Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)


Hey, fellow Klaroliners! Well it’s finally that time, TVD is coming to an end in a few weeks and we are sitting here fingers, toes (and everything else) crossed that the endgame we have been agonisingly waiting and pining for is finally going to happen.

In honour of this auspicious occasion, the team are announcing a finale week event where the Klaroline family can come together, get excited and provide the fandom with an assortment of goodies including; drabbles, graphics, gifsets, videos, playlists and aesthetics to drool over.  

We will begin on Saturday March 4 up until the finale airs on Friday March 10. The themes for each day are as follows:

Saturday March 4: AU/AH

Sunday March 5: Pre-canon

Monday March 6: Post-canon

Tuesday March 7: During Canon

Wednesday March 8: Fusion

Thursday March 9: Other Supernatural

Friday March 10: Ideal Endgame Scene 

Just remember to tag all your posts with klarolineinfinity so we can share them around.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

- Klaroline Infinity Team

Houston Super Saturday Night Complete Setlist - Taylor Swift

1. New Romantics
2. 22
3. Blank Space
4. I Knew You Were Trouble
5. Style
6. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Acoustic Guitar)
7. You Belong with Me (Acoustic Guitar)
8. This Is What You Came For (Acoustic Guitar)
9. Better Man
10. Red
11. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
12. Love Story (1989 World Tour version)
13. All Too Well (Piano)
14. Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
15. Bad Blood
16. Out of the Woods
17. Shake It Off

And now for something completely different.

Y’know what? I post a lot about the unintentionally-hilarious things in Scooby-Doo, but… what about the legitimately spooky things? For Halloween, it seems only fitting! 

I had VHS tapes of old Scooby-Doo episodes as a kid, and I fondly remember certain moments creeping me out… stuff like the mummy turning people into stone!

C’mon, admit it, you found the mummy’s curse spooky, too. And does anyone else remember this?

Y’know, where the mysterious carnival robot runs straight through all the walls. I always loved that series of scenes.

It’s little moments like those that are most effective, especially when you’re little. The more that’s left unseen and unknown, the more your mind fills in the creepy blanks.

Small touches, like the bad guy watching the gang from the shadows, and the gang doesn’t know he’s there… but you do! It’s the Blue’s Clues of scariness.

Moments don’t have to be big and crazy to weird out your 7-year-old self, though. A great deal comes down to atmosphere, and a sense of place in the episode.

I think I liked the way the haunted castle looked more than the vampire, werewolf, and Frankenstein that lived in it. The visual design is just gorgeous… and creepy. Gorgeously creepy.

They weren’t afraid to show children scary things in 1969, alright. I’d like to see Sesame Street present kids with a house decorated entirely with skulls.

No, seriously. If they ever do that in an episode, I totally want to see.

…Oh, and one more thing! I think it’s only fair to pay tribute to the best episode ever, Spooky Space Kook.

It has it all! A slow build, with weird glowing alien footprints…

…the best-designed haunted spaceship ever, which I remember absolutely adoring

…and this monstrosity, with the single best creepy shriek-laugh ever!

I think this episode left more of an impression on me than any other. The world’s design is so bleak, and the monster is so terrifying in its implications… well, at least when you’re 7.

Besides… y’know what’s scarier than one shrieking, glowing-eyed skull in an empty spacesuit?

…lots of shrieking, glowing-eyed skulls in empty spacesuits. Best. Episode. Ever.

It probably gave me nightmares.

No complaints here.


“The Theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!” — Donald J. Trump

I’m not sure what kind of “safe and special” theater the president-elect is alluding to in his tweet on Saturday, following the imbroglio involving Vice President-elect Mike Pence at the Friday night performance of Broadway’s “Hamilton.” Maybe by “safe and special” he means the theater is supposed to be docile, an innocuous landscape filled exclusively with chorus girls and holiday pageants.

But let’s be clear: “Safe” theater is dead theater. Conflict is what drives drama, and sometimes, emotions in that public space become intense and things get messy. Some of that exuberance spilled over into the peanut galleries Friday night: As he returned to his orchestra seat after intermission, Pence was greeted with applause — and boos.

Broadway protocol would dictate that an incoming vice president go backstage after a performance and greet the cast. In this case, though, Pence reportedly was being ushered out of the theater as Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor portraying Aaron Burr in the acclaimed musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, began his curtain-call remarks. According to media reports, Pence stood just outside the auditorium door, listening to the full speech. It is rare indeed for a company of actors — and especially those in what amounts to one of the biggest hits in Broadway history — to address a single public official at the end of a performance.

“Vice President-elect Pence, welcome,” Dixon said, on behalf of the production. “Thank you for joining us at ‘Hamilton: An American Musical.’ We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. We hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of all of us. Thank you.”

Some observers on social media see Trump’s tweet as an attempt to grab hold of a minor culture-war issue and deflect attention from objections being lodged against several of his initial appointments. Indeed, he seems to be trying to make the case here that it’s not the incoming administration that poses the greatest threat; it’s the dissenters who are threatening him. Still, the challenging words by the “Hamilton” cast and the contretemps surrounding them portend a contentious relationship between the Republican-led government and an arts community that may be preparing to take it on publicly.

In the context of a musical about a revolution, the events of Friday night look like life imitating art.

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

I hope that all 25,000 of you have an amazing 2017 (we deserve it after all of the shit that’s happened in 2016)

So may your days be less stressful;
May you get the job you were after;
May you recieve that raise;
May your grades improve;
May you easily understand any new information you have to learn;
May you speak and stand with confidence;
May you be treated respectfully by all those around you;
May your loved ones remain happy and healthy;

Happy New Years!!!
- Marci

Ransom/Holster Neighbors AU

Where they’re both in their early to mid 20s and they live in the same condo.

They meet one day when they’re both in the building’s gym getting a workout in. Holster was there first and he’s on the treadmill when Ransom walks in. When Ransom’s about to take the treadmill next to Holster’s he notices a set of keys on the floor right behind Holster. So he picks them up and taps Holster on the shoulder to ask if the keys are his.

Holster, still running at this point, turns around and sees this beautiful specimen of a man and promptly loses his footing and falls off the treadmill.

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