination, wine/beer, and treats. You can also do it with other spirit companion friends of yours and bring different entity families together! This may not be the perfect schematic for all spirit families, depending on cultures, needs, and preferences, but hopefully it will give you a good outline!

We wish you much love, light, and laughter!


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ok but how fitting is it that the first piece of cc i upload is literally a trash can and mailbox. @marley-v asked if i could make these two into decor items & i have! they’ll show up under wall decor and don’t cost anything to buy. i tried making them base game compatible but s4s wouldn’t let me so?? if anyone knows how to make stuff bgc without exporting a mesh onto a bg item pls let me know so i can update this >:-)

they only come in the ea colors so feel free 2 recolor (you can include the mesh all i did was click a few buttons to make it show up in a different category) & make sure to message me abt any issues <3



pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

prompt: lol u both try to surprise each other at the same time

warnings: swearing, fluffy (v sweet!!! you might get a toothache!!!), suggestive ;)))))))) 

words: 1,783

a/n: i !!! love !!! this !!! i’m gonna do a laf one like this kinda soon. pls feel free to leave requests! i love the ones you guys have been giving me xoxoxoo lemme know whatcha think/like/want 

Masterlist         /         Prompt List

“Three cream, two sugar, please.” You told the barista looking up from your phone. You smiled slightly when your eyes returned to the screen. Lin was up and retweeting his favorite Tobillo photoshops. Checking your watch, you realized you were 30 minutes early to work and decided to enjoy your coffee at the cafe; sitting down at a rounded table.

You thought for a minute before setting to work, cropping a photo of Ariel with Tobi’s face before sending it in. Lin almost immediately quoted it, saying:

Bahahhaha this is why I love Y/N. Aren’t you late for work?

You instantly smiled, tweeting back:

@Lin_Miranda I’m early actually

He fired back:

@Y/N that’s a first ;)

You rolled your eyes. A moment later, you had a text from Lin.

from: lin

i miss u :,(

to: lin

pls don’t make me cry i’m in public

from: lin

i’ll be home soon!!

to: lin

you told eliza that too and then you went off and fucking killed urself

Lin laughed aloud, causing a few people in the sound room to look up to him. Blushing feverishly, he texted back.

from: lin

true. but i guess that makes it a good thing that i modeled you after jefferson and not eliza. who else would be so…

You laughed at Lin’s teasing remarks. Still, you wished he were hear to tell you them in person. Biting back, you responded:

to: lin

you’re so full of yourself

from: lin

you would be full of me too if i were home

You immediately check over your shoulder to make sure no one saw that, cursing yourself as your stomach twisted and a blush flooded the back of your neck. You squeezed your legs together as you responded.

to: lin

how many days till you’re home?

from: lin

just over a month

from: lin

so far to many

You sighed, picking up your coffee and heading to work. Long distance sucked. You missed him constantly. It’s not like you were mad at him for committing to Mary Poppins; the opposite, actually. You had never been so proud of your boyfriend, you just wished that your job allowed you to see him more.

Still, when he posted a picture of himself at the BAFTs, you couldn’t help it when you bought a plane ticket for the following Saturday to surprise him.

That night in Europe, Lin FaceTimed you off his Mac, instantly greeting you with a smile.

You couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes from working so hard. It was late, too: maybe 11. Lin usually didn’t stay up much later than nine, but he really wanted to see your face after work today. He was in bed, the computer on his lap, dressed in boxers and a blue tee.

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as you saw his face. The two of you talked every day, but you only FaceTimed once or twice a week as a result of your schedules.

“I miss you,” the two of you said at the same time. Lin threw his head back in a laugh, a giggle escaping your own lips as you poured yourself a glass of water.

“Tell me about your day,” Lin said.

You instantly fueled his request with stories of weird encounters at the hospital you worked at. Lin listened endearingly to each one. He told you about how much he was learning and how happy he was. Throughout it all, however, he never made it past five minutes without telling you how much he loved you.

As it two in the morning for him and eight for you, he yawned.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest,” you said. He went to argue but sighed when a yawn interrupted him.

“I love you,” he said.

You smiled, “I love you too.”

Across the ocean, Lin hung up the FaceTime and grinned to himself. He was beyond tired, but despite his mind’s need for sleep, he went onto Delta airlines and booked a flight to New York for next Saturday.

The weekend came sooner than you expected. Maybe it was your excitement to see him, but before you knew it, it was Friday evening and you were packing a bag and setting an alarm for five a.m.

Lin was doing the same in Britain, adding your favorite sweatshirt that he had forgotten to leave for you at home. He smiled to himself, thanking the front desk man as he left the building.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday,” Lin said, practically skipping to the cab outside.

You drove yourself to the airport, working your way through customs before settling down on the plane. This time tomorrow, you thought, you’ll be in his arms.

Lin boarded his plane, the grin never leaving his face. He was so close to being with you, he couldn’t wait. This time tomorrow, he thought, you’ll be in his arms.

You didn’t get as much sleep as you were hoping to one the jet, but you immediately felt rejuvenated at the thought of being with Lin in just over an hour.

Lin on the other hand, managed to sleep the entire way. He walked sleepily off the plane, slugging his backpack over his shoulders. JFK was huge, but he knew it like the back of his hand, weaving in and out of people to get through customs. Lin was was speed walking towards the parking lot where his Uber was waiting. He kept his hood up to avoid too much attention, grinning to himself when he saw the same model of your car.


That was your car. He double checked the license plate, confirming it was yours. What were you doing at the airport? Did you forget to tell him you were leaving the state? Even then, you always texted him before your flights. He checked his phone, making sure it wasn’t still on airplane mode. Nothing. Hoping you weren’t in the air, he called you.

In Europe, you had just walked into his apartment complex, waving to the bellman as you walked up the stairs.

“I’m surprising my boyfriend,” you explained. The man nodded, ushering you forward.

You felt your phone jolt. Lin.

Grinning, you answered the phone, “Hello?” You asked innocently.

“Where are you right now?” He asked suddenly. You almost laughed.

“Why don’t you open your door and find out,” you smirked, leaning up against the wall outside of his apartment.

“What? I’m not home,” he said.

Your brows furrowed, “It’s like, ten at night. Where are you?”

“Where are you?” He questioned.

“I’m, uh, outside your apartment,” you mumbled.

You heard him groan, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You frowned slightly before he continued, “I’m at JFK.”

“What?” You almost shouted, quickly lowering your voice to avoid waking up his neighbors.

“I was trying to surprise you.” He said lightly, making your heart ache.

“I was trying to surprise you too,” you smiled.

“I love you,” you both said in sync. Giggling, you asked what to do.

“I have to head home on Sunday, so if either of us fly home, we’ll barely get any time together,” you sighed.

You heard Lin huff, “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you sighed.

“Okay, uh - go down to the front desk and I’ll call and tell them to give you a key to my room. You can stay there, and I guess I’ll just go to the house.” Lin reasoned.

You nodded, “Okay. Will you water the herb garden?” He chuckled before agreeing.

“I love you, thank you for being so perfect,” you said.

“I love you more. I’ll see you in a month, mi reina,” He said before hanging up.

He hit his head against the seat of the Uber he had gotten into, groaning.

Monday came quickly, Lin had given you a few restaurants to go to, a museum to visit, and even had you stop into his office to meet a few people. It was amazing, but didn’t make it any less lonely.

Lin took the day to himself, walking into your favorite cafe with a grin on his face. He spent most of it at home, just hanging out. The only thing that would’ve made it better was you.

On your flight home, you were honestly a little pissed. You were tired and hungry and a little unsatisfied, for lack of better words. Both of you had made these grand gestures, and neither of you were able to see each other. It wasn’t fair. Snuggled up in one of his sweaters you had stolen form his closet, you tried to sleep until you landed.

to: lin

landed. thanks for a fun weekend :/ love u

You unlocked you car and climbed in, immediately jacking the heat. February in New York was not warm. Shivering slightly, you started your trek home. It wasn’t more than a 45 minute drive, but it felt shorter than usual.

Shutting the garage, you walked into your house, throwing your keys onto the counter. You glanced at your watch: 4:36. You weren’t particularly hungry, but got some popcorn to eat while you watched some TV before dinner.

You trudged into the living room, the bowl of popcorn in your arm as you checked your phone for texts from Lin; nothing. He was probably in the air -

“Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped, your popcorn falling to the floor and littering the carpet. Your head snapped up to see him. Lin. Sitting on the couch, criss cross applesauce.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

Lin smiled as he stood up, “You didn’t actually think I’d let you go without seeing you, right?”

The tears in your eyes welled up and you thought your heart might explode it was beating so fast. You sprinted the last few steps across the living room, nearly collapsing on top of him. He caught you, burying his face in your neck, holding you in his arms.

God, I miss you.” He sighed. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing the tears to stop.

“I love you so much,” you laughed lightly, backing away just enough to see his face. One of his hands left your back to brush away a stray tear before bringing it back to hold you as tightly as he could.

He smiled as you took his face in your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. You could feel his grin against your mouth as you tanged your hands in his hair, tugging slightly when he nipped your bottom lip.

He pressed his forehead to yours, “I love you too, mi reina. I love you too.“


That’s right! Underline is taking a break! FOR ONE WEEK! Starting after the weekend goatline updates! We might be able to update again on the following weekend with more goatline, but we shall see how that goes!

Dusty is going on a week long holiday and we cannot find enough spare time to make any extra updates for the time away. So the easiest thing to do instead of stressing about it, is to take a much deserved break!

I’m gonna use my time to play some video games, I will end up drawing while Dusty is away. But I don’t think I’ll get much done.

Anna and I will be taking care of the inbox as well as we can. But as usual we won’t answer most asks publicly unless we feel that everyone needs to know the information.

;3 So remember! We’re updating until SUNDAY! Then we’re not updating until the following SATURDAY!

Why I’m leaving Christianity.

Hey guys! I’ve been on Tumblr for two years now, blogging about my faith. Since I haven’t posted in a long time, an I feel like I owe an explanation to all my followers. I’ve been inactive on my blog because I’ve been rethinking my faith, and I’ve decided to convert.

I don’t really like labels, but since many of you have asked, I now refer to myself as a Messianic Israelite.

Messianic is Hebrew for “Messiah Follower.”

So technically I’m still a Christian since Christian means “Christ Follower”

However, people who refer to themselves as Messianics are different than people who refer to themselves as Christians

Messianic believers observe the Torah. I still believe in Jesus, and I still believe that I’m only saved by his grace, however, I do not believe the Law or Torah was “nailed to the cross” as many Christians believe.

Some of the major differences are:

1. I am going to start following the dietary laws of the Old Testament, meaning no more pig meat, shrimp, crab, rodents, or any other bottom feeders. Since Jesus didn’t put those in his body, I will not either.

2. I am following a Saturday Sabbath instead or Sunday, since that was the original day that Jesus rested on before the Roman Catholic church changed it.

3. I will no longer be celebrating Christmas or Easter, instead I will be following the Hebrew calendar and celebrate the feasts of the Israelites such as Passover, Sukkot, and Pentecost, and all the other feasts that Jesus celebrated being that he was Jewish.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading scripture and learning more about our father Yahweh, and from my studying, I believe this is the right thing to do. I feel like the scales have been removed from my eyes, and I’m excited to move forward with my new perspective on scripture. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Second Choice || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Can you do 5.‘say it again’, and 37.'I’m sick of being the other girl’ with Jughead ? <3

A/N: I feel like this is kinda OOC and short, so I hope it’s alright!

Gif: @dailycwriverdale


“Aw, say it again, Jug!” Veronica said.

Jughead looked up.

“What? “Bets?”” he asked.

Veronica squealed.

“Yeah! That’s such a cute nickname! What do you call him, Betty? “Juggie?”” she asked.

Jughead and Betty, who were sitting across from you and Veronica, looked down and Veronica’s eyes widened as she realized she was correct. She squealed again and you frowned, sinking lower in your chair in the booth. You know Veronica meant no harm. She was happy for her best friend. Betty and Jughead had just announced they were dating and you couldn’t stand it. Probably due to the fact you were madly in love with Jughead. He was your best friend. You were happy for Betty, truly you were, but you couldn’t help but feel insanely jealous. What did she have that you didn’t? Oh right. Jughead. There was also the problem of Jughead blowing off plans with you to hang with Betty, claiming he had forgotten about pre-made plans with her. Whether he meant to blow you off or not didn’t matter. The fact that he did was the cause of your pain. Not wanting to ruin your Saturday evening (or the new couple’s) you got up, pulling your jacket on.

“Y/N? Where are you going?” Jughead asked, sitting up ever so slightly.

You sighed.

“Home. I’m not feeling so hot.” You said. It wasn’t a total lie. Seeing Jughead and Betty getting all cuddly made you sick to your stomach.

“You sure? Will we see you at the game later?” Betty asked.

You smiled softly at her. You knew it wasn’t her fault. It wasn’t Jughead’s fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Hell, there was no fault. This was just how life worked sometimes.

“Probably not,” you told her. “I’ll see you guys Monday, okay?”

Jughead was about to respond but you left quickly, not wanting to stay another minute. Hopefully Monday would be better.

You were wrong. Monday came in and smacked you in the face with Jughead and Betty being all lovey-dovey. You couldn’t escape it. It seemed that everywhere you looked they were there. Whether it be little kisses, holding hands, or gazing into each other eyes, it didn’t matter. All of them hurt your heart just the same. Hanging out at the Blue & Gold office didn’t help either. Jughead giving Betty hugs from behind as she giggled, whispering something into his ear. You clenched your teeth at the sight of them before abruptly announcing you were going to Pop’s.

“We’ll join you!” Betty said, packing up her things.

Oh, for the love of—

“If it’s okay with you.” she clarified, noticing your expression.

You felt bad so you plastered on a fake smile.

“Sure, why not? I could use some company.” You said.

Betty smiled as she took Jughead’s hand, the two whispering loving remarks to each other as they walked behind you. Your fake smile faded. You were about to scream. Then you remembered your and Jughead’s plans for tomorrow and perked up. Jughead had texted you on Sunday apologizing for his behavior recently and promised to hang out with you the following Saturday. Watching classic movies and critiquing them. Like old times. You readily accepted.

By the time the three of you had gotten to Pop’s, you were happier, chatting with the two of about the Blue & Gold and its upcoming stories, and even about the couple’s recent dates. You felt like nothing could ruin your mood.

“And then this Saturday, we’re going into the city to watch a concert! I was able to convince my mother to let me go with Jughead, and I can’t wait. It’s our favorite band!” Betty said.

You froze.

“Saturday? As in next Saturday?” you asked slowly.

“Yeah.” Jughead said.

You deflated.

“Jug, you said we were going to hang out Saturday. Remember? You promised.” you said.

Jughead froze as he suddenly remembered.

“Oh, son of a— I’m sorry, Y/N. Listen, I’ll make it up to you, okay?” he asked, eyes sincere.

But you didn’t care. You scoffed and you began to feel the hot sting of tears.

“That’s what you said last time. And the time before that. And before that,” you said, arms crossed.

Betty and Jughead were silent. That was it. You were done.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You said as you got up and began to make your way to the exit.



Jughead reached out but you moved your arm away from him as if you had been burned.

I’m sick of being the other girl! Okay?! I’m done!” you exclaimed before running out of the diner. 

The two of them didn’t follow you. You shuddered in the cold air, a couple tears trickling down your cheeks as you began to make your way home. You were fine. You didn’t need them. And you especially didn’t need Jughead.


A/N: I’m exhausted; that’s all I’m going to say. xD

ifgrasswereblue  asked:

Soulmate Au where you absolutely must laugh at ur sm sense of humour? Also please: Dayum Will u got it hard with all of Hannibal's cannibal puns. >w<

It starts off when Will finds himself laughing uncontrollably on a normal Friday evening. His dogs stare at him, heads cocked in curiosity.

It happens again the following Saturday. Jack mentions the next time he sees Will that Hannibal hosted a wonderful dinner party, such a gracious host, Will should join them time.

That’s when he starts to wonder. Hannibal never struck him as someone particularly funny but - well? Maybe?

Hannibal invites him over but Will can’t quite bring himself to stay. He deposits a nice bottle of wine along with his apologies, but he lingers, just long enough to watch Hannibal work a little with those rolled up sleeves and muscled forearms.

They are rather distracting.

And then the topic of Hannibal’s change in profession comes about and when Hannibal says “I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts”, Will has no idea why he’s suddenly laughing hysterically.

It’s worded a little too baroquely, sure, but it’s not funny. Hannibal just stares at him, his mouth ticking up at the corner.

Will lets the laughter run out, his head between his knees, taking as many deep breaths as he can. Then he starts to do the math and his blood runs cold. He straightens up so fast he goes a little light-headed.

“Holy shit,” Will says, “you’re the Chesapeake Ripper.”

Hannibal doesn’t really react to this, just politely sets down his knife and raises his eyebrows.

“Which would mean that you’re my soulmate.”

Will swallows hard. “Oh, shit.”

He runs out into the night and doesn’t look back.


Five years later

Hannibal serves the meat to their guests, meticulously arranged on blood-red plates with white lettuce, stewed cranberries and nettle sauce.

“Ooh,” coos a woman to Will’s right, “what is this.”

“Turkey,” Hannibal replies. “Though this particular bird was in quite a foul mood.”

Will bursts out laughing, so hard and loud that he almost falls off his chair. The rest of the room falls awkwardly silent.

“Please don’t mind my husband,” Hannibal says with a smile. “He has a dreadful sense of humour.”

Ransom/Holster Neighbors AU

Where they’re both in their early to mid 20s and they live in the same condo.

They meet one day when they’re both in the building’s gym getting a workout in. Holster was there first and he’s on the treadmill when Ransom walks in. When Ransom’s about to take the treadmill next to Holster’s he notices a set of keys on the floor right behind Holster. So he picks them up and taps Holster on the shoulder to ask if the keys are his.

Holster, still running at this point, turns around and sees this beautiful specimen of a man and promptly loses his footing and falls off the treadmill.

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Sidgeno Mermaid AU anon fic

<< [Chapter 2/?] >>

It’s not until the morning when he’s looking over the pictures again when he notices the same figure in the water that he saw the night before.

The diner in town opens at five.

Geno gets there at 5:30 and rolls his eyes at how chipper the waiter sounds when he tells him to “take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be right with ya.”

His name tag says Jake and he doesn’t bat an eye at his sullen look when he pour his coffee and puts down the menu.

He’s young, fresh out of high school, maybe, and he doesn’t look like he knows who Geno is at all.

Geno’s already made up his mind to tip him very well.

“You’re the one that moved into that shack down by the beach, aren’t you?”

He coughs as the coffee goes down the wrong way. It burns his tongue.

“How you know?”

“This is a tiny, little island. Everyone knows everything. Is it haunted?”

“I’m Geno and it’s not haunted,” he grumbles. “Not a shack.”

“The walls are falling in on themselves and it looks haunted.”

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the-winter-siblings  asked:

Wait, Where is Shiro and Keiths first date? (voltron Family)

[The Voltron Pre-Family] Shiro was lying awake looking at the ceiling of his bedroom. Oh my god. Keith is my boyfriend. Oh. My. God. He kept tossing and turning on his bed with that stupid grin on his face, heart beating so fast. Earlier that day, he finally confessed to Keith and it went better than expected. Well, Keith being ace was a surprise but he didn’t seem to mind because it even made more sense that Keith was. 

He looked at his phone and hovered his hand on top. He just said goodbye to Keith a while ago, he didn’t want to be clingy but…

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:55PM
Keith. :D

[Keith Kogane] 09:56PM

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:57PM
Are you going to sleep now?

[Keith Kogane] 09:58PM
Nah. I’m watching anime online. Last ep though so I’ll be hitting the bed in a few minutes. Why? Can’t sleep? ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:59PM
THE WINKY FACE WTF KEITH. THAT IS SO SUGGESTIVE. Anyway, I’m going to ignore that even though it’s the first time you’ve used an emoji. 

[Keith Kogane] 10:01PM
Iconic, I know. ;) Surely, you liked it.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:02PM
I cannot believe you’re actually flirting with me via texts. What have you done to my best friend turned boyfriend?

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:05PM
Keith? You still there? 

[Keith Kogane] 10:20PM
Sorry. I actually don’t know how to make this whole boyfriend thing work. I literally have no previous experience whatsoever. Sorry if it came off as awkward. I admit, I don’t know what to do. I literally just stared at your message and went to resume my anime watching but I couldn’t concentrate to what on earth Motoko was saying because I didn’t know how to respond to you. Now I’m making things more awkward. You probably thought I was ignoring you or that I fell asleep, but really I’m just being… idk dumb?

Shiro just stared at Keith’s reply and he was smiling so wide because how can he possibly love Keith even more? He was just so… pure? So inexperienced and he was trying—trying for Shiro and he was so endeared. He appreciated the effort. Shiro bit his lip, stopping a really huge grin from appearing. 

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:23PM
Keith, you are literally made of cupcakes and rainbows. <3 Would you like to go out with me to an anime con this upcoming Saturday? My treat!

[Keith Kogane] 10:23PM
Keith Kogane just sold his body to Takashi Shirogane.

[Keith Kogane] 10:24PM
In case my awkward flirting didn’t work, that was a BIG FAT YES.

Shiro barked out a laugh that he even covered his mouth. They went together to the con that following Saturday and Shiro swore he’d never seen Keith so excited in his life. Shiro tried to be subtle with it but he kept on bumping his hand with Keith’s just to have a feel.

Keith: *stares at him* If you want to hold my hand just do it. 
Shiro: *taken aback* Uh…
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* *interlaces their hands together* Is this weird?
Shiro: *has a really big stupid grin on his face* *shakes his head* No. No it’s not weird. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: You’re so dumb. *chuckles* C’mon. I have a list of what to buy. *takes out his phone* *moves closer to Shiro to show him* I was thinking of finally getting these figures. I hope they’re cheaper or something. If not…
Shiro: *wasn’t exactly listening* *is literally in front of Keith’s cheek* *softly gives Keith a gentle peck on the cheek*
Keith: *abruptly stops talking* *looks at Shiro pointedly* 
Shiro: *beaming like the friggin sun* I can’t believe I get to do that now. *chuckles* Like… I can do that now whenever I like. *panics and looks at Keith in worry* I mean… I could, right? Kiss you on the cheek whenever I want?
Keith: *flushes* *croaks* Uh… yeah. I g-guess. I mean… I-I think so? I don’t know. *deflates* *covers face* Fuck. I’m so flustered. What the hell, Shiro. What did you do to me?
Shiro: *laughs* *pulls Keith into a hug* Glad I’m not the only one.

They bought a few things and Keith only got two figures out of the 20 he had on the list because THEY WEREN’T ON SALE, SHIRO! They ate at a Japanese restaurant because they were missing home. Shiro took a photo of Keith eating a tempura while pretending to be texting and until this day Shiro had that photo. Keith had his hair in a ponytail because he didn’t want his hair to get in the way of his food and he was trying to blow the food because it was still too hot. They took photos with the giant Gundam and Shiro later on had the photo framed because he was such a sap with the label “Our First Date!” They went back to their dorms holding hands and they shared their second kiss that night.

[Keith Kogane] 10:30PM
It was pretty great hanging out with you today, Shiro. Thank you.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:31PM
It was called a date, Keith lol

[Keith Kogane] 10:32PM
I knew that. ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:33PM


as promised, lize ( @tswiftyaussie ), eb ( @stillgotscars ) and i will be doing an instagram livestream when we all catch up saturday the 27th!!!!

if y'all would wanna join, details are as follows:

  • saturday may 27th 8am AEST via inherwildestdreams instagram
  • we’re a bit wild and weird so we’ll try and do a q&a to make it less awks ;)

anonymous asked:

So we had a few days of Sam and his new "gf" in our faces and now nothing? It's been almost a week and no outings for the new duo? Interesting.

It is rather interesting,no? It, appears, anon, that this has so far been the most public of public romances. That is, every time these two have got together there has been a photo trail conveniently documenting it. And then it’s simple to let the inevitable innuendo take over- as most fans will just assume that the two of them will remain in the same place, and in the same company, as when last seen.
It’s all in the clever timing. That’s how these things work, anon, to create a lot of belief with only a very little bit of evidence.

The belief that is clearly being promoted here is that these two have been having quite a time of it cutting a swath through the LA social scene with MM on Sam’s arm. But what is the evidence? What is it that we have really seen?

first we were shown some pictures that were conveniently made public from a family wedding that showed Sam present at a post ceremony wedding picture session- he even posed for one with MM, but only outside of the venue. And then we saw Sam sitting at a table at the reception and MM seated at the same table, but no interaction between the two, or with anyone else there, in fact Sam seemed to be on his phone. We saw no other shots of Sam, not even in the background at other times. So we are expected here to fill in the blank spaces and concoct from these pics a weekend spent with Sam escorting MM, a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding. That would include the rehearsal dinner, as well as other family and friend’s get togethers throughout the weekend. But that is all just supposition- no evidence supports it. Sam is in only a few pics and all from a very small slice of time starting from just after the ceremony and ending at the bride and groom dance starting the serious party party part of the reception. Before, and after, that he disappears.
But most people are willing to extrapolate, and so we have an entire “wedding date weekend” made out of three shots taken within a couple of hours of each other.

And then there was LA:
Sam went to a protest party hosted by his talent agency and had a nice pap shot taken in the street outside of himself and MM walking down the street wearing the tee shirts given out to participants.
Then later Sam got his picture done with MM, posing inside the party, at the Piaget pre Oscars party that both he and MM attended- then he also included her in a posed shot of himself with the hosts of the party. At the same party MM was also featured in a shot of Sam, MM, and Monty Jackson taken and posted by Mr Monty since he styled the both of them.
Then the next evening MM posts a shot of herself all dressed up in a white jumpsuit on an apartment complex balcony. Her makeup artist posts a pic of MM and Sam on the same balcony and mentions the Night before the Oscars benefit party in the caption. But no pics of either MM or Sam from the party emerge, either together or separate. And no mention of the party or thank yous to the hosts are tweeted out from either Sam or MM as is always done by a celebrity guest the next day.
So the pics tell only of a talent agency protest and then a pre Oscars cocktail party photo op at a party that both MM and Sam attend. And that’s it.
The benefit party from the next night never seems to get beyond the photo op on the apartment balcony. And Sam is wearing the same navy suit and white shirt as he wore to the Piaget the night before.
It would be very odd for Sam to make two public appearances back to back in exactly the same outfit. But easy enough to have both the balcony photo op and the Piaget party in the same evening and then just have MM change outfits and get her hair ironed down straight, and Sam remove his tie, and then it’s off the the Piaget shindig for the photo op there.
With the hint now thrown down on Friday-and followed up on Saturday with the balcony pic- about a weekend spent going to parties, in actuality Saturday and Sunday nights both are free to do as they please And an entire Oscars weekend worth of “memories” is created in one afternoon and evening.

So it’s up to you, anon, to believe what you want. What is see is the tendency of people to believe that whatever they last saw continues to be true- even when they next see nothing-being put to use here to use a set of photos made of two people created in a short span of time to tell a story of a much longer, and more complex interaction than they actually support.
The actual pics tell only of one afternoon and evening- and the fact that they are then being strung out to encourage me to create the desired narrative on my own makes me quite suspicious. No one has actually said anything concrete here, anon. It’s all just making use of the human tendency to engage in extrapolation.

And then there is the evidence against:
As it turns out Sam did go to the Oscar’ night Vanity Fair Party but the only pic of him inside shows quite plainly that it was Cait on his arm. And no MM on the red carpet, or anywhere else in the interior pics. And then there was a pretty good hint that it was with Cait that he woke up, hung over, the next day.
And Sam has also been daily posting about copious amounts of his free time being spent in the gym or sightseeing with Valbo, or at the game with the boys, and other friends.

And you didn’t mention Cait, anon, but just to round things out let me offer that she was seen at the airport getting the first class passenger VIP treatment as she was leaving for Seattle. She was alone as far as the sighting went. No Tony in tow. A PA will not usually fly first class with their employer, they will go in business or coach- but a VIP spouse certainly would.

So it all comes down to which story you want to believe:
The one created purely by extrapolation.
Or the one created daily by the actions of those involved.

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Prompt: Stiles hating his moles (kids are mean growing up and any differences are shamed) and Derek showing Stiles how perfect (sexy) his moles are. (First time sending a prompt in lmao)

I love this prompt, though I went in a more angsty way than sexy. Also on ao3!

Stiles hated his moles.

Kids can be cruel and any differences are shamed and exploited as weaknesses. Growing up, his classmates had been no exception.

A lifetime of incessant teasing and brutal insults from his peers about the dark marks that were scattered across his skin had taught him to hate the mere sight of them. Even years later, at nineteen, he avoided mirrors, not wanting to see the blemishes that for years he had been ridiculed for.

When he was younger, when his mother was still alive, filling the Stilinski home with laughter and love and so much happiness no matter the occasion, he had loved moles. Had cherished the fact that he so resembled his mother, bearing the same dark beauty marks that adorned her own cheeks.

Every night when his mother tucked him into bed, after reading him his favorite bedtime story, she would tell him that his moles were kisses from an angel, pecking him on the forehead before slipping out of his bedroom to go wait for his dad to get home, ever the dutiful sheriff’s wife. He would dream about angels pressing kisses to newborn babies’ cheeks, moles appearing wherever their lips had been, sprinkling stardust over them for good luck.

After his mother died he stopped believing in angels.

In their place, he started believing the words of the kids in his class when they pushed him down on the playground and called him ugly, when they kicked sand in his eyes and called him a freak because he could never stop talking and fidgeted all the time, even when he took his medication.

When he got older, he already hated his himself―his appearance especially―the callous comments from his classmates, and occasionally even teachers, only exacerbating his self-loathing. Because even without their harsh words and bruising fists, he was convinced he was repulsive, all gangly limbs and pale pasty skin freckled with dark moles.

So it was hard to believe when Derek, Adonis among men, started showing interest in him. But like so many other things in his life, the impossible was very much real.

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Extracts from the Seattle Police Department Reports (end of 1975, beginning of 1976). I left out some parts. It’s basically Ted trolling the detectives following him. If you want to read the whole thing, it’s all in The Bundy Secrets. :

Surveillance of Homicide Suspect by Roger Dunn

This is to be a 24 hr. surveillance of a possible homicide suspect. He is to be watched as closely as possible. He is not to be arrested or confronted in any way unless he commits some overt act warranting immediate arrest (felony or other dangerous act.) Maintain running log of activity.

The subject of this surveillance is Theodore Bundy, WM 29 5-10 160 med. Bld. Brown, hair short, (mod) curly.

11 - 27 - 75

Mackie related that Bundy showed up at Horatio’s Restaurant where Liz Kloepfer was having dinner with some friends. He wanted Liz to leave with him but she refused but did meet him at her place later that night.

12 - 2 - 75

1400 Hrs. He had lunch with Ann Rule at the Pittsbourg, etc. in Pioneer Square. He did not say anything incriminating, was totally relaxed but did ask a lot of questions about what was going on here and stated he wanted to talk to the police.

12 - 5 - 75

1630 hours Subject and small W-F left the house in ABQ 894, drove to U of W Hospital. There he picked up W-F. went south-bound on I-5 into Pioneer Square. Tried to lose us and was successful. Officer Augerson found car parked in the 100 blk S. Washington a short time later unoccupied.

1809 hours Subject and both females returned to the car walking south-bound from Yesler on Occidental Ave S. drove uptown on third Ave, tried to lose us around 6th and 7th Pike and Olive - unsuccessful. Subject pull to the curb and turn out his lights, then pull away again. Subject got on the freeway northbound and drove to Northgate arriving there at 1830 hours. They parked in the lot south of 103rd and entered the complex - did not follow.

1930 hours Subject, girlfriend and the little girl came out of Northgate complex and entered their vehicle. They drove back to I-5 and went northbound to 145th, where they exited and went over to Aurore Stopped at JB’s hamburger restaurant.

12 - 8 - 75

1600 hrs. Subject came out of door of loc #2, emptied the garbage and waved at Sutlovich, then walked to the surveillance vehicle and asked if Sutlovich was a police officer, at the same time stating that the vehicle that Sutlovich was in was the same one that followed him last Saturday night. He got no reply and then continued passing the time of the day with small talk, then went back to the residence. He was wearing a long sleeved turtleneck sweater and jeans.

1607 hrs. Subject came back out of Loc #2 wearing also a blue jacket and glasses. He walked over again to Sutlovich and stated that he was going to pick up his laundry, Sutlovich followed him to a cleaners at approx 42 NE and University Way, then back to Location #2. Arrived back at 1700 hrs.

1700 hrs. Subject contacted Sutlovich again and asked if the surveillance was for his protection. Sutlovich informed him that he could consider that. He then stated that’s good, that he doesn’t have anything against the police, that he was wondering why the surveillance just started since he came back to town a week ago. Sutlovich then asked him if he would be going anywhere soon. He asked “You mean back in Utah”. Sutlovich said no, tonight. He stated that he mey be going over to Vortmans in Magnolia, then walked back to Location #2 and entered.

12 - 9 - 75

0815hrs. Susp. left house with Liz Kloepfer daughter and got into his veh. Dropped daughter off at school. Susp. went E/B on NE 52 and lost us in traffic after crossing 15 NE. Search made for veh. Proved negative.

1 - 12 - 76

Bundy in the area of 47th and 16th N.E. He just disappeared.

2135 hrs. Bundy went out the front of the house. He approached Det. Gillis, who was parked on the southwest corner of the intersection of 18th and 52nd. He took Gillis’ picture. He then walked down towards the alley where I’m parked and come up to the front of the car and bent down to where he could see my license plate, and he wrote my license number down. He then walked south back through the alley up to 52nd. I got out on foot and followed him. He stopped at the corner and started talking to Det. Gillis, who by this time was out on foot. At this time I then approached Bundy, and we all three talked for a little bit. He wanted to know why we were following him, what took us so long - he’s been in town a week. He said he tried to get a hold of Capt. Leich and Capt. Mackie to find out why, and he said he didn’t have any beef with the guys out on the street, and he said he might have to go back to court on the 20th of this month - he doesn’t know yet, but he says definitely, for sure, on the 9th of February. We talked for approximately 10 minutes, and about 2145 hrs he went back in to the residence. Ted was wearing a blue nylon down jacket, light tan corduroy pants, brown shoes, no hat, and he had about a month’s growth of beard.

1 - 13 - 76

0825 hrs. Bundy came out of the front door and began walking south on 18 N.E. He had on dark rimmed glasses, blue down ski parka, tan flared trousers, dark shoes and was carrying a green satchel under his left arm. I got out of my car and followed him on foot after advising Keppel.

Bundy walked at a normal pace up to 17. N.E. and south into the campus and was aware that I was behind him. He walked in near the Burke Museum and then back out onto 45th. He turned south on University Way N.E. very aware that I was behind him.

0840 hrs. He went into the Coffee Corral at N.E. 42 and U Way and came out a moment later smoking a cigarette.

0850 hrs. He walked up through Red Square and into the undergraduate library. As we got into a crowd, he went downstairs and through the cafeteria in an effort to lose me.

0855 hrs. Bundy went into a phone booth in Suzallo Library. The portion of the conversation I could hear was “There’s a detective following me, where’s the car?”

0858 hrs. Bundy came out of the phone booth and went into the men’s room in Suzallo Library.

0901 hrs. I went into the restroom and discovered that there was a backdoor that opened into an employee’s locker room. (…) I checked for Bundy in the immediate area but he was gone.

(At that point, they lost track of Bundy until 1230 hrs.)

1230 hrs. I drove to Marlin Vortman’s apartment in an effort to relocate Bundy. As I approached the apartment I spotted Bundy walking along the sidewalk dressed in a grey hooded sweatshirt, faded green sweatpants, blue turtleneck and white tennis shoes. When he saw me he smiled. I waved and continued pas him to the corner of 36 W. and W. Gov’t Way. As I turned south I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Bundy sprinting into the woods in Discovery Park.


1328 hrs. Bundy walked up the street to the vehicle. It apparently didn’t start so he had to push it and then went to Gov’t Way.

I followed Bundy down into Ballard’s business district and it soon became evident that the only reason he was driving at all was to play tag with the cops. He would drive legally but try his best to lose me. Some typical maneuvers would be : park the car in hopes that I would have to drive by in traffic and or get out of the car (in sweats) and walk down the block, get one car between us at a stoplight and then make a free right turn and then a few more turns in an effort to get free of a tail. It became very easy to predict what Bundy would try to do but my car was not conductive to quick albeit legal maneuvers. Bundy was taking great delight in the ‘game’ and smiled when he would execute a clever evasive tactic.

1407 hrs. Bundy drove to the Ballard Locks, parked his car and jogged (in heavy rain) back along the railroad tracks and out of sight around the end of the government property.

I parked my car next to his and waited. 1416 hrs. Bundy came walking back to the car from the same direction. I got two impressions as to why Bundy uses a tactic of parking the car and walking away :

- He hoped that I would immobilize the operation of the car so he could scream “harassment’’.

- Hoped that I would get out and follow him on foot so he could double back to the car so he could drive off without a tail.

My impressions of Bundy during the day while I was following him is that he does not act like a normal, mature 29 year old law student. He seems to thrive on attention just like a spoiled child and that is the only reason he altered his behavior, which is to say the more ‘attention’ he gets, the more he eats it up. It would not be difficult to predict his actions in a situation like this, but trying to maintain a covert surveillance in hopes that he may go to a ‘stash’ or any other place that might tend to incriminate him would be fruitless and impractical.


“Who are you?”

He met her the first time that night, the night he discreetly confronted his enemy, when he took what was stolen. At the same time, declaring a war.

“No, did you kill my father?”

He was stunned to her surprisingly calm questioning. He might be some kind of thief or even an assassin who tried to kill her father, but she didn’t even flinch to his dark and masked sight.

He stopped and stared at her for a short while. He could just leave before other people came, but he just couldn’t. He thought that she was so pretty, her round eyes and plum lips. Even on the dim light he could see her pink cheeks. She was just so delicate.

Her eyes too, never left him. Curious of the wanderer.

“You said you’re a king..?”

He was taken aback at her attempt at breaking his silent. He retreated a little, still no words. She must heard their conversation.

Not long, sounds of steps could be heard, some of the housekeepers were walking in. Without more thinking, he looked for her hand then fled the room, taking her to the back of the grand house.

“Your father’s all right,” he said quietly, taking of his mask, “I didn’t kill him.”

He revealed his face to her, now looking at her again. He could see her faint smile as she was relief of his father, also that the man was not a murderer after all.

“I know what my father did,” she mumbled, her tone sadder but then she was smiling dimly to him, “you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

“..about who you are as well.”

Sam Maek Jong eyes widen as he thought that this girl was something else.

“Are you a Hwarang?” She asked while picking up his Hwarang headband from the ground. It must be fallen from his pocket while they entered the shed rushing.

“I’m Banryu’s step-sister, Sado.”


Sam Maek Jong was sure that he was not on his right mind, asking Pa Oh to find her whereabouts since morning. She was the enemy’s daughter after all, or his friend’s sister.

Pa Oh found her and now he ended up at the market, she was going towards the book shop at the end of the street. Sam Maek Jong, as curious and interested as he is went in right away.

“Are you following me?” she clearly remembered this wandering man, he was going here and there with his upside-down ‘History of Panda’ book.

“I was just, uh,” Sam Maek Jong was taken aback, his eyes widen as he scratched his head, eyes looking elsewhere other than her.

She let out a chuckle at his particular actions. She did found this stranger adorable.

“Come here,” she called him and let him sit next to her to read his book.

Ever since they always meet at that little book shop, he sneaked out or he went every time Hwarang got a day off.


One afternoon Sam Maek Jong was on his newly favorite place, waiting for her.

“Your Majesty!” He could see Pa Oh walking fast with rather concerned expression towards him. He didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Lady Sado,” Pa Oh stopped on his sentence while taking his breathe.

“What happened?” Sam Maek Jong was starting to worry, his protector was not looking exactly as happy as usual.

“Here, Your Majesty.” Pa Oh said simply while handling Sam Maek Jong a letter.

“Lady Sado’s servant delivered this,” Pa Oh said while carefully observing his worried master, “She said she cannot come today.”

Sam Maek Jong untied the letter immediately, read it in seconds.

I believe my father’s servant seemed to notice that I have been seeing a certain young man every now and then. I just don’t want to make it difficult for you. I sincerely apologize.

“Or any other day,” Pa Oh said continuing his sentences quietly, afraid to make Sam Maek Jong even more sad after the letter.

From then on, Sam Maek Jong never see her on that book shop again. Pa Oh never found her on the market either.


One day, after two weeks of wandering and relentless brooding from his master, Pa Oh came to his Master all smiling.

“Your Majesty!” Pa Oh ran to Sam Maek Jong, impatiently as he almost jump to him, “I believe I have bring you good news!”

His eyes grew big, the only good news he needs was her.

“Here you go, Majesty,” Pa Oh smiled so big, he had his eyes shaped like a half-moon. All he cares is his master’s happiness and not less.

Do not want to get carried away with Pa Oh’s excitement, Sam Maek Jong opened the letter.

Hello. I am so sorry to ask you this, but I will be at the night fair this following Saturday, it would be nice to apologize to you in person.

He smiled a big one, he was just so happy at the possibility of meeting her.


“Hi,” she was smiling, happy to see the man standing apart.  

“Sado?” his eyes turned rounder, surprised to see her right in front of him. Slowly he was smiling, happy to finally found her.

“Come here,” suddenly she grabbed his hand this time, making him widen his eyes even more as he unknowingly blushing. He followed as she was taking him to one of the empty tents.

“Ah, I am sorry,” she said, letting go of his hand, blushing herself. Now shades of pink could be seen from the two.

“I miss you,” Sam Maek Jong said straight. While flustered on his own make, he did said his thoughts and not hesitate on announcing it.

Her eyes widen in surprise to his words, and then started to chuckle a little.

“I, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to,” he said simply then running his hand to her hair, had his eyelashes on hers.

He kissed her slowly.


Not far from their tents, Banryu was on a quest himself. Finding Soo Yeon in the big fair was not so easy. Sneaking up from his father, her father, also her brother.

He went from tent to tent, then went into the one where he ended up seeing the view he never thought he would. His sister with a man. That’s Ji Dwi.

“Sado!” Surprised as he was, he went straight to Sam Maek Jong then smashed his face.

“Banryu!” Sado’s went to Sam Maek Jong who was on the ground after Banryu’s blow.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Banryu roared to his Hwarang’s roommate.

“I am sorry, but I like this woman a lot.” Sam Maek Jong said boldly while was wiping his bloodied lips, “I like your sister a lot.”

“You, ***(insert your own swear words)!” Banryu approached Sam Maek Jong again, trying to land a punch again.

“Stop it, Banryu!” But Sado got in between them in time.

“It’s my choice,” She said assuredly, looking straight at his brother’s eyes, “so, you can do anything about it.”


“Ah,” Sam Maek Jong hissed while Sado was applying some medicine for his cut lip.

“Sorry,” her apology was serious.

“Why?” Sam Maek Jong smiled, and changed his question, “what is your choice?”

She looked down and was silent for a second.

“I decided that I want to see more of you,” she said smiling aloud.


My first hwarang scenario! I made the girl named Sado if that’s allright. Park Young Shil’s (Ban Ryu’s adopted-father) daughter who married King Jinheung in history named Sado. So, I tried to connect that to the story. Tell me if you’d like to hear this Sado’s scenario. Thanks for requesting and (maybe) waiting for the scenario. I still have two requests, but I am so slow. Life’s been too too busy and all:(

Pls enjoy and maybe tell me what you guys think, I’m not a pro hehe. I don’t know if you guys like it or not, but<3

Request :

I was wondering if you could do a scenario with sam maek Jong/ji dwi where you are ban ryus step-sister but are having a secret relationship with him  (ji dwi) so you spend a lot of time with him. Your brother ban ryu doesn’t like the fact that you are around him much and always drags you away from him or something like that until until ji dwi confesses the relationship to him

** I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this also the gif is not mine, the story as well is fictional.

to swallow the marrow

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: @derpypenguin: Maybe a sequel to you should know she is prone???? (other people want this too I think idk anymore)

summary: daveed and reader reunite after three weeks apart, in more ways than one

warnings: NSFW. Smut! dirty talk, dominance/submission, begging, bondage (handcuffs whee), and surprisingly, fluff

word count: 4,945

a/n: title from clippng’s ‘body and blood.’ first of a few sequels i’ve got on the list! makes sense on its own but you can read part one to this here! this got really fluffy i can’t really understand why or how but it happened!

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