A TBG insp. fic (again)

(Submitted by jamwrites and based on this text)

Frankly, breaking into NASA wasn’t as hard as Pearl had expected.

Things couldn’t have gone much better if she had wanted them to. After finishing her notes and sealing the manila envelope, Pearl had slipped out of the Temple and into the Warp, only to discover that there was a pad located just a few miles from the human space agency. Rose and Garnet had been out on a mission and Amethyst had fallen asleep hours ago; it was like the universe was practically inviting her to do it.

Of course, she had tried to simply walk in and hand her notes over at the front desk, but then the humans had ignored her, so wasn’t delivering the notes directly to the command itself a good idea? The humans hadn’t thought so. Pearl wasn’t exactly sure what a “restraining order” was, but something told her she wasn’t exactly welcome back.

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I swear if I forget someone, I will never forget myself.

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Premier And New Balance Pay Tribute To The All American Auto Industry 

This week the first Premier x New Balance drops, in the form of the New Balance 998 silhouette. Since Premier is located in Michigan they went with an automobile colorway, of black and tan referencing to a black chassis and gold frontal panel of a Ford T Model. Along with the colorway the New Balance 998 keeps with the car industry by including a mini hang-tag license plate that says “PRMR” with keys to attach on to the shoe. The shoe is based of a high class car in the early-20th century with a custom quilted leather upholstery insole. You can cop these 998s on Saturday, Aug. 22 for $220 in sizes 7 through 13 exclusively at Premier online and in-store with a global yet limited release to follow next month on Saturday, September, 5th at New Balance retailers. 

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